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  • Price: $245.00
    Vintage Basket
    Vintage backet with handles. Outstanding vintage basket; nice patina; great workmanship. I do not know if this is Native American or Oriental, but I just know that it is an oldie and a beautiful basket! It has just a bit of wear; interior lid rim has one broken fiber. It is very dried out and fragile. I would estimate its age to be from the 1920's or earlier. Not sure what it's function was either; sewing/fishing? This was purchased from another antique dealer who is liquidating his wife's collections. A lot of dealers who do not like to go on-line are closing their shops now and selling off their items so you savvy on-line shoppers are getting the best for less! At any rate, this will make a lovely addition to your basket collection! 4/14brcs
  • Price: $145.00
    Vintage Covered Basket
    Vintage covered basket. Not sure if this is Native American or South American. Resembles some of the Apache baskets. It came from a historic estate in MI. There were several nice baskets there, but none had tags or info on them. This basket is very thick, tight and well made. It stands 6 inches tall. An exceptional basket for your collection. 3/14est
  • Price: $95.00
    Large Coiled Basket
    Large coiled basket. The fibers look like the Yucca plant. It could be Hopi or Navaho but I can't verify either for sure. The design looks like arrowheads. It is 15.5 wide and in good condition. Just one small spot where the fiber is worn near top rim. 2/14scs
  • Price: $75.00
    Native American Lidded Basket
    Native American lidded basket. Tightly woven; well-made. Not sure which tribe made it but it resembles the baskets from N. possibly from S.W. area also like Papago or Hopi. It is 5 inches tall x 5 wide. It's not sweet grass, some other type of grass. It came from a collector's estate in MI and they probably paid over $100 for it. If you've ever been to a Pow Wow or a NA store, you know how much these baskets cost. They are hand made by very skilled craftspeople. 9/13estcs
  • Price: $65.00
    Native American Grass Basket
    Native American grass basket. Nice basket; may have been a small sewing basket or for trinkets. It is 3.25 tall x 6.5 wide. 4 small knots on the top of lid. It doesn't look old but it's a nice basket. You can buy individually or in the group shown in pic's 7-8. 7/13brcs
  • Price: $199.00
    Native American Basket Assortment
    Three Native American baskets for one price. First is the Papago basket with lid. It is 4.5 tall with lid on x 5 wide. Tightly woven yucca. It doesn't look brand new, but is not too old. Next is a bowl/basket; likely Hopi or Papago. It is 11 inches wide; nice condition; looks older than the other two. Last is a very thickly coiled basket; not sure what tribe this is. It is 3.25 tall x 6.25 wide. The grass resembles sweet grass but not sure, see pics 7-8. Nice baskets for your collection! Also being sold individually. 7/13v
  • Price: $300.00
    Native American Quill Baskets
    Native American birch bark and porcupine quill baskets. c: 1994-2002. Three for one price. These all came from a collector's estate. The one with the heart and flower has a card inside: front side is the name of the gallery where this was purchased: Nancy T. Riecker, Traverse City, MI. On back is says: John Bear 185-, presumably the artist maker of this basket and it was priced at $185.00. Marked: Blooming Moon on bottom. This one is 2.25 tall x 3 wide. Next is a hummingbird and flower quill basket. It is 2 tall x 3 wide. Marked on bottom: 'A Battle 1994', 4/19. Last is a basket with quill design all over it; a pinwheel design on top, marked '2002' on bottom. It is 2 tall x 3.25 wide. All are in good condition. Since the one with the heart was originally priced at 185.00, I'd assume the basket with the quills all over it was priced much more than that, same with the hummingbird which has quills all over the sides. So, you are getting a good price for all 3. 6/13estmc
  • Price: $120.00
    Native American Quill Basket
    Vintage Native American birch bark, sweet grass, and porcupine quill basket. It has some flaws: a couple quills are missing, and some are coming loose. It displays fine on one side. This came from the estate of a former antique dealer. It is a small box only 3.25 tall x 3 wide. My educated guess is Huron/Wendake or Iroquoise tribe. 2/13brcs
  • Price: $298.00
    Tesuque Rain God - Early 20th Century
    Tesuque Rain God - Early 20th Century Tesuque rain gods are now thought of as authentic expressions of an indigenous art form. They have never been thought of as sacred images. Rain gods were developed at Tesuque Pueblo, north of Santa Fe, to sell as souvenirs to tourists. They range in all ages. This example is thought to be from the 1920's or earlier. Size: 6 H x 2¾ W x 3½ D Weight: 12 Oz's. Condition: No breaks or cracks, Condition issues: there is quite a bit of patina (which could be considered desirable or not depending on one's wishes) It appears to have scratches on its head and back - shown in photos. But is smooth to the touch. I acquired this piece at the famous NYC Pier Show in the 1990's.
