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  • Price: $42.00
    Brass Electric Table Lamp
    A large electric brass table lamp that is 30 in. tall. 12.25 in. diameter at the center and a 8.5 in. diameter base. Two bulbs that work independently. No sure how a shade is attached. All pieces are shown. Please view images carefully and perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable will know. Ship USPS Standard Post to avoid oversize box charges.
  • Price: $350.00
    Emerald Glass Lamp 1955 Vtg 3-way Light Exc.
    This rare Vintage Table Lamp is a pretty Emerald green with a 3-Way Light. First turn of the switch lights only the night light. The 2nd turn of the switch shuts off the night light at the base, and turns the Reading Light On. The 3rd turn of the switch increases the WATTAGE OF THE READING LIGHT, and turns the NIGHT LIGHT ON ADDITIONALLY. The large base globe has a contoured, or scalloped circumference, each puffy segment is adorned with an enameled bouquet of daisies and surrounded with jewel-like beading. MEASUREMENTS: 26 TALL LARGEST GLOBE is approx.12 DIAMETER CONDITION: EXCELLENT SHADE IS A FLORAL PRINT COTTON FABRIC. BASE OF LAMP IS BRASS. * note: All items we price include safe delivery to your doorstep. This lamp looks even prettier when used on top of a 1950's blond wood table.... but is is a handsome focal point with any decor.
  • Price: $350.00
    Emerald Glass Lamp 1955 Vtg 3-way Light-exc.
    3-WAY TABLE LAMP...VINTAGE: FROM THE 1950-1960 ERA with ORIGINAL FLUTED SHADE. CONDITION: EXCELLENT. ALL ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: 26 TALL lAMP BASE IS 12 DIAMETER Emerald Green Glass Lamp Base is 'melon shape. Dozens of glass 'JEWELS' highlight the unusual in-and-out shape of the globe base and the enameled daisy bouquets in each of the puffy ovals. THE FLUTED SHADE IS THE ORIGINAL SHADE. IT HAS A LINENN-LIKE textured surface. Quaint but bold deep emerald color is dramatic, focal point. Please keep in mind that our item prices bring your purchase safely right to your doorstep. * And if you are searching for a pair of these, let us know, and we will list the exact mate to this lamp which we have available also. If you enjoy unusual vintage accessories for your home or office, we think you'll love this lamp.
  • Price: $9650.00
    Banquet Lamp 32 Inches Tall Hand Painted 3 Way
    Victorian Style 32 Tall Hand Painted 3 Way 3 globe Lamp. * note: as you study our items, that the price of any item we sell includes safe delivery to your doorstep, no matter how big or heavy the item is. This Lovely is a very rare a stunning 32 INCHES Tall, in MINT Condition. Owner can switch all 3 globe LIGHTS ON , or THE TWO UPPERMOST GLOBES ON , OR ONLY THE LOWEST LIGHT ON for nightlight. HAND PAINTED IN BEAUTIFUL TRADITIONAL VICTORIAN STYLE AND COLORS. The original owners of this lamp, and the exact mate, which we will also list, left this to an heir. We are selling it for the heir. WE KNOW YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH GORGEOUS LAMP.
  • Price: $45.00
    Ship Tv Light, Electric
    This ceramic TV lamp is in good, working condition. Measures 17 in. long and the base measures 2.25 in. x 6 in. It stands 16 in. tall to the top of the chrome finish steel masts. 110. V. Unmarked in a brown pottery. Great accent lamp or night light. Needs a bit of help to anchor the sails, I believe. Priced accordingly. Please view images carefully. Ship USPS Parcel Post to avoid oversize box charges.
  • Price: $74.95
    Student, Elec. Metal
    A vintage student lamp. Electric. In working condition. Removable shade. Height for light is adjustable. Total height is 22 in. 5 in. diameter base. Some rust on underside of base. Please view images carefully. All metal, perhaps a brushed steel. Attractive, and convenient to use. Ship this item USPS Parcel Post due to size and weight to avoid oversize box charges.
  • Price: $65.00
    Deco Style Lamp, Electric
    A deco style electric lamp in working condition. Standing a total of 24.5 in. tall. The white glass round globe is approximately 10 in. diameter. The metal lamp has a twisted shape. Felt covered bottom retains a sticker that reads Leuchten bestuckbar. I believe this is German. Please ship this item USPS Parcel Post so it can be packed for safe delivery without incurring an oversize box charge. I have 2 to sell. Both in working order and very good, usable condition.shiny silver color metal.
  • Price: $32.00
    Electric Shell Lamp
    An electric lamp made of natural shells and coral. Stands 8.5 in. tall. Measures 12.5 in. long and is 8.5 in. wide. In working condition. A few of the coral pieces are loose. Easily replaced and could be glued in permanently. I believe from the 1960's-'70's. Ship USPS Parcel Post due to the weight and size.
  • Price: $49.95
    Elec. Agate, Stone Lamp
    A unique table lamp made of stone and agates. Stands a total of 18 in. tall with the parchment shade. Base measures 10.5 in. x 4 in. In working condition with an on/off switch. I believe this fireplace lamp was handcrafted in the 1950's-'60's.
  • Price: $45.00
    Butterfly Lamp, Stained Glass
    An electric lamp in the form of a colorful butterfly. The stained glass wings are beautiful but there is an issue where the glass has separated from the form/ Could be repaired but will not deter from the beauty and function as is. Stands 8 in. tall and is 6 in. wide and 8 in. long. In working condition. Beautiful accent light. The last image shows the separation in close-up.
