System Requirements

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If you want to be your own webmaster, it's easy! The tools that you access through your member's page are all you need to maintain your online business. No knowledge of HTML or any esoteric programming language is required -- just your browser, your merchandise and your own good business judgment. 

Here's all you need:

  1. Most importantly -- a willingness to learn and to work at running your online store!

  2. A digital camera or a scanner so you can get pictures of your items.  You may also find that an image editor of some sort is useful so you can crop your images.

  3. A computer -- Windows and the Macintosh are both supported.  Your will need to have enough memory to run whatever program you plan to use for editing the images of your store and the computer needs to be fast and stable enough that your browser will not crash. 

  4. A current operating system on your computer. While it is likely that you'll be able to use an older computer and operating system to maintain your online store, we cannot guarantee this if the manufacturer no longer does so!   Microsoft does not recommend using operating systems prior to Windows 2000 Professional ('Win 2K') or the Windows Millennium Edition ('Windows ME').  Mainstream support for Windows 95 was formally terminated on December 31, 2000 and for Windows 98 on June 30, 2002.  To read more, please review;en-us;lifeprodw  Please note that this page will not display in the Netscape browser. 

  5. An Internet connection from an Internet Service Provider of your choosing (normally under $20.00 per month).  Note that if you are using AOL, you may experience some problems with your email.  Please read the section titled 'Important Information for AOL users';

  6. An Internet browser; Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, AOL or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  See the section below to determine which browser you have and whether you need to upgrade.

  7. A good email program. The free ones that come with your browser will work fine. 

What Browser do you have? 

What Browser do you need?  You must have one of the following browsers:

Browser Minimum Version Required Click to Download

 Internet Explorer

4.0 or higher
Netscape 6.0 or higher


5.0 or higher Click here to download 7.0


4.0 or higher


1.0 or higher


may be used to work with your inventory, but you will need to access a computer to upload photos. All items in your shop must have at least one photo.

***NOTE:  If you don't have one of the browsers above, you will find that many problems can be eliminated by upgrading your browser:

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