  • Price: $125.00
    Serpentine Sculpture Peruvian Mother W/child
    Serpentine Sculpture Peruvian Mother w/Child Size: 4 H x 2¼ W x 1¼ D Condition: very good Markings: engraved on back CUZCO PERU This was hand carved by a Native American Indian artist in the Andes and sold to a tourist visiting Cusco and probably on their way to Machu Picchu. (a pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site located in the Cusco region high in the Andes) Weight: 10 Oz's.
  • Price: $31.00
    Native American Beaded Bolo Ties
    Native American Beaded Bolo Tie Size: 20 inches in length - Medallion 2¼ in inches in diameter Condition: very good Hand Sewn. Markings: none Weight: 1 Oz.
  • Price: $165.00
    Native American Wool Textile
    Very nice tightly woven Native American table runner. I think it is a table runner. 28 long not counting fringe x 14 wide. It is exactly the same on each side. A great addition to an Arts & Crafts or Southwest style room! 2/11cnt#
  • Price: $12.00
    Indian White Natural Stone Sitting Dog Fetish Set Of 5
    White Natural Stone with layered sediment Sitting Dog Fetish's Set of 5. They are all the same basic carving but different sizes. Really nice, probably native American origins, age unknown. highest is 1 5/8, 1 1/2, next 1 1/4 next 1 inch, finally the runt at 3/4 approximately . In Excellent condition no chips or cracks. Ideal for jewelry or just sitting on a shelf
  • Price: $85.00
    Native American Ash Basket
    Lovely Native American ash basket. This is likely from Walpole Island which is between MI and Canada, Chippewa tribe. Age est: 1960's-70's. Condition is good. Interior colors are not faded; exerior is slightly faded. It is 7.75 wide x 5 tall. 12/10jtest#
  • Price: $10.50
    Early Frontiersman's Leather Pants Pattern
    This pattern comes from the Tandy Leather Company circa 1960-70 era. It makes into a pair of fairly authentic looking leather pants which were worn in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This pattern has been cut but is still very usable. Looking at it I would say that it was cut for a large man. So if you are smaller, it would still work.
  • Price: $14.50
    1960-70s Tandy Leather Vintage Shirt Pattern
    This new, never cut or used shirt pattern comes from the Tandy Leather Company circa 1960-70 era. It is a standard cloth shirt with dropped sleeves worn in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It is pattern number PM/61.
  • Price: $265.00
    Antique Sweet Grass Basket
    Very old sweet grass basket with hand painted wood center piece. Age est: early 1900's-1920's, might even be earlier. My personal favorite. The sweetgrass is very darkened with age and the picture on the top of it is just a bit faded. The picture on the top has a teepee near a lake. Good overall condition. It is 3 tall x 8.25 wide. Likely made by the Chippewa or Potawanami tribes here in MI around turn of the century. An awesome basket for your basket collection! 10/10br#3368
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Native American Basket
    Nice vintage Native American sweet grass and ash basket. It is 3.25 tall x 6.5 wide. Exterior colors are somewhat faded; interior colors are good. Age est: early to mid 20th C. Tribe: likely Northeastern/Midwest, e.g. Iroquois, Potawanami, Huron, Chippewa. 9/10chcs
  • Price: $14.50
    Vintage Hand Crafted Indian Doll W Baby Weaving A Rug
    Beautiful hand made Indian Doll woman with baby weaving a rug . Setting is 10 inches tall, beautiful dressed, one of kin item. She is really pretty and in excellent condition
  • Price: $50.00
    Vintage Sweet Grass Basket
    Small vintage sweet grass basket. Tightly woven with dyed black ash. This basket is 1.5 tall x 4.5 wide. Age est: 1940's-60's. Smells great! A cutie for your basket collection! 6/10smc
  • Price: $63.00
    Shark Woman W/lip Labret Mask By Shamans
    Shark Woman with Lip Labret Size: 8 inches H x 5 W x 3 inches D Condition: Very Good - Slight chip on back. Does not show in front. Material: Composition of some type made to look like wood Crafted and Copyrighted by Shamans of British Columbia, Canada Age: Probably 1970's Weight: approx. 1½ lbs. This is a reproduction from an original carving. It is hand finished. All Shamans sculptures represents authentic tribal designs based on stories, legends, myths, or clan symbols. Wire on back for hanging.
