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  • Price: $24.95
    Jackie Kennedy Pink Designer Gown
    Gorgeous Jackie Kennedy gown clothing set. Though the box has been crushed a bit, Jackie O's dress and matching items are like new and in mint condition. Franklin mint produced the clothing for the Jackie Kennedy 17 inch doll. The Jackie doll and wedding outfit sells separately, but is pictured on this page with her wedding dress.
  • Price: $15.00
    Barbie Doll Picnic Table & Chairs,1984
    Barbie doll picnic table and two folding chairs marked Meritus, 1984, made in Hong Kong. The table with the umbrella is 11 inches high and 7 inches wide. The chairs are 4 inches high, 2 1/2 wide and 2 1/4 deep. A great set for Barbie dolls or any similar size dolls. As found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Boxed Shoes Sets Nrfb
    Barbie Doll shoe sets with one box never opened marked Mattel, 1995. the unopened box has 6 different pairs of shoes and the opened box is missing two pairs. This great lot of shoes is sold just as found.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie & Ken Dolls Outfits Pair Tagged
    Barbie and Ken doll outfits pair tagged. The Barbie outfit is in a pink and pink print and is a matching jumpsuit and quilted jacket. The Ken or Barbie outfit has a white shirt front, paisley print jacket and pink pants. A nice lot as found.
  • Price: $15.00
    Barbie Doll Shoes And Boot Lot, 13pair
    Barbie doll lot of 13 pair of boots in a nice variety of colors and styles. Sold just as found.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll And Friends Accessory Lot
    Barbie doll and friends great lot of accessories including hair brushes and more. This is a large lot with a nice variety of accessories. Sold just as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll's Shoes Set Of 5 Pair
    Ken doll's shoes set of three pair. There is a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of water fins and three pair of shoes. A nice lot sold just as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Wigs & Hair Pieces Set Of 5
    Barbie doll lot of wigs and hair pieces. There are 3 wigs and 2 hair pieces in different colors and styles. A great hard to find lot sold just as found.
  • Price: $16.00
    Barbie Doll Clothes Nrfp 1988
    Barbie Doll clothes set of 2 packages never removed from the Weekend Collecion marked 1988. Each has the full set with the shoes. A nice find.
  • Price: $14.00
    Barbie Doll & Friends Shoes, 19 Pair
    Barbie doll and friends lot of 19 pair of shoes in different styles and colors. A great lot. Sold just as found.
  • Price: $10.00
    My First Barbie Doll Easy On Fashions, Nrfp
    Barbie Doll, My First Barbie Easy On Fashions Set never removed from the package marked Mattel, 1986, made in Hong Kong. The set includes a pink cap with a white visor, 2 plastic ballerina bags and a pair of white lace socks with pink lace tops. It is just as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll City Lights Set, Nrfp
    Barbie doll City Lights set never removed from the package marked 1992, Arco Toys for Mattel. The set includes her matching silver shawl and purse with a lovely pink and silver gown plus her pink high heel shoes. A great set.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Dresses Pair
    Barbie Doll dresses pair. One is a tagged purple dress with a silvery front panel and the other is a long gown in shiny gold with netting sleeves and overlay trim. A nice pair for your Barbie Doll as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie & Skipper Dolls Clothes
    Barbie and Skipper Dolls outfits. There is an orange bathing suit, a blue, green and pink bathing suit and a pretty Barbie Club shirt with white and a black dot skirt. AS great as found lot.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Dresses Pair
    Barbie Doll dresses pair not tagged. There is a pretty aqua, short dress with colored bows trim and there is a long pink dress with white lace overlay and a sleeve that needs some mending. Set is nice and sold as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Clothes Lot W/tagged Shirt
    Barbie doll clothes lot with a tagged shirt. The lot has a navy blue knit skirt, calico carry bag and lovely blue dress with a sparklie front insert. It also has the pretty tagged blouse that has a spot that we have not tried to remove. A nice lot.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Outfits Pair
    Barbie Doll outfits pair tagged. There is a light blue denim like western style jacket and skirt and a pretty, green print sheath with a green belt and pearl trim. A nice pair as found.
