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  • Price: $1350.00
    Diamond Ring
    This gorgeous 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of forty (40) round brilliant diamonds weighing approx. 1 1/4cts.
  • Price: $2000.00
    Diamond Ring
    This elegant 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of twenty (20) princess cut diamonds weighing approx. 1.80cts.
  • Price: $1550.00
    Diamond Ring
    This magnificent 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of twenty four (24) full cut round brilliant diamonds weighing approx. 1.08cts.
  • Price: $2700.00
    Diamond Ring
    This gorgeous 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of thirty three (33) baguette shaped diamonds weighing approx. 2 1/2cts.
  • Price: $1350.00
    Diamond Ring
    This elegant 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of seven (7) full cut round brilliant diamonds weighing approx. 1.3cts.
  • Price: $1550.00
    Diamond And Ruby Ring
    This beautiful 18kt yellow gold diamond and genuine ruby ring consists of nine (9) full cut round brilliant diamonds with an approx. weight of 1ct accompanied by nine (9) rubies weighing approx. 1 1/4cts.
  • Price: $1500.00
    Platinum Ruby Ring
    This magnificent platinum genuine ruby eternity band consists of square shaped rubies having excellent color and quality. ELEGANT LOOK!!!!
  • Price: $1550.00
    Diamond Ring
    This lovely 14kt yellow gold diamond ring consists of twenty two (22) full cut round brilliant diamonds with an approx. diamond weight of 1 1/2 cts.
  • Price: $195.00
    Amethyst And Green Peridot Ring
    This elegant 14kt yellow gold and silver ring consists of one (1) green peridot and two (2) amethysts.
  • Price: $1100.00
    Black Star Sapphire Diamond Ring
    This magnificent 14kt white gold black star sapphire diamond ring is centered upon a genuine black star sapphire weighing approx. 8cts surrounded by seventeen (17) round brilliant diamonds.
  • Price: $1800.00
    Blue And Green Enamel Ring
    This gorgeous 18kt yellow gold ring consists of blue and green enamel throughout.
  • Price: $4000.00
    Diamond Tourmaline Ring
    This magnificent 14kt white gold diamond tourmaline ring centers upon a rectangular shaped genuine tourmaline weighing approx. 4cts and is surrounded by thirty-two (32) round brilliant diamonds weighing approx. 2 3/4cts.
  • Price: $3100.00
    Diamond Ruby Ring
    This lovely 18kt white gold diamond and ruby ring centers upon one genuine oval ruby weighing approx. 1 1/2cts accented by forty-two (42) full cut diamonds weighing approx. 3/4cts and twenty (20) genuine rubies weighing approx. 2cts. This magnificent ring has a total ruby weight of approximately 3 1/2cts.
  • Price: $820.00
    Diamond And Amethyst Ring
    This gorgeous 14kt yellow gold ring consists of a genuine amethyst surrounded by thirty eight (38) full cut diamonds weighing approximately 1 carat.
  • Price: $800.00
    Blue Enamel Diamond Pyramid Ring
    This beautiful 14kt yellow gold pyramid ring consists of five (5) round brilliant diamonds elegantly detailed with blue enamel.
  • Price: $1100.00
    Genuine Coral And Onyx Ring
    This gorgeous 14kt yellow gold ring consists of a genuine black onyx stone with red fire coral having a beautifully detailed carving.
  • Price: $72.00
    Silver And Butterfly Wing Collar Brooch.
    Tiny sterling silver collar brooch, dating from the early 20th century. Stamped Made in England. Sterling Silver to the rear. The picture is butterfly wings, blue, with painted picture of trees. Brooch measures 19 mm by 14 mm (3/4 inch by 9/16 inch). Excellent condition.
  • Price: $150.00
    Pearl And Gold Drop Earrings
    These sweet cultured pearl earrings contain four (4) 5mm size pearls. The earrings were designed as pearl studs with a hanging tear drop shaped 14kt yellow gold basket. Inside the basket is a floating pearl.
  • Price: $850.00
    Teardrop Mabe Gold Earrings
    This beautiful large pair of earrings have two well matched tear drop shape mabe pearls. The pearls were framed in 14kt yellow gold and have comfortable omega back closures.
