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1880-1900 Edwardian and Pre Art-Nouveau


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  • Price: $66.00
    Pink Guilloche Enamel Brooch.
    Vintage brooch, a circle of pink guilloche enamel with black enamel band around the rim. Mounted on a slim disc of silver, with copper backing. Measures 25 mm diameter (1 inch). Excellent condition, early 20th century.
  • Price: $195.00
    Gold And Seed Pearl Bar Brooch Or Pin, Circa 1900.
    Elegant bar brooch, dating late Victorian/Edwardian period. Made in 9ct gold, there are three off-set bars of gold forming the bar, with a central scroll containing four natural seed pearls and a central disc of mother of pearl. C clasp. Stamped 9ct to rear. Brooch measures 4.5 cm wide and 1.2 cm deep (1.3/4 inch by about 1/2 inch). Excellent condition. (The mother of pearl disc is a replacement for a lost seed pearl, but looks lovely).
  • Price: $465.00
    Edwardian Opal, Seed Pearl And Ruby Pendant With Ruby.
    9ct gold pendant, flower-head design mounted with opal petals, ruby centre and seed pearls around the outside. Beautiful little gold bale with seed pearls set into it. Pendant measures 23 mm diameter and 37 mm long including the bale. (7/8 inch by 1.1/2 inches). Dates from the Edwardian era, circa 1901-1910. The opals are solid opals, and the mount is hallmarked 9ct to the rear. Excellent condition.
  • Price: $168.00
    Edwardian New Zealand Jade Sword Brooch.
    Greenstone brooch (jade - called greenstone in New Zealand). Long sword brooch with engraved gold capping and ornamental detailing. Hallmarked 9ct at the rear. This dates from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, approx. 1890s-1905. It measures 85 mm long. It has one old repair (totally inconspicuous) where the handle of the sword meets the gold hilt. Excellent condition otherwise.
  • Price: $42.00
    Vintage Victorian Mop & Gold Paste Stone Bar Pin
    Unique Bar Pin bursting with colors from your past all displayed against Mother of Pearl Set in 9k Yellow Gold. Estate Victorian Bar Pin in excellent condition. This can be worn as a pendant, necklace pendant, as hair jewelry / adornment, as well. Length - Width -
  • Price: $130.00
    Antique 14k Gold 18th Century Photo Stickpin Tin Type P
    Antique 14k Gold 18th Century photo Stickpin. Antique tin type photo of a beautiful. Young woman. Nice example of period clothing and accessories, collar, and collar pin, dress collar clip. I am intrigued by these types of pieces. I feel as if I am drifting back in time, and I wonder what she did, school teacher? Professor? Poet / Writer? .......... Wonderful period piece.
  • Price: $112.00
    Victorian Jet Seed Pearl 14k Stick Pin & Victorian Jet
    Fine Estate Jewelry Victorian c.1860 - 1890 14k Jet (Mourning) Stick Pin with a Pearl Accent and a Victorian Vulcanite Collar Brooch / Pin The Vulcanite 14k seed pearl stick pin is in excellent condition, the gold Vulcanite collar pin does have a chip at the tip of one end, as show in the fourth photo. These two items are being sold as a set. Jet is a mineraloid as it has an organic origin, being derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure. Jet is a product of high pressure decomposition of wood from millions of years ago, commonly the wood of trees of the family Araucariaceae. The oldest jet jewellery was found in Asturias, Spain, dating from 17,000 BC. Whitby jet was a favourite material for ornamental jewelllery during the Roman period, when it was described by Solinus. Hair-pins, rings, spindles, bracelets, and necklaces were produced in great variety. Jet as a gemstone was fashionable during the reign of Queen Victoria, during which the Queen wore Whitby jet as part of her mourning dress. Jet was associated with mourning jewellery in the 19th century because of its sombre colour and modest appearance
  • Price: $96.00
    Yellow Gold Bezel Mine Cut Amethyst Brooch / Pendant
    Yellow Gold Bezel Set Mine Cut Amethyst Victorian Estate Pendant / Pin / Brooch. Length - 1.2 inches Width - 0.06 inches One advantage of the bezel setting as compared to the prong setting is that the diamond is better protected from accidental rubbing or blows, and is less likely to allow the diamond to scratch or mar something it comes in contact with. The bezel setting is also more secure, so the diamond is less likely to be dislodged by the wearer's activity.
  • Price: $820.00
    Turquoise, Diamond And 18k Gold Bridge Ring.
