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  • Price: $38.50
    Mouli Salad Shredder Vintage
    Cool vintage Mouli salad shredder with 4 blades. This shredder has the black rubber feet and red wood handle. It is fully functional too. 9/11scs
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Red Bakelite Cake Breaker
    11 long, Schneider Toledo, light wear, used to cut the high fluffy cake without smashing it in the process. It tears the slice rather than cuts it.
  • Price: $19.95
    Vintage Sargent & Co Gem Food Chopper 20 Grinder
    Vintage Sargent tall and has patent dates of 1899, 1906 and 1932. It is in excellent used condition. Shipping weight is 5 pounds.
  • Price: $54.99
    Antique Primitive Metal Colander Strainer Sieve Wooden Pestle
    Antique Primitive Metal Colander Strainer Sieve Wooden Pestle. The design for colanders or fruit strainers was originally patented by John H Wilson in 1924 and was called a fruit or vegetable strainer. It became one of the most commonly found pieces in kitchens of the early 1900's and continues to be just as popular today as when it was first introduced. All the parts to this colander are original, it is 8 3/4 inches tall when the strainer is resting on stand, the strainer without the stand is 7 3/4 inches tall and is 7 1/4 inches across the top, comes with the original 10 inch wood pestle. There are three little clamps that the metal strainer snaps into to insure it stays firmly in the base. This set is in excellent condition, no dents to the metal parts, signs of age as to be expected in a piece of this age, unmarked as to who made it. A great addition to your collection and kitchen, perfect for making jelly or fruit and vegetable straining! Please see our listings for additional styles of antique and vintage colanders.
  • Price: $5.50
    Dandee - Vintage Grater
    Marked: Dandee - Dan Dee Inc. Sturgis, Mich. - U.S. A. Size: 9-inches length, 4-inches width Condition: vintage, used Comments: a fine grate, sized curved grater with a hanging hole at the top.
  • Price: $42.99
    Vintage Yellow Metal Litho Apple Flour Sifter Depression Era
    Vintage Yellow Metal Litho Apple Flour Sifter from the Depression Era. This is a wonderful vintage metal tin flour sifter that would make a great display in a retro or apple themed kitchen. The colors are quite lovely with a light yellow background and red apples in the center with small apples scattered about. It has a red wood knob crank that turns the two metal bars inside that enable the sifting of the contents. It is almost 5 3/4 inches tall and 4 3/8 inches round. It is not marked as to who made it, Bromwell made a similar sifter that was from the 1950's. It is in extremely good condition, still works correctly, has some light signs of age and a few tiny scratches, no dents and the colors are intact and bright. Please see our other listings for additional vintage kitchen items.
  • Price: $32.50
    Myers Deluxe Ice Cream Disher/dipper
    Online research tells me this Ice cream dipper was produced in 1936. Marked Myers Deluxe Disher Patent number 1903791. 2041200, Others Pending. It has a 2 1/8 diameter scoop and measures 8.5 in. long. The handled has a brasstone finish. In working order.
  • Price: $5.00
    Cheese Grater - Germany
    Curved grater with a black plastic handle trimmed in red around the hanging hole and marked: Germany on the top of the blade, with a trademark symbol on its handle. Size: 9-inches length, 2-1/4 inches width. Condition: used
  • Price: $5.00
    Set Three Strainers, White Handles
    A set of three strainers in different sizes, all with matching white plastic handles. Sizes are: 4-inch, 3-inch & 2-1/2 inches. Condition: seldom if ever used - no rust on screens.