  • Price: $900.00
    Pearl And Diamond Earrings
    This beautiful Pearl and Diamond post back Earrings were made of 1/4 ounce of 14kt yellow gold. They contain twenty eight (28) full cut round diamonds totalling .30/100cts and have six fine cultured pearls. The earrings have a great look,are classic in style and can be worn for day or evening wear.
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Diamond Ring
    This sweet little diamond ring was made of 14kt yellow and white gold. It is circa 1930's and has a cutout style yellow gold mounting with a European cut diamond set in a white gold beadwork setting.
  • Price: $1100.00
    Teardrop Link Gold And Diamond Bracelet
    This bracelet was made of 14kt yellow gold in a link with a teardrop design. In the center are two diamond links that contain sixteen (16) full cut diamonds totalling.40/100cts and the bracelet has approximately 1/2 ounce of gold. There is a necklace to match this bracelet in the diamond necklace category and it may be viewed under item number 5109WH1292. Each item is purchased separately.
  • Price: $2600.00
    Gold And Diamond Tear Drop Necklace
    This gold and diamond necklace was made of 14kt yellow gold and has an all around tear drop link design. In the front of the necklace are five alternating diamond teardrop shape links that contain thirty-nine (39) full cut brilliants totalling 1.25cts. The necklace weighs approximately one ounce of 14kt gold. There is a matching bracelet which can be purchased separately and viewed in the bracelet category under item number 5110WH301.
  • Price: $85.00
    Wishbone Pin With Sapphire
    This sweet little wishbone lapel pin was made of 14kt yellow gold and contains a genuine faceted sapphire.
  • Price: $874.99
    Tiffany 18k Gold Bar Bracelet 11.6 Grams
    Tiffany 18K Gold Bar Bracelet. It is 11.6 grams. The solid 18K Gold bars are mounted on and dispersed throughout a heavy sterling silver curb link bracelet. The condition is pre-owned but very good. It needs to be polished up to restore the original luster.
  • Price: $119.99
    David Andersen Sterling Red Guilloche Leaf Pin
    Superb David Andersen of Norway Vermeil Sterling Guilloche Leaf Brooch. Check out the fine detailing with the leaf structure. It measures 2 5/8 long and 5/8 wide. The condition is excellent for age. The backside has a bit of patina.
  • Price: $249.99
    Large Napier Sterling Cross On Chain Rare Ornate Antique
    Large Old Ornate Napier Sterling Cross on Chain. This piece is as amazing as it is rare. The cross pendant measures 2 3/4 x 2 . The silver link chain is 18 . The drop length from the clasp to the end of the pendent is 11 1/2. The weight is 30 grams. It is marked on the hook clasp. The condition is very good to excellent. It is quite dark with old patina that can be polished off if you so desire.
  • Price: $429.99
    Sterling Silver Native American Signed Sandford Cuff Bracelet
    44 grams of sterling in this very old South Western Hand Crafted cuff bracelet. The face of it has an ornate raised leaf design on the top with a ball in the center. Then on each side each there is a Kachina like figure with an arrow. On each side of the middle section it is decorated with a crescent moon and stars. Very good craftsmanship and wonderful detailing went in to making this bracelet. It is marked Sanford without any other markings. Is common for these old South Western Handcrafted piece to not be marked sterling. However it does test as sterling. The bracelet measures 1 5/8 inches wide at the center part and narrows to 3/4 in. wide at the sides. It is 5 3/4 inches around the interior with an opening of 1 1/4 inches. The bracelet has a wonderful dark patina to the silver adding much character to it.
  • Price: $36.99
    Silver Cuff Link Marked Alp Italy Cufflinks
    Interesting Italian made cuff links. The are sign ALP Italy in an oval on the back. the measure 18mm squared. They are not sterling silver but test as 75% silver. They are quite attractive and well made. The condition is good.
  • Price: $1150.00
    Retro Green And Pink Gold Pin With Sapphires
    This all original retro pin is circa 1940's. It was made of approximately 1/2 ounce of green and pink 14kt gold and contains nine(9)faceted sapphires.