  • Price: $10.00
    Ken Doll Clothes Outfit
    Ken doll one piece suit with brown pants, sleeveless shirt and paisley vest with the matching tie. It is not tagged but is in great condition as found and a nice set.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Clothes Lot Of 3 Suits
    Barbie Doll Lot of three suits. There is a lavender ballerina outfit with silver and pink undies, a jump suit in light green with gold and pearls trim and an aqua jump suit. Not are tagged but in nice condition. They are as found.
  • Price: $8.00
    Ken Doll Pants Lot Of 3
    Ken doll pants lot . There is a pair of black pants, blue print shorts and white shorts that need cleaning. The orange shorts are marked made in Hong kong and need a seam mended. Hard to find Ken clothes and these are sold as found.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Gown, Tagged, Green
    Barbie doll tagged gown in green and gold with a B ornament at the neckline and attached black slip. This went to the Holiday Barbie Doll and is just lovely and in great condition.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Dress, Purse And Panties
    Barbie Doll outfit in yellow. This is a beautifully hand made Barbie Dress set in a yellow lace that is lined and has a snap closure and trimmed with ribbon. It has a matching purse and white, lace trimmed undies. A lovely set.
  • Price: $30.00
    Barbie Beauty Counter, Mattel,1978
    Barbie doll beauty counter marked Mattel, 1978, U.S.A. This is a rare find and could also be used for other dolls to hold shoes and accessories with the opening top with 3 sections, 2 sliding bottom blue doors with 2 sections and also the working 4 drawers. The top comes off for shipping. The set is 10 1/2 inches high, 7 3/4 inches wide and 3 inches deep. A wonderful rare, as found piece.
  • Price: $35.00
    Barbie Perfume Pretty Beauty Salon, Mib,1987
    Barbie Doll, Perfume Pretty Beauty Salon, mint in the box marked Arco for Mattel, 1987 #7968. The set includes all of the pieces shown on the box, just add your Barbie dolls for play. It is a whole salon set with even a salon chair that tilts up and back. The box has some edgewear from being around so long. All pieces are still in plastic in the box. A wonderful, as found set.
  • Price: $14.00
    Ken Doll Clothes Set Of 4, 1960's
    Ken doll clothes set of 4 pieces. There is a red cap, a tagged pair of white pants with a zipper, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of tagged, tan pants with a zipper. A great lot of 1960's Ken doll clothes as found.
  • Price: $45.00
    Ken Doll Carry Case, Mattel, 1962, Ponytail
    Ken Doll Case marked Mattel and Ponytail, 1962. It is in wonderful condition with the accessory boxes still inside and marked Ken. It is a lavender colored, vinyl covered case with great graphics on the front and a nice carry handle on the top. It has a tiny tear on the bottom right. The case is 13 inches high, 10 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep. A great, hard to find case just as found.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll Sports Coat Tagged
    Ken doll tagged sport coat in a nice black and white check with a red top lining. It is in great condition but is missing on side of the snaps and one sleeve seam has been mended. Still a great find from the 1960's.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll Ice Skates Black
    Ken Doll Ice Skates in Black. They are in wonderful condition with grey skate blades. These are very hard to find.
  • Price: $8.00
    Barbie Doll Dress, Long, Dk. Pink
    Bsrbie Doll dress in a nice dark pink. It is a long, sheath type gown in a soft, faux velour type fabric. It is not tagged and is in great condition.
  • Price: $15.00
    Ken Doll Tagged Bathrobe W/ Belt, Mattel
    Ken Doll tagged bathrobe with the tie belt in a nice light blue color. It is made of a terry cloth fabric and is in wonderful condition with the K on the pocket. It is tagged Mattel. A great find.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Dress, Tagged, Blue
    Barbie Doll Tagged Dress in a nice, light blue with a darker blue, tulle bottom and faux jewel trim.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll Roller Skates & Socks Set
    Ken Doll Roller skates and socks set in wonderful condition. The skates are in black with grey wheels and the socks are beige colored. A very hard to find set.