    Pretty vintage or antique 18 carat gold ring, with turquoise and diamond stones. Graduated oval turquoises, with four circular brilliant-cut diamonds. Gold has been tested, as hallmark is worn. Small fitting, English size K.+ (USA size just under 5.1/2). Very good condition. Face of ring measures 7.5 mm by 18 mm (5/16 inch by about 3/4 inch). Air Courier delivery.
  • Price: $1112.00
    18ct Heavy White Gold And Diamond Ring.
    Unusual ring, diamonds set into a modern heavy 18ct white gold bevelled band. This ring has been made from an antique diamond ring (the navette-shaped diamond part of the face) remade into a modern band. The setting is 8 smaller diamonds surrounding a central larger diamond, with two medium sized stones on either side of the central stone. Total 12 diamonds. Face of ring measures 12 mm by 12 mm. Total ring weight is 11.98 grams. The diamonds are old stones with some little abrasions, WS not loupe clean. Very attractive ring. Size is English O (USA size 7) with an internal diameter of about 17.35 mm. Basically in excellent condition. Courier delivery.
  • Price: $156.00
    Cameo Ring, Gold Mount, Chester 1917.
    Early 20th century genuine shell cameo ring. The mount is 9ct gold, hallmarked for Chester (England) 1917. Ring face measures 10 mm by 8.5 mm (3/8 inch by 5/16 inch). Pretty split shoulder detail to the mount. Maker's mark is P & S. The face is smoothed somewhat by the years, but there is no damage. Ring size is English Q (USA size 8) with an internal diameter of 18.19 mm.
  • Price: $556.00
    Crescent Brooch, 18ct Gold And Seed Pearls.
    18k yellow gold crescent brooch mounted with two rows of seed pearls. Basket mount. Stamped 18 on rear, with maker's mark of SS . Measures 30 mm diameter (1.3/16 inch). Excellent condition. Possibly European-made, late 19th to early 20th century. Total weight: 5.02 grams. Shipping either by Express Air Courier insured $60.00, or standard airmail post $12.00.
  • Price: $749.00
    Large Shell Cameo Brooch, Well Carved With Gold Mount.
    Large cameo portrait brooch of a young woman wearing a necklace and with her hair adorned with a feather headdress.The 9ct gold frame is open work with little gold balls on the actual cameo mount, which is stamped 9ct. D & Co. Probably Edwardian period, circa 1900-1910. Excellent condition. Brooch measures 67 mm by 55 mm (2.5/8 inches by 2.1/8 inches). It is fitted with a safety chain. Shipping is by Express Air Courier.
  • Price: $102.00
    Genuine Cameo Brooch In Silver Mount.
    Vintage cameo with well-carved head of woman. Silver frame with gold rope-beading. Fold-down bale on the rear which can be used for a chain (making the brooch a pendant) or for a safety chain. Safety swivel clasp. The silver is 900 grade silver, European - probably Italian. Cameo measures 38 mm by 30 mm (1.1/2 inches by 1.1/8 inches). Excellent condition. Circa 1900-1920s.
  • Price: $490.00
    Gypsy Ring W/rose Cut Diamonds And Garnet 14k
    14k yellow gold Gypsy setting with 6 rose cut diamonds and an old cut garnet in very fine condition. 4.5mm garnet, 2.5-3.0 mm diamonds
  • Price: $450.00
    Garnets & Diamond Ornate Gypsy Ring
    12k yellow, ornate Gypsy ring set with an Old European center diamond flanked by a pair of old cut garnets good condition, original stones. 4.0mm diamond, 4.0mm garnets
  • Price: $49.00
    Sash Pin W Purple & Topaz
    Unusual color combo on this Art Nouveau sash pin - usually it is purple and green. Lots of nice filigree detail, middle is a diamond shape and all others triangles, even the little ones and all bezel-set. Flat gold finish shows little wear.
  • Price: $39.00
    Victorian Pin W Amethysts
    In the cast sash pin style but not as big (1 1/2 inches long), this charming amethyst pin is at least 100 years old. The cut glass open-back stone is flawless and shines brightly. Small side stones are purple also but look darker because of setting. Gold wash finish shows some wear as seen in photo. C clasp.
  • Price: $230.00
    Moonstone And Gold Bar Brooch.