  • Price: $200.00
    Vintage Native American Fibre Baskets
    Vintage Native American fibre baskets. Both for one price. Very old baskets; they look like early Rosie Ermatinger baskets, (Chippewa tribe, Walpole Island). Both purchased from the same estate in MI. Good overall vintage condition. Larger one is 9 inches tall; color has faded; body of basket is a bit irregular due to age, shrinkage; displays fine. Other basket is 7 inches tall. Age est: early 20th C. 1/10csest
  • Price: $66.00
    Native American Ss Medallion
    Native American in Full Headdress - Sterling Silver Medallion - In Shape of an Arrow Head Size: 1¾ x 1¼ Markings: Sterling on back Weight: ½ Oz. Condition: very good Found in VA. Age: 20th Century
  • Price: $8.50
    Hand Crafted Indian Cloth Indian Doll Girl W Beads
    Beautiful hand made Indian Doll. She is 10 inches tall, has a long pink dress, and is wearing a beaded necklace and earrings. She is really pretty and in excellent condition
  • Price: $12.67
    Kiva Ladder With Small Hand Painted Drum Taos
    This is a Kiva ladder, no blanket, with attached drum, and native painting. Marked Taos 98. Its 13 inches tall and about 10 inches wide at base. Hanging drum is 2 inches wide. makes a nice display piece. PS The drum has a deer and footprints on the other side, sorry forgot the image
  • Price: $105.00
    Vintage Papago Basket
    Vintage Papago basket. Virtually identical basket is shown on pg. 63 of S. Turnbaugh's book. This tray/bowl basket is 11 wide; nice condition; just a couple of the fibers torn. It is not antique, but does have a somewhat aged patina on it as compared to a newer Papago basket I own. 10/08allst-cs
  • Price: $20.00
    Buffalo Skull Society Metal Belt Buckle
    Buffalo Skull Society Metal Belt Buckle 1985 - 1995 Life Member Buffalo Skull Society. This buckle is awarded in gratitude to generosity to the needs of Native American Children Billy Mills - Running Strong for American Indian Youth® Christian Relief Service Size: 3 in diameter Condition: very good Metal: Thought to be Brass. Good patina. Weight: 3 Oz's. Markings: As listed above in the introductory. Found in Montana.
  • Price: $15.91
    Zuni Kachina Indian Doll Dancer By Kaur
    Kachina Doll signed Kaur unTitled Dancer, Fantastic detail on this wooden little guy. Real feathers feels like a leather dress. Measures 5 inches high, . Condition is Excellent, no defects
  • Price: $15.87
    Zuni Kachina Girl Indian Doll Black Signed E Long
    Zuni Kachina Girl Doll by E Long, signed. Fantastic detail on this wooden little girl. All black with brown boots. Measures 3 1/2 inches high, . Condition is Excellent, no defects.
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Papago Lidded Basket
    Vintage Papago lidded basket. Both Papago and Pima tribes made this type of basket but I believe it to be Papago. The fibre is likely yucca plant. It does have some age to it since the darker exterior colors are somewhat faded in comparison to the interior. Age est: 1960's & earlier. Very well made, heavy, sturdy basket. Lid fits quite snugly. It is 4 tall x 5 wide. Bloomfield Hills, MI estate sale, (the owner had quite a collection of Native Am. baskets). #2011-est-4/08
  • Price: $125.00
    Vintage Native American Basket
    Vintage Native American sewing basket. This is a large basket and has a round wood spool holder inside. Looks Iroquoian; exterior colors are very faded but bottom and interior colors are still visible. It is 10 wide by 6.5 tall. Age est: late 19th, early 20th C. For display only now due to fragility of fibers, (some are worn and frayed; one split in lid and some loose fibers. Still displays nice.
