I need help with my store! And I have a few questions....

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We pride ourselves on the level of support our dealer community enjoys.

While our basic objective is to make the software so easy to use that you don't need help, we have set up several different ways for you to get information and help when you need it. Each works slightly differently and is intended to meet different needs.

  1. Context-sensitive help: These are the little question marks for help! next to menu choices and fields. You can click these and get help that specifically describes an option or an input field. These are widely deployed throughout the menu system and we are adding them elsewhere as time permits.

  2. System Tutorial: This is accessible from your members menu.  It contains more general articles. It describes functions and situations like 'How do I cancel an order?' and provides the general sort of overview that a store owner might need -- really more of the 'why' than the 'what'. To get to the tutorial, click the menu link titled 'System Tutorial'.

    The tutorial has a query engine where you can ask questions. This is available 7x24 and is swiftly developing into the best way to get a quick answer to a question.

  3. Filing a System Problem Report: This is the best way to get an immediate answer to a problem. Its the option on your menu titled 'Report System Problem'. This report does not go from your personal email so it is not subject to any email problems that your ISP may be having. The feature permanently records your question, takes a snapshot of the system at the time the problem occurred and sends alert messages to the appropriate staff.

    To use this, simply click the option here or use the menu option to report problems/make suggestions. 

  4. Contact support: This is the best way to get a specific answer to a question, provided you've tried the tutorial and the context-sensitive help. Note that we don't staff support 7 x 24 and getting an answer can take up to 48 hours (although it rarely does). Click here to create a message.

    Just a note about emergency contacts:  most of the CS staff work standard eight hour shifts, although some of the shifts are outside of the traditional 9-5 business hours.   If you contact an individual CS rep, you risk sending an email to someone who is off-duty and who won't see your email until they next report for work.   The message you send by clicking here gets immediately and simultaneously routed to ALL the CS reps, plus the second- and third-tier support staff.   This means that even if one particular CS rep is unavailable, your request will be seen by all the staff members who are on duty and one of them will act upon it, even if 'your' CS rep cannot.   So even though it may seem impersonal, your best chance for getting immediate help particularly during non-business hours is to use the form

    When you do communicate with us,

    1. If the issue is related to a specific item, or items on your site be sure to include the item number. Simply saying "I added a bunch of items and the pictures don't show up" isn't enough info for us to go on and we will ultimately send an email back asking for the item numbers/category.

    2. If the issue is related to an item that has been ordered, include the order number. Simply sending a mail that says "Someone placed an order and I didn't get the email notification" won't help us too much in looking into the matter.

    We look forward to helping you make your online store the success that it deserves to be!

For Billing questions:

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