    Antique bar brooch, three domed moonstones mounted in gold. Gold not hallmarked, but gauranteed to be at least 9 ct gold. Centre moonstone is 8 mm diameter, other two are 6.5 mm diameter (5/16 inch and 1/4 inch). Total length of brooch is 44 mm (1.3/4 inches). One of the small moonstones has a chip around one of the claws, and the centre one has a small chip or possible natural flaw under the stone. A beautiful brooch. Circa 1900.
  • Price: $895.00
    14k Love Knots W/european Cut Diamond Earrings
    total diamond weight .40 carat fine condition keepers are mismatched but work fine
  • Price: $165.00
    9ct Gold And Nz Jade Bar Brooch With Moonstones,pearls
    Unusual little Edwardian New Zealand jade bar brooch (NZ jade is called greenstone or pounamu by New Zealanders) - it has a little gold bell suspended from it flanked by gold chains, and the face is ornamented by two moonstones and a central seed pearl. The circular jade bar measures 4 mm diameter and 46.5 mm wide (1/8 inch by 1.13/16 inch). The pin on the rear seems a little heavy for it, but appears to be original (the pin itself is not gold). It just means that the brooch needs to be on thick fabric when worn, or it will tend to flop forward a bit. Brooch would date around 1900-1910. Excellent condition.
  • Price: $120.00
    Brooch Pin Victorian Arrows Gold Fill 1800s
    Antique Brooch with Arrows and Flowers 2 1/2 inches wide with an Old C Clasp. There is no Gold mark on it.
  • Price: $125.00
    Victorian Pink Gold Enamel Fraternal Or Military Pin Brooch
    Appears to be pink gold, no mrk, looks gold and not plated, lovely enameling, enamel in excellent condition, motif of a crown with cross sword behind it. I welcome information on this piece. Very good condition. Circa 1880s or so.
  • Price: $35.00
    Antique 1800s Celluloid Patriotic Order Sons Of America Button
    APPROX. 1.5 diameter, stars and stripes flag motif shield with P.O.S. of A., remnant of a red, white and blue ribbon on the back, pinback made by BALTO BADGE Company. VERY good condition. Circa 1880s-1890s. more on this... /masonicmuseum/fraternalism/posa.htm from the site: The Patriotic Order Sons of America (P.O.S. of A.) is one of America's oldest patriotic and fraternal societies still in existence. It once had several hundred Camps (lodges) with several thousand members in the United States of America and its territories, but is now only found in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey and Louisiana. Its motto is God, Our Country and Our Order.
  • Price: $55.00
    1912 Silver Us Dime Coin Pendant Charm Necklace
    Very worn United States of America ONE DIME pendant in silver holder, dated 1912, on an 18 silver chain. Chain not photographed..it is thin, yet sturdy link and needs a clasp. Otherwise good to go. Easily can change out the chain. Priced accordingly and sold as found.
  • Price: $239.00
    Gold Ring With Pearl, 1916.
    Beautiful little ring, 9ct gold with a central seed pearl set into a starburst pattern. Hallmarked for Birmingham, England, 1916. Maker's mark is M.S. Face of ring measures 14 mm by 8.5 mm (9/16 inch by 5/16 inch). The pearl is 2.5 mm diameter (just under 1/8 inch). Ring fitting is English size L+ (USA size 5.3/4) with an internal diameter of 16.3mm. Excellent condition. Total ring weigh is 1.64 grams.
  • Price: $238.00
    Edwardian Photo Locket, Sapphires And Pearls.
    Very attractive Edwardian period photo locket - 9ct gold with delicate border of leaves and tendrils set with little sapphires and seed pearls. Locket measures 40 mm diameter (1.9/16 inch). The bale unscrews to open the locket, and you can place a photo facing front and another facing the rear as it is double sided. There is a tiny loop on the bottom, so you could suspend a pearl or something similar from this. Very good condition overall - you must be sure to screw the bale right down, as age has worn the threads (may be safest to have it soldered closed). Such a pretty locket, such delicate work. Circa 1900-1910. On the rear, next to the 9 ct stamp is a tiny Masonic symbol of dividers and angle tool.
  • Price: $44.95
    Victorian/edwardian Red Foil Glass Cabochon Pendant
    Vintage Victorian/Edwardian era red foil confetti glass cabochon in a brass mounting with a silver or nickel finish. All original, no repairs, no corrosion, just 1 tiny edge flake chip near the top which is almost unnoticeable unless you look for it. 1 1/4 in. long, 7/8 in. wide, 1/4 in. high. Stunning color and elegant design perfect for a necklace! Free US first class mail shipping
  • Price: $76.00
    Gold Horseshoe Brooch, Vintage.
