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Blue Transferware Lidded Hot Water Serving Platter

This practical blue transferware platter looks as if it has graced many a table. There are no chips or cracks to the ironstone platter. The metal parts do show some wear. What a practical idea for a meat platter. Below is a chamber for hot water. It would have been added just at serving time so keep the meat warm. Note the pour hole both for pouring and later draining and the lid which would also help keep the meat warm. The platter has a well-and-tree embossed shape to collect juices. The interior of the domed metal lid bears the manufacturer's mark, Richard Perry and Sons, No. 1200 Wolverhampton. This is not the pottery of the platter, however. Since the platter is enclosed in the metal base, I cannot see the backstamp to identify it.It is large enough for a medium sized turkey or large roast beef. It measures 15 1/2 inches long by 12 inches wide. The handles add another 2 1/2 inches to the length. Note the distinctive crazing and the pretty ribbon and rose transfer pattern.   

CC. WHITE IRONSTONE: Kitchen and Utilitarian Items:
Vintage Kitchen, Farmhouse Decor, American White IRONSTONE MUSTARD POT, Antique Style

We present here one of those charming little items that is fun to use as well as display, a white ironstone mustard pot. It measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall. It is free of chips and cracks with the exception of a tiny flea bite on the inside, covered by the lid. We are including a little ceramic spoon with this which was part of our purchase of the pot. It works well and is very cute, but I cannot be sure it is antique.Usually, I only list items from the Staffordshire area of England from the 19th century. This does not quality on one part. It is not Staffordshire. The Homer Laughlin pottery produced it.A little history: The Homer Laughlin pottery opened in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1877. The first wares it produced were white wares, including this little ironstone pot. Later, the pottery branched out into areas for which it is better known. They did, however, produce excellent ironstone. This pot would have been produced during its first two or three decades of operation.   

Hackwood Dark Blue Transferware 6 1/2 Inch Plate, FALLS OF KILLARNEY

Here is a 6 1/2 inch cobalt blue transferware plate from the Hackwood pottery. It dates to the early 1800s. The pattern has commonly been referred to as Falls of Killarney. The design, however, is not historic since in Killarney, no two rivers join into confluent falls according to my friends from the area. It's a pretty design, though. With cattle grazing in the foreground, three figures, two women beneath a parasol on a man, look at the falls behind which two rivers join. On the far side of the river are hills and a village. The surround has foliate and flower designs.Condition is good. There is some wear to the inner ridge from use but no chips, cracks, hairlines, or stains. On the back, there is a restoration, formerly a chip. It can only be seen if the plate is turned over.   

K. TRANSFERWARE, Purple: Plates
Ridgway Purple Transferware 10" Plate, NAPIER, c. 1846-50

Presented is an impressive Staffordshire 10 inch purple transerware plate in a chinoiserie design entitled Napier. Two potteries produced this pattern, J&G Alcock and J. Ridgway during the 1846 - 50 period. This one was made in the Ridgway pottery.It is in excellent condition, free of all flaws. Glaze is entirely shiny. Where has this plate been lo these 160 years? Clearly, it was not used.Note is great rim design which consists of a dramatic lobed shape and geometric bordering. When plates ae displayed, unusual rim shapes add an interesting dimension.The subject matter is also charming. It looks like the early Oriental interpretation of a play date. In the foreground a mother holds her child's hand as a servant shades both with a parasol. They stand at the bank of a river as the mother looks at another woman who approaches. The second woman holds her child's hand as a servant shades them with a parasol. They sit in a Chinese junk. Other aspects of the design are pagodas, a willow tree design, and more geometric patterning. Its backstamp includes pattern name and pottery initials.The design is named for British Major General Sir Charles Napier who was the conquerer of Scinde in India, a province in Pakistan.   

Small White Ironstone Cream Pitcher, Grand Loop, Flaws

Here is a small table pitcher measuring 5 1/2 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches wide. It is interesting how often I find that small antique pitcher measurements of height and width are the same. It must be something about the pleasing symmetry. This is quite an old one, dating to the 1850s and possessing dramatic looping designs and a prominent curving border. The underside backstamp is that of the Jacob Furnival pottery. This was made in their pottery in the Staffordshire section of England during the heyday of early white ironstone - dense, well crafted and classic.Large pitchers of this shape usually sell for $300. However, this one is both small and flawed. As seen in the pictures, it has a shallow but prominent chip on the rim and a smaller one on the bottom. There is also a star glaze crack on the bottom - does not penetrate the clay. Given the condition, the price is right. The good news is that both chips are on the same side, so it would show well from the other side if displayed on a shelf.   

