How do I sign up for Google Checkout

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Signing up for Google Checkout

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  1. First, you need to sign up for google checkout.  Go to
  2. Enter your google account information and click 'Sign up Now';
    completing store shopping information
  3. You'll see a page to enter your personal information; do so and click 'Create my account.  Time to shop!"
    completing store shopping information
  4. Return to the main google checkout page:  Enter your password and click 'sign in and continue'.
    completing store shopping information
  5. Google will ask if you have another Google account.  If you answer yes, it will ask if you want a single account.  Respond 'yes' and you'll be invited to sign in:
    completing store shopping information
  6. You'll see a page where you need to enter your business id.  It may be partially completed from another of your accounts.  You'll need to complete the information and check the box indicating that you agree to the terms of service.  Then click 'Complete Sign Up' at the bottom:

    completing store shopping information
  7. You'll probably see a login page (Google shopping does not seem to be very good at persisting userids.) If you don't see this, you can go to this url:   Enter your password and log in:

    completing store shopping information
  8. You'll see a page where you control your store:  Click 'settings' at the top of the page.

    completing store shopping information

  9. You'll see a page where you need to complete some personal and banking information as well as information about your store.   Here is some data you'll need to fill out:
    • Public Business Website:  Put the URL of your store. This should be in the format so that it is consistent with the listings in Google Shopping.
    • Primary Product Type:  Antiques & Collectibles
    • Customer support email:
    • Customer Support Web Page:  use the URL of your "Contact Us" page
    • Frequently asked questions:  use the URL of your "Policies" page
    • Return/Cancellation Policy:  Copy the data from the FAQ page above
    • Shipping Policy:  Copy the data from the FAQ page above
    • Policy Webpage:  use the URL of your "Policies" page

    completing store shopping information

    Click 'save Profile' at the bottom of the page; you'll see a message that your settings have been saved.

  10. Just Joining us? To get to the page you see below, log into After you log in, you'll see a page with your sales and four tabs across the top. Click the "Settings" tab on the top. Now you'll see the screen show below.

    Click the option to the left titled "Integration."   You'll see a page of integration settings.  A very important point is that this page shows your Google merchant id and your Google Merchant Key.  The preferences page on your website or a Word document or something where you can cut and paste this information. You'll need to enter this in the next step of this procedure into the site maintenance options for your online store. You can write it down if you prefer, but be very careful! Computers are not very smart and are very picky. We spent a long time with one dealer who wrote "W" for "VV" and who could not log in as a result; the capital 'i' and lower case 'L' look identical and that has caused quite a bit of confusion. So cutting and pasting is best. The Google Merchant Id will be all numbers, the key will be a long string of mixed letters and numbers.

    1. Uncheck the box that says 'my company will only post digitally signed carts
    2. In the API Callback URL, enter the value It is imperative that you get the spelling correct -- capitalization and all!

    3. Select HTML as the callback method
    4. Click 'Advanced Settings'
    5. Select the options to provide the first, last and full name of the buyer in separate fields
    6. Check the option to return the buyer's ship-to phone number in the new order verification
    7. Check the option to to return the buyer's billing phone number.
    8. Then click 'Save'

    selecting configuration options

  11. Go to the site maintenance page for your online store. Select the option 'site maintenance' and then the 'Taxes/Paym't'  tab.  You'll see a place to enter Google Merchant ID and key; Copy the merchant id and key.  Note that Google requires you to have automated tax calculation and automated shipping calculation enabled. The fields for input will not be available to you until you have these features enabled..  Save the data.

    storing information on your site

You're almost ready to go!  Let know that you'd like to have the shopping cart turned on. THIS STEP IS CRITICAL. BE SURE TO SEND THAT EMAIL!

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