    Early 20th century 9ct gold horseshoe brooch. Engraved with nail and edging details. Measures 22 mm by 18 mm (7/8 inch by 11/16 inch). Weight 1.87 grams. Excellent condition.
  • Price: $199.99
    Antique Pendant And Or Brooch
    Fantastic Pendant and or Brooch, Silver finished in white enamel, Open work highlighted in gold, Large oval shape, In very fine condition, no damage, Measuring about 2 1/4 x 1 3/4 inches wide.
  • Price: $159.99
    Sterling Serpent Ring
    Fantastic detail, Solid 925 sterling silver, Great detail, Properly identified, 925, GD Mexico, Serpent Ring, Size 6 to 7, and it is adjustable, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $299.99
    Silver Turquoise Ring
    Beautiful Vintage ring, Made from silver and showing one pear shape stone, Uncommon and unique, In very fine condition, Measuring about - between 7 to 8.
  • Price: $39.00
    Man's Stick Pin - Arts & Crafts W Green
    Maybe that little green stone is jade, the design is definitely Arts in Craft in design. Pin with guard is 2 1/2 inches. Gold filled and in excellent condition.
  • Price: $88.00
    Antique Carved Ivory Necklace Graduated Beads
    This is an antique carved ivory graduated bead necklace with a carved ivory barrel clasp dating to 1900-1910. The necklace measures 16.5 inches long and the beads vary from 13 mm to 5 mm in diameter. A lovely necklace and a lovely creamy color.
  • Price: $625.00
    14k Pearls Painting Brooch/pendant France
    painting of woman in large blue hat w/feathers in a reticulated 14k frame studded with pearls, unmarked, assayed 14k good condition
  • Price: $249.00
    Silver And Turquoise Ring
    Beautiful silver and turquoise ladies ring, not marked, size 6, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $199.00
    Sterling Amethyst Ring
    Beautiful sterling silver and amethyst ladies ring, Made in Mexico, Fantastic design, as per images, Size 5 small, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $199.99
    Antique Sterling Ring - Ornate Serpent
    Beautiful antique ring, Highly decorated floral pattern, Properly identified, signed Alvin Sterling, Size 6, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $299.00
    Sterling Ring Art Deco Design
    Wonderful sterling silver ring, Properly identified, signed,Great design and detail, Uncommon style, Size 7, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $229.00
    Sterling Silver Ring - Cabochon Garnet Stone
    Vintage sterling silver ring, lovely celtic style design, Properly identified, Size 8, In very fine condition.
  • Price: $299.99
    Vintage Ring - Black Alaska Diamond
    Sterling Silver Ring adorned with prolonged Black Alaska diamond stone, Size 6, In very fine condition, as per images.
  • Price: $158.00
    Earrings 14kt Gold Cufflink Engraved Starburst Edwardian Octagonal
    This is an antique 14kt gold cufflink made in the USA between 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. Each earring is an octagon shape in 14kt yellow gold with a machine turned engraved starburst or sunburst design. The back of the earring is the original gold color but the top has been rhodium plated for extra strength for the softer gold. Each of the earrings measures .75 inch long including the ball by .65 inch wide. The post and butterfly safety fitting are 14 kt white gold. The earrings weigh 4.5 grams of gold. Such an elegant pattern!
  • Price: $128.00
    Earrings From 14kt Gold Cufflink Fancy Floral Gold Embossed Posts
    This is an antique 14kt gold cufflink made in the USA between 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. Each earring is an octagon shape in 14kt yellow gold with heavily embossed floral design. The raised part has been rhodium plated for a color contrast without the tarnish of silvering the highlights. Each of the earrings measures 1.25 inch long including the ball by .65 inch wide. The post and butterfly safety fitting are 14 kt white gold. The earrings weigh 2.1 grams of gold. Beautiful! I just wish I could photograph them better to show how beautiful they are!
  • Price: $188.00
    Antique 14kt Gold Cufflink Earrings Rectangle Blue Enamel Ooak
    This is an antique 14kt yellow gold cufflink made in the USA 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. Each earring is a rectangle with truncated corners measuring a total of 1 inch long including the ball by .4 of an inch wide1/2 of an inch wide with a gorgeous hammered pattern with a border of blue enamel. The post and butterfly safety fitting are 14 kt yellow gold. The earrings weigh 5.3 grams of gold. Beautiful ond OOAK or one of a kind!
