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  • Price: $165.00
    Early Art Pottery Vase
    Signed early hand formed art pottery vase. The bottom looks like E. Blun or Ed Blun; the 'D' is a bit far from the E so not sure if it is E. or Ed. Anyway, this is an oldie, but goodie! Matte aqua finish and rays of lighter clay coming up from the bottom. It stands 7 inches tall and has 2 handles. Around the handle ends the aqua glaze missed and those areas are the lighter color clay but there is clear glazing over those areas. It has a couple of tiny glaze bubble pops also. Overall, it is a very nice piece of pottery. Great for a mission/arts and crafts room or collection. Age est: 1920's. 10/13nh
  • Price: $80.00
    Arts & Crafts Vase Matte Green
    Antique matte green art pottery vase. Nice small vase. Three stilt marks on bottom revealing white clay underneath so it is not Zanesville stoneware. Not sure which company made it. I have it shown next to a ZSC vase in pic #4 and you can see that the Zanesville on the left has wider lines near the top and ZSC also has yellow clay. This vase has no chips or cracks and is 4 tall x 4.25 wide. It has a couple of tiny pinpops in the glaze. A great piece for an arts and crafts style room. Age estimate: 1920's. 10/13est
  • Price: $49.00
    Art Pottery Vase Vintage
    Vintage art pottery vase. Burgandy blended glaze. No chips or cracks. It is 4.5 tall with dry yellow clay bottom. A couple of tiny scuff marks on it which I forgot to photograph; very tiny but you can see them if looking at it one way. Nice old vase for your art pottery collection. 10/13estcs
  • Price: $38.50
    Vintage Art Pottery Vase
    Vintage art pottery vase. Nice looking gloss aqua vase with some flecks of black. Interior has yellow streaks and bottom is dry yellow clay. It is 7 inches tall. It has a tight hairline on top rim edge; hard to get a good photo if it; and a small scratch or hairline on the interior. You have to put it under your nose to discover those flaws; see pics 5-6. Displays fine. Not sure who made it; but I'd guess it is from the Zanesville, Ohio area due to the yellow clay. 10/13estcs
  • Price: $180.00
    Art Pottery Vases Vintage
    Three vintage pottery vases. = $60/each. You can purchase individually or all three for this discounted price. The one in the center of pic is a Weller vase c: 1927. It is 5 inches tall x 3 wide. It has a tiny faint vertical hairline on top rim which is hard to see or get a picture of. The next vase is almost 5.5 tall x 4.25 wide at top rim. It fades to white on interior bottom; some crazing, mainly on interior bottom. A couple of old iron? spots. Very nice looking vase but is not marked. The last vase has incised number #223 and it looks like a Made in USA mark but the writing is backwards. This vase is 5.75 tall; no chips or cracks; some blackish freckles on lower body, see pic. Great assortment for your arts and crafts room decor! 10/13
  • Price: $65.00
    Vintage Vase
    Vintage art pottery vase. Aqua. Incised mark #223 and it looks like a Made in USA mark but the letters are backwards on it. This vase has a dry white clay bottom rim. No chips or cracks; a few black freckles, see pic #5. Not sure which company made it; could be Weller, Brush McCoy, Camark. It is 5.75 tall. It is a very nice piece of pottery; age est: 1930's. 10/13
  • Price: $45.00
    Art Pottery Matte Vase
    Vintage art pottery matte glaze vase. Displays nice, but has a couple of tiny flaws. It has a pinhead speck on top rim; a couple of black lines, (these are not hairlines); and a teensy fleabite near bottom rim, (old flaw). Incised mark on bottom: 5 A or S A). This vase has faint blended colors of blue and light blue. It is 4 inches tall. As stated, it displays very nicely. Not sure who made it; it is well made and hefty for its size. 9/13
  • Price: $65.00
    Vintage Art Pottery Pitcher
    Vintage art pottery pitcher. This looks like something Brush McCoy might have made around the 1920's but it wasn't found in my books. Could be another maker like Monmouth, Weller, Burley Winter, etc. It is heavy duty and has an old worn bottom dry rim. Incised number: #1183, (I think). It is 6 inches tall; no chips or cracks. Along bottom rim line there are spots where the glaze did not drip down enough to cover so there is some exposed clay. The pattern on it looks like grape clusters and leaves. Nice old pitcher that you can use as a vase! 8/13scsr