  • Price: $2400.00
    Circular Gold Ruby Flower Pin With Diamonds
    This dynamite looking 18kt yellow gold flower pin was beautifully made. It has approximately 3/4 ounces of gold designed as a flower in three rows of scallop shaped petals. The petals have been set with approcximately 5cts of rubies accented with four diamonds.
  • Price: $500.00
    Gold Cigarette Holder
    This vintage cigarette holder is 14kt yellow gold and has a genuine jade mouthpiece.
  • Price: $499.99
    14k Gold Turkish Bzyantine Ring
    Solid 14K GOLD Turkish Bzyantine Ring w/accent diamonds. The Weight is 3.4 grams. It is a size 10. The condition is excellent.
  • Price: $155.99
    Taxco Mexico Huge Onyx Cab & Leaf Post Back Earring.
    Gorgeous in length. The condition is perfect.
  • Price: $46.99
    Cameo Sterling Cuff Bracelet, Original Tags
    Hand-carved shell cameo is bezel-set into an open-loop setting and mounted on a double band of sterling silver. Original tags read, Hand Carved Cameo, Beau Sterling Silver on one, other reads Sterling by Beaucraft, 6070, $17.00. Sterling Cameo Bracelet is NOS and unpolished with a nicely carved shell cameo. Size: 2 1/2 opening, 1 3/8 inches deep, cameo is 7/8 x 1 1/8, 24 grams
  • Price: $569.99
    18k Gold & Smokey Quartz Earrings - Very Large
    Huge Princess cut smokey quartz gemstones set in an 18K gold earring setting. The stones measures 5/8 x 1/2 . The condition is excellent. They are vintage screw backs.
  • Price: $300.00
    Big 14k Gold & Nephrite Jade Ring
    Lovely large nephrite jade cabochon set in a solid 14K yellow gold setting. The size is 7 1/2. The stone is 7/8 x 1/2 . The setting sticks up 1/4 above the shank. The condition is good. There are a few microscopic scratches to the ring shank and a few on the stone but these are minor and not noticeable. It is a stunning and showy ring.
  • Price: $200.00
    Mod Danish Sterling Ring Ring Brdr. Bjerring
    Sterling Moonstone Ring Handmade in Denmark by Modernist Brdr. Bjerring Denmark. The ring size is 5 3/4. The stone is 1/2 in diameter. The condition is excellent.
  • Price: $110.00
    Huge Cognac Amber & Vermiel Sterling Ring
    Huge Cognac Amber x 3/4 . There appears to be some organic plant matter trapped in the amber. The condition is good. I picked up at an old estate many years ago. I meant to have have the shank re-sized to fit me but never did. It is a big showy piece.
  • Price: $395.00
    Pendant Gold Bezel Lava Cameo Antique
    Antique Lava Cameo Pendant with A Gold bezel.....the bezel has not been tested, but it looks like Old Gold...it has that mellow look to it. The3 back side of the pendant rim edge is NOT Gold. The Cameo has a lightish green tinge. The Cameo has NO chips and is beautiful and in good condition.
  • Price: $89.99
    Jadite Cabochon Sterling Silver Marcasite Earrings
    Lovely large Jadeite Cabochons set in Marcasite Sterling Silver Post Earrings, The stones are in excellent condition. The silver has a bit of dark patina. I don't know the age but they appear to older. In any event they are beautiful. They are actually more green than how they look in these pictures.
  • Price: $181.99
    Hand Carved Shell Cameo Of The Bust Of 3 Women Brooch Pendant
    Hand Carved Shell Cameo of the bust of 3 Women Brooch Pendant. The woman have beautifully detailed faces, draping garments wearing crowns. There is carved border detail on the left side. It is set in a gold or gold filled bezel that is unmarked. It measures 1.5 x 1 . The shell carving is excellent. The bezel and bail are tarnished.
  • Price: $154.69
    Large Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Heart Pin
    Tiffany x 1-1/4 . Other than a bit of patina the condition is excellent.
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Natural Pearl Stick Pin
    This antique stick pin has a natural pearl and was made of 14kt yellow gold.
  • Price: $249.99
    Carved Angel Skin Coral & Sterling Ring Victorian Setting
    Carved Angel Skin Coral Ring Set in Ornate Victorian Sterling Setting. The ring size is a 7.25. The coral piece sticks 5/8 up high from the pronged cut work sterling setting. The top of the ring is 1 x 7/8 . The condition is very good. The coral is flawless. The silver is heavy with dark patina that will polish up well. I prefer to leave my sterling dark as a way to display the age. However if you wish to have it polished up I can do that for you upon purchase.