F. TRANSFERWARE, Blue: Sugar Bowls
c. 1815 Dark Blue Transferware Sugar Bowl PHEASANT ON NEST

Here is a cobalt blue transferware sugarbowl measuring 4 3/4 tall by 7 inches wide. The pattern has been referred to as Pheasant on Nest, though we have never seen it marked with any pattern name. It is dark blue, finely potted, with a shiny glaze. Sorry to say, we don't have the lid. It is marked with the words, "Stone China." Many early pieces were so marked. This pattern is often attributed to the Clews or Stevenson potteries; however, we have never found a marked piece. By its characteristics, we would date it to the 1815 - 30 period. The design features a single bird in an oval frame with cattails, flowers, and foliates. Behind the bird is patterning of very tiny flowers. The collar has elaborate flowers and scrolls.This sucrier is in very good condition. The only issue to declare relates to one of the handles. Long ago, it broke, was reglued and painted. Other than this, it has no chips, cracks, hairlines, stains, or restorations. Some utensil scratching can be found, but it is very minor.   

D. WHITE IRONSTONE, Sauce Tureens & Sauce Boats: Sauce Boats
Early Staffordshire Gothic White Ironstone Sauceboat, Hairline

The gothic shaped white ironstone sauceboat presented measures 8 1/2 inches long by 6 inches tall. It is rather creamy in color rather than bluish. It bears in imprinted backstamp that can't be read. By the imprint's shape, we think it may be the Davenport pottery.This classic beauty dates to the 1840s when clean octagonal shapes were the vogue. It has a 1 inch stress hairline on the side. I will try to photograph it by natural light to show it. That is the only flaw.In my home, items like this are the workhorses of my table. I love to spread it with antiques, but when I sit down with the others, I want to enjoy the people without thinking about whether the children should pass the gravy. Problem solved.Given the flaw, I have priced it accordingly.    

English Cottage PURPLE Lilac TRANSFERWARE Staffordshire PLATTER, Corrella, Farmhouse Decor

This gorgeous and classic Staffordshire platter measures 15 1/2 by 12 inches. It is a heavy octagonal platter with a slight curve to the slanted sides. That little feature makes it particularly attractive on a wall. The pattern, done in purple and lilac transferware hues, is Corrella, made in the Baker and Son pottery which started production in 1839. It is in fine condition, free of chips and cracks.Let me share two tidbits about this offering. First, all of my references spell the design "Corella;" however, the backstamp quite clearly disagrees with this spelling: Corrella. The second is harder to explain quickly but here goes: back in its day, transferware was thus called because of the process. One by one, a person, often an illiterate woman or even a child, performed this process by first placing an inked tissue onto an incised plate to pick up the pattern. The tissue was then applied to the earthenware body. I am sure it took time and experience to develop skill at this transfer process. Now for the tidbit - the back edge shows that the person doing the transferring had ink on his or her hand. The top two sections of the pointer, middle, and ring fingers are immortalized under the glaze on the back edge of the platter. They are much smaller than my digits. This was a child. For some, this might seem morbid. For me, it's history.The lovely, classic design of the pattern also features a child, specifically a statue of mother and child in a formal garden setting. The surround adds to the beauty by framing the scene with alternating areas of linear patterning and classic urn reserves. This early ironstone platter is particularly dense and heavy, by itself without any packing - over 4 pounds. Perhaps its sturdiness relates to its survival unscathed these many years.   

Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Charlotte Rhead, Poole, Shorter's & Maling: CHARLOTTE RHEAD
Art Deco Charlotte Rhead Crown Ducal Vase

A beautiful vase by the British designer Charlotte Rhead. Made by Crown Ducal potteries, (A.G. Richardson & Co ) of Tunstall in the Staffordshire Potteries. This would have been made in the 1930’s, and is in the typical colours of the era, dark apple green, cream, orange and pewter. It is decorated in Charlotte Rhead’s trademark tube lining, and is signed by her on the base. (See photos). In very good condition. It measures 14.5cm (5.3/4 inches) high and is 16.5cm (6.1/2 inches) wide handle to handle.   