  • Price: $6.00
    Vintage Metal Pineapple Corer/ Cutter
    Unmarked metal pineapple corer - 7-1/4 inches height, 3-1/4 inches width - has two rows of sharp blades on its base. Condition: used
  • Price: $7.00
    The Wonder Shredder With Pat. No's 1929
    A Wonder shredder with two patent numbers written on its top, both dating to filed Oct. 21, 1929 and granted June 24, 1930 to Albert H. Dixon and Thomas Simpson Robson of Seattle, Wa. and to Ferdinand A. Henschell of Van Cover, British Columbia Canada. The number 1768462 was for the method of making the shredder and the other number; 1768463 was for the actual shredder. Size: 8-5/8 inches length, 4-1/4 inches width Condition: vintage, used; for small grates
  • Price: $10.00
    Red Wood Handle - French Fry Cutter, Dicer
    Marked: Made In Japan Size: 9-1/2 inches length, 3-1/4 inches width, 4-inches height Condition: vintage, used, needs cleaning Comments: A two handed cutter - press down on each side
  • Price: $8.00
    Inox - Brevettato - Made In Italy - Folding Grater, Stand
    Marked: Inox - Made In Italy - Brevettato - Patent Pending - In Europe- USA - Canada - Ecc. Size: 7-1/2 inches length, 3-5/8 inches width, opens to 5 inches when fold up stand is open Condition: used, slight use dents, a few speck of rust that would polish out if desired. Comments: stand folds in and out and the grater also raises and closes for cleaning
  • Price: $25.00
    Small Slaw Slicer
    Wooden coleslaw slicer is in fairly good condition.
  • Price: $15.00
    Vintage Collapsible Aluminum Cup W/lid
    lid has a star on the top, nice condition.
  • Price: $6.00
    Red, Wood Handle Kitchen Strainer
    An unmarked strainer, has a painted red teardrop shaped, wood handle with a white and two black stripes at the end to decorate. Size: 12-3/4 inches length, 5-inches across basket which is 3-inches in depth Condition: vintage, used, some light chipping to red paint on wood handle - still very good for age. Comments: has two arms on end to place over pan or bowl during use, circa 1940's.
  • Price: $65.00
    Antique Ribbed Bowl
    Antique green ribbed bowl. Green glazed yelloware. Age est: 1920's. Likely McCoy or Brush McCoy. It has some old rim chips; they are dark and smooth; probably from cracking eggs on the rim. It is 8.5 wide x 4.75 tall. Displays very nice despite the age/wear. 6/11smc
  • Price: $22.00
    Vintage Red Kitchen Utensil Set
    Offering a nice Vintage Red Kitchen Utensil Three Piece Set. This set is wooden and includes a chopper(complete), pastry blender and egg beater. Great ones for the lady who rules the kitchen. Like red check out our red bakelite silverware.
  • Price: $22.00
    Vintage Turquoise Kitchen Utensil Set
    Offering a nice Vintage Turquoise Kitchen Utensil Three Piece Set. This great wooden set includes a chopper(complete), pastry blender and a cutter. Great ones for the lady who rules the kitchen.
  • Price: $32.00
    Vintage Red And White Kitchen Utensil Set
    Offering a nice Vintage Red and White Kitchen Utensil Six Piece Set. This set is wooden except for the pastry blender. The set includes a parer, fork, masher, flipper, strainer and pastry blender. Great ones for the lady who rules the kitchen. Like red check out our red bakelite silverware.
  • Price: $16.00
    Vintage Baseball Cake Top Decorations
    5 tall batter marked Wilton, 2 tall 3 guys marked Hong Kong, assorted bats, balls and mitts. 12 pieces.
  • Price: $40.00
    Vintage Egg & French Fry Cutters
    Two vintage egg slicers, butter slicer and french fry slicer. The butter and french fry slicers are by Heuck. The cast aluminum egg slicer is marked; Taiwan; the other egg slicer is tin or aluminum and is not marked. The Heuck items are cast aluminum. All are in good usable condition. 6/11svari
  • Price: $9.50
    Fels Naptha Soap - Vintage Grater - Advertising
    Vintage used, metal grater / advertising item / measures 9 inches length and 4- inches width and has written on top: USE Fels-Naptha Soap, and on one side: Made In U.S.A. - Grammes
  • Price: $18.00
    A High Speed Hand Ecko Old Beater
    This old wood handled food beater works. Id n the wheel: HIGH SUPER SPEED CENTER DRIVE BEATER ECKO name logo. Condition: Good and solid, turns easily. Size: Length 12 inches
  • Price: $38.50
    Vintage Orange Crate Label
    Neat vintage Valencia orange crate label. This label is affixed to the end piece of a crate which was in terrible condition so I took it apart and used the other pieces of wood on birdhouses. TAPO Valencias Brand, Santa Susana, CAL, (note the old State abbreviation). It has wear and age, water spots, and dirt, but still a pretty cool primitive! The wood is 11.5 x 11.5. 6/11brcs
  • Price: $15.00
    1950's Sherbert Jello Cups
    These are plastic ivory and red cups from the 1950's. They are about 3 inches across the bottom red part and about 2 inches tall. They would be good for either sherbert or ice cream or jello or nut cups, just about anything. Really retro.