  • Price: $45.00
    Turtle Lamp, Electric, Stained Glass
    An electric accent lamp. Turtle shape with a stained glass shade and metal base. In working order. Measures 8.5 in. long, 5.5 in. wide and is 4 in. tall. Use as a decorative accent light or as a night light. Collect turtle figurines? This will light up and accent your collection.
  • Price: $37.50
    Duck Lamp/light, Electric
    A useful accent light shaped as a duck. Measures 11 in. long, 6.5 in. tall and is 5 in. wide. Electric. In working condition. Metal frame with amber tone glass duck. Some loss to the color to the glass. Please view images carefully.
  • Price: $42.00
    Vanity Lamps, Pr. Electric
    A pair of hand painted glass, electric vanity lamps. In working condition. No damage. 9 in. tall and the base is 6 in. diameter. Lovely pink rose on the front of the removable shades and dainty roses and buds on the base. This item should ship USPS Parcel Post so can be properly wrapped and packed without incurring oversize charges.
  • Price: $49.95
    Swan T V Lamp, Maddux Pottery
    Let this elegant swan serve as an accent lamp or night light. Known as a TV light so you didn't watch your TV in a totally dark room. Stands 12 in. tall and is 9.5 in. diameter. Electric and in working order. Marked Maddux Calif. USA 828. Base measures 5 in. x 6.25 in. No damage. Prefer to ship USPS Parcel Post so It can be properly wrapped and packed for safe delivery.
  • Price: $37.50
    Electric Clown Light, Lamp
    An electric figural clown lamp. In working order. Stands 11 in. tall. The base is 4 in. diameter. I always suggest rewiring on a vintage lamp for safety. Some paint loss as it was cold painted, Not fired on as later ones were. Very usable and displayable. Worn felt on the bottom.
  • Price: $49.44
    Crystal Vanity Lamps - Pair - Vintage
    Offering a pair of lovely vintage crystal vanity lamps. Shades are included. In excellent condition. ADD $10.50 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Price: $95.00
    Panther Tv Light, Gold, Black
    This Panther TV light measures 21 in. long. Unusual and unique gold and black. Produced by the Royal China Co., Regal China Division, LeMieux depart. Stands 4.75 in. tall and is 4 in. wide. In working condition. No chips, cracks, etc. Stiking accent lamp to display, use and enjoy. Due to its size, this should ship USPS Standard Post Insured.
  • Price: $160.00
    Min Fluid Finger Lamp Eapg W/original Burner
    inverted hobnail design with attached handle miniature finger lamp with pewter burner and collar in very fine condition, no chips, cracks or heat checks, 19th century
  • Price: $65.00
    Mickey Mouse Electric Lamp
    This vintage 1981 Mickey Mouse lamp stands 12 in. tallplus the bulb and shade. The shade is marked Walt Disney Productions, 1981. The shade is 6.75 in. tall and is 9.75 in. diameter. In good displayable, working condition. Ship this item USPS Parcel Post so I can properly pack it.
  • Price: $45.00
    Brasstone Lamp, Electric, Glass Shades
    An attractive electric lamp with 3 lily shaped glass shades in amber and green tones. Stands 15 in. tall. The base measures 7 in. x 6.5 in. In working condition. One bulb needs to be replaced as shown in the image. This lamp should ship via USPS Parcel Post insured to avoid oversize charges and I can pack it well.
  • Price: $50.00
    Vintage British Victorian Electrified Candleholder Lamp
    I Believe this British Victorian Queen Anne Style Combination Electric Lamp and Candle holder with Gargoyles and Fan Designs,is very Unique. Seems to be Cast Iron. Height-15 inches, Triangle candleholder 5 1/2 inches, Base Triangle - 5 1/2 inches. It is metal and appears to be painted Satin Black.The middle Candleholder Triangle SWIVELS 360 degrees around. I can't find a Maker's Mark and the bottom base is mostly covered with felt, and I didn't want to rip it all off to try to see.The reading on the electrical works is Leviton,UL,660W 250V. Made in USA. Needs Cleaning. Perhaps it was originally just a Candleholder and was made into a Lamp in the 20s,30s, or 40s! Its so fantastic for a gift for an Antique loving Friend or just for yourself. The Lampshade you will have to figure out for yourself bearing in mind the height of the candles you will use.The on/off switch is on the wire.(another reason why I believe it started life as a candle holder sometime between the turn of the century and the 20s). Shipping is $14.95 USA Domestic Priority (3 days).
  • Price: $35.00
    Vintage Amber Glass Electric Table Lamp
    Lovely old 60's-70's table lamp with the amber glass center and top globe. Done in a gold tone metal. The top shade does have a hairline with a small chip, hidden under the metal shade rim. Together it stands 19 tall to the inner globe, like the old oil lamps used. The shade is cut both top and bottom rim and left unpolished here. As is the base of the center glass when removed. Will be shipped in two boxes to insure damage free shipment.
  • Price: $52.49
    Electric Lamp With Pewter Stand And Giraffe Shade
    This is a cool lamp from OK Light. It is not old but it is very nice and in mint condition. The size is 22 in. high, the shade is 13 in. across the bottom and 9.5 in. high. It takes 3 light bulbs. The cord has the on and off switch. Some of this style lamp is a touch lamp, but this one is not. There are a mom and baby giraffe on each of the 6 glass sections of the shade. The lamp itself is a pewter finish and very nice. This is not that heavy but it will require a large box to ship safely.