Porcelain & Pottery, Miscellaneous, 20th Century:
Art Deco fabulous large vase, Royal Stanley,

Art Deco fabulous large vase, Royal Stanley, Jacobean ware (Colclough, and later Stanley Potteries, Staffordshire, England). This vase looks just like cloisonné ware - it has the brass style cloisons, and enamel filled flowers - but all is gilded, not brass. Bright colours of mauve, green, yellow and black on a gilded and pale grey/blue ground. Dark cobalt blue interior. Vase measures 23 cm high and about 17 cm diameter (9 inches by 6.3/4 inches).Very good condition - it has one circular hairline style mark under the base (see photo) but this does not show through to the inside. Circa 1920s.   

Porcelain & Pottery, Miscellaneous, 19th Century.: 19th Century - Victorian Period
Pair Charles Meigh Wall Plates, Circa 1851.

Pair of Victorian plates by Charles Meigh (Staffordshire), circa 1851-61. They were once part of a service, and have been used as wall plates with hangers. The mark is the Meigh suedo-Oriental rectangle, and the impressed curved mark of Opaque Porcelain. 2695 is the pattern number. Shaped, embossed edges with cobalt blue and gold detailing. Floral motif with gilded details to the leaves. Plates each measure 23.3 cm diameter (9.1/4 inches). The body is in excellent condition, with no chips, hairlines or other damage. There is clean tight all over crazing to the glaze. Very nice pair for display.   

Porcelain and Pottery:
Pitcher Royal Doulton, Doulton Lambeth Toby Philpot Jug

Pitcher Royal Doulton, Doulton Lambeth Toby Philpot Jug This is an early pitcher or jug made by Royal Doulton, England then called Doulton Lambeth for the works name in Staffordshire, England. The jug or pitcher is salt glazed stoneware in a molded relief or sprig design called Toby Philpot after the heavy drinking character. The jug measures 8.5 inches high, was made 1890-1900. It appears that the lip on the pour spout has been repaired (see Picture, priced accordingly.) Other than that I see no chips or cracks.    

Tea Accessories: Furniture and Accessories
Antique Earthenware Biscuit Jar

Antique earthenware biscuit jar with transferware design. Lid and rim has EPNS mark, = electroplated nickel silver. 99% sure it is a Staffordshire jar/pattern. Nice deep cobalt blue with flowers and gold trim and fancy handle. Has faint crazing, and some wear on the gold but no cracks or chips. Also on one side of metal lid rim are two small worn areas; see photos. This is a good sized jar and was likely made in England in the late 1800's. It is 5.5 to lid rim; 7 inches to finial, and 10 inches tall if handle is up. It is a very lovely old jar. Once used on Victorian tables for tea biscuits. 8/08nyant-MC   

Shelley China, Wileman Teacups and Saucers, Teacup Trios:
Shelley Cup and Saucer Lilac Gold Rose Lincoln England

This is a lovely tea cup and saucer in bone china made by Shelley China, England that I brought home recently from Staffordshire, England. It is white with lilac or mauve overlaid with a gold rose stamped design with gold trim. The shape is Lincoln and the pattern is Gold Rose #0369/S41. The cup is 2.25 inches high by 4 in diameter and the saucer is 5.5 in diameter. It is in excellent, mint condition with no chips, cracks or wear and gorgeous. A great addition to your tea table.    

Porcelain & Pottery, Miscellaneous, 19th Century.: 19th Century - Victorian Period
Pair Adams Blue & White Jasperware Candlesticks.

Pretty pair of Victorian candlesticks, made by the Adams pottery, Tunstall, Staffordshire. Their mark dates them to late 19th century, post 1896. Lovely dark navy blue with classical scenes and borders of flowers and leaves. One has a chip on the sconce (see photos - the marks around the rims are just old wax, swhich comes off with warm to hot water), but this is an easy restoration if required. The other has an uneven patch under the rim of the sconce, which could possibly be an old restoration. They each measure 15 cm high with a base of 11 cm diameter (6 inches by 4.1/4 inches). Very attractive pair.   

Shelley China, Wileman, The Foley Dinnerware And Misc Dishes:
Shelley England Dinner Plate Heather Green Bone China

This is a fabulous dinner plate or charger or decorative wall plate made by Shelley china, Staffordshire England between 1945-1966. The large plate is in the Heather pattern with no pattern number in the green colorway in the round notched shape with gold trim and measures 10.75 inches in diameter. The plate has gorgeous design of a stone bridge, beds of heather and trees with a pale green border and darker green inside border. The plate is in excellent, mint condition with no chips, cracks or wear. A great piece from a famous china maker and very collectible. Gorgeous!    