  • Price: $39.00
    Art Nouveau Silver Sash Pin
    Charming Art Nouveau sash pin has a small tube on one side - was there another on the other side? Possibly - there is a little dot of darkened silver. Not a distraction to beauty but considered in price. Measures 2 1/3 x 1 3/4 with C clasp. Antique silver is great in front though shows wear on the back.
  • Price: $95.00
    Super-sized Victorian Locket
    VERY faintly shows Bates and Bacon stamped on the inside, this gorgeous locket 2 1/2 inches by 1 inch and has a beautifully worked front. Heavily good filled. Only signs of wear are a few pin point dents on the back and finger wear on the inside. 24 inch chain is not original but appropriate in style and finish with a spring clasp. But, yes, it is big enough to slide over your head.
  • Price: $79.00
    Antique Art Nouveau Pin W Topaz
    What a stunning pin! Art Nouveau is richly represented here with leaves and vines but the best is the big center stone, topaz faceted glass wrapped into the antique metal. Measure 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 with C clasp.
  • Price: $75.00
    Lovely Antique Victorian Onyx Gold Seed Pearl Brooch Pendant
    Approx. 1 by 3/4 1880s Victorian onyx brooch pin or pendant, clasp is stamped 10K, though it appears to be a 1920s replacement, pin is truly special, well made, gold or gold washed metal, excellent antique condition.
  • Price: $58.00
    Antique Silver Cufflink Earrings Gold Posts Engraved Uk
    This is an antique coin silver cufflink made in England 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. The cufflinks belonged to my grandfather when he emigrated from England to the US in 1904. My mother turned them into earrings in the 1970s. Each earring is a square with rounded corners measuring .5 inches long by .5 inch wide with a machine engraved pattern of straight and wavy lines. The post and butterfly safety fitting are 14 kt white gold.
  • Price: $148.00
    Cufflink Earrings Antique 14kt Gold Engraved Stars 14kt Posts Uk
    This is an antique 14kt solid gold cufflink that was made in England 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. The cufflinks belonged to my grandfather when he emigrated from England to the US in 1904. My mother had them turned into earrings in the 1970s. Each rhodium plated 14kt gold earring is an oval measuring .75 inches long by .5 inch wide with a machine engraved pattern of straight and wavy lines with cross hatch stars. The post and butterfly safety fitting are 14 kt white gold. The earrings way 2.4 grams of gold.
  • Price: $85.00
    Heavy Thick Vintage Gf Starter Charm Bracelet By American
    Approx. 7.5 long and 1/2 wide, stamped AMERICAN 1/20 12K GF, some wear, gentle, lovely, yellow gold filled, circa 1950s or 60s, can be worn alone or add charms to it. A lovely piece! Approx. 19 grams.
  • Price: $78.00
    Hammered Sterling Silver Post Earrings From Antique Cufflink Ooak
    This is a one of a kind or OOAK antique sterling silver cufflink made in the USA 1900-1910s that was turned into a pair of post earrings in the 1970s. Each earring is a rounded and slightly convex diamond shape measuring 1 inches long by .5 inch wide with a hammered center and embossed foliage border. The post and butterfly safety fitting are sterling silver. A lovely pattern.
  • Price: $150.00
    Stunning Antique Victorian Hand Chased Gf Hinged Bangle Bracelet
    From a local estate, ONE family piece, NEVER offered online or for resale before! Interior dimensions: 2.5 by 2.25 , easily fits a medium woman's wrist. Approx. .5 wide. Circa 1880s to early 1900s. Unmarked. Appears to be a heavy gold plating, gold filled bangle on hinge, showing little to no wear. Bracelet is absolutely wonderful, in near pristine, nearly unworn mint condition. Hand chase work engraving, floral leaf design, push button clasp works well, secure and easy to use. Other than one end of the safety chain being detached, bracelet is perfect and ready to wear. Sold as found, lovely piece!
  • Price: $45.00
    Antique Victorian Etched Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle As Is
    Lovely Victorian hinged bangle, hand etched design, permanently closed bangle bracelet (clasp must have broken in the past), approx. 5/8 wide, wonderful patina, needs a smaller female's wrist to slide it upon, sold as is, as found, still lovely, priced accordingly.
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Aesthetic Victorian Sterling Silv Hinged Bangle Bracelet
    From my personal collection, gently worn authentic period piece, circa 1880s or so, late Victorian, aesthetic movement period piece. Wide, English British hallmarks, Birmingham England, anchor and lion stamp marking, nearly 1 INCH wide! Approx. 8 1/4 circumference, medium sized woman's wrist size, good condition, sold as found, UNpolished, lovely old patina, hinge and lock work smoothly and well.