  • Price: $55.00
    Lavender White Stained Glass Lamp
    An electric lamp that stands 18 in. tall. Lavender and white stained glass shade and base panels. The shade is 6 in. tall with a 11.75 in. diameter base. The base of the lamp is 7 in. square. The metal frame of the lamp is dated 1973 and marked E & EP Industries IN. This is a 3 lamp Top only, base only or both top and base. A previous owner has apparently reinforced the panels of the shade with a sealant that has turned a bit yellow but this does not show when in use or while on. In working order. Please view all images carefully. This lamp is heavy, weighing 12 lbs. so must ship USPS Parcel Post due to size and weight.
  • Price: $34.95
    Lamp, Stained Glass, Flower
    An attractive electric lamp with a stained glass shade and a plastic base. The glass shade features a flower, tulip I think. In working condition. No damage. Stands 7.5 in. tall with a 5 in. diameter base. Perfect night light or to accent a small area.
  • Price: $34.95
    Lamp, Stained Glass, Electric
    An attractive electric lamp with a stained glass shade and a plastic base. The glass shade features a rabbit or bunny. In working condition. No damage. Stands 7.5 in. tall with a 5 in. diameter base. Perfect night light or to accent a small area.
  • Price: $89.00
    Fenton Spiral Optic Cranberry Opalescent Lamp
    Vintage Fenton end table or night stand lamp. Spiral Optic Cranberry Opalescent glass center on ribbed brass column and square, marble base with green felt bottom. Lamp stands 16 inches tall. Marble base is 4 1/2 inches square and 3/4 inch thick. Lamp does not have a shade. Light bulb is not included with purchase. Made in USA. Condition: Marble base with small chip at one corner.
  • Price: $265.00
    Student Lamp, Burmese Glass Shade
    A vintage student lamp. I believe it operates on gas. Total height is 20.5 in. to top of chimney. 6 in. diameter base. The chimney is 10.5 in. tall. The satin finish handpainted shade is 5 in. tall and approximately 7.5 in. diameter at the largest area. I have imaged as many of the components as possible. No damage.
  • Price: $69.95
    Boudoir Lamps, Pr. Electric, Op. Glass
    A lovely pair of vanity, boudoir lamps. Standing 10 in. tall. The base is black marble that measures 6 in. x 3 in. The glass is clear with an opalescent coin spot pattern. In working order. Just add a shade of your choice and enjoy. No damage.
  • Price: $58.00
    Battery Brass Candle Lights Set Of 11
    7 tall without bulb, bulbs included, never used, over 20 years old. Idea: Use in windows at Christmas.
  • Price: $44.95
    Butterfly Stained Glass Lamp, Electric
    An electric figural lamp in stained glass. Primary colors are vivid. Shaped as a butterfly so it would be perfect in a kitchen or other area with a country theme. In working condition. Stands 9 in. tall and the base measures 5.5 in. x 4.5 in. On/Off switch. No damage.
  • Price: $44.95
    Stained Glass Lamp, Rooster, Electric
    An electric figural lamp in stained glass. Primary colors are vivid. Shaped as a rooster or chicken so it would be perfect in a kitchen area with a country theme. In working condition. Stands 9 in. tall and measures 12 in. long and 5 in. wide. On/Off switch. No damage.
  • Price: $175.00
    Scottish Terrier Dog Lamp Planter
    Really cute vintage Scottie Dog Lamp that is also a planter in excellent original condition. Even the original shade looks great. We have stored it in cellophane to keep it fresh. Dog is wearing a Red Bow Tie and red ribbon is crimped around the top of the shade. No chips or cracks. Clean. This may be McCoy as it is a quality piece. Pickup or we will confirm shipping quote once ordered based on your zip. This will have to ship in two seperate boxes due to size of shade.
  • Price: $259.00
    Arts And Craft Table Lamp Metal
    Arts and Craft Table Lamp, Metal adjustable with weighted ball, has a toggle switch. It is in excellent condition.
  • Price: $45.00
    Phil-mar Mare And Foal Tv Lamp
    Lovely vintage TV lamp from the Phil-Mar Corporation of Cleveland Ohio. It is done in the brown drip with white tails and manes. It is in working condition. No chips cracks or dings. Stands 9 tall by 12 wide.
  • Price: $75.00
    Grayhound Dog Tv Lamp, Electric
    A Tv lamp featuring a grayhound dog. Stands 7.25 in. tall and is 12.5 in. long and approximately 5 in. wide. In working condition. Unmarked so maker is unknown. This type of lamp was introduced in the '50's to prevent watching television in a totally darkened room. Now it makes a unique accent or nightlight. No damage. Apparently felt pads have been removed from the bottom but could be reapplied if desired.
  • Price: $34.95
    Cast Iron Elec. Lamp, Candle
    A unique electric lamp of cast iron and has a metal, cast iron shade. Stands 11 in. tall and the base is 7.5 in. x 3.75 in. In working, usable condition.
  • Price: $35.00
    Lamp , Chalkware, Girl, Long Dress
    Lamp in chalkware. It is a lovely red headed lady dressed in a long flowing red dress (Gone With The Wind Style) and her dog jumping at her side. It is in great condition for an early lamp and it still works. It is made of a chalkware type or plaster material. She does have a rub in the paint on top of her head and a chip on her hem of her dress at the bottom. It is 10 inches high, 11 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches deep. This is a very 50's style electric lamp in as found condition. View all of the pictures as she is great.
