How Do I Add a LOT of Categories?

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Your shop consists of items.  The items are organized by category.  And the categories are organized by type.  When you have inventory, the title of the category that the inventory is in shows on your main page:


We've predefined categories that are used for merchandise throughout the system.  The system categories have been carefully defined to match up with the auctions and search engines. System categories are used by external search engines, by the showcase and by the search engine to find products.  Use this option to add categories to your store from the list of system categories. 

This is the option you used if you set up your store with MakeAShop and is the easiest place to begin.

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. On the left side menu, click on the link titled "Maintain Categories".

  3. Now click on the link titled "Add Multiple Categories".  You'll see this page:

  4. The left column is a listing of all the system categories.  If there are more detailed categories in a category group, you can see these by clicking "more".  You can collapse the list, hiding categories that you don't use simply by clicking on 'hide unused' (note that categories that you are using will always be visible, as will the 'parent' categories above them.

  5. Notice there is a check box next to "Antiquities", you COULD choose that category if you wish

  6. Now click "MORE" to the right of "architectural antiques".  Notice how the list expands and you can now check off "General", "Doors", "Keys and Locks", "Old Wood", "Plumbing Fixtures" or "Weathervanes", but you can't check off "Windows", as this can expand to a more defined category.)

  7. If you like you can click "Display all..." at the top to display the entire list.

  8. NOW go ahead and check off the category you wish to add by clicking your mouse on the little white box (this will put a check mark in the box).  If you've selected a category that you do not want, simply click again to turn this choice off.

  9. When finished, click the button at the bottom or the top of the page

Note that the category will not display on your main page until there are some items in it.  We've found that it makes shoppers very angry if you invite them to look at a category and there's nothing there.  So after adding the category, please proceed to add items and all will be well!

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