  • Price: $5.00
    Metal Kitchen / Meat Saw
    Size: 11-3/4-inches length, 3-3/4 inches width, blade is 8-3/4 inches Condition: used Comments: all metal kitchen saw with tooth edge serrated blade, unsigned.
  • Price: $5.00
    Star - Corer - Wood Handle
    Marked: Star - Stainless Steel Size: 7-1/8 inches length Condition: good, used Comments: Nice wood handle!
  • Price: $6.00
    Wood Handle - Strainer
    Marked: no Size: 9-1/2 inches length, round mesh basket is 4-1/4 inches across Condition: vintage, average used, most of the red paint is gone from the handle leaving bare wood Comments: It has two arms which hook over the edge of a bowl or pan for use, and a hanging hole on the tip of its handle.
  • Price: $8.50
    Large Wire Strainer
    Large all wire strainer, 14 inches length from tip of handle to end, the basket screen is 7 inches round, in nice vintage, used condition. Has two small 1-inch arms to hold over edge of the kettle or bowl. Not maker marked, and can be easily hanged, for display or storage.
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Kitchen Scoops
    Three vintage kitchen scoops. First is a heavy zinc scoop marked: Progressus Taiwan; next is a heavy cast alum. with bumpy style handle w/no maker's mark; and last is an aluminum USA scoop. Progressus was a German company I believe with factories in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, etc. Cool kitchen collectibles! 5/11s#
  • Price: $50.00
    Antique Butter Press
    Antique wooden butter press. Bottom of press is flat, no mold. Dovetailed corners. 5.75 long x 3.5 deep x 5 tall counting handle. Nice primitive item to display. 5/11st
  • Price: $15.00
    Trivet, Silverplate, Godinger
    A silverplated trivet shaped like a teapot/kettle. Measures 7 x 8 in. Marked and dated. Godinger, 1992. Made in China. In good usable condition but does have some tarnish.
  • Price: $22.00
    Vintage Cake Top Decorations Set Of 7
    Plastic cowboy and Indians, about 2 high without wooden peg, very good.
  • Price: $6.50
    Made In Italy - Garlic Press
    Marked: Made In Italy (inside handle) Size: 6-1/4 inches length Condition: used Comments: metal hand tool, operates using plunger
  • Price: $22.00
    Metal Tongs,
    A useful tong for sugar cubes, olives, small pickles etc. Extra long. Measures 8.5 in. long. Could use a polishing if desired.
  • Price: $22.00
    Tongs, Silverplate
    A useful tong for sugar cubes, olives, small pickles etc. Marked Silverplate. Measures 6.5 in. long. Could use a polishing if desired.
  • Price: $14.95
    Poultry, Roast Holder For Carving
    I believe this gadget is chrome plated. Possible Stainless steel. Measures 9 in. long and is 3.5 in. wide. Handled to enable you to stabilize the roast or poultry for ease in carving. In like new condition. You will find this gadget indispensible.
  • Price: $35.00
    Vintage Cherry Red Bakelite Handled Masher
    Stainless Steel with a shaped bakelite handle, 83/4 long, very good.
  • Price: $33.00
    Vintage Tea Strainers
    Three vintage tea strainers. First is a Nutbrown tea strainer; it is 5.25 long. Next is a Asbro England strainer; it is 5 long. Last is a really odd looking strainer with clip on style handle, no maker's mark. 3/11estcs
  • Price: $38.00
    Vintage Red Wood Handle Whip/beater
    Early 1900s. Simply push down and it whips up eggs, cream even mixed drinks! Very good condition.
  • Price: $10.00
    Vintage Red Painted Handle Strainer
    turned red painted handle, end to end 8 long, light wear.
  • Price: $39.00
    Vintage Cast Aluminum Egg Slicers
    Vintage cast aluminum egg slicers. 3 for one price = only $16/each! These are great for garnishing potato salad! Well made and usable! Age est: 1930's-40's. First is the large round Bloomfield Ind. Inc. Chicago Ill, made in japan. Note the old State abbreviation; must have had a factory in Japan. Next is a Pat. Appl. For Presto; and last is a Westmark Duplex W. German grater.