  • Price: $167.99
    Modernist Otto Robert Bade Sterling Taurus Astrological Pendant Signed
    Sterling Taurus Astrological Pendant Brooch Signed ORB who is the popular mid century Modernist metal worker Designer Otto Robert Bade. This is a wonderful and quite substantial pendant that weighs 22 grams. The solid 1 3/4 round pendant is large with exquisite detail. It comes on a 25 sterling chain. The condition is excellent.
  • Price: $169.99
    Carnelian & Sterling Silver Lori Bonn Chandelier Dangle Earrings
    Outstanding Gemstone Carnelian . The condition is excellent. These are one of her earlier designs.
  • Price: $1250.00
    Lagos 18k Gold Diamond Sterling Silver Bracelet
    18K Gold Sterling Silver and Diamonds LAGOS marked 18K and 925 and D. 7 3/4 inches long and has a large Round push back clasp weighs 26 grams.
  • Price: $600.00
    Retro Pink And Green Bar Pin
    This 1940's bar pin has a geometric design and was made with over 1/4 ounce of pink and green 14kt gold.
  • Price: $950.00
    Pink And Green Gold Lapel Watch Pin
    This elegant 14kt pink & green gold lapel watch pin is an original from the 1940's. The pin and watch were made of approximately 1/2 ounce of pink and green gold. The pin has a geometric design upon which hangs a functional mechanical watch with a pink dial and Roman numeral digits.
  • Price: $1500.00
    Gold Open Link Bracelet
    This very fashionable ladies bracelet was designed in an open link.It was made of 14kt yellow gold and contains more than one ounce in gold weight.
  • Price: $289.99
    14k Gold Rhodochrosite, Ivory & Jasper Beaded Necklace Native American
    Amazing 14K Gold Rhodochrosite, Ivory long. The clasp and the gold beads are 14K gold. The other beads are genuine ivory, rhodochrosite and jasper. The condition is excellent.
  • Price: $349.99
    14k Gold Beads & Baroque Pearl Demi Parure Braclet & Ne
    Lovely Baroque Pearls long. The bracelet is 8 . The necklace has an interesting clasp but bracelet has a different clasp. The condition is very good. Some of the gold beads have dents.
  • Price: $1169.99
    Chrysoprase 14k Gold Ring 3.9 Grams
    Stunning 14k yellow gold ring with a large oval chrysoprase cabochon. The ring size is 5.5. The 15mm x 10mm stone is set in a raised setting to really show it off surrounded by a ruffled gold bezel. I am not sure if I should call it flower pedals or star burst rays. The stone is a wonderful shade of minty green apple with a tad bit of white marbling.
  • Price: $129.00
    Old Chinese 900 Silver Flower Ring
    Amazing Prominent Flower Head Ring. It has some Chinese characters on the back long x 11/16 wide and it sticks up 3/8 from the shank. The ring shank is wrapped around it's self and not soldered shut so it is slightly adjustable. The condition is good for age. I polished it up some but not completely as to not eliminate the antique look. Then on the back there is a color change where I had tested for metal for silver content. That should even out with time.
  • Price: $555.00
    Ring 18k Gold Sterling Silver Cabochon Citrine
    18K and Sterling Silver Twist Ring with Cabochon peridots. The Ring is a Size 7 and the twist is on the ring Top with the 2 Cabochon Citrine's in a crossover Design. there is a Clover leaf mark inside the Ring Band that I do not recognise, and 18K and 925.
  • Price: $1750.00
    Diamond Ribbon Bow Pin
    This splendid diamond bow pin was made of more than 1/2 ounce of 18kt yellow gold. The gold bows have a beautiful, textured three dimensional design and were set with seven (7) gorgeous round brilliants in the center. All the stones have excellent color and fine VS clarity. This well made pin is a class piece of jewelry and is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Total diamond weight .55/100cts.