  • Price: $65.00
    Gazelle Pottery Lamp, Electric
    A vintage electric table lamp that stands 18.5 in. tall. The base measures 8 in. wide and is 3.5 in. deep. Unmarked so maker is unknown. In working order. In good, usable, displayable condition with just a tiny nick on the back upper rim. Please view images carefully. I always recommend to rewire for safety due to the age of the current wiring. Just add a favorite shade to complete this lovely vintage pottery lamp.
  • Price: $42.50
    Electric Boudoir,vanity Lamp Jadeite Green, Brass
    A boudoir or vanity lamp in a jadeite green and brass separated with rings of glass the color of tiger eye or brown slag. Electric. In working condition. No chips, cracks, etc. Stands 10.5 in. tall and the base is 2.75 in. square. Just add a shade and enjoy.
  • Price: $39.95
    Boudoir, Vanity Electric Lamp
    A boudoir or vanity lamp in a light color pink opalescent glass. Electric. In working condition. No chips, cracks, etc. Stands 10 in. tall and is 4 in. diameter at the base. Lightly paneled shape. Just add a shade and enjoy.
  • Price: $75.00
    Gazelle Elec. Tv Lamp
    An electric TV lamp of a leaping gazelle and 2 young ones on the base. Stands 12 in. tall and measures 8.5 x 4.5 in. at the base. In working condition and free of chips, cracks. etc. The felt at the base is coming loose, Probably due to the age of this item. I can find no makers marks. Although it works fine I would advise to have the wiring checked or replaced by a professional for safety. Ships via USPS Parcel Post to avoid oversize charges.
  • Price: $29.95
    Art Glass Oil Lamp,
    This art glass oil lamp still has the sticker attached, Made In Poland. Stands 9.75 in. tall and the base is 3.5 in. diameter. In very good condition. Ribbons of white glass running vertically through the lamp give it an interesting appearance.
  • Price: $30.00
    Beautiful Ornate Copper Finish Lamp With Footed Base
    Beautiful ornate copper finish lamp with footed base. Very heavy lamp. Please see photos. The lamp measures 32 inches high and the lamp shade measures 14 inches high by 14 inches in diameter. I am unsure of the age. 11pdp683
  • Price: $30.00
    Beautiful Ornate Copper Finish Lamp
    Beautiful ornate copper finish lamp. Very heavy lamp. Please see photos. The lamp measures 31.5 inches high and the lamp shade measures 10 inches high by 15 inches in diameter. I am unsure of the age. 11pdp682
  • Price: $25.00
    Pink Panther 40th Anniversary Cylinder Lamp, Mib
    Pink Panther 40th Anniversary cylinder lamp, MIB. This is titled Catch Me If You Can and features characters from the original Pink Panther cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings in the 1960's and 1970s (after the 1963 feature film). This is mint in the original box and licensed by Metro Golden Mayer. It features a canvas shade and polished stainless steel base and shaft. It is 20 inches high from base to top of shade and the shade is 5 inches in diameter. 11pdp289
  • Price: $10.00
    Retro 60's Glass Dresser Lamp
    Cool old 60's dresser lamp made of milk glass with gold diamonds. Has that space age look to it. It is in working order. Stands 12 tall to the socket. Bottom is marked J-2341-5.
  • Price: $25.00
    Pair 50's Bed Lamps
    Lovely pair of 50's boudoir or bed lamps. They have a milk glass base with a candlewick style. The main body of the stem is a white plastic. They come with their original shades. One shade has a small water spot on the inside only of the shade. They stand 19 tall.
  • Price: $75.00
    1950's Tv Lamp Clock Sail Ship
    This is a wonderful old TV light and clock. The ship's hull is made of cherry wood. I has stainless steel sails and fixtures. The lights on either are covered with red lens set in stainless bands. The clock is made by United Clock Company of Brooklyn NY. It is in working order and excellent condition. It stands 15 ¾ tall by 19 long. This is a lovely old clock/TV lamp and a real conversation piece.
  • Price: $28.00
    Vintage Hobnail Glass Bedroom Lamp Blue Base
    Vintage Frosted Glass Hobnail Bedroom Lamp with Cobalt Blue Glass Hobnail Base. Silvertone metal socket and accents. Blue and Tan Plaid Shade. See photos of the sun shining through the beautiful blue glass base. The cord is cloth covered with a hard rubber plug. The cord and plug are original. Works wonderfully. The shade is not original to the lamp. Picture this pretty little lamp sitting beside your bed, accent lighting in your vintage or country kitchen or as a desk lamp.
  • Price: $27.50
    Milk Glass Elec. Vanity Lamp
    A milk glass vanity, table lamp in a diamond beaded pattern. Electric and in working condition. stands 11 in. tall. The base measures 6 in. diameter.
  • Price: $229.99
    Double Arm Bouillotte Brass Lamp Adjustable Shade
    Very old electric brass Bouillotte Brass desk lamp in amazing condition. It has double arms and an adjustable shade. It stands 24 tall. The metal is all brass with painted brass trim. The shade it a heavy paper that has a finish and the inside is lined with a silver colored coating. It works fine and the wiring is sound. It looks as if it has been re-wired at some point in time. There is a lot of dark patina to the brass. The paper tubes that surround the sockets are dark with age. The shade shows it age by some crazing to the finish. Plus the top rim has some wear through spots as well as a dark smudge. Even with the less than perfect shade it is a wonderful and very old piece.