  • Price: $149.00
    Vintage Native American Choker Necklace
    Vintage Southwestern Native American Choker Necklace A classic Native American Indian necklace. Features a Turquoise Colored Cabochon in a traditional silver setting with beads making up the rest of the choker in bone and red ceramic? Size: 13 Inches Long x 1¼ H - With the ties: 25 Inches Ties are made of cord. There are metal beads between the bone beads and the cord ties. Condition: very good Weight: 3 Oz. The larger square bone beads have been incised with a circular design Worn by both men and women
  • Price: $130.00
    Vintage Coiled Fibre Basket
    Vintage coiled fibre basket. Very attractive, tightly woven/coiled basket with lid. Nice condition. Stands 3.75 tall to lid, or 7 tall to handle, and is 3.75 wide. Dark patina on it, lid fits very snugly. Not sure if this is Native American or other indigenous group from another country, but this is a lovely old basket. Well worth this price if you collect vintage baskets. Baskets look great with Mission style furnishings too! (A somewhat similar basket is shown on pg. 183 book on Indian Baskets by S.P. Turnbaugh; Yahi basket, a band of the Yana, Great Basin area.) #1712 eagau2.07
  • Price: $64.00
    Indian Brave Profile - Solid Brass
    Indian Brave Profile - Solid Brass Size: 9 H x 7½ W x ½ D Weight: 1¾ Lbs. Condition: very good Markings: none Ready to hang - chain attached on back. Found in Southern Montana
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Basket
    Nice vintage Native American basket. Very nice older basket; looks like a northern tribe design, (e.g., Potawanami; Chippewa, Ottawa, etc.). Good overall display condition; interior rim of lid that fits down into basket has some breakage, but this is not visible from exterior. Top of lid has 2 pinhead size holes. Exterior colors have faded out; interior colors are still visible. It stands 6.5 tall x 6.75 wide. This was likely made as a sewing basket. Bottom is initialled: MTW in pencil. est3/07
  • Price: $165.00
    Vintage Coiled Fibre Basket - Apache?
    Vintage coiled fibre basket. Very tightly woven basket; nice patina; lid fits very snugly and has a hole in center, (perhaps to hold cord or yarn inside?). The book on Native Am. baskets, pg. 55 by S. Turnbaugh shows a similar basket. The book lists that basket as Apache, (Southwestern). Interior of this basket has a geometric design, same colors as the book shows. This basket is in good condition and stands a bit over 6.5 tall x 5 wide. It is very attractive and well made and would look great in a Mission style room, or country, or western theme. The patina on this basket is a bit darker than the pictures are showing it.
  • Price: $150.00
    Vintage Native American Ring W/lapis & Opal
    Vintage Handcrafted Native American Silver Ring Bezel Set With Two Lapis And One Opal Stones Size of stones: lapis 9 mm,opal approx. 8 mm in size the opal is slightly oval in shape Ring size: 6¼ Size of setting: 1½ H x 5/8 W Markings: none Origin: Dealer in Indian Artifacts from New Mexico Condition: Very good. the opal has fire the silver has that very nice old silver patina. the metal around the base of the bezel is black in color as an accent The back of the ring is in solid silver. Age: 20th Century Found at the famous Charlie Russel Auction
  • Price: $20.00
    American Indian Youth Belt Buckle
    American Indian Youth Belt Buckle - Running Strong - 40th - Billy Mills' 10K Gold Medal Anniversary Size: 3 W x 2 H Metal: Probably brass or brass finish Condition: Very Good - nice patina Weight: 2½ Oz's. Markings: on the back: Presented in honor of Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota) Olympic Gold Medalist October 14, 1964 Tokyo, Japan MADE in U.S.A.