Wedgwood :
Wedgwood Queens Ware Box Cylinder Lidded Sacrifice Figures 1960s

This is an Embossed Queens Ware lidded cylinder box and lid of white Queens Ware with applied blue decoration with a classical design called Sacrifice Figures with Cupid in evidence. The lidded cylinder box was made by the Wedgwood, Barlaston, Staffordshire, England in the 1960s and measures 4 inches high by 3.5 inches in diameter at the base. The covered box or jar is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or wear and a beautiful decorative item of typical Wedgwood quality. These covered boxes can be used for tea, candy, cigarettes, cotton balls or, in one case I know of for a pet's ashes. We loved watching the skill used to do this at the Wedgwood factory.   

Ironstone: Porcelain, etc.
Large Ironstone Antique Pitcher

Large antique ironstone pitcher. c: 1875-1877. Made by Cockson & Seddon, Cobridge, Staffordshire, England, see photo of the backstamp. This company was only in business for those 2 years. This pitcher is 12.5 tall; has an interesting raised pattern near handle; look like a leave with rope? No chips or cracks. Flaws: a couple of pin dot size black dots that are likely hot ash marks. Some of the photos show a quarter size dark circular mark; those are from my camera, and are not on the pitcher. My camera is getting old and worn out. If you have a large white bowl, this pitcher would be perfect set inside it on an antique commode; or use it as a vase, or as a dining room water pitcher; or as an awesome addition to your ironstone collection! 5/16   

Porcelain & Pottery, Miscellaneous, 19th Century.: 18th & Early 19th Century - Georgian Period
Early 19th Century Georgian Teacup and Saucer

A Georgian period teacup and saucer with polychrome transfer chinoiserie decoration of two Oriental ladies with a male figure carrying a bouquet: "who is going to get the bouquet?". Hand painted highlight colours. The backstamp is a D. surrounded by decoration - probably the mark of Thomas Dimmock (Jnr) and Co, of the Staffordshire Potteries, England. The pottery operated from 1828 to 1859. This would have been made in the early period. The saucer is deeply dished with no indentation, and measures 14cm (5.1/2 inches) diameter and 2.8cm high (just over 1 inch). The cup is 5.5cm (2.1/8 inches) high and is 9cm (3.1/2 inches ) diameter at the top. In very good condition.   

Porcelain & Pottery, Miscellaneous, 20th Century:
Crown Ducal Cobalt Blue Vase with Butterfly.

A pillar vase from English pottery Crown Ducal (A.G. Richardson & Co, Tunstall in the Staffordshire Potteries) - cobalt blue with lustre glaze internal neck, gilded rims and gold pattern of pine branches and needles. There is a humming bird in coloured enamels and gold on one side, and a butterfly on the other. Beautiful design in very good condition. The maker’s mark dates it at 1925 plus - probably early 1930s. Vase measures 15 cm high and 7.5 cm diameter at the top (6 inches by 3 inches). Excellent condition for the gilding and lustre - Has an internal V hairline in the base, but this doesn’t show through to the underneath outside, so more like a crazing mark.   

King George V and Queen Mary:
Mug King George V England Silver Jubilee Queen Mary

This is a wonderful tall porcelain mug made by James Kent, Ltd, Staffordshire England in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary who were the grandparents of the present Queen Elizabeth II. The sepia portraits are surrounded by color flags, shields, mottos and elements of the royal coat of arms. The graphics are very attractive. The mug tall mug measures 4 inches high by 3.35 in diameter and has silver trim. The commemorative mug is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or restorations.    

Tiles, Antique and Vintage Pottery Tiles Ceramic:
Brown Transfer Daisies Wall Tile English Victorian Era

This is an antique English hand colored brown transfer or transferware ceramic wall tile with a daisies design made in Staffordshire, England by Lowe and Tams 1891-1895. The architectural antique tile measures just slightly less than .5 inches high by 6 inches square and has a late Victorian era English Arts and Crafts design of hand colored daisies with hand applied raised white slip decorated petals applied over the last glaze. The tile is in very good +++ condition with no cracks or edge chipping but does have a few of the raised white slip petals missing. These hard to find antique Victorian antique tiles make wonderful trivets, I use several antique tiles that way, or mounted on a wall as a decorative accent either by itself or grouped.   