  • Price: $325.00
    Pair Oriental Chinese Brass Lamps With Shades Mid Century Retro
    Pair Oriental Chinese Brass Lamps with Shades from the Mid Century Retro modern era. They are brass cylinders with a overlay of brass heavily costumed figures. One is a man and the other a woman. There is wording in Chinese characters under the figures. The base and the top are of heavily decorated relief work of geometric Chinese Key high and 17 wide. The condition is very good on both. They have a dimmer switch. They both work and the cords are in fine shape.
  • Price: $99.00
    Reverse Painted Hexagonal Shape Glass Shade W/flowers
    satin outside finish, reverse painted shade with purple flowers finely painted by a superior skilled artist of the same quality as Pairpoint [unsigned], very minor wear from age, otherwise perfect. Will finish off a fine floor or table lamp.
  • Price: $165.00
    Metal Small Lamp With Bronge Glass Shade
    Metal small lamp 8 3/4 inches tall and 10 inches long. The shade is umber outside white inside. It is in excellent condition, has stiff wire, you may want to rewire.
  • Price: $320.00
    Sierra Columbia Tv Planter/lamp
    Original Price: $350.00 A unique and rare Sierra-Columbia vintage 1950's TV Planter/Lamp. All pieces are in very good condition with no visible cracks or chips, and has the original working electrical cord. Base: filigree gold metal w/ceramic inner dish/planters. Shade: gold metal w/fiberglass. At TV Lamps.net this lamp was reviewed and rated at 4**** in VALUE and RARITY - I love this lamp! Sierra-Columbia made a number of these planter/lamps with figures, but this one with the Polynesian/Hawaiian theme is my favorite. (link to ratings article: http://www.sierra-columbia_lamps.html A bit of Sierra-Columbia History: Sierra-Columbia has a history that is unique in all of ceramics. Located on Fair Oaks Ave. in Pasadena, California, Sierra-Columbia was established around 1950 by Filmore C. Levy, who had previously been in the business of scissors manufacture. Mr. Levy determined that ceramics would be a more profitable enterprise, and the factory was converted to the production of various pottery items. A clever use of tin scraps leftover from scissors production was implemented, resulting in the metal bases for planters and TV lamps. Once the nature of their manufacture is understood, a scissors-shaped decoration can be clearly seen on many of their products, done in such a way as to completely disguise their origin. Sierra-Columbia also sold lazy susans and numerous ashtrays, often embossed with advertising for Lucky Strike and other tobacco companies. In 1957-58 a kiln explosion resulted an all-consuming fire that put an end to the company after less than a decade of production. Levy later manufactured pottery under the name Mark-Charles, but this company was active only briefly, perhaps a couple of years.  Filmore Levy passed away in 1962.  Many thanks must go to to Mark J. Levy for sharing the background of his father's company.
  • Price: $18.99
    Colonial Style Vanity Boudoir Lamp - Porcelain
    Offering a very pretty colonial style vanity or boudoir lamp for your pleasure. The lady has a pink hoop skirt and the gent has a blue coat. Trimmed in gold. Cord and plug in good condition. Unmarked but probably was made in Japan. ADD $8.00 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $55.00
    Green Pottery Ship Tv Lamp, Elec.
    This TV lamp is in working order, Lovely retro green with gold accents. This ship lamp stands 11 in. tall and the base measures 11 x 5 in. No chips, cracks, repairs, etc. Perfect to use as a night light or accent your collection.
  • Price: $1100.00
    Super Rare Handel Glass Lamp Base Large Size
    This glass base is so uncommon that it is not published in either of the major reference books on Handel lamps. The glass has a molded signature underneath. It is decorated with yellow mottled paint surface over a lightly chipped ice surface and has additional green Art Nouveau raised paint decoration. It has bronze mountings with original patina surfaces, Hubbel sockets w/acorn pulls, original finial, feet are white metal. cord was cut off but could easily splice new wire without totally rewiring. This base is in virtually unused condition with no signs of wear. The only glass bases published are for boudoir size lights.
  • Price: $65.00
    Vintage Porcelain Figural Victorian Lady Lamp
    Large, Vintage Victorian Lady Figural Lamp. Dressed in teal skirt with a white polka dot jacket with a bussle. Dainty pink bowtie around her neck with a pink hat with dainty flower. She holds a bouquet of flowers and a parasol. She sits on a dark, round wooden base with a meta open scroll design. The wiring goes through a brass pipe and lamp holder that has a wonderful vintage patena. The light brown clth lampshade is not the original shade but matches the lamp very nicely. The lamp has been re-wired with a new cord and plug and ready to use. The porcelain is crazed which gives her a nice vintage appeal. The noted flaws are some missing leaves around the bouquet and the bodice of the jacket had a filigree lace ruffle that is largely missing. Though not in perfect condition you wouldn't really notice the flaws. This would make a nice bedroom lamp childs lamp or victorian decor lamp.
  • Price: $59.95
    Gone With The Wind Lamp - Vintage
    This lovely Gone With the Wind lamp is a beautiful honey amber opalescent color with hand painted floral in white. The chimney is frosted white glass. The lamp lights up three ways (top, bottom and both). It has antique brass fittings. ADD $17.00 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA.
