All About Auction Uploads

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NOTE: Your mall, store, or MakeAShop does NOT need to be active on in order for you to use the auction upload system.

Its easy to move inventory from your online store to auction!  The online auction features allow you easily to 'upload' items from your store to the major online auction houses.  While your items are at auction, your items can remain visible in your store, and any shoppers will be able to view your auction.    At the conclusion of the auction (based on the preferences you've indicated), you and your buyer will receive automatic notification of the successful bid and your buyer will be directed via email to your secure shopping cart so they can complete their purchase.

What will it cost me to upload to auction?
There is no upload fee (at least from us!) for sending your item to auction -- you do need to check with the auction house and see if THEY charge a listing fee, because many of them do.  If your store is on one of the commission-based plans, when you sell something at auction, you pay the special, reduced auction commission, rather than the full sales commission.  We charge the auction commission to cover our cost of image hosting for your auction (the auction will use the images on your store.)    If the item does not sell, of course, you pay nothing to us!  

Do note, however, that the different auctions have different fee structures; in addition to the listing fee there are also charges from the auction house on your sale.  The amount that you'll pay us is shown on the page titled 'Upload to Online Auctions' and there are links to the auction houses so you can see their current fee structures.  During the upload process, we will attempt to calculate the fees that are due from the auction house and we will show that amount to you before you agree to send your item.

Ok, so how DO I upload to auction?
There are three basic steps to uploading to auction.

  1. You'll need to establish your auction preferences.  This is a one-time exercise where you determine how you want your items to be represented at auction for your store in general (you can change specifics for any given item during upload).  Click here for the tutorial on setting your preferences.

  2. You'll need to start an account with the auction house.  Once you select an auction house on the page titled 'Upload to Online Auctions', you'll find the link to register with the auction house you've selected. Click here for the tutorial on registering with the auction houses.

  3. Finally, you'll need to decide which items you want to list, and pass that information to the auction house.  Click here for the tutorial on uploading items.

And after the auction completes?
Once your auction has completed, the order can be completed through the shopping cart on your store, just like any order.  Click here for the tutorial on managing completed auctions. 

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