  • Price: $59.00
    Multi-colored Dress Clip -3 Dimensional
    This is a really dignified old sash pin in buckle style with hasp. Gold finish is in excellent condition as are the 3 blue cabochon stones. 2 1/2 by almost 2 inches. Folded corners are Providence - Attleboro style.
  • Price: $65.00
    Antique Coral Cameo Pin Or Sm. Brooch W/brass Mounting
    Antique c.1880s or so carved coral cameo, mounted in a wreath style gilt brass pin/brooch, old style C clasp which is damaged/bent. It doesn't stay closed, but a good jeweler should be able to repair it. Has a bend to the metal. Lovely color, too early for bakelite. 7/8 in. high, 3 /4 in. wide. Perfect for reenactors or collectors! Priced according to condition. Free US shipping with insurance
  • Price: $89.00
    Onyx Goldfilled Intaglio Fob
    Yes, I would rate the fob and all the hardware as excellent antique condition. Can't say the same for the black silk that holds it - that is worn and frayed on the crossbar that hangs below the swivel. The sturdy swivel is marked on the inside as B.F.S.& Co. The fob would make a wonderful pendant if you can't replace the silk.
  • Price: $59.00
    Carnelian Intaglio Square Fob
    Very fine intaglio is carved in carnelian and framed in a gold-washed metal.
  • Price: $69.00
    Sash Pin W Red/gree Art Glass
    Loverly old sash pin measure 3 x 2 1/4 and is set with green and red art glass - maybe strawberries? The finish is a flat gold and is in excellent condition. About 100 years old.
  • Price: $599.00
    Antique Cameo Ring
    Heirloom Antique Cameo Ring, Showing Silhouette of a bust from a lovely Girl,This is 10k Gold Ring and hand caeved natural shell Cameo which comes in two colours, light brown and ivory colour, Ring size is 5 amd cameo measures approximately - close to 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide, In excellent, used condition.
  • Price: $799.00
    Gents Wedding Ring Wide Band White Gold
    Fantastic Wide Men's Wedding Band, Made from 10k White Gold, Size 9 - 10.
  • Price: $169.00
    Sterling Ring Monogram S
    uncommon sterling silver and turquoise ring, It shows S as a monogram, adorned with tiny turquoise stones, as per images, truly different, Size approximately 7.
  • Price: $220.00
    Antique Silver Ring Moss Agate
    Heirloom and truly unique silver and Moss Agate stone Ring, With moss agate amazing stone is that you get the scene created by nature trough hundreds of years, One of the kind, Size 5-6.
  • Price: $175.00
    Antique Victorian Art Deco Etched Heart Tassel Dangle Necklace
    This is my VERY FIRST art piece that I designed and constructed from found objects and various jewelry items from my personal collection. The chain is art deco style link and while unmarked, may be sterling silver. The chain has a simple hook clasp and is a total of about 30 inches long. The center focal point is a Victorian revival style hand etched heart from a 1930s-40s bracelet. Lovely floral design in yellow and a little pink gold filled metal with the initial P inside the pink heart. Attached to the silver neck chain is a yellow gold filled rope and mesh watch chain circa 1880s tassel style. It is simply attached by hooks and can be worn as it is designed, moved to other links, or even removed altogether. The watch chain is a fully functioning piece aside of this piece. Dangling at the bottom are 2 lovely little brass or gold filled hearts, each heart charm with 3D shapes and varying sizes. Next to the little miniature hearts is a part of a very cool chain link from another watch chain with a tiny watch fob that looks to have originally housed a longer brush There is still a bit of the brush left in the fob...and, if I am wrong, the fob may have been exactly like it is now from when it was new. Lovely condition, ready to wear. The top heart, by the way, can be adjusted to create a larger neck opening. Hope you like my first...hopefully of many...jewelry re-creations!
  • Price: $35.00
    Antique Victorian Edwardian Ladies' Gold Filled Elgin Wristwatch
    Over 1 1/8 diameter, Wadsworth case, gold filled, rose or pink gold cast to the gold, early 1900s, antique wonderful band, sold as found. NO winder, NON working, cool old movement, one of the sides of the watch case is broken, which is why the band is not entirely attached. The band itself is quite nice and in very good condition with hand etched chased designs on the end. Priced to SELL as found, AS IS!! CLEARANCE.