Jones George and Sons:
Antique George Jones & Sons Abbey Blue TransferwareTeapot

Antique George Jones & Sons in Stoke on Trent Abbey Teapot or Individual Teapot. Made in Staffordshire, England this pattern was produced in the early 1900's. It has a beautiful pattern of blue on white, featuring the Abbey.It is 6 inches to the top of the lid and 5 1/4 inches wide from the spout to the handle and is in excellent condition. The colors are vibrant with no discoloration and no damage to the transfer. There are no chips, cracks or crazing, it does have a firing line on the inside which is cosmetic in nature. It is marked on the bottom with the George Jones and Sons blue mark. A wonderful addition to your collection!   

Royal Albert China:
Creamer N Sugar Old Country Roses Royal Albert English

This is a cream, milk jug or creamer and sugar basin or sugar bowl in the Old Country Roses pattern made in England between 1962 and 1974 by Royal Albert, England IN Staffordshire England. The creamer measures 3.5 inches high by 4 inches long by 3 inches in diameter, the sugar basin measures 2.5 inches high by 4.25 inches in diameter. Both pieces were made in England, as they were made before production was moved to Indonesia. Both creamer and sugar are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks no gold trim loss.    

Royalty: 10. KING EDWARD VII 1901-1910 (1901 ACCESSION)

1901 MINTON SECESSIONIST WARE (1st PERIOD) TANKARD. A ROYAL COMMEMORATIVE FOR THE ACCESSION TO THE THRONE OF KING EDWARD VII. A rarely available mug/tankard.Leon Solon was hired by Minton in 1895 after his work was published in The Studio an important design magazine. His early work at the Minton Staffordshire factory was influenced by the Viennese Secessionist art movement, founded by Gustav Klimt and others and became known as Secessionist ware. Age crazing with resulting discoloring mostly under the base. No chips, cracks or restoration and is considered in good condition. See all pictures.    

Transferware: Porcelain, etc.
Antique Staffordshire Serving Platter

porcelain Large antique Pitcairn Ltd. English serving platter. c:1895-1901. Very heavy, early platter with blue mark on backside: Porcelain Royale Pitcairns Limited, Turnstall, England, Aquilla 12. It is not porcelain; likely semi-porcelain. The frontside is a bit disclored, but really is not bad; although the backside is more discolored. The distinctive blue color on this platter is what is most attractive! No chips or cracks, and is 14.75 wide x 10.5 wide. If you do not like the authentic antique look of old china, you can use a 90% hydrogen peroxide from a pharmicist to soak out the discoloration; just immerse the platter in the solution for a few days, then wash and rinse, but never use bleach! I cannot guarantee the discoloration will come out but that is what I read in one of the books about removing it.    

King George V and Queen Mary:
King George V Mug England Silver Jubilee Queen Mary

This is a mug manufactured by Taylor and Kent, Staffordshire England in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary who were the grandparents of Queen Elizabeth II. The sepia portraits are surrounded by color flags, shields, mottos and elements of the royal coat of arms. The graphics are some of the best I have seen. The mug measures 3.25 inches high by 3 in diameter. The mug originally had gold trim but that is pretty well worn. There are no chips, cracks or restorations and is is a great collectible item of British Royal memorabilia.    

Tiles, Antique and Vintage Pottery Tiles Ceramic:
Gothic Majolica Tile English Mid Victorian Green Brown

This is an antique English gothic majolica tile made in Staffordshire, England 1860-1879s. The architectural antique tile measures .5 inches high by 6 inches square and is a plant based gothic design in greens and browns with raised surface. The tile is in very good condition with no cracks or edge chipping. There is on mark of damage shown in the close up photo. A rare survival with vibrant colors which would be a wonderful trivet...I use several antique tiles that way...or mounted on a wall as a decorative accent.   

China and Dinnerware: Collector Plate
William Adams Chinese Bird 10 in Plate c1930s flow blue

William Adams Chinese Bird 10 in Plate c1930s flow blue William Adams Chinese Bird 10 in Plate c1930s flow blue. A little surface scratching otherwise excellent condition. Blue printed Adams backstamp with reg. no. 623294 Adams china was made by William Adams and Sons of Staffordshire, England. The firm was founded in 1769 and became part of the Wedgwood Group in 1966. The name "Adams" appeared on various items through 1998. All types of tablewares and useful wares were made. Other pieces of Adams may be found listed under Flow Blue and Tea Leaf Ironstone.   