  • Price: $29.95
    Squirrel Nutcracker, Brass
    A figural, squirrel, nutcracker. Made of Brass. Measures 5.5 in. long and is 1.75 in. tall. In good, usable condition.
  • Price: $30.00
    Arnold Ice Cream Scoop No. 50
    9 inch ice cream scoop that says Arnold Racine, Wis. No. 50 Pat Feb 1, 1927. This scoop works great. No binding of the gears. The handle is in perfect condition with no gouges. This figure in the bowl of the scoop is me! Sorry I could not get a picture without a reflection.
  • Price: $5.00
    Small Aluminum Grater - Spice, Nutmeg, Cheese
    Smaller sized curved grater, aluminum with wire handles on each end, measures 5-1/4 inches length, and 1-7/8 inches width, in good used condition.
  • Price: $5.50
    Fruit/ Vegetable - Cutting /slicing Guide
    A hand held metal utensil to safely hold items for making uniform slices. Insert item to be sliced, lock the lever and slice thru the slots. It keeps hands and fingers safely away from the blade when slicing. Holds about a 3-inch item for slicing and is spring loaded with a locking lever - Great for slicing tomatoes, eggs, onions and more - 7-1/2 inches length, not marked, in nice used condition.
  • Price: $59.00
    Ateco Cake Decorating Book And Tools
    Vintage Ateco cake and cookie decorating tools and book. The book is 6th Edition by August Thomsen the perfect gift for a bakery owner or professional cake decorator! 2/11estcs+
  • Price: $45.00
    Ransbottom Crock W/vintage Gadgets
    Hand painted Ransbottom stoneware crock and kitchen gadgets. The crock is signed Joyce and has the RRP blackstamp on bottom. It is 6.5 tall x 5.75 wide. Next is a cast aluminum German Wilesco Apella grapefruit cutter. Next is a Mouli grater with yellow handle. Next is a vintage kitchen towel; a vintage Flavorit garlic press; a Foley reamer; and a vintage meat tenderizer. Great gadgets to use or display! 2/11svari
  • Price: $56.00
    Green Gadget Kitchen Collection
    Vintaqe green kitchen collectibles. First is the vintage turned wood handle rolling pin, 16.5 long. Next is a vintage A next is a vintage Androck pastry blender; next is a cool kitchen linen towel; next is a Detroit USA Pat Pending grater; and last is the iron rack. The rack is not vintage and was painted green. It is a wine rack but makes a great rolling pin display rack. All the vintage green handled kitchen items have some wear on the handles. The towel is in like new condition. 2/11vari#
  • Price: $48.00
    Kitchen Collectibles Assortment Yellow
    Vintage yellow kitchen collectibles. First is the yellow Texas Ware bowl; it is almost 10 wide x 4.5 tall, minor wear. Next is the cute yellow rolling pin, some wear but nice display and is usable. Next is a cute apron with flower design; and last is the tin flour sifter with yellow daisies. The sifter is usuable; has some scratches on the painted surface. Great vintage items for your retro yellow kitchen! 2/11s+
  • Price: $32.50
    Recipe Box With Recipes, Bakelite? Plastic?
    A recipe box filled with someones collction of favorite recipes. Stands 3.5 in. tall. Brown color. Not sure if it is of Bakelite or hard plastic.In good, usable condition. Stands 3.5 in. tall and measures 5.25 i. x 3.5 in.
  • Price: $12.00
    Mouli Grater - Made In France- Wood Handle
    Here's a nicely marked: Mouli Grater, with a patent dates on each side and Mouli Grater - Made in France written on the front. Has a worn red wood handle which turns to operate, that is also marked made in France. Nice older, used, kitchen collectible, the US patent date is: 2271175 and folded it measure 7-1/2 inches. The handle can be changed for either right handed or left handed use. The handle shows age but the rest of this grater is in very good useable condition. This grater was patented January 27, 1942 by Jean Mantelet and was called a portable rotary grater.