  • Price: $135.00
    Vintage Arts & Crafts Vase
    Vintage arts it is shown in the yellow overglaze on pg. 58 of D. Gifford's book II. This vase is unmarked, but it is an oldie and I am fairly confident now that it is indeed an early Camark art pottery vase since the underlying clay on the bottom is white and same shape. This is a super nice matte blended glaze. Wavy design. No mold lines so it was likely hand made. It has an old gouge on bottom rim which doesn't show or affect stance. One large glaze circular pop on interior bottom which also doesn't show. And a couple of teensy tiny fleaspecks along bottom rim which are hard to even find unless looking for them. I do consider these flaws minor and I just mention them so you know it is not perfect, but is close if you love early art pottery! As you can see from the pics, you really cannot even see the fleaspecks at the bottom unless the vase is right up under your nose. It is 5 inches tall. Mauve, teal coloring. Gorgeous old pottery. 3/13labcs
  • Price: $15.99
    Vintage Dryden Pottery Blue White Drip Pitcher
    Vintage Dryden Pottery Blue White Drip Pitcher. Dryden Pottery was founded in 1946 by Alan James Dryden in Ellsworth, Kansas, in 1956 the company moved to Hot Springs Arkansas. They are known for their high quality pottery and glazes, one of the few quality pottery companies that have survived and remained in business for more then fifty years. This pitcher is a dark blue color with a white drip, it is 4 inches tall and 3 inches across the widest part of the pitcher, it is marked on the bottom with Dryden Hot Springs Ark and is in excellent condition, no chips and no water lines. A lovely addition to your collection! Please see our other listings for additional pieces of vintage pottery.
  • Price: $75.00
    Antique Hand Painted Jardinaire
    Antique hand painted under glaze jardinaire. The design features an Iris flower. This is either early Weller, Roseville or Brush McCoy. It is 7.75 tall. It has some flaws which is why the price is so low. It looks like a circular portion of the top ruffled area, about 2.25 inches broke off at some point and was glued back on; there is a chipped area within that. You could take it to a pro to have it repaired or leave as is. It is not noticeable when you have it up on a shelf or with a faux plant in it. It has one small spot on ruffled area where the deep brown glaze did not adhere, but this is glazed over and is a lighter brown. See pics 6-8; it was hard to get a good picture of the flaw because the high gloss glaze reflects back. 12/12
  • Price: $495.00
    Antique Roseville Matte Jardinaire Large
    Antique Roseville Pottery matte green jardinaire. c:pre 1916. This is a large, thick, heavy duty Roseville dark spinach green jard. Picture 4 is the actual color of it; pic #5 the camera has flash on. Pic #2 is the other side of it which shows the most wear on it. It has 3 stilt marks on bottom of jard. No chips or cracks but it does have some old mineral deposits on it and some surface age/wear in the glaze, (flecks, etc.), as you can see in photo #2. It is 7.5 tall x 10 wide across top rim or 13.5 wide from handle end to other end. It weighs 10 lbs. It was made during the arts and crafts era; matte green was the favorite color choice then and highly sought after now by those who collect early American pottery or have arts and crafts style furnishings. It is not marked Roseville, and the book states these were not marked. It would be great as a centerpiece on a mission style table with a large faux fern in it or faux fruit! It's a really nice piece despite the age/wear, and the flaws are to be expected on this type of matte pottery that is over 100 years old. I also have this jard in a much smaller size for sale separately. 12/12est#
  • Price: $165.00
    Antique Zanesville Matte Vase Rare