  • Price: $295.00
    Navajo Petrograph Pendant - Signed
    Pendant Styled As a Petrograph Figure -Sterling Silver - Signed Petrograph pendant of sterling silver with a dark blue mineral with white inclusions. Size:Pendant 2 inches L x 1 inch W Chain is 24 inches long Artist:ALEX SANCHEZ, Navajo artist and winner of several awards for his innovative one of a kind designs. Tribe: Navajo Markings: ALEX SANCHEZ STERLING
  • Price: $175.00
    Old Pawn Heishi Shell Necklace
    Old Pawn Heishi Shell Necklace Old Pawn Heishi necklace featuring rolled and graduate beads. Size: 18½ Inches Long - The largest bead is 13mm Condition: Very good - The beads are strung on a type of synthetic cord? The Clasp is a hook. This necklace is accented with blue and black beads. The necklace was acquired from a dealer in Native American artifacts from Gallup, New Mexico at NYC's famous Pier show in the 1980's. Age: probably mid-20th century. Tribe: Navajo Weight: 3 Oz's.
  • Price: $70.00
    Large Ss Feather Pendant With Turquoise
    Large Sterling Silver Feather Pendant Accented With A Turquoise Comes With A Snake Chain Size: Pendant 3¼ inches L x Approx. 1 inch W at the widest portion Turquoise: Oval shaped - ½ H x 3/8 inch W Nice size bail - 3/8 inch H Silver Chain: 24 inches including lobster claw clasp Markings: Pendant Sterling and signed with an LC
  • Price: $63.00
    Tsonoqua The Wild Woman Mask By Shamans
    Tsonoqua the Wild Woman Mask by Shamans Size: 7 inches H x 4½ W x 2 inches D Condition: Very Good Material: Composition of some type made to look like wood Crafted and Copyrighted by Shamans of British Columbia, Canada Age: Probably 1970's Weight: approx. 1½ lbs. This is a reproduction from an original carving. It is hand finished. All Shamans sculptures represents authentic tribal designs based on stories, legends, myths, or clan symbols. Original tag attached Leather strap for hanging.
  • Price: $135.00
    Vintage Native American Basket
    Vintage Native American basket. est: early 20th C. Purchased this basket at a Pow Wow in MI about 30 years ago w/another basket for sale separately. Said to be Iroquoian and I believe it is. This basket features a braided like fiber, (sweet grass?) with some red and green dyed areas. The exterior colors are quite faded, however, the interior is still quite bright as you can see in the pictures. This basket is 3.25 tall x 6.25 wide. Likely a small sewing basket. In the book titled: Indian Baskets by S.P. Turnbaugh, 1986, 1997, 2004 edition, page 124, you will see a picture of an almost identical basket, same braided piece on the top of the basket.
  • Price: $145.00
    Vintage Iroquoian? Basket
    Vintage Native American basket. Really nice Native American basket; purchased at a Pow Wow in MI about 30 years ago. Said to be Iroquoian, but I think it might be Cherokee; purchased at a Pow Wow in MI; age est: early 20thC. This basket has a very dark patina on it, and red and green dyed fibre. Good vintage condition and is 3.25 tall x 5.5 wide. I am parting with some of my personal collection of baskets; no space left! A great book on Native baskets is by S.P. Turnbaugh, 2004 edition.
  • Price: $65.00
    Handmade Navajo Silver Inlaid Ring
    Handmade Navajo Silver Inlaid Ring Very handsome ring has turquoise and coral inlaid stone work. Size: 7-1/2 Front of ring Size: 5/8 inch W x 3/4 inch H Band slopes from 3/4 inch to 1/4 inch in back. Please note that with a wide band you need to add from 1/2 to 1 size larger. Markings: none Age: 1970's Condition: Good
  • Price: $79.00
    1940's Indian Head Pin With Buffalo
    1940's Indian Head Pin with Buffalo This very handsome pin is either silver tone or silver. There are no markings. The feathers are enameled in red and the headdress is accented with red, green,yellow & blue faceted stones. Size: 1-3/4 inches H x 1-1/4 inches W Condition: Very Good. The back has a safety clasp. Origin: This pin was acquired years back at the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana at an Indian Trading Post.
