When (and how) Do I Get Billed?

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There are several different billing plans for the TIAS malls.  The specifics of your billing plan are outlined in your terms of service. You can access this from your Site Maintenance menu.

If you have a store in one of our malls that charges fixed monthly rates, you will be automatically be billed at the beginning of the month for the service that will be rendered in the coming month.

If you have a store where the payment due is based on sales volumes, you are billed at the end of the month.  The amount due is sent to you via email, but you can view an accounting of it at any time by using the link on your Order and Billings menu.  

The amount due will automatically be charged to the credit card that you have on file with us; the date that the charge will be processed is printed on your invoice. If you need to change the credit card that you use to pay for your online store, you can do so at any time. Go to the Site Maintenance Menu and select the option titled 'Your Credit Card Info'. This option allows you to specify a different credit card or enter a new credit card billing address.

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