  • Price: $2897.70
    Platinum & 18k Gold Ring Wedding Band Size 11
    18k Gold The band is between 4-5 mm wide and the thickness is 1 to 1.5 mm The band is 18K Gold with thick bars of platinum inlaid with stylish diagonal grooves. The size is an 11-. It is marked both 18k and platinum. Positive acid test and the weight is 6 grams. There are a few scratches on the surface but those can be buffed out otherwise the condition is excellent. These rings retails for around $2000 in a store. Please check out the rest of my fabulously wonderful & wide variety of estate treasures . You will find my selection not only interesting & fun to browse through but very affordable too.
  • Price: $1889.00
    18ct Gold, Tortoiseshell And Diamond Locket.
    Beautiful 18ct gold shaped edge locket (18 grams ), with inset tortoiseshell oval to the front set with ten tiny diamonds. Inside is lined with red fine baize, and there is a photo panel with glass to the right hand side. Locket measures 44 mm by 33 mm and is very slim at 4 mm thick (1.3/4 inches by 1.1/4 inches and just over 1/8 inch). It is hallmarked 750 (for 18ct gold) on the rear of the bale, and has a maker's mark which looks like a V in a diamond, in an oval stamp. The owner of this locket tells me that it is by a very good maker, but I can't trace the mark. This is a very beautiful and unusual locket.
  • Price: $129.50
    Vintage 14k Gold Leo Lion Astrological Pendant
    14 karat yellow gold vintage Leo lion Astrological pendant in a rounded off rectangular shape measuring 1/2 inches wide by 3/4 inches long, in excellent like new condition and marked 14k on the bale, and with astrological information on the back and weighing 1.3 grams. It a beautiful and unusual piece! $6.50 Priority Mail shipping and insurance charge for this item in the U.S. Great gift for that special person!
  • Price: $199.50
    Vintage 14k Gold Leo Lion Astrological Pendant
    14 karat yellow gold vintage Leo lion Astrological pendant in a three dimensional shape with 'Leo' under the body of the lion and measuring 7/8 inches wide by 3/4 inches long, in excellent like new condition and marked 14k on the back and weighing 2.0 grams. It a beautiful and unusual piece! $6.50 Priority Mail shipping and insurance charge for this item in the U.S. Great gift for that special person!
  • Price: $1100.00
    Pink Sapphire And Gold Earings
    These rectangular shape genuine pink sapphire earrings were made of over 1/2 ounce of 18kt white and yellow gold. Each earrings was designed with white gold on one half in which twenty one (21) round faceted pink sapphires approximately 1.60cts. were set. The other half is solid textured yellow gold. These earrings look great on and have comfortable omega back closures.
  • Price: $1750.00
    Gold, Diamond Onyx Cufflinks
    These fine quality cufflinks were made of more than 1/2 ounce of 18kt yellow gold. They were beautifully designed with rectangular genuine onyx stones and a total of twelve (12) gorgeous white full cut brilliants. The diamonds have excellent quality with an approximate grade of F-G color,VS clarity and a diamond weight of .65/100cts. These cufflinks have airplane backs and make a classy addition to any wardrobe.
  • Price: $45.00
    Filigree Silver Brooch With Dragon Breath And Marcasite
    The Boma Company's designs evolved into a sleek modern classic style, and they no longer manufacture pins or brooches. This brooch is one of the early designs taken from the Victorian era. It was hard to photograph to show its true beauty. The flared set Marcasite on each corner have a lot of shine in person. Also the foiled back dragon breath glass cabochon has a navy back drop, not black as the photos show. It's really a gorgeous piece. Measures 1-1/8 by 1 inch, and marked Boma 925. Circa 1960s. Estimated book value $125. Condition: Good; There is one flaw of a small chip on the side of the domed glass top. It is hard to notice (by the large spot of burnt orange) even when looking for it, and is not sharp.
  • Price: $4800.00
    Marquis Platinum Diamond Eternity Band
    This spectacular eternity band is all platinum and has a total diamond weight of 3.50cts. The ring was designed with eleven (11) marquise, ten (10) baguette and six (6) round glittering diamonds. These brilliant stones have fine quality with approximately H-I color with VS clarity. Gorgeous!