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Indian Scout Figure - Signed
    Vintage Indian Scout Figure - Signed Figure of an Indian Scout surveying the surrounding area. He is standing slightly behind a pile of boulders. Size: 4-1/4 Inches H x 1-3/4 Inches W at the base. Condition: Very Good. Material: I believe this is made of Papier mache. The bottom has stamped:(Please note that the stamped letters are worn in spots) MADE BY MARY JANE WILLIA__ __ATTLEF__(Battlefield?) SOUVENIR SHOP
  • Price: $20.00
    American Indian Youth Belt Buckle - 1997
    American Indian Youth Belt Buckle - 1997 Running Strong for American Indian Youth - 1997 Size: 3-1/4 L x 2-1/4 H. Condition: Very Good Material: Brass colored metal. Found: Rural Montana Very nice relief of charging buffalo. The title: RUNNING STRONG FOR AMERICAN INDIAN YOUTH and the design around the border are also in relief. Weight: 3 Oz.
  • Price: $34.50
    Sw Wood Native American Male Figure
    South Western Wood Native American Male - Signed and Dated Size: Approx. 13 Inches T x 3-1/2 Inches W x 1-1/4 Inches D Weight: 11 Oz's. Condition: Very Good. He is dressed in a cotton? woven cloth with a beige, mauve, blue & white pattern wrap. He has a cotton? thread for a hair piece with a feather attached. His hair is black. A small nail with what looks like a wooden half moon piece of wood holds his wrap together. The bottom of his clothing is signed: NM/89. The bottom of the figure is stamped: COPYRIGHT 1988 CACTUS BLOSSOM. The face does not have any features painted such as eyes & mouth. The nose and chin are indicated by the carving. A nice display piece.
  • Price: $34.50
    Sw Wood Native American Woman Figure
    South West Wood Native American Woman - Signed and Dated Size: 8 Inches T x 7-1/2 Inches W x 1-1/2 Inches D Condition: Very Good Signed NM/89 on Cloth Clothing. The bottom of the piece is stamped COPYRIGHT 1988 CACTUS BLOSSOM. Weight: 15 Oz's. She is sitting holding a pot with wooden sticks. Her clothing is a woven cotton? Her shaw is of a muted blue, mauve, white & beige. The hair is held with a white satin like ribbon and is black. The face does not have any features painted such as eyes & mouth. The nose and chin are indicated by the carving. A nice display piece.
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Nw Native American Style Trinket Box
    Vintage NW Native American Style Trinket Box Size: 2 Inches H x 4 Inches W and D. Circumference is about 13 inches. Origin: British Columbia, Canada. Age: 1970's. Material: Composition called Pearlite. Weight: 15 Oz's. There is face mask on the lid and two stylized Ravens on the sides. The style appears to represent the Haida People. Condition: Very Good -There is a very slight flea bite or factory flaw on the bottom rim. Not noticeable. The box has been handpainted
  • Price: $28.00
    Native American Silver Paua Pendant W/chain
    Native American Silver Paua Pendant w/Chain Size: 1-1/4 Inch High x 3/4 Inch Wide Age: 1970's Condition: Very Good A very delicately styled pendant which is quite exquisite. It comes with a delicate chain which is either silver or silver toned.
  • Price: $99.95
    Old Pawn - Navajo Mens Ring - Signed
    Old Pawn - Navajo Men's Ring w/Turquoise - Signed Size: 9½ This handsome ring is designed with a ribbed style band and rope accent set against a black colored inset around the turquoise and between rope and rib. The ring is signed C S and is marked Sterling on the inside of the band. Age: 1970's. Condition: Good to Very Good. The front of the ring is 5/8th of an Inch wide. Please take note that with a wider band you usually need a size larger than normal.
  • Price: $125.00
    Salish Crystal/beaded Necklace
    Salish Native American Crystal Beaded Necklace - Hand Made This exquisite blue & white beaded necklace with clear crystals was handmade in British Columbia. Size: It has a 16 Inch Necklace and an 8 Inch Pendant Drop, which is 2 Inches Wide. The necklace just shimmers in the light! The clasp is a screw type. Age: 30+ years.
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