  • Price: $40.00
    Rare Mid Victorian Antique Jet Mourning Brooch Pin As Is
    From my own collection, clearance price, sold as found, wonderful antique period piece from the mid 1800s, authentic, original, appears to be TRUE jet. Lightweight and shiny black mourning brooch, original, worn on a diagonal, approx. 1.75 by 1.75 , brass original C clasp backing, little round faceted jet glass pieces on top, glued, 2 pcs appear to be replaced, 1 loose piece may be the original embellishment. I'd price this for $150+ if perfect. Priced as found, as is, final sale, would be easy to give this piece a little TLC to restore it.
  • Price: $165.00
    Victorian Gold Filled F&p Victorian Buckle Bangle Bracelet
    Hand chased bangle bracelet, stamped F wide and nearly 2 1/4 diameter, 7 circumference, adjustable size, opens and works like a belt, 3 settings to fit the smallest of wrists. Lightweight...a wonderful piece at a fraction of the price of solid gold with just as much appeal! FREE insured first class domestic shipping!
  • Price: $2495.00
    European Cut Diamond Solitare Ring In 14k Crown Setting
    A crown shaped setting marked 14k holds a European cut diamond with no visible inclusions or imperfections measuring 5.85mm diameter X 4.2mm depth estimated conservatively at .80 carat. A perfect engagement gift for the girl who wants a ring that does not look just like all the others in the jewelry store. A real antique one of a kind. note; easily sized up or down to fit
  • Price: $75.00
    Brooch Pin Victorian Citrine Colored Stone C Clasp
    lovely Old Victorian Brooch Unmarked though the back looks like Silver and the front is a kind of Gold Plate. The Stone is Faceted and is most probably glass. It is 1 1/8 inches wide and there is a C Clasp on the back. There are no dents and the stone though slightly scratched is in good condition.
  • Price: $499.00
    Gold Wedding Band Ring 14k
    Antique 14k gold wedding band / ring, Size 7, In excellent for age condition.
  • Price: $799.00
    Wedding Band Wide Antique 14k
    Antique 14k gold wide Wedding band, Made by Birks Goldsmiths, Size large and approximately 1/4 inch wide, In excellent condition.
  • Price: $999.00
    Gold 18k Ring Large
    Antique 18k gold ring, Size large, My ring sizer goes to size 9 and then large but this ring is much larger, In excellent for age condition, please see images.
  • Price: $199.00
    Gold Topaz Ring 9c
    Antique 9c gold topaz ring, Size 6, In excellent for age condition.
  • Price: $365.00
    Gold Ring Garnet Stone 18k
    Antique 18 k gold ring showing one garnet, Size 7, In excellent for age condition.
  • Price: $104.00
    Gold, Garnet And Pearl Small Brooch.
    Little early 20th century pin brooch, with a flower design on bar. Almandine garnet and tiny seed pearl in 9ct gold. Brooch measures 12 mm by 32 mm wide (just under 1/2 inch high by 1.1/4 inches wide). Rear pin has a slight bend, otherwise excellent condition. Stamped 9ct to the underneath of the pin holder. Lovely little collar brooch.
  • Price: $899.00
    Mens Gold Ring Tiger Eye Stone And Gold
    Large men's Ring, Made from 10 karat gold and large tiger eye stone,In excellent condition, as per images, Size 11 to 12.
  • Price: $965.00
    Gold Wedding Band 18 Karat
    This is quality 18 karat gold wide wedding band, Size Large, Measuring over 1/4 inches wide,
  • Price: $299.00
    Gold Signet Ring An And Cn
    Antique 10karat gold Signet Ring, Showing 4 initials AN and CN, Small size 4 - In very fine for age condition, as per images.
  • Price: $399.00
    Gold Signet Ring M And D
    Antique 10karat gold Signet Ring, Showing 2 initials M and D, Small size 4 - In very fine for age condition, as per images.
  • Price: $690.00
    Victorian Ring 15k Gold Diamond And Pearls
    Heirloom Victorian Gold Ring, Chester hallmarks show 15carat gold, Showing horse shoe studded with pearls and a diamond in the centre, Size is between 5 and 6, In excellent condition.
  • Price: $399.00
    Gold Ring Garnet
    Fantastic antique ring, showing beautiful detail in white gold and lovely colour and 1/4 inch size Garnet Stone, Ring is size 8
  • Price: $549.00
    Gold Cameo Ring 14k Great Detail
    Beautiful vintage cameo ring, Made from shell and 14k gold, Size 7-8 ( lose 7 and tight 8), Cameo measuries approximately 1 inch long, In excellent, mint condition, ready to wear.