  • Price: $75.00
    Pair 60's Pottery Rose Boudoir Lamps
    Simply unique pair of boudoir lamps. The large rose is formed right into the lamp. It is tied with a big bow with just a touch of blue-green to it. Leaves spread to the side and base. The shades are made of a plastic with a ruffles gathered top. There is a couple nicks on the rim of one shade. The other has a split in one of the groves. They are a different look that's for sure. With shades they measure 14 1/2 tall. Shades and lamps will be mailed in separate boxes to insure safe delivery.
  • Price: $15.00
    Retro 60's Boudoir Lamp
    Kind of a neat old dresser lamp with the milk glass base in a candlewick pattern. The center yellow section is a plastic. The shade, which I believe is original, has a pompom texture of little fuzzy dots. It is in working order. Stands 17 1/2 tall with shade.
  • Price: $15.00
    Vintage Cased Glass Lamp Heavy Drape
    Lovely old electric lamp with a satin finish to the cased white glass. The top portion has a twist pattern while the base has a heavy drape pattern. You will need to get a shade of your choice. Stands 24 tall. Also needs a finial to hold the shade on.
  • Price: $15.00
    Vintage Small Lamp Rose Transfer
    Lovely old lamp with the detailed rose transfer on the body. Nice and small so as to fit in any room. I do not believe the shade is original but it fits well. Lamp will need to be rewired as it still has the old cloth wrapped cord which is showing signs of fraying. Stands 15 1/2 tall with the shade on. Uses the old pull chain to turn on.
  • Price: $165.00
    Antique Victorian Oil Lamp
    Antique Victorian oil lamp. Brass burner; the wick turner reads: Pat. Jan. 16, 83, Feb. 11, 73. It has a metal shade and the oil font is very thick, wavy glass. The base of lamp is pot metal and on the back rim it has No. 24 on it. The hollow metal base was once filled with plaster but only a bit of plaster remains. Nice overall antique condition; just showing some wear on the shade as expected for its age. 21.5 tall to top of glass; 10 long/wide x 3.5 deep. You can leave as is, or replace the shade or spray paint shade a satin black and add some gold scroll around bottom edge of it. #9703ccau9/08
  • Price: $19.99
    Owl Night Light Soft Light Bisque Colorful Japan Made Works
    This is sooo Adorable. A Pair of Handpainted Owls that are a Plug in Night Light. It has a switch to turn it on and off after it is plugged in. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks and puts out the softest light that is just perfect as a night light. Wiring is in excellent condition and it does work. Cute as can be. We love it.
  • Price: $56.99
    Germany Figurine Colonial Man And Lady China Lamp
    Old Germany Figurine Colonial Man and Lady China Lamp. This lamp is a beautiful piece, the lady and man are seated on a bench with the man having his arm around the lady as if he is leaning over to kiss her. The lamp measures a total height of about 13 inches tall, the base measures about 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches and is marked on the bottom Germany 6311. It has an old shade which someone has recovered and it has been rewired. It is free of chips, paint is in excellent condition with some very light wear to two spots on the knees. It would be a terrific addition to your collection or decor!
  • Price: $32.50
    Electric Lamp, Peach Lustre, Blue Decoration
    This electric lamp has a peach lustre finish on the porcelain and is decorated with blue painted flower design. In working condition, it stands 9 in. tall. Unmarked so maker and origin is unknown. I believe from the '50's era. I find no damage.
  • Price: $45.00
    Pair Of Vintage Red Plastic Lamps With 2 Sets Of Shades
    Interesting lamps with brilliant red faceted plastic and goldtone plastic accents. Original wiring. Probably from the 1940s. One base has a stress crack where it screws onto the stem, but this is easily hidden from view. Some minor scuffing to plastic bases tall, base is 6 diam. Shades are 8 high (without tassels) and clip onto bulbs. Some minor wear and tear to the plastic-like fabric covering but very clean and bright.
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Hand Painted Lily Oil Lamp
    Paint has wear, 12 high x 10 wide. No shade.
  • Price: $10.00
    Pair Lovely Milk Glass Bed Lamps
    This is a nice set of lamps. They are newer but pretty. Milk glass bottom has a hand painted yellow tea rose pattern. There are scratches to the pattern. Both come with a globe. Both in working order. They stand 17 tall with the globe.
  • Price: $25.00
    Lovely Milk Glass Hurricane Style Elec Lamp
    This beautiful vintage electric lamp is done in a hurricane style with the large bulbous globe and the thin base. It has a bulbous area that resembles the old oil lamps. Done in an opaque milk glass with a hand painted rose and leaves. The pedestal has a uniform raised dot pattern running down to the base. It is marked with a number 3. Stands 19 tall with the globe by 5 1/2 wide.
  • Price: $295.00
    Vintage Pair Of Hurricane Lamps
    Lovely pair of 18 tall clear glass hurricane lamps with cut glass prisms. Should be rewired. Very heavy.
  • Price: $49.95
    Lady Electric Night/tv Light, Plaster
    This lovely lady is all dressed up in an evening gown and will light up your TV or vanity. 110 V. She measures 17 in. wide and is 11 in. tall and 5.25 in. in depth. In working order. Made of a plaster material. Beautiful accent lamp. Must ship USPS Parcel post to avoid size overcharges.