Teapots And Coffee Pots:
Teapot Art Deco Slip Decorated Sudlows Large Floral

This is a wonderful large pottery 4-6 cup teapot made by Sudlows, Burslem Staffordshire England with very striking marble or mottled pattern and hand done slip decorated stylized art deco flowers. The teapot was made in the 1930s and measures 5.5 inches high by 9 inches long by 6 in diameter. The tea pot is in very good +++ condition with no chips or cracks to the body and only one minor chip to the underside of the lid inner rim. A super piece and very art deco.    

Price Kensington - Price Brothers - Kensington:
Cottageware Cheese Dish English Thatched Vintage Butter

This is a wonderful hand painted cottageware or cottage ware cheese dish or butter dish made by Price Brothers, Price Kensington, Staffordshire England 1934-1963. The shape is a thatched cottage with flowers around the door. The cheese or butter dish measures 4.5 inches high by 6.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep and is in very good +++ used vintage condition with no chips or cracks and only minor age crazing. It still vaguely smells of butter or cheese. Rather homey! I recently brought it home from England because I fell in love with it. It would make a great decorative as well as useful accent in any kitchen.    

England - Miscellaneous Manufacturers - - China Pottery and Porcelain:
Cake Plate Holy Trinity Church Shakespeare Burial Britannia 1904

This is a lugged cake plate or dessert server depicting Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, England known as being the burial place of William Shakespeare. The lugged or self handled cake plate was made in 1904-1906 by Britannia China Co., Longton Staffordshire England. The church is one of the most visited in England, being close to Shakespeare's birthplace and a few steps along the river Avon. The cake plate or dessert server measures 9 inches high by 9.5 inches wide and is in very good ++ condition with no chips or cracks. There is wear to the gold trim and the pattern in a few places and some minor utensil marks. A great souvenir of a famous Shakespeare site in England.   

Susie Cooper:
Susie Cooper Endon Ribbed Cream Soup And Saucer Liner

This is a Susie Cooper, Crown Works Staffordshire England cream soup, consomme or bouillion 2 handled soup with matching under plate or saucer made 1932-1964. The pattern is called Endon, number 1417, in swirl molded porcelain. The cup is 2 inches high by 4.75 in diameter and the saucer, liner or under plate is 6.5 in diameter. The floral design is lovely and pure Susie Cooper who was a master at mid century modern designs. Both the cup and saucer have the deer mark, although the marks were often combined. The soup cup and saucer is in very good +++ condition with no chips or cracks and only a few minor utensil marks.    

Teapots and Coffeepots:
Mister Piggy Teapot by Tony Woods

Bring a smile to your table with this hand painted figural teapot. Makers Mark:Made in England (incised underglaze)Master Piggy Tony Wood Studio (in black)EnglandHistorical background: The name of Wood & Sons in Staffordshire has been famous since the late 18th century and has had links with such famous names as Alfred Rhead, Charlotte Rhead and Susie Cooper. Tony Wood was a ninth generation direct descendant of Ralph Wood and he established his own pottery at various sites in Stoke-on-Trent between 1980 and the early to mid 90's. The Tony Wood Studios, with Wilf Blandford as the main modeller, became famous for the range of novelty teapots that are so collected today.    

English Cups and Saucers, Teacup Trios, Not Grouped By Name:
Cup And Saucer Imari Heavy Gold Taylor And Kent Antique

This is a gorgeous antique tea cup and saucer made by Taylor And Kent, Staffordshire England 1912-1928 in a traditional imari pattern hand painted on sepia transfer with heavy gold trim. The cup is 2.5 high, the saucer is 5.5 in diameter and the cup and saucer are in excellent condition with no wear at all. The photos don't do the cup and saucer justice because of the reflecting gold surfaces. An absolutely beautiful and elegant set for your tea table or teacup collection!   

