Adding A Single or Custom Category

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Everything you need to control the inner workings of your online store is found in your Members Pages. The URL of your members page is:     If you lose your bookmark or you're on another computer, you can always get to your members page from the TIAS main page.  Simply select 'SELL' as an option and then 'Go to my store'.  It is a good idea to bookmark the page in your browser as you will use it often.

The left side of the members page is the menu.  This contains expandable links to access different areas of your account. The right side is your workspace. When you access your members page, you'll be asked for your login and password.  Your login was sent to you via e-mail when you opened your account if you are a MakeAShop dealer. Or provided to you if you have a custom shop or a mall.  Your login name is the same as you email.  So if you have a store named /stores/mystore, you can login as 'mystore' or ''.

This is the system tutorial and you can get to it from your menu.  Its conveniently listed close to the top so it will be easy to find!

If you are on any page and don't know what to do, use the handy little ...displaying orders. icons next to each field.  These appear throughout the system and provide DETAILED help about the feature or field that they appear next to.

Your shop consists of items.  The items are organized by category.  And the categories are organized by type.  You need to set up categories first and then add your inventory to the categories. When you select the option from your members' page menu that's titled Maintain Categories,  you'll see a page that has all your current categories listed:

You can use the option buttons to change or remove existing categories; the options for adding categories (either single ones or a large group) appear on the left side menu. 

The Item Group (or type) is the heading under which your categories will appear on your page.  This is an optional field; if you don't use it, all your categories will appear together in a list.

The categories on your store can be titled in any way that you wish.  This is the value that appears in the line titled 'Item Category'

To help the customers find things in the showcase, they need to be related to the common categories on the system.  You make and change this association by selecting the system category in the page to add or change an individual category; the process is described in more detail on those pages.  The value in the line titled System Category is that currently associated with this category in your store.

Creating Categories

There are two ways to set up categories (Note that you can always use the change category menu option to change the category once it was added -- these decisions are not irrevocable!) 

1.  Do you need to add all the categories for your store at once? (good choice!)

You don't have to add all the categories at once, but if you want to, you can use the add multiple categories feature to add a group of categories to your store all at once.   Click here to find out how to add multiple categories.

2.  Need just one category? Or one with pictures and a description?

Use the add single category menu option to add one category with a high degree of tailoring.   For instance, if you want pictures or text to appear at the top of your category page, you can specify it here.  Note:  if you want this kind of customization on your categories, but you have a lot to add, don't despair!  You can always use the 'change category' feature to add this later! Click here to find out how to add a single category.

3.  Need to change the information associated with a category or add pictures or a description?

Use the change category button on your category management page change the contents of any category -- title, description, match to system category,  add a picture or delete one.  Click here to find out how to change your categories.

4.  Made an error? Need to get rid of one of those categories?

Use the remove category button on your category management page to remove any category -- title, description, match to system category,  add a picture or delete one.  Click here to find out how to remove a category.

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