    Rare color antique Zanesville matte glaze vase. c:1912-20's. Incised #37 on bottom. 12 inches tall. No chips or cracks; has one white line on it and some pinpops. Very nice arts and crafts vase. The color is a very deep burgandy; I believe the book calls this color 'mahogany' which would put it's manufacturing date around 1912-1920's. I also have this vase in the gloss aqua and matte green for sale separately. 11/12
  • Price: $75.00
    Sara Frank Art Pottery Tile
    Sara Frank Iguanaworks art pottery tile. This contemporary artist is from W. Bloomfield, MI. She trained at Pewabic Pottery. I could not find this particular tile on her site so this may have been a custom made tile. It is gorgeous! It features a man and lady seated near a fireplace. It is 4.75 wide x 7.5 long x .75 deep. These tiles look great framed in mission oak frames, (Pewabic does that type of thing). Perfect gift for the person who loves art pottery or has arts and crafts style homes! 9/12
  • Price: $105.00
    Vintage Mccoy Art Vellum Vase
    Authentic vintage McCoy pottery vase. Art Vellum glaze, (muted aqua mottled coloring). No mark and the book says it was not marked, see 1980 edit., pg. 65 of Huxfords. The McCoy book shows it in the matte green, but both McCoy and Brush McCoy made the art vallum glaze, however, I did not see this shape in the Brush book so I assume it is McCoy vs Brush McCoy. It is 8.25 tall. It has just a couple of minor flaws: 2 glaze pops; one piece of clay waste on body; one flake off bottom rim which doesn't show, and one teensy fleabite along bottom rim. Very nice hefty vase. This would work well in a mission/arts & crafts style room. 5/12brcs
  • Price: $40.00
    Moravian Art Pottery Tile
    Moravian art pottery tile. c:1991. On back is a paper with info on this company; under the tag is incised mark and date. This tile is almost 6 wide x 6 tall. Has 2 doves with flower in center. A very attractive tile that you could frame and hang. Colors are teal green and umber. 4/12pestcs
  • Price: $145.00
    Antique Monmouth Matte Green
    Antique matte green Monmouth art pottery herb jar. Age est: 1920's. I also have this in another color but it's not quite as old as this one. This is a much darker green then what the picture is showing. Not marked, but the same herb jar is shown in the Monmouth book, pg. 141. There is like a chin under each opening which makes it easily identifiable. No chips or cracks; a few lead lines on interior; and some old mineral and rust deposits on interior. It is 6.25 tall. No mold lines, so I assume it is a hand formed piece. A great piece for your arts & crafts/mission collection! 1/12liv#
  • Price: $185.00
    Antique Art Pottery Vase
    Very attractive antique art pottery vase. Matte aqua/mintygreen. It is 5.25 tall, no chips or cracks. Dry bottom rim. The glaze looks like Roseville or Weller, but have not located it; so may be an experimental rare piece. The hint of purple is a light glaze on the outer flowers. If you put it next to an aqua turquoise vase, it looks greener; if put next to a matte green, it looks more aqua. Gorgeous piece of vintage art pottery! 10/11#est
  • Price: $195.00
    Art Pottery Matte Vase
    Antique art pottery matte vase. Aqua/mintygreen vase with leaves and berries. Not marked; yellowish dry bottom rim. No chips or cracks; does have some glaze pops. It is almost 6 inches tall x 3.5 wide at top opening. Have not located its maker yet, might be a rare item. Possible makers: early Roseville, Weller, or Brush McCoy. A stunning piece of art pottery. 9/11brcs
  • Price: $37.99
    Vintage Pantry Parade Tomato Ball Juice Pitcher Stanford Pottery
    Vintage Pantry Parade Tomato Ball Pitcher. This is a neat vintage figural pitcher in the shape of a big, bright red tomato and is from the Tomato Ware line from Pantry Parade. This line of pottery was made from the 1940's to the 1950's by the Stanford Pottery Company of Sebring Ohio, a company who made lots of great figural cookie jars and kitchen accessories. It is stamped on the bottom with a gold mark in the shape of a teapot which says Pantry Parade U.S.A. It is 6 inches tall and about 6 1/2 inches across, in very good condition, no chips, has some signs of use on the inside, probably from a spoon. A lovely addition to your collection or serving accessories.