Chintz - Barker Brothers (Royal Tudor Ware):
Barker Brothers Chintz Preserve Pot Tudor Ware

A delightful Chintz Preserve Pot From Barker Brothers of Staffordshire and under their Guise of Royal Tudor Ware.The pot dates from around the 1930-40s and is in a unnamed pattern from most Chintz collecting books but which has Strong similarities to Royal Winton's Somerset Chintz featuring brightly coloured Delphiniums against a Yellow background.Standing 3 inches tall to the pottery rim, the item is offered in good condition with NO cracks, chips or restoration and is topped with a plated lid which is realtively unscathed given the age with little tarnishing.Maximum Air Mail Shipping of $20.00 dependant on destination. Tracking and insurance available for a further $8.00.   

Crown Ducal Floral Clover Shape 3 Section Dish

Perfect for decor or serving use at Easter time, this Crown Ducal English Staffordshire 3-section clover shape dish is simply beautiful. It's about 9 inches diameter with three scalloped clamshell or clover leaf sections, one a little larger than the others. The raised center has a 3-hole handle with embossed blue painted flowers. The dish is embossed with closely spaced, thin ridges and raised flowers and leaves. The floral decoration is a pretty mix of pink, blue, yellow, and white flowers with a brushed blue border around the scalloped rim. In excellent condition with no damage.    

Royal Doulton, Doulton of Lambeth:
Doulton Lambeth Toby Philpot Jug Pitcher Royal Doulton

This is an early pitcher or jug made by Royal Doulton, England then called Doulton Lambeth for the works name in Staffordshire, England. The jug or pitcher is salt glazed stoneware in a molded relief or sprig design called Toby Philpot after the heavy drinking character. The jug measures 6.5 inches high, was made 1890-1900 and has sustained some damage over it's long life. The base of the handle has had a very old crack repaired with a metal rivet. there are several rim and spout chips and there is a portion of the relief of a horse missing. The jug is a venerable and interesting survival, is very collectible and would make a wonderful decorative accent or flower vase. Neat!    

Art Pottery - Misc Countries And Eras:
Sugar Shaker England Cone Cottage Caster Artist Signed

This is a wonderful hand painted and artist signed ceramic sugar shaker, muffineer or sugar caster made in the 1970s and signed D. Norman Staffs for Staffordshire, England with the pattern name Hilltop that certainly seems to have been influenced by Clarice Cliff. The shaker measures 5.5 inches high and features a stylized house or cottage and tree in red, orange and yellow on white with black outlines. It has it's original stopper and is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or wear. A wonderful and collectible piece.    

England - Miscellaneous Manufacturers - - China Pottery and Porcelain:
English Sugar Shaker Muffineer Vintage Radford Art Deco

This is a fabulous hand painted vintage ceramic sugar shaker, muffineer or sugar caster made by E. Radford (H J Wood) of Staffordshire, England in the 1930s. The shaker has an art deco design of feathery black and grey leaves and red buds and measures 6.5 inches high. The muffineer or sugar shaker is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Sugar shakers or muffineers were a victorian table item used to shake sugar on muffins (hence the name)pancakes or crumpets at the tea table.   

Royal Stafford China:
Art Deco Cup And Saucer Plate Royal Stafford English

This is a fabulous art deco shaped bone china tea cup trio consisting of cup, saucer and cake or sandwich plate made during the 1930s in England by the Royal Stafford china company of Staffordshire, England. The design is a lovely deco design of hand painted stylized flowers and foliage over a transfer with gold trim. The scalloped pedestal cup measures 2.75 inches high by 3 inches in diameter, the saucer is 5.5 inches in diameter and the plate is 6.25 inches square. The set is in very good condition +++ with no chips or cracks. There is some gold wear. A wonderful art deco design for your tea table.   

Plate Blue Transferware London City Scene Antique EIT

This is a large antique ironstone blue transfer or transferware 10.5 inch in diameter plate made by English Ironstone Tableware, Ltd. Staffordshire England or EIT company 1910-1920s.The plate or charger has a design of a London city scape with Big Ben and Parliament, St. Paul's cathedral, a flower seller and horse drawn street cars. The blue and white plate is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks and has the mark impressed into the back with England. Very decorative and useful, too and is from my personal collection of blue and white ironstone.    

Royal Stafford China:
Antique Cup And Saucer Royal Stafford Blue White Gold

This is a lovely antique tea cup and saucer made 1912-1920s by Royal Stafford by Poole Staffordshire England. The cup and saucer has an exceptionally deep saucer and a pretty design of an art nouveau or victorian gothic inspired design of blue on white with gold trim pattern called Glencoe. The cup is nearly 3 inches high and the saucer is 5 inches in diameter. The cup and saucer are in very good +++ condition with no chips or cracks and only minor gold trim wear on the cup. A lovely addition to you teacup collection.   

