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Marbleholics Anonymous
Contact: Del and Julie Morgan
PO Box 251
Notus, ID 83656 US
Phone: 208-453-1390
Fax: 208-899-0423

We started Marbleholics Anonymous as a Club for those people that had gotten bit by the marble bug. We felt the need for
a site that offered something different. Here is a place you can come for certain things you just can not find on all the other
marble sites. is dedicated to bringing the fun back into collecting. You can find an ID guide on every marble site there
is. You can find marbles for sale on every marble site. We will offer marbles for sale or trade, and we will eventually have
our ID guide finished up. That makes us just like all the rest. But there is more.....much more is proud to announce the development of the Marbleholics Live Auction. That is right. will be launching a weekly Live Auction for marbles and marble related items. We are currently working
with some of the glass workers in our wonderful Nation to even possibly bring other fine glass art items to this auction.

We are currently accepting consignments for these auctions. All marbles and marble related items are welcome. We will
offer 50 lots a week and will be using a chat room format for the auction. We offer a very conservative grading process and
all marbles sold at auction will we unconditionally guaranteed. If for any reason the buyer feels the need to return the
marble, we will gladly refund their money. We at feel so confident in our grading, that we expect an
extremely low return rate. If the marble is graded mint, it will be mint.

Furthermore, we are working with a local organization that aids abused and neglected children to form a quarterly charity
auction of contemporary marbles and glass works. We are hoping this will not only increase the awareness in the
Contemporary arena, but will also help raise awareness towards the children that are our future and also help bring them a
little cash. Something they desperately need.

At, we want all who visit our site to go away with a smile, a little education, a good

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