  • Price: $8.00
    Barbie Doll Sheath Dress
    Barbie Doll Sheath Dress in a red and white stripe with a turned, off cuff at the neckline and shoulders. It is in nice condition and is not tagged.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll, Tagged Sweater, Mattel
    Ken Doll Sweater, Tagged Mattel in excellent condition. It is a nice white with navy blue and red trim sweater on the cuffs and around the neck and down the front. A great find.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Gown, Tagged Wizard Of Oz
    Barbie Doll gown tagged Wizard of OZ for the good witch. It is a lovely, silky pink and chiffon, long gown with silver stars and cord trim. It is in wonderful condition.
  • Price: $16.00
    Ken Doll Beach Jacket Tagged Mattel
    Ken doll beach jacket tagged Mattel. It is in a red and white stripe with a terry cloth collar and front lining. It comes with the little hanger and is from the 1960's.
  • Price: $12.00
    Ken Doll Ice Skates
    Ken Doll ice skates. They are not marked and are a black, vinyl shoe with the attached, silver blades. A nice find.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Outfit, Nrfp, 1997 Cool N' Casual
    Barbie Doll Outfit never removed from the package marked Cool n' Casual,, 1997 from Arcotoys/Mattel. It has a nice white shirt with Barbie on the front, blue jeans pair and a pair of white tennis shoes. The top of the package has been bent. A cute outfit.
  • Price: $9.95
    Vintage Barbie Suzy Goose Hope Chest For Canopy Bed Set
    Nice creamy white plastic furniture, Hope Chest with pull out drawer, a part of the Blonde 4 poster canopy bed set made from 1961 to 1965. Marked Suzy Goose, Jonesville, Michigan, Toys that mold character, Made In The USA. Measures approx 1 5/8 inch tall X 2 1/2 X 6 1/2 inches. The photo makes it appear discolored, but the is just light casting a yellow tint on it. The chest has no chips or dark stains, there are a couple 1/16 inch long tiny marks that look like pencil marks. Very nice condition for the age of this child's toy.
  • Price: $18.00
    Ken Doll, Tagged, Vintage Pajamas
    Ken doll, Tagged, vintage Pajamas set with the hanger. The are in a tan and white pin stripe and marked Mattel. They are from the 1960's and are in great condition. The early Ken clothes are very hard to find.
  • Price: $10.00
    Ken Doll Sweaters Pair
    Ken Doll Sweaters Pair. They are hand knit with one in red and the other blue with grey stripes. It is far easier to knit a large sweater rather than one this small. A nice pair for Ken.
  • Price: $25.00
    Ken Doll Tagged Overcoat,hat And Scarf
    Ken doll tagged overcoat, hat and scarf. The coat is tagged Mattel and is in a nice tan with red plaid in the top of the back collar. It has the back pleat, slash pockets and sleeve cuff tabs. The hat and scarf have just been added but look nice with the coat which is a hard to find 1960's coat and comes with a little coat hanger.
  • Price: $65.00
    Barbie Case 1962 Htf Round
    Barbie Case round by Ponytail, marked Mattel 1962. This is the hard to find round case with the strap handle and the great graphics on the front. It is a black, vinyl covered box with a name written on the inside cover and the zippered side. It looks wonderful but after being in storage over 40 years, needs some lubricating on the zipper as it works a little hard. The top metal hoop for the handle has some rusting. It is 11 inches high, 11 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches deep. A wonderful, rare case to find. Sold as found.
  • Price: $55.00
    Ken Doll Case, Mattel, 1964
    Ken doll case marked Mattel, 1964. It is in wonderful condition and has the college boy Ken on the front of the goldish colored, vinyl covered case with the carry handle on the top. Open it up for storage for Ken. It also has the wardrobe with the bar to hang his clothes and also, 2 drawers for his accessories. The inside cover has a name and address and it is very light. The case closed is 14 inches high, 11 1/4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. A real rare find and it is wonderful.