  • Price: $1850.00
    Gold ,sapphire And Diamond Buckle Ring
    This beautiful sapphire and diamond ring was made of 18kt yellow gold. The ring was designed as a buckle of scrolling gold having rows containing one hundred six (106) full cut round diamonds with great color and clarity and thirty (30) square cut sapphires. The pattern meets in the center with four (4) cabochon sapphires. The ring totals 1/2 ounce of gold, 1.50cts of diamonds and approximately 1.50cts in sapphires.
  • Price: $1500.00
    Coral And Enamel Flower Pin
    This very pretty flower pin was made of approximately 1/2 ounce of 14kt yellow gold. The flower petals and stem were made of green and cobalt blue enamel and the center of the flower was set with red coral beads. Beautifully designed!
  • Price: $35.00
    Superb Large Amethyst Gemstone Bauble Bracelet
    Approx. 8 , strung on strong elastic cord, approx. 12 cut and polished round gumball sized (about 1/2 diameter) genuine amethyst ball shaped beads, each separated with interesting little purple glass or gemstone spacers. Very cool, different, estate find, mint condition, would fit most sized wrists.
  • Price: $350.00
    Nephrite Jade And Gold Band
    This Jade band was made of green Nephrite. The Jade was set between two walls of beautifully detailed 14kt yellow gold with a textured Bamboo design.
  • Price: $550.00
    Rectangular Citrine Ring
    This Citrine ring is circa late 1940's-1950's. The rectangular Citrine stone was set in a beautifully detailed 14kt yellow gold mounting that has scroll work and side engraving. The stone has a big look and weighs almost 1/2 ounce of gold.
  • Price: $750.00
    Ring 14k Gold Sterling Silver Blue Topaz
    14K Gold Bezel Around a Clear blue Triangular shaped 10ct Topaz. the Ring is a size 7 and the Topaz is claw set. The silver is in the John Hardy Design, and the ring was made in thailand.
  • Price: $199.04
    10k Y.g. Double Row Diamond Band Ring - Size 8
    What lady wouldn't be proud to wear this lovely double row Diamond band ring? It could easily be worn as a wedding band. It has a double row of nicely matched bright white Diamonds (14 Diamonds for a TCW of approximately .75 points or 3/4 caret). A Great Gift Idea! FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $169.23
    10k W.g. Pink Topaz Ring - Size 6.5
    You'll really be in the pink with this stunning 10K white gold pink topaz ring. It has a heart shaped Pink Topaz with (1) Diamond accent and (4) channel set Princess Cut Topaz stones. It is size 6.5 but could easily be resized if needed. It weighs 2.2 grams of solid 10K Gold and Gemstones. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $60.00
    Mother Of Pearl Pendant With Silver.
    New sterling silver pendant with a diamond-shaped area of mother of pearl shell. Pendant measures 55 mm by 29 mm (2.1/4 inches by 1.1/8 inch). Shown here with our flat-link silver chain. Price is for pendant only, but if you should also wish to buy the chain, just add a note in the comments section of your order, and we will adjust your invoice for you. (Chain is our item 7568, sterling silver, 460 mm long (18 inches) and 1.5 mm diameter (1/16 inch). It costs US$27.00).
  • Price: $2400.00
    Diamond Flower Ring
    This diamond flower ring was made of 14kt white gold and contains over 2 carats of beautiful white diamonds. The ring was designed as three flowers made of gorgeous quality marquise and round shape diamonds. The ring has a fabulous look. The stones are brilliant and cover the entire finger in a beautiful spray of light.
  • Price: $1450.00
    Gold Omega Seamaster Wristwatch
    This distinguished gentleman's Omega Seamaster De Ville wristwatch was made of 14kt yellow gold. It has a day and date dial with bar numeral indicators and a sweep second hand. The watch is in excellent condition and is in perfect running order. Great item for a collector!
  • Price: $333.33
    14k W.g Freeform Diamond Ring - Rounds & Baguettes
    Offering an exquisite 14K white gold freeform diamond ring for your pleasure. This beautiful ring has (17) round prong set Diamonds on the bridge. There are (24) channel set baguette Diamonds for really elegant styling. It is size 6.75 but could easily be resized, if needed. Weighs a whopping 4.3 grams of solid 14K Gold and Diamonds. This awesome ring is for the lady who prefers something out of the ordinary. What a great gift idea! FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $650.00
    Antique Cameo
    This antique cameo has an unusual shape and was hand carved from shell. The carving has a lady adorned in Roman style dress with flowers on her shoulders and in her hair. The mounting is 14kt gold and has intricate cutout filigree work. It was all handcrafted and displaying beautiful workmanship. Circa 1900.
