Important Info for AOL users

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AOL is a very popular browser. It is great for e-mail, chat rooms, and surfing the Internet. However it does pose some problems that you need to be aware of before beginning your shop. Read below how to avoid and overcome the problems.

You MUST be using at least AOL 5.0.  Note that 5.0 is not the current version:  Click here to download 7.0

Members pages must be accessed in a version of AOL that is 5.0 or greater.  We have reports that there are some serious performance problems with this software unless you have recently upgraded or purchased your computer.   If you do not wish to upgrade to AOL 5 or higher, you MUST download a different browser to work on your shop outside of AOL.

We recommend this very highly.  You can click on the links below to download a free copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), Netscape, Opera or Mozilla -- all of which have been tested and found to work acceptably on the members page. 

Browser Minimum Version Required Click to Download

 Internet Explorer

4.0 or higher
Netscape 6.0 or higher


5.0 or higher Click here to download 7.0


4.0 or higher


1.0 or higher

To utilize one of these other browsers:

  1. sign on to AOL

  2. Minimize the AOL screen (don't shut down AOL, just click the icon to make it tiny). 

  3. Click the icon for your other browser.

Do not use an AOL email address for your store email

We have found that its extremely common for AOL to lose email messages.   Since it will be very important that you get email messages from your customers, we STRONGLY suggest that you get another free email service such as Yahoo! or MSN and use that to get your store email.

Photos Uploaded Thru AOL Look Lousy?

AOL has a compression option in the preferences that may need to be set on your browser. You need to disable this compression of the graphics (by default, it is set to low quality)

1. Click on the "My AOL" icon

2. choose "Preferences" option

3. click on "WWW"

4. Choose the "Web Graphics" tab

5. make sure the checkbox title
"Use compressed graphics" has no X in it.

6. then click   then click


I just added items to my store and I can't find them!!!

In AOL clicking "refresh" alone won't work.  AOL caches pages, and it can be difficult to force it to refresh. Try this:

You need to hold down the key while you click "refresh". It will force the page to reload. Please keep this in mind if you are an AOL user it will save you lots of grief.

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