  • Price: $50.00
    Pair Antique German Porcelain Boudoir Lamps
    Stunning pair of antique boudoir lamps made in Germany. They have tiny porcelain flowers applied around the base. One has a chipped leaf and the other a chipped petal on the rose bud. Very hard to spot wither chip. They are done in a moss green with a brass upper. One has been rewired. The other still has the original cloth wrapped cord. This one has had a solder job expertly done to it. They stand 10 1/2 tall by 3 7/8 wide. Stunning pair!
  • Price: $35.00
    Little Boy With Dog By Tree Cast Metal, Glass Lamp
    Little Boy with Dog by Tree cast metal, glass lamp. The lamp has a marble base, cast metal lower body, hollowed glass mid section (2 part mold), metal upper electrical portion, wire rod lamp arm up to a glass ball shade cap. The shade with the lamp is a newer lamp shade and not the original. It measures 24 inches high and is in good condition. 07pdp357
  • Price: $32.50
    Electric Crystal Vanity Lamp
    This attractive vanity lamp is made of clear crystal glass, base and stem center, with new socket and cord so is in very usable condition. Stands 14 in. tall. The base is 4.25 in. diameter. I find no damage. I think this lamp would be from the 1960's era. Perhaps earlier. Maker is unknown.
  • Price: $27.50
    Chrome Finished Steel Desk Lamp, Electric
    This vintage desk lamp has a bit of a deco styling to it. Electric, and in working condition. Top measures 10.5 in. wide. The base is 5.75 in. diameter. When the goose neck is raised upright it stands 17.5 in. tall. The movable gooseneck allows you to raise or lower it so you have the light just where you need it. A useful addition to your desk or study.
  • Price: $135.00
    Antique Aladdin Cast Iron Lamp
    Antique Aladdin cast iron lamp with bronze finish. c:1919-1936. Referred to as a 'Muncie Aladdin lamp'. Very nice, heavy-duty, and works too! Has an old cord on it; the plug in part should be replaced. Stands 15 tall to top iron finial. It probably once had an ornate slag glass or stained glass shade since the finial is rather large and flat. I added a nice hard resin or glass shade (estate sale item; shade is not an antique), but it fits well on this lamp. Bottom of lamp has raised lettering: Aladdin Mfg. Co, Muncie, Ind. #2; finial has same mark but incised with #9. Perfect for your antique nightstand! It has not been cleaned or polished, just dusted. Aladdin Mfg. Co. was a competitor of Aladdin Industries; Aladdin Mfg. was located in Muncie, Ind. The metal finial alone is worth half this price. #1712eagau4/07
  • Price: $795.00
    Emeralite Table Lamp Signed Ultra Rare Shape
    6 1/2inch ht X 12 1/4inch dia shade signed in silver [some rubbed] Emeralite reg. US pat. office Czechoslovakia mounted on original base [unsigned] rewired for safety, 1 socket replaced, otherwise all original. made to use small diameter bulbs as standards touch glass. Fabulous when lit [see image]fire polished bottom edge, no chips or cracks. This lamp is so rare it is not even shown on the web site about Emeralite & Bellova lamps, though the mark is shown.
  • Price: $25.00
    Lovely Pair Vintage Table Lamps Autumn Colors
    What a lovely set of table lamps. They have roses zinnias and poppies in autumn colors. One needs a new socket. Some minor wear to the gold on the handles. They stand 13 tall.
  • Price: $19.99
    Clown Table Lamp Childs Nursery Painted Wood Colorful Mint
    Table Lamp for the Nursery or Young Childs Room made of Wood and nicely Painted with a Shiny Glaze. Displays a Clown sitting on a Wheel and holding a Yellow Ballon in one hand. Sits on 3 round wooden feet. It takes a light bulb that has a one inch fitter. Would look great with any small simple white lampshade. Marked on the bottom Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Very clean, like brand new.
  • Price: $40.00
    Gone With Wind German Bisque Boudior Lamp
    Lovely Antique Bisque Figural Table or Boudoir Lamp Made in Germany. Victorian Beauty reminescent of Gone With The Wind Era holding a Rose against her chest, dressed in Puffy Blue Dress that drapes on the sides. He hair is brown and her face is sweet. Handpainted and Marked Germany No. 6179 on the bottom. Mint condition, needs to be wired. Easy ship.
  • Price: $195.00
    Rare 3 Point Support Boudoir Base Pairpoint
    takes rare boudoir truncated cone shape shade, signed and decaled
  • Price: $225.00
    Not Akro Agate Glass Signed Lamp Vidrio
    paper labeled, Vidrio, Cicero, Ill, looks like Akro Agate glass, missing insides of one socket, otherwise perfect
  • Price: $65.00
    Ainsley Adjustable Desk Lamp, Electric
    An adjustable desk lamp with a cast iron base. Stands 14.5 in. tall and is 8 in. wide. The arm adjusts to place the light where you need it. Attractive Leather insert on the base, Brass finish metal, and white shade decorated with braid at the top and bottom edge. In good, working order. The shade should be replaced as it has suffered damage in storage. I have lowered the price to compensate.
  • Price: $395.00
    Emeralite Large Striped Bell Shade No Mounts
    very rare large size Emeralite striped bell shade with 2 1/4inch fitter size at top X 5 3/4inch ht X 7 3/4inch dia in perfect condition, unsigned but guaranteed Emeralite product. good strong striping when lit. You will find 1 of these for every 25 Jr. shades you find. [see image for comparison]
  • Price: $395.00
    Emeralite Jr Stripe Shade With Ultra Rare Deco Base
    small chip at edge, otherwise mint with brown patina cap and clip on bulb fitter. Mounted on a signed Emeralite Art Deco base. shade signed in silver Chechoslovakia. Guaranteed to be an Emeralite product. 3 3/4inch ht X 5inch dia. shade. circa 1925. good strong striping when lit.