  • Price: $800.00
    Antique Cameo With Diamond And Emeralds
    This lovely hand carved antique shell cameo has a portrait of a lady wearing a diamond necklace. The cameo was mounted in an elegant white 14kt gold, cutout filigree frame with heart shaped Ferrara Emeralds,that were set on each of the frame's four corners. The diamond is approximately .04/100cts in weight. Circa 1900's
  • Price: $750.00
    Antique Diamond Filigree Shell Cameo
    This antique shell cameo has a beautiful carving of a lady with a white gold and diamond necklace. The frame was made of white 14kt gold and has a hexagon shape with lattice filigree detail. The diamond weighs approximately .04/100cts. Circa early 1900.
  • Price: $600.00
    Antique Filigree Cameo
    This antique cameo has an exquisite hand carving. It was made from shell and mounted in a beautifully filigreed frame made of 14kt yellow gold. There is a foldown bale in the back so the pin may also be worn as a pendant if desired.
  • Price: $129.74
    10k Y.g. Black Onyx Diamond Ring Order Of Eastern Star
    Offering this very attractive 10K yellow gold vintage estate ring for your pleasure. It is black onyx with a Diamond and the Order of Eastern Star emblem. It has a shell pattern design on each side of the shank. It is size 8 but could easily be resized, if needed. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $1054.00
    18ct White Gold And Large Ocean Pearl Ring.
    Genuine cultured ocean pearl - measures 11 mm diameter (7/16 inch) - set into 18ct white gold. Gold weight is 12 grams, so a substantial ring. Ring fitting is English size O+ (USA size 7.1/4). Excellent condition. Late 20th century. Shipping by Air Courier.
  • Price: $22.50
    Tiny Gold Filled Bow Pierced Earrings
    These tiny post style pierced earrings are 14K 1/20th Gold Filled. They measure all of 3/8ths inches wide and are in very good condition. The back of the clutch is marked, PPC, 1/20th 14KT.
  • Price: $66.00
    Silver And Amber Earrings.
    New oval drop earrings, amber set in sterling silver. They have pretty patterned mounts, and measure 3.5 cm drop from the ear (1.1/4 inches).
  • Price: $688.88
    Chunky 14kt Gold & Quartz Crystal Dangle Heart Charm Bracelet
    Large charm bracelet in solid 14kt yellow gold with FACETED quartz crystal and gold heart charms. Gorgeous & heavy piece!
  • Price: $1700.00
    Diamond And Two Tone Gold Bracelet
    This contemporary diamond bracelet was made of both yellow and white 14kt gold. It has a design consisting of yellow gold links that connect to white brushed gold bars. Each white gold bar was set with a round brilliant full cut diamond. There are a total of twelve (12) diamonds with SI clarity and H- I color totalling 1.10cts. in diamond weight.
  • Price: $550.00
    Waltham Open Faced Pocket Watch
    This antique open faced pocket watch was made by the Waltham watch company. It was made of 14kt yellow gold and is approximately 3mm in diameter. The watch has a dial with Aramaic numerals,a sweep second hand a smooth back case with a swirl design.
  • Price: $3500.00
    Diamond Swirl Pin
    This spectacular platinum diamond pin has been designed with (18) round brilliant full cut diamonds and (42) baguette diamonds. The diamonds are all matching in color clarity and excellent quality. There is a total dimaond weight of approx. 2 1/2 carats. This pin has an alternating design of round diamonds and baguette diamonds. This pin can be worn on any suite jacket or blouse... SHEER ELEGANCE!!!!
