Uploading to Auction: Step 1 - Set Your Preferences

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NOTE: Your mall, store, or MakeAShop does NOT need to be active on in order for you to use the auction upload system.

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. Click on the link for "Auctions"

  3. Click on "Set Auction Preferences" to set up your "preferences" for shipping, auction duration etc. This information is saved so that you'll only have to do this one time unless you want to change your preferences.

  4. If you live close to a major city, you might wish to use a more recognizable location name than the one you are using for your store. For example, if you live in Redwood City, CA, you might want to have your auction uploads say "San Francisco, CA" so that potential customers in New York have some idea of where you will be shipping from. If you leave this blank, your city and state will default to your store address stored in the database.  To change it, simply type the new city and state name into your auction preferences and this will be used for all your uploads.

  5. Some of the auction houses have special buttons that you can use to indicate that you accept the following payment and shipping options.

    Note that if you specify PayPal as your choice of payment methods here, that you must include your PayPal email address.  To avoid confusing your customers, we very strongly recommend that you use your store email address for this, for you auction responses and for all correspondence with your buyers.  Customers can get very confused and apprehensive when they find they are dealing with multiple email addresses all on the same purchase!
  6. When an item is up for auction, you may choose how the item appears in your online shop.

    You may choose to :

    1. to link to the auction from the page on your store; (recommended - this puts an auction button on your site in place of the price so that people can't order it while it's up for auction.)
    2. to hide the item on; (item will remain in your inventory but will not appear in your shop)
    3. to show only the price and to hide the ordering button on the item.
  7. Choose how long you wish your auctions to run:

    You may choose one of the following:
       1 day
       3 day
       5 day
       7 day
       10 day
       14 day

  8. You may add a text field if you like that will appear after the description of EVERY item you upload. Some examples are: standard return policy, or a statement about what kinds of international money you accept, or other "standard" things you want with every item you upload. But you may not add e-mail addresses, or links of any kind. Note: you may add HTML to your description, but we at are not responsible for fees resulting from your experimentation with this feature.  Also note that most of the auction houses have features in their sites that will modify your HTML so your display behaves as they wish.

  9. Would you like to have automatic e-mail messages sent to your winning bidders? (If your shop or mall is not yet active on Please do NOT select the option for an auto e-mail to be sent to the winning bidder for payment.)


  10. Now click the Button.

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