  • Price: $25.00
    Gretchen Kramp Art Pottery Tile
    Contemporary art pottery tile by Gretchen Kramp. This gorgeous tile features a raised peacock and pear design. This tile is 5 inches wide and is signed. These tiles look great framed in mission oak frames and hung on a wall. 7/11est#
  • Price: $48.00
    Signed Art Pottery Vase Vintage
    Signed vintage art pottery vase. The mark looks like an incised M R, but not sure; it could be a studio logo. It is an oldie; you can see the all over crazing if you look at the glaze under a light and bottom dry rim is quite worn and smooth. No chips or cracks. It is 4.5 tall. The color is purple with drip glaze. It looks burgandy in the picture, but it is purple/lavendar. 7/11s#
  • Price: $165.00
    Antique Matte Blue Art Pottery
    Antique matte blue art pottery vase. This hand formed vase has no chips or cracks; some of the yellow clay is peeking through on edges. It also has a streak of irridescent glaze on the body of vase see pic #2. It stands 7 tall and has an incised mark on the bottom which may be an artist's mark or pottery company mark. This vase could be Fulper or Teco pottery or another company. There is all over fine crazing which is visible on close inspection. A gorgeous piece of early art pottery for your collection. 7/11utcs
  • Price: $450.00
    Vintage Signed Iridescent Art Pottery
    Fabulous signed vintage iridescent art pottery swan vase. c:1891-1957. The signature looks like F. Gazietto, Vallauris, however, a collector has notified me the signature is actually 'J. Gazielle'; (the artist crossed the ll's like t's, and the 'F' is actually a 'J'. This artist worked from 1891-1957 in Valluris, France. Judging by the dark, worn, smooth bottom rim and all over crazing, I'd guess it is from the 1920's. The iridescent glaze is gorgeous. It looks like Tiffany art glass but this is old pottery not glass. Very hefty. It is 6 inches tall x 6.5 long. According to the collector this artist also had some connection to Weller Sicard. Early Pewabic Pottery also specialized in this type of iridescent glaze. It has 2 minor flaws; one small chip on wing edge and one fleabite on tail feather edge. The flaws look larger due to close-up shots; but in reality, they are not really very noticeable. It is a deep blue/green but also has amethyst in it; when it is dark out, it looks amethyst. The glazing on this piece is spectacular. 6/11smc
  • Price: $160.00
    Matte Green Art Pottery
    Early matte green art pottery vase. It is green, see picture 4 of it next to a matte aqua vase, and pic #8. Hand formed; has ridges on interior. Might be early Roseville or Pewabic, have not had time to check any books yet. I am in MI so Pewabic is more probable. No chips or cracks; has some stray blackish marks on exterior common on matte pottery. It is just a bit over 6 inches tall x 5 wide at top. Very nice piece of Arts & Crafts pottery. 2/11ro#3502
  • Price: $150.00
    Antique Zanesville Trumpet Vase
    Outstanding tall matte green Zanesville arts stands 11.75 x 6.25 wide at top. Perfect for your Mission style/arts & crafts room! 9/10ut#3314
  • Price: $85.00
    Vintage Matte Green Vase
    Vintage matte green vase. Nice condition; one teensy pinpop or fleabite on top rim edge. Dry bottom, (yellowish clay); might be early Zanesville. It is 8.25 tall. Great piece of pottery for your arts and crafts room! I put it next to an aqua vase so you can see that it is green. 4/10djau#
  • Price: $145.00
    Amaryllis Art Pottery Vase
    Vintage blue Amaryllis art pottery vase. 99% sure this is early Brush McCoy; see pg. 68, 1992 book by S. Sanford, far right, 2nd row. O187KA is the number in the book under Amaryllis/Kolorkraft vases; shows identical vase w/same design, top rim edge and same size. Gorgeous vintage vase and the clay peeking through is yellowish although it looks white in the picture. It is an exceptional matte cornflower blue vase; stands 6 inches tall; no chips or cracks. 12/09oddant#2748
  • Price: $120.00
    Vintage Japanese Art Pottery
    Vintage art pottery vase. Appears to be hand thrown; (has ridges on interior); and has an oriental symbol on bottom, (3 lines in a square), and Made in Japan and another symbol that looks like a tree. I am not expert on oriental marks, but similar marks can be viewed on the Gothborg site. This is a hefty vase; superb coloring and finish, reminiscent of Cliftwood art pottery but better. Age est: 1921-1940's at the latest; prior to 1921 it would have been marked Nippon. No chips or cracks; stands 6.25 tall. You can see the age/wear on the bottom rim which is very smooth and very dark. An absolutely fabulous piece of art pottery! 11/09#2170
  • Price: $75.00
    Vintage Art Pottery Vase
    Vintage footed art pottery vase. Blended gloss turqouise interior. It is signed but I have no idea what it says; it might be an L / H or a number. No chips or cracks; just some wear on feet edges. It could be Native American, Mexican, Oriental, not sure. A lovely piece of pottery. Stands 4.5 tall x 9 wide. It could be a real find! estcs10/09
  • Price: $75.00