  • Price: $475.00
    Victorian Double Crescent Moon Garnet Pin C1890
    Victorian double crescent moon garnet pin c1890. This brooch has a rolled gold plated back and is all original. Measures 1.25 inches long by .75 inches wide. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply. *** If you wish to see examples of similar items we have sold and/or appraised please go to our affiliate site www.OneofaKindAntiques.com and click the Archives / Homepage logo ***
  • Price: $2700.00
    Round Diamond And Baguette Engagement Ring
    This beautiful diamond ring contains a round full cut diamond that weighs .65/100cts. The diamond has a transitional cut with an approximate I-J color and VS clarity. It was set in a traditional white 14kt gold mounting with a tapered baguette on either side. Lovely!
  • Price: $1150.00
    Round Diamond Engagement Ring Set
    This gorgeous engagement ring set consists of a beautiful quality full cut round diamond which weighs .30/100cts. It has an approximate I color and VS clarity. The diamond was set in a white 14kt gold mounting which has two diamonds set on either side for a total of four (4) and it sits within a white gold and diamond insert band. The diamond insert band consists of ten (10) additional diamonds which give the ring a very elegant look. Both the ring and band total.55/100cts in diamond weight.
  • Price: $185.00
    Sterling Silver Amethyst Wire Loop Earrings 8 Ct
    Sterling Silver Bezel Set Deep Purple Amethyst Earrings. they are Loop through the ear pierced Earrings. The Amethysts are approx 8cts.
  • Price: $120.00
    Earrings Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil Pierced Italy
    Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil oierced Earrings From italy. The Earrings are large Puffy Hoops. they are 1 1/8 inches and are marked 925 italy on the bar that goes through the ear. (They look like 14k Gold)
  • Price: $65.99
    Big Sodalite Prehnite Jasper Artisan Sterling Silver Pendant
    2.75 LONG ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING. LORE: SODALITE: OPENS SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION , DEEPENS MEDITATION, CALMS THE MIND ALLOWING INFORMATION TO COME THROUGH WITH CLARITY, said to BRINGS ABOUT CALMNESS AND BALANCE EASING PANIC ATTACKS, ENHANCES SELF ESTEEM PREHNITE: a stone of unconditional love. Meditating with this crystal allows you to access the universal energy. It is said to connect one to the archangel Raphael. It seals the auric field with a protective shield, Helps one restore their faith in divine manifestation
  • Price: $700.00
    David Yurman 14k Sterling Silver Wheat Chain 18 Inch
    David Yurman Sterling Silver 14K Gold Wheat chain Large lobster clasp with all the David Yurman marks on the end.
  • Price: $59.99
    Pink Rose Quartz, Onyx, Amethyst .925 Silver Pendant
    2 INCH LONG ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING Teardrop cabochon rose quartz & amethyst stones, rectangular black onyx. PIPE Bail ! LORE: ROSE QUARTZ: inner peace, unconditional love, associated with the heart chakra, self love, deep inner healing, attracts love, placed next to ones bed at night it is said to draw love to you. Touching the stone several times per day can act as a positive affirmation to attract love. Wear on heart or thymus. ONYX: gives one strength and support during times of severe stress, centers and aligns your energy with the higher realms allowing one to access guidance, allows one to see the future and become the master of their destiny, aids in past life work, balances yin & yang, helps one feel at ease. AMETHYST: A high spiritual vibration stone, enhances higher levels of meditation for spiritual awareness, promotes love of the divine and is one of the most spiritual stones, opens intuition & stimulates psychic abilities
  • Price: $89.88
    Big Our Lady Of Guadalupe Sterling Silver Gold Medal Pendant
    ITALIAN EMBOSSED , Artisan Handcrafted.
  • Price: $575.00
    Vintage Cabochon Turquoise 14k Gold Pin C1930
    Vintage oval cabochon turquoise brooch, or pin, mounted in a 14k gold frame. Circa 1930. Measures 1 inch by 1.5 inches. Excellent condition. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply. *** If you wish to see examples of similar items we have sold and/or appraised please go to our affiliate site www.OneofaKindAntiques.com and click the Archives / Homepage logo ***
  • Price: $400.00
    Natural Seed Pearl 14k Gold Starburst Pendant Pin C1900
    Estate jewelry natural seed pearl 14k gold starburst pendant pin c1900. Measures 1.25 inches across Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply. *** If you wish to see examples of similar items we have sold and/or appraised please go to our affiliate site www.OneofaKindAntiques.com and click the Archives / Homepage logo ***

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