  • Price: $20.00
    Hazel Atlas Glass Food Chopper
    This wonderful kitchen glass hand chopper was made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in the 1950s and is marked: the large H with the inside A / #5393 / 14 1. The Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was a large producer of machine-molded glass containers headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was founded in 1902 in Washington, Pennsylvania as the merger of four companies: Hazel Glass and Metals Company, Atlas Glass Company, Wheeling Metal Plant and Republic Glass Company. By the 1930s, Hazel-Atlas had fifteen plants and was the largest glass manufacturer in the world. It continued to make containers and tableware until the 1950s. In 1956, Hazel-Atlas, at that time the third largest producer of glass containers in the U.S., was acquired by the Continental Can Company. This glass jar has a spring loaded handle with a red wooden finial top, a wood chop block on the bottom and the blades are marked: stainless steel. The side of the jar has your food measurements that range from 2 ounces to 12 ounces and can hold up to 1 1/2 cups. In very good condition, without chips, cracks or fleabites the chrome shows a rust ring where the handle meets the top of the jar which I have shown in my pictures and it measures 12 3/8 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches across the rim and 2 3/8 inches across the base. An addition to any Vintage Kitchen Gadget or Hazel Atlas Appliance Collection. SH & Ins. will be quoted after orders placed. If you have any questions please contact me and thank you for looking.
  • Price: $22.00
    Goldtone Timer, Hourglass, On Chain
    This unusual gadget is a goldtone metal hourglass timer next to a candlestick type phone that has tiny rhinestones on the dial, on a goldtone chain. The box it is in says HMS Madeira Creations. It is 3.25 in. tall and about 2.5 in. wide. In very good, like new condition.
  • Price: $27.00
    Pizza Cutter Assortment
    Three neat vintage pizza cutters. = only $12/each. First is the cool Contadina stainless cutter; next is a Rowoco Taiwan cuter with thick cast aluminum handle; last is a stainless steel cuter. All are in good usable condition. Keep one and put one in a stocking or basket with some other collectible gadgets for a friend who collects! 1/11scs-r
  • Price: $19.00
    Ade-o-matic Internal, External Stainless Steel Baster
    Ade-O-Matic Internal, External stainless steel Baster with original carton. It is in excellent condition. I am unsure of age. 11pdp152
  • Price: $65.00
    The Edgar Antique Grater
    Cool antique grater. Marked: The Edgar, Pat. Aug, 18.., Nov. 10, 1896. Just a bit of a rust tinge on it. You need a good magnifier to view the markings. Slides easily. Use a peeled potato and some ajax to remove the rust. Neat antique! 1/11antemcs-r
  • Price: $5.00
    Picture Frame Refrigerator Magnets - Pair
    Offering a pair of adorable little picture frame refrigerator magnets for your pleasure. Great way to display your kids and grandkids pictures. They are made of a resin material. One money takes both pieces. ADD $3.50 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Scoops
    Five vintage scoops. All are cast aluminum except one which is aluminum. First is the old Sealtest Ice Cream scoop; some corrosion on it. Next is the aluminum Shortening & Ice Cream scoop. Next is a Zeroll, Maumee Ohio roll dipper. Next are two similar bumpy handled heavy scoops but one has an eyehole in handle. 1/11scs
  • Price: $19.95
    2 Cup Sifter, Green Wood Handle
    This flour sifter stands 3 in. tall. It has 1 and 2 cup markings. 3.5 in. diameter. Wood handle is green enamel and is worn. Still usable and attractive to display.
  • Price: $45.00
    Sharpening Stone, Hewitt Minn.
    A sharpening stone that measures 8.5 in. long and is about 1.25 in wide at the center. A promotional advertising item from Wings Produce hewitt, Minn. This produce store handled eggs, poultry and feed. I believe from the '40's era. Perhaps earlier.
  • Price: $12.00
    Pierced Serving Spoon
    This is flat spoon with piercing to be able to serve and drain food with liquid, Made from Stainless steel in Japan, Entitled Caress, Measuring approximately 7 inches long.
  • Price: $12.00
    Antique Tea Ball Infuser Strainer
    Fully functional tea ball infuser, strainer on chain with hook, Measuring approximately 2 inches long.
  • Price: $22.00
    Gravy Oil Strainer Spoon
    In excellent for age condition, needs to be properly cleaned, Measuring approximately 8 1/2 inches long.
  • Price: $29.99
    Antique Dough Slicer Made In England
    Certainly unique item, In working condition,Measuring approximately 8 inches long.