Price Kensington - Price Brothers - Kensington:
Cottageware Cream and Sugar English Thatched Vintage

This is a wonderful hand painted vintage cottageware or cottage ware cream or creamer and lidded sugar made by Price Kensington, Staffordshire England in the 1960s. The shapes are a thatched cottage and they are hand painted. The cream is 3 inches high by 4.5 wide and the sugar is 5 high by 3.25 square. The creamer and sugar are in very condition with no cracks and only 1 small shallow chip on the bottom rim of the cream. I brought the set home from England where I bought a cottageware collection from a family in Worcester.    

Souvenirs-China & Glass:

This lovely little candy box was a souvenir from THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE in WARM SPRINGS, GEORGIA. This was FDR's vacation White House for the duration of WWII, and the site of his death. It features a picture of the house on the lid of the box. The rear is marked with the Royal Winton, Staffordshire England marks and is impressed CANDY BOX. There is some age crazing on the lid only and the upper right corner of the box has a tiny chip, otherwise it is in good shape. Not sure of the age of this vintage piece, but probably late 40's, early 50's. Box measures 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. We generally ship to domestic customers by USPS Priority Mail, so buyer will add $3.95 plus any applicable insurance.    

Pie Birds, Pie Vents, Pie Funnels:
Antique Pie Vent English White Stoneware Pie Funnel

This antique white stoneware pie vent, pie bird or pie funnel was made in the late Victorian period and dates to the 1890-1900s. The pie vent was made in Staffordshire England and I got it in the English Potteries district district recently. The pie vent is in very good condition with one very old base chip. There is some light staining inside as it was obviously used. A fun piece. And practical! Pie birds were developed in the 1500s to release steam from a baking pie so the filling didn't boil over.   

James Kent, Old Foley:
English Pot Lid Crossing the Brook Turner James Kent

This is a ceramic pot lid by James Kent, England depicting Crossing The Brook from a painting by Turner. This ceramic pot lid was produced in the 1950s as part of a series of pots as a tribute to great British artists. This pot lid measures 4.25 inch in diameter. Pot lids were originally made as the covers of jars or pots of various substances from salves to food stuffs. The pot lid is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks. Very attractive, decorative and collectible!   

England - Miscellaneous Manufacturers - - China Pottery and Porcelain:
Fishing In A Punt Pot And Lid Ceramic Jar St. James's Vintage Hackney

This is a 1920-1930s vintage St. James's relish pot and lid in the Fishing In A Punt pattern with a colored lid from an 1820 engraving that was made by A. G. Hackney & Co., Ltd Staffordshire, England. The pot and lid measures 2 inches high by 4 inches in diameter and is in excellent condition. The pot lid and pots tradition goes back to James Pratt in the 18th century when food and ointments were preserved using the pots. The lids are works of art in themselves. This is an early 20th century version, but still collectible as well as useful for desk or vanity to hold anything you choose.   

Susie Cooper:
Susie Cooper Endon Cup And Saucer Mid Century Floral

This is a Susie Cooper, Crown Works Staffordshire England cup and saucer made 1932-1964. The pattern is called Endon, number 1417, porcelain. The cup is 2.75 inches high and the saucer is 5.75 in diameter. The floral design is lovely and pure Susie Cooper who was a master at mid century modern designs. The cup and saucer have different marks which is quite normal. There were 3 marks used pretty well randomly and most sets have varying marks, but all are from the Crown Works Burslem with the same dating as per the Susie Cooper English website. The cup and saucer is in very good ++ condition with no chips or cracks and only a few minor utensil marks and minor pattern wear.    

Mugs For Tea and Coffee:
Dunoon Country Life Mug Cotswold Stone Village Partis

This is a new mug by Dunoon China, Staffordshire England in a set called Cottage Life designed by Richard Partis, all sold separately. The bone china mug is in the Devon shape and measures 4.15 inches by 3 inches in diameter. This design was actually discontinued several years ago, but I pestered Dunoon into ransacking the archives and finding me some overlooked patterns. This mug is a Cotswold stone village with children, geese, a woman rocking a cradle and generally nostalgic scenes from the close of the victorian era by a well loved artist. The mug is new therefore perfect with original sticker.   

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