  • Price: $258.00
    Antique Circle Pin 10kt Gold Baroque Pearls Aquamarines
    This is a lovely antique late Victorian or Edwardian circle brooch or pin of delicate 10kt gold with 8 genuine baroque seed pearls and 8 graduated round faceted genuine aquamarines each from 3 to 5 points. The double circle pin measures 1 inch in diameter, has mille grained edge, an unusual lever locking closure device that is marked 10kt and in excellent condition. A delicate and elegant period design made 1890-1910.
  • Price: $99.00
    Deco Nouveau Edwardian Era Carved Mother Of Pearl Hatpin
    Simply delightful, estate piece, original owner, carved mother of pearl top is about 2 long by 1.25 wide and total hat pin is 7 1/4 long. Circa early 1900s to about 1920s, mint condition, all original, truly rare and superb!
  • Price: $35.00
    Antique Art Nouveau Belt Sash Buckle
    From my personal collection, bought it about 25 yrs ago from a W. Virginian estate, gold tone, brass w/ a gold wash it appears, shiny, sash buckle, art nouveau style floral design, includes the slide to sew onto a belt or sash, very nice, could be repurposed, approx. 3 1/8 by 2 1/8 , mint condition.
  • Price: $65.00
    Rhinestone Hair Comb Celluloid Antique Victorian
    Antique Victorian Rhinestone Hair Comb Civil War Era. Gorgeous. The color of the Rhinestones is the most striking part of the comb. It is very large and is somewhat in the shape of a bow. There are 3 stones missing which may be replaced or leave as is for the character of the piece. The bottom edges of the comb show some wear and are not uniform in length. Photos do not do it justice. It really sparkles.
  • Price: $795.00
    Mini Perfume Fob 14k Enameled Watch Chatelaine
    canteen shaped perfume with hinged lid with blue & white enamel on both sides and in fine condition suspended from it's original chain with bar and marked 14k watch clip, all original, circa 1890
  • Price: $299.00
    Fantastic Sterling Ring
    Made from sterling silver and rainbow colour abaloni shell, Great detail, Size between 5-6, Measuring 1 1/2 inches long x 3/4 inches wide.
  • Price: $399.00
    Sterling Onyx Ring
    this is handsome mens, heavy, large ring, Size large, much larger than 9
  • Price: $599.00
    Masonic Ring 10k Gold
    made from 10k gold and black onyx, Size large (larger than 9)
  • Price: $349.00
    Gold Masonic Ring
    Made from 10k gold and black onyx, Size large (larger than 9)
  • Price: $1200.00
    18k Wide Wedding Band
    Heirloom Antique Wedding Band, made from 18k gold, and approximately 1/4 inch wide, Size 5.
  • Price: $999.00
    Mens Gold Ring Amethyst Diamonds 10k Gold
    Beautiful 10k Gold Mens Ring,Showing beautiful amethyst stone and two small diamonds on each side of the Amethyst stone, Art Deco design, with excellent detail, Size larger than size 9 ( my ring sizer goes only to size 9)
  • Price: $699.00
    Gold Ring Band 10k White Gold
    Beautiful 10k White Gold Band - Ring, Measuring approximately 1/4 inch wide, Size larger than size 9 ( my ring sizer goes only to size 9)
  • Price: $399.00
    10k Gold Ring Emerald Green Colour Stone
    Pretty 10k gold ring, Lovely design showing emerald green colour semi precious stone, Size 7.
  • Price: $395.00
    Antique Gold Ring Blue Sapphire Color
    Pretty 10k gold ring, Lovely design showing Blue Sapphire Colour Semi Precious Stone, Size 7.
  • Price: $499.00
    Mens Signet Ring W
    Fabulous Antique Mens Signet Ring, showing initial W or it could be M,As for the size my ring sizer goes up to 9 this is much larger than 9, at least 2-3 sizes larger.
  • Price: $199.00
    Sterling Marcasite Ring
    Stunning Antique Marcasite Ring, Wonderful flower like Design, Size between 5 - 6, Top of the ring measures approximately, over 1/2 x 1/4.
  • Price: $299.99
    Marcasite Sterling Ring Band
    Vintage Marcasite wide Ring or Band, in excellent for age, used condition, I only discovered with my magnyfing glass that there are about 3 tiny stones missing, Size between 7 - 8.
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