    Vintage Art Pottery Vase
    Vintage matte glaze turqoise vase. Heavy vase, not marked. Looks like it might be Weller; possibly Van Briggle or Rookwood; have not looked it up yet. No chips or cracks and it stands almost 5.5 tall x 4.25 wide at top rim. It fades to white on interior bottom; some crazing, mainly on interior bottom. A couple of old iron? spots. Very nice piece of vintage pottery. tr10/09#
  • Price: $225.00
    Vintage Burley Winter Pottery Cookie Jar
    Vintage Burley Winter pottery cookie jar. Stands 7 tall x 8 wide. Incised 2 qt. mark on bottom; could also be a beanpot, the book doesn't specify its function. Nice condition; no chips or cracks. 2 pinpops in glaze and some glaze rubs. I have another one minus the original lid; this one is a darker matte glaze and has original lid. This is a great hard to find piece of vintage American Art pottery. Guaranteed vintage Burley Winter Pottery! 9/09#2649uti
  • Price: $125.00
    Early Arts & Crafts Matte Vase
    Early hand thrown blended matte glaze vase. Possibly Rookwood, Arequipa, Wheatley, Pewabic; the style/pattern looks similar to several vases shown in the Arts & Crafts book. Nice size vase. It is hand thrown and quite hefty and is almost 8 inches tall. Incised mark: M. T. #230. It has some crazing and one small chip near top rim which does show on one side. A professional repair might be worth it since this was most likely made by an important company/artist around the 1900's. There was an artist with these initials that worked for Weller, but I doubt this is a Weller. Pottery artists moved around frequently. Price reflects the flaw. Perfect for your Arts & Crafts room! In a good economy this item would be priced at $1200. 8/09intest#
  • Price: $120.00
    Arts & Crafts Matte Green Vase
    Arts and crafts matte green vase. Deep, dark color. Yellow clay peeking through bottom. Might be Rookwood or another great maker. The incised geometric design is very similar to a taller Rookwood shown in the A the exterior of the hairline has 2 teensy fleabites near it, see pic 4-5. It is quite an old one; age est: 1900's. This came from an estate in Troy, MI; the deceased owners had quite a collection of art pottery. The price reflects the minor flaws. A wonderful addition for you arts & crafts collection. This item is as is, as described and not returnable so please read description and view all photos before purchase. If item is lost or damaged in transit, you must file a claim at usps and I will provide you with the postal receipts. 8/09inteset#
  • Price: $210.00
    Zanesville Matte Green Vase & Frog
    Antique Zanesville matte green dish garden and frog. This vase/planter is shown on page 198 of the ZSC book, shape 208; c:1920's. Super condition for its age. It has 3 stilt marks on bottom and no chips or cracks. It is 7 wide x 3 tall; has raised leaf design. A couple of pin dot pops in the glaze as expected for ZSC. You also get the mottled matted green flower disc to display in it, 2.5 wide x 1 tall. Pic #5 shows it next to a ZSC aqua jard. Price is firm. Outstanding pottery for your arts & crafts collection! ro-cs8/09+frg
  • Price: $135.00
    Antique Matte Glaze Vase
    Antique arts has 3 stilts marks; crazing on bottom. Same glaze finish and thickness as the other matte Roseville I have listed, see pics 6-7. An identical shape is shown in S. Huxfords 1980 book on Roseville, pg. 83, row 3. It has one fleabite on a 1.5 inch tight hairline on top rim. Price reflects the flaws. It is 7 tall x 7.5 wide; a good sized vase. Interior has some lime/rust/mineral deposits. 4/09#marinant
  • Price: $55.00
    Antique Hand Thrown Vase
    Antique arts (same shape/size as some of the early BM Onyx vases, see pic). It is hefty and no chips or cracks. It has a glaze miss line on body of vase, this is not a crack, pic #2. It stands 6.5 tall. A great piece of art pottery for your collection. It is a green/aqua color; more green than aqua. 4/09nehavantcs
  • Price: $600.00
    Vintage Burley Winter Jardinaire
    Large vintage Burley Winter pottery jardinaire and pedestal. c:1872-1930's. Gorgeous, hard to find with the pedestal! The jard is 11 wide x 9.5 tall; the pedestal is 15.5 tall x 9.5 wide; jard on ped stands 25.5 tall. No cracks; just one tiny glaze pop or fleabite on bottom rim of jard, it really is not even worth mentioning. The colors are green, pumpkin and bits of blue. The pattern around top is one that is not often found, (pattern shown on pg. 37 of the book). Put it on your wish list and have your significant other get it for you! Guaranteed authentic vintage BW pottery. USA destinations only. nyant8.08
  • Price: $80.00
    Peters & Reed Art Pottery Flower Frog
    Vintage Peters & Reed art pottery flower frog. (Has incised logo on back: Zaneware Made in USA. P&R was bought out by Gonder, so not sure if this is P&R or Gonder, but it is an old one. Matte blended glaze. Shown in B. Bull's book. It is 3.75 wide x 1.25 tall. No cracks, and one teensy fleabite on surface. These old frogs make unique paper weights and pencil or marble holders too! A very cool old frog! Age est: 1920's.