  • Price: $995.00
    Vienna Seccessionist Style Cased Glass Lamp
    A fine original Vienna Seccessionist Art movement inspired lamp with rare shaped original shade on iron & brass base with original tube dangles, circa 1905, all original except bulb socket and wiring. 10inch dia shade X 21inch overall ht Companies like E M McFadden, Emeralite, Bellova, E S Roberts, Greenalite, Verdelite, Amronlite, Alladin, Pittsburgh Lamp Brass & Glass Co. all used and made lamps with cased glass shades. This unsigned model may have been made by any of them but is unsigned.
  • Price: $995.00
    Unusual Victorian Gone-with-the-wind Table Lamp
    Gorgeous and unusual victorian gone-with-the-wind lamp. The globe and base have a blown out fluted shape. The base all so features a blown out shell type design at tapered bottom. The base and globe are painted on both sides with chrysanthemum type flowers done in many shades of cranberry. They have soft yellow centers and pickle colored leaves and stems and are painted on a white and mint green background. Base and shade have good original color. Lamp has been electrified. The lamp has a fancy metal base with open work design and feet. The metal collar has a upside down heart design. Shade is 8 tall x 10 wide. About 16 1/2 tall without shade. Chimney is clear and frosted, 12 long, has a 1 1/2 length way x 1/16 high piece missing.
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Art Deco Blue Glass Table Lamp
    Wonderful frosted heavy glass Art Deco lamp with blue and white painted detail, both of which are worn. Lamp is 13 3/4 tall x 7 1/2 wide. Shade is 4 deep x 8 wide. Shade has 2 tiny chips on top corners; a few flea bites on edges of fins on stem.
  • Price: $1200.00
    Antique Pair Of Man & Woman Dresden Table Lamps
    Gorgeous 11 tall pair of Dresden lamps. Late 1800s-early 1900s. Young woman and lad in pastel colors, both playing instruments and surrounded by many types of flowers. Only a few flowers per lamp have tiny chips.
  • Price: $1500.00
    Antique Pair Of White And Periwinkle Rams Head Lamps
    Fantastic pair of lamps made in Hungary. All reticulated with a rams head on each side. White, periwinkle and gold. 10 1/2 high. New silk cords.
  • Price: $135.00
    Aladdin Alacite Electric Lamp Original Shade Flower
    Featured for your enjoyment is a completely original Aladdin Lamp right down to the original finial. This lamp is in the light green with ivory flowers and leaves. It is marked Aladdin on the bottom. The shade is original to it. This does have some staining from the years on the top sash. All together it stands 29 tall with the shade being 15' across. There is a crack in the cord and it should be rewired to be safe. Rare to find the complete lamp like this.
  • Price: $29.95
    Table Lamps, Gold Encrusted Porcelain Savoy?
    An accent table lamp with a deco styling. Gold encrusted porcelain. It stands 12.25 in. tall. The base is 3.75 in. diameter. In good working order. Good wiring. Felt has been applied to the bottom to prevent scratching your table. I have had similar items that were marked Savoy China so am assuming these are from the same company.Unmarked unless it is under the felt.Great retro accent lamp.
  • Price: $67.50
    Antique Solid Brass Rembrandt 3 Bulb Lamp
    Featured for your enjoyment is a stunning solid brass 3 bulb lamp. This is marked REBRANDT R8145 Pat App For. This is a stunning show of metal work. The brass is formed into a pleasing array for the eye. The art deco base flows smoothly into the top. In-between is a gold guild section with flowers. The top section is more formed lines so pleasing to the eye. It is a pull on, chain is still attached. Does need a shade and rewiring. and one candle socket is loose. Can be fixed while rewiring. Stands 19 1/2 tall as is.
  • Price: $47.50
    Crystal Table Lamp Electric
    A quality vintage crystal lamp that stands 20 in. to the top. The base is 3.5 in. square. 110 V. It has a new cord and socket so should be very usable. No chips, nicks etc. to the glass. Just add your choice of shade and decorative finial to make this a stunning accent lamp.
  • Price: $239.00
    Antique Art Deco Iron Table Lamp
    This is a beautiful antique iron base lamp for your pleasure. It stands 13 inches tall and in excellent condition. The frosted glass shade has a grapevine pattern. This lamp takes a standard size bulb. It works fine but the cord is original and should probably be replaced. Measures 13 inches tall. This is a great lamp to decorate with. It is marked on the bottom of the iron base C4229. ADD $15.00 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA. Shipping discount available on multiple purchases.
  • Price: $159.00
    Antique Table Lamp - Continental 613 - Must See
    Here is a very interesting antique lamp for your consideration. It is marked Continental #613. It also has ANTI--- BEAT-- COPP--. It has a beautifully engraved crystal shade in a floral pattern. It takes a small socket flame type bulb. The cloth covered cord is original and probably should be replaced for safety reasons. It has a push button switch and works fine. It measures 11 inches tall. This fine lamp will be a great conversation piece and a wonderful collectible from a bygone era. In excellent condition. ADD 15.00 SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA. Shipping discount available on multiple purchases.
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