  • Price: $38.50
    Fruit Press Potato Ricer Vintage
    Cool vintage Handy Things fruit press potato ricer. Has original paper label which says it is a potato ricer or fruit press. Made by Handy Things Mfg. Co., Ludington, Mich, USA. (note the old State abbreviation). Age est: 1930's-50's. The paper label is tabped and not in good condition; but the ricer is in good vintage usable condition. 1/11smc
  • Price: $8.00
    Vintage Strainer, Wood Handle
    Signed: no Size:11-1/4 inches length, basket is 5 inches round, 3-1/2 inches depth Condition: vintage, used, age crazing on wood finish Comments: Varnished natural wood with a white stripe and black tip; a hanging hole at end, and two arms to hang over edge on bowl or pan
  • Price: $6.00
    A & J - Double Mellon Ball Utensil - Red Wood Handle
    Signed: A @ J - Made In United States Of America (on both scoops) Size: 7-3/4 inches length, small scoop is 7/8-inches across, larger is 1-1/8 inch across Condition: used / vintage, metal needs polished, wood has some use scratches on paint
  • Price: $30.00
    Garlic Press Assortment Vintage
    Three vintage garlic presses. One is the very popular vintage Brevetatto Italy Mrs. Damar's press. Largest one is a Susi #85 Swiss made. Last one just has ITALY on it. All are cast aluminum and all are in usable vintage condition. 12/10scs-r
  • Price: $34.99
    Antique Grain Scoop Stainless Steel
    Antique grain scoop Fully identified on the back, Measuring approximately 9 1/2 inches long, In excellent used condition, nice and strong and ready to be used for years.
  • Price: $11.99
    Antique Egg Slicer
    Antique egg slicer, Measuring approximately 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches, in working excellent for age condition, as per images.
  • Price: $11.99
    Antique Egg Slicer
    Antique egg slicer, Measuring approximately 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches, in working excellent for age condition, as per images.
  • Price: $50.00
    Ice Chipper
    This unique gadget is 11 1/4 long and 2 1/8 wide on the metal end. I believe it is an ice chipper. The handle does have a small split which is shown in one of the pictures.
  • Price: $27.00
    Pizza Cutters Vintage
    Three vintage pizza cutters for one price. First is a vintage Contadina pizza cutter with zinc handle; next is a Stainless Steel cutter; and last is a neat cast aluminum cutter marked: Brandware APC2 Taiwan. You can use them or just display them in your favorite crock! 12/10varisx3
  • Price: $12.00
    Bakelite Handle - Corer
    A corer with a lovely orange/yellow Bakelite handle - marked: Stainless Steel - Androck - Made In U.S.A. Size: 6-3/4 inches length, 3-3/8 inch is Bakelite Condition: vintage, used, very point shows use marks
  • Price: $6.00
    Vitex Safety Grater, Original Box
    A plastic grater in original box showing directions for use: A Dicer-Shredder- Vegetable Juice Extractor - Safely Grates: Potatoes, Cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, cocoanut, carrots, bread rolls, onions, orange and lemon rind, soap, Beets, Horseradish, Pineapple, Nuts. (all written on front of carton) - also pat. Pend - A Renwal product - Made In U.S.A. and the original $1.00 price is on one end flap, the top end flap is missing. Written on the bottom of the grater: Pat. Pend.- Made In U.S.A.. The grater measures 7-inches length by 4-1/4 inches width, and looks in new, never used condition. Box has one end missing and a tear, as shown in photos; still great to find with a vintage item!
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Scoops
    Three vintage scoops. First is the cast aluminum heavy Patented Italy scoop. It is 7.5 long. Next is a Pat'd Mfd. USA scoop which is 7 long. Last is a scoop with ribbed handle marked Taiwan. Just neat collectible gadgets to display in your retro kitchen! 12/10scs-r
  • Price: $24.00
    Barboy Gadget Vintage
    Cast aluminum vintage Barboy barware gadget. Combination can and wine opener and shot maker. It is 6.5 long. On side where measurements are the metal is discolored, it is not stained or tarnished, just came out of the mold that way. 12/10labcs-r
  • Price: $19.95
    Enameled Trivet, Oval
    An oval enameled cast iron trivet Stands on 4 little feet. Measures 8.75 in. x 5.25 in. In good, usable condition. Enamel shows wear consistent with the age of this item.
