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The .45-70 Springfield, 5th Ed by: Joe Poyer, Craif Riesch

The .45-70 Springfield, 5th Ed by: Joe Poyer, Craif Riesch (Image1)
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Item Number: NCP-2011-9781882391394-WH1

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Circa: 2011

Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. Three new chapters have been added to this new 5th Edition: The Officer's Model Rifle, .45 Caliber; The Model 1886 "Experimental" Carbine, and The Model 1906 Fencing Musket. Each of the new chapters contains a complete description of how each differs from the standard .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine. New information, never before published and full color illustrations of the various models have been included. Every part and every change to that part of the .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine made by the U.S. Army's Ordnance Department is described in photos and drawings. Dimensions and finishes are listed for each part in both the text and tables. For instance, seventeen different rear sights were used on the .45-70 Springfield trapdoor rifle and carbine. Each sight is carefully photographed and the differences noted. Then each rear sight is matched to the specific serial number range in which it was used. The same technique was used on lock plates, barrel bands, trigger assemblies, stocks, ramrods, etc., covering every part of the rifle and carbine. The chapters on accoutrements and tools have been greatly expanded with descriptions and photos to cover all issued to the soldier. Bayonets, scabbards and frogs are described and matched to years and serial number ranges of issue. The authors also show how it is possible to determine if a .45-70 bayonet was newly-manufactured, or was a Civil War-period bayonet that had been swaged to fit the new rifle. Hunting and intrenching knives, bayonets, carbine slings, front sight covers, ammunition belts and cartridges boxes, etc. receive the same treatment. All markings and inspection markings are explained and illustrated with photos. A new serial number listing has been developed which takes into account the 22,500 "starred" carbines and integrates them into overall production so that serial numbers and cartouche dates can at long last be matched correctly. Separate appendixes provide production totals, an exploded view, disassembly and cleaning, how to determine if a .45-70 has been refinished or a carbine made from a rifle, a chart of finishes by part, and special sections on the Cadet rifles, starred receivers (where they came from and why), the rod bayonet rifle, and the commercial trapdoors.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.


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