  • Price: $95.00
    Antique Roseville Matte Green Vase
    Antique matte green green Roseville Pottery small jardinaire or vase. c:pre 1916. Spinach green and shown in the blue color on pg. 49 book by Huxford. Not marked and the book states this item wasn't marked. Has 3 stilt marks on bottom. Has one fleabite on top rim, (see picture). Nice example of Arts & Crafts pottery. Some age/wear on body but that is common for matte pottery that is over 100 years old. Guaranteed authentic vintage Roseville Pottery! I also have this jard in a much larger size for sale separately.
  • Price: $325.00
    Antique Art Pottery Vase Milkweed
    Antique matte green art pottery vase. This vase is a deeper, darker green than the pictures are showing it. It has embossed milkweed or poppy pod and stems. Faint incised number #205 on bottom. Four tiny feet and 3 stilt marks. It has some very minor flaws: a small depression in the clay on rim edge, (no change in glaze or texture); one teensy rim nick; a tiny dot on a bottom foot that is either a fleabite or a glaze pop. Interior is quite worn and has a dark spot on interior bottom, and there are some lead lines which is common. None of the minor flaws amount to much, I just mention them so you know it is not perfect. I believe this is an early Roseville Pottery item circa 1915-1920, but could possibly be another American company. It is 6.5 wide x 3.25 tall. A fine addition your Mission/Arts & Crafts style room! 3/08ro#
  • Price: $450.00
    Antique Roseville Jardinaire
    Antique Roseville matte green jardinaire. c: pre 1916. Fabulous arts checked it with a black light and there is no evidence of any repairs; it is just a clay/glaze irregularity. Some rust/mineral deposits on interior bottom of jard and a couple of tiny white paint specks; just looks like someone was painting their ceiling and forgot to cover the jard, most of it has been removed now. A fantastic early Roseville for your Mission style/Arts it had a large plant in it in one of the arts & crafts kitchen scenes with Leonardo Decaprio. USA only due to size. Guaranteed authentic vintage Roseville Pottery! esa-3-08-#1987
  • Price: $255.00
    Vintage Burley Winter Vase Tall
    Magnificent large vintage Burley Winter art pottery tall vase. c:1872-1930's. Incised number: #9 on bottom. 12 inches tall, no chips or cracks. One tiny piece of clay waste on upper rim. Mottled pumpkin and matte green finish. It is shown in the book on Burley Winter pottery by D. Swingle. USA destinations only. Guaranteed authentic vintage Burley Winter Pottery! dmau12.07
  • Price: $95.00
    Art Pottery Flower Frog
    Vintage art pottery lilly pad flower frog. VERY UNIQUE, hard-to-find item! Blue blended glazed lilly pad flower holder/frog. This item is shown in the Zanesville book, with same measurements, but another person relates it is also shown in the Fulper book. If Fulper, it is worth a lot more than this price. And, the clay on bottom is different from ZSC, so Fulper is more likely. Early companies copied each other frequently. This lilly pad has a grease mark on bottom, #50 and what appears to be a letter and then a P, but not sure on the letters because they are quite faded. It measures 3.75 wide one way, and 4 wide another way; and is 1.75 high. No chips or cracks, but does have crazing if you look at it upside down. Can you live without this little beauty?
  • Price: $125.00
    Signed Vintage Art Pottery Vase
    Signed art pottery vase. Very unique art pottery. It is a heavy, exceptionally well made matte aqua vase or ashtray that looks like Arts w/all-over very faint crazing that you can only see upon very close inspection. Again, the pics on this one just do not capture how really well-made this item is. It measures 6 long, 3 wide x 4 tall. Age est: 1920's.
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