  • Price: $10.00
    Arrow Aluminum Products Co. - Forever Grater
    Light weight curved aluminum grater signed on top under the handle: Forever (between two arrows) - Arrow Aluminum Products Co., - New York, N.Y. Size: 12- inches length, 4-1/4 inches width, curved to 2-inches depth Condition: good, used, vintage
  • Price: $28.00
    Vintage Tomato Slicer
    Vintage EKCO tomato slicer with original packaging. Neato collectible kitchen gadget! Display or use it! 11/10stmc
  • Price: $4.00
    Wood Handle - A & J - Corer / Peeler
    Bare wood handle, marked: Stainless Steel - Made In The United States Of America - A & J Size: 6-1/2 inches length Condition: used, wood handle has several age cracks
  • Price: $24.95
    Cleaver, Stainless Steel, Barclay Forge
    A stainless steel cleaver by Barclay Forge. In the original package and dated 1985. Marked Hollow ground stainless steel. Measures 10.75 in. long and 2.75 in. wide. Very good, like new condition.
  • Price: $69.00
    Ice Cream Scoop Wood Handle
    Lovely antique ice cream scoop with wood handle, All original, excellent for age condition, If you like shiny antiques, then it might need some scoop polishing, as per images, Works fine, Measuring approximately 10 1/2 long.
  • Price: $36.00
    Vintage Pastry Brush Assortment
    Six vintage brushes. Two are Fuller brushes; red one reads: Made in USA. Neat zinc wire handles. Five are pastry brushes; one might be a bottle brush or some other purpose. Cute to hang from a key holder or other type of holder in your kitchen! You could use them but put in the dishwasher first. 11/10smc
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Pastry Brushes
    Five cool vintage brushes with zinc wire handles. Two are Fuller brushes; small black one reads: Made in USA; other two are unmarked. One is a bottle brush, others are for applying warm butter onto pastry crust. 11/10smc
  • Price: $27.00
    Pizza Cutters Vintage
    Three vintage pizza cutters. First is a Kenberry cutter; next is a Contadina cutter and last one just reads: Stainless. Usable condition. 11/10smc
  • Price: $36.00
    Wooden Bowl
    Vintage footed painted wood bowl. Cute bowl with tomato and pepper motif. It is 3.5 tall x 10.5 one way x 11.25 the other. Age est: 1930's-40's. 11/10smc
  • Price: $19.42
    Double Pizza Dough Roller Kitchen Gadget
    This vintage double dough roller will make a handy addition to your kitchen or a gadget collection. It has a metal frame with wooden rollers. ADD $5.00 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Price: $10.00
    Belgium Tin Nutmeg Grater - Prestige
    Tin nutmeg grater signed: Prestige - Stainless - Belgium. 5-1/4 inches length,2-1/8 inches width,1 inch depth with a top lid that opens and closes, and has a top hole for hanging. Condition: good/used
  • Price: $12.99
    Stainless Steel Tea Ball Herb Diffuser
    This is a handy little gadget to have in the kitchen. A hot cup of tea is great for breaktime anytime. It has a 4 inch chain with a hook so just put a little loose tea in this gadget and drop it into a cup of hot water and enjoy. ADD $4.50 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Price: $6.00
    Vintage Corer - Red Wood Handles - Germany
    Vintage corer with two red wood handles and a perforated bowl. Size: 5-1/4 inches length by 1-1/2 inch width. Marked: Germany Condition: used, some rust, would need cleaned and polished Comments: Use to make the fruit appear attractive and appetizing by removing the cores or bad spots.
  • Price: $5.00
    Inox - Roller, Cutter
    Marked: Inox - NT Size: 7-1/2 inches length, 2-1/2 inch width Condition: used Comments: wood handle
  • Price: $5.00
    Butterscotch Bakelite Handle - For Strainer
    I'm guessing this to be a handle for a removable strainer. Handle only no screen. 7-3/4 inches length, Bakelite is 2-1/2 inches, wire form is 3-1/4 inches in width. Condition: used, Bakelite has a pin-size hole near wire top, and normal use wear scuffs for a vintage item.
