The Auction is Complete!  AND I have a buyer!  What now?

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When your auction completes, you will receive an email that tells you it has done so, and your successful high bidder will receive one also that gives them instructions on how to come to your site and complete the transaction.  An order that reflects the auction will also automatically be added to your orders for the month.  This is a process that runs approximately every four hours, so it won't necessarily happen immediately after the auction closes, but it should happen very soon thereafter.

However, this is a process that has an inherent level of loss because of two factors:

  • ISP's do not always deliver email -- just because an email was sent does NOT mean that your customer received it;
  • There is a certain level of error with (particularly) eBay and the email addresses that are supplied by customers.

So what should you do:

  1. Review your orders daily to see if there are new ones (go to your orders and billings page and select the option to view open orders -- the auction number appears in the right side of the order display);
  2. If you have things at auction, review the auction listings to see what has closed -- the display will show the order number associated with the auction
  3. If you have not heard from the person who won the auction, contact them directly.  If, for some reason, you cannot get their email from the TIAS system, you can get it from your auction.  The interfaces differ a bit between eBay and Yahoo!, but in both systems you can get it by clicking on the buyer's name. You'll have to log in as the owner of the auction, but then the auction house will then give you the purchaser's email address.  You can (and should) use this to contact the buyer.

  4. When you communicate with the customer by email, see if they have the link to their secure shopping cart.  If they don't have the link to their secure shopping cart, you should send it to them.  Do NOT encourage anyone to send credit card information over email. If you need to find a shopping cart link:

    1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.
    2. Click on the link for "Auctions.

    3. Click on the Link titled  'Find Auction / Order'.   You can enter the auction number and it will tell you the order that's associated with it and will also give you the link that you'll need to send to your customer so they can enter the secure shopping cart and give you their information.  Note:  if the shopping cart is closed (the order has moved from the 'inProcess' state to the 'ordered' state), you'll need to reopen it for the customer.  If this is the case, you'll see a message that the cart status needs to be reset and a button to do it.  If you do want to re-open the cart, just click the button labeled 'Re-open cart'

      Copy the address (URL) labeled 'Secure Shopping Cart' to an email and send it to the customer so they can enter and complete the information in secure mode.  When the customer is finished, the cart will re-enter the 'ordered' state.

  5. Once the customer enters the information, treat this like any normal order; verify the credit, obtain payment and ship it!

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