  • Price: $55.00
    Barbie Mcdonalds Set W/ Access.1982
    Barbie McDonalds Set with many accessories marked made by Mattel, 1982, and made in the U.S.A. Barbie has long blonde hair in a pony tail, her red cap with the big M on the front, yellow shirt with red trim, navy blue shorts, white socks, red and white shoes, her red McDonalds bib apron and she carries a tray for a customer with a happy meal, french fries, hamburg and a soda. The McDonalds house is wonderful with the sign on the top, an ordering area, booth with seats, box with pictures of fries, burgers and containers. trash bin, flowered fence area, a sweet Tutti doll dressed in a McDonalds print shirt, red shorts and red shoes. Plus, there are 4 brown trays, a french fry maker tray, 4 packages of fries, 2 cash registers, 1 hamburg turner, napkins dispenser, 4 boxed big macs, 1 hanburger, paper packing bag, 2 brown cups, 2 beige milk shake cups and the milk shake machine. What a wonderful set to find and with so many pieces. To think, it was made in U.S.A. It will have to be shipped via dimensional weight as it is a very large set, about 6 pounds and we can calculate the exact shipping to your zip code. A very rare set to find.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll, Ken Outfit, Nrfp, Mattel
    Barbie Doll's Friend Ken Doll Outfit, never removed from the package marked Mattel, 1999, made in China. It is a stylin looks fashion with the striped short sleeved shirt in blue with navy,yellow and rust. It also has his blue shorts and a pair of sandals.
  • Price: $35.00
    Barbie/francie Doll Trunk, 1965, Mattel
    Barbie/Francie Doll Trunk marked Mattel, 1965. It is in great condition with a great picture on both sides and a nice carry handle on the top. It opens for great storage for your dolls and accessories. It is a vinyl covered trunk and closed is 13 inches high, 10 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches deep. A nice find.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Outfit, Cheerleader, Duke
    Barabie Doll Cheerleading Outfit tagged Barbie and marked on thge top Duke for the team. It is a great set in blue and white with the long sleeved body suit, skirt, tights, socks with the blue trim and the white tennis shoes.
  • Price: $10.00
    Barbie Doll Blue Gown
    Lovely Barbie Doll Blue Gown in a satiny fabric with a sheer overlay. It has multi colored, applied flowers and it is not tagged. It is in nice condition with a small tear on the seam below the back opening. It is very pretty.
  • Price: $12.00
    Barbie Doll Dresses Pair, Tagged
    Nice Barbie Doll Dresses Pair tagged. There is a pretty, green and blue with daisies dress sleeveless and a nice blue denim dress with a great collar and pockets in a red,white and black print. This is a nice pair of Barbie dresses in great condition.
  • Price: $55.00
    Vintage Barbie Dress-white Wedding Dress With Tiny Hearts
    Vintage BARBIE accessory gown which is a lovely white wedding dress. It has a soft organza top layer adorned with small white hearts. Wide satin waisted and short sleeves. Has a velcor back closure. In EXCELLENT, Gently Used Condition. Has a label indicating MADE IN CHINA. Thanks for visiting DOGWOOD TRAIL ANTIQUES. **WE GLADLY SELL WORLDWIDE ~ JUST ASK FOR SHIPPING QUOTE!!**
  • Price: $15.00
    Vintage Barbie Clothes Tennis Sweater Shoes Pants More Free Shipping
    Featured is a little lot of old Barbie Clothes. We have a white and orange tennis sweater with matching shoes. A little red sailor suit type shirt. A white pullover and a pair of black bell bottom pants. These pants appear home made. All are in great condition. Free Shipping within the United States.
  • Price: $21.95
    The World Of Barbie Fashions By Mattel - Book 1 - 1966
    This is a fantastic booklet issued by Mattel of fashions with prices for Barbie and friends. Also included are doll cases for various dolls. This purchase is eligible for media mail shipping
  • Price: $6.00
    Butterick 9993 11 ½ Inch Doll
    This is the Butterick 9993 pattern for 11 1/2 inch dolls. This pattern set, which is cut, includes designs for six outfits including a wedding dress. No date given was given on the package. But based on price and style, I believe this pattern is from the mid-60's. The pattern pieces are in very good condition. Instructions are included. The pattern envelope is in good condition with writing on the package.
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