  • Price: $5.00
    Vegetable Slicer / Garnishing Cutter - Red Wood Handle
    Vintage hand tool to use for making decorative cuts to veggies, french fries or appetizers, a catering tool. 6-1/2 inches length, 2-1/8 inches width, wood handle is 3-1/4 inches, unmarked Condition: used, metal has darkened with age, wood handle has some paint loss, has several rust flakes - would need cleaned/polished.
  • Price: $5.00
    Rostfrei - Wood Turned Handle - Vegetable Cutting Tool
    Vintage wood handled vegetable cutting tool, marked: Rostfrei on the saw blade. Originally the wood handle was green, but now most of the color is gone. 8-1/4 inches length - in vintage condition! - The 4-inch blade has three cutting areas, saw-toothed, notched, and smooth. Condition: used, Needs to be cleaned and polished
  • Price: $45.00
    Rival Patented Ice Crusher Vintage
    Awesome retro patented vintage Rival Ice O Mat ice crusher. c:1945-50. Good vintage usable condition. It stands 9 inches tall x 4.5 wide; heavy-duty. 9/10s#
  • Price: $7.50
    One-piece Curled Wire Metal Whisk Strainer Scoop Spoon
    Neat old metal whisk or strainer shaped like a small scoop or spoon, which looks to have been made from one piece of thick wire which appears to have been soldered at the bottom scoop end and hooked at the other end over a circular loop in the strainer. The upper end of this whisk has a nice angular look which also provides an easy way to hang. There is no indication of who made this or what age it is, but we do not believe this to be a new piece given the look, style and wear. Our guess is that this is an older piece, perhaps made in the 1920's to 1940's period, but we can't guarantee that. Measures about 9 1/2 inches long, about 2 3/4 inches greatest width (diameter at scoop end), and about 2 inches depth to scoop end. We are guessing that this was used to scoop up bright orange , just a discoloration look. Where the bottom end of the wire was perhaps soldered or painted at the base of the scoop, you can see a hairline crack in the solder or paint. We do not know what type of solder or paint was used here, often older pieces used lead in the solder or paint. Given this possibility and the concerns with lead, this item will only be sold to an adult for collectible purposes and should not be used in food preparation or given to a child to handle/play with. A very nice addition for any collection of kitchen collectibles, scoops, strainers, wire whisks, etc., or could easily be hung as part of kitchen decor. Please note that we have many other kitchen items listed separately for sale. If you wish to purchase more than one, please e-mail us before placing the order since the shipping information has been inputted for a purchase of just one and will not calculate the savings you would get when purchasing more than one shipped together in the same package (we will need to handle this for you).
  • Price: $6.00
    Tin Metal Ladle, Old Salem, North Carolina
    This is an attractive small/medium metal ladle (gravy ladle, general ladle) which looks to be made of tin. Measures about 10 inches long, 2 1/4 inches greatest width (diameter of topside of ladle), and 1 3/4 inches greatest depth (depth of ladle). As you can see in the three images, this is a small conical, straight-sided ladle with a long handle (about 8 inches) having an attached metal u-shaped hanging hook at the upper end. There is a partially visible maker's mark stamp on the underside of the ladle. All that can be seen is a partial oval with a capital O and Sa and IN NO . From a bit of research we believe this could be saying Old Salem, in North Carolina, which is a historical area in Winston-Salem, NC which re-enacts life in colonial days and has workers making colonial items via old methods. This living museum does have a tinsmith working there, although we did not see any tin ladles available for sale in their online website. We only saw cookie cutters in tin available for sale, but perhaps this is an item they made and sold in the past. We don't know any of this for certain, but we are guessing that this could be a reproduction item made at this location. We purchased this from the home of an older person. Regardless, it is a very nice piece in excellent old-looking condition with all-over spotty tarnishing to the tin. We don't see any major flaws to report. It is obvious that the tin and its sections/parts have been soldered together. While we don't know what solder was used, on older items it was often lead solder and could be so here. Therefore, this item is only being sold to adults for decorative use (given the concerns over lead) and should not be given to children to handle or play with. A nice piece to add to any collection of kitchen collectibles, tin collectibles, ladles, etc., and could easily be hung as part of kitchen decor. Please note that we have many other kitchen items listed separately for sale. If you wish to purchase more than one, please e-mail us before placing the order since the shipping information has been inputted for a purchase of just one and will not calculate the savings you would get when purchasing more than one shipped together in the same package (we will need to handle this for you).
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