How Do I Change or Customize A Category?

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Your shop consists of items.  The items are organized by category.  And the categories are organized by type.  When you have inventory, the title of the category that the inventory is in shows on your main page:

Main Page

Use this option to make changes to your categories. Note: you cannot change the ID of the category. It really does not matter because no one except you will see it.  All other fields -- title, description, icon -- can be changed at any time.
  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. On the left side menu, click on the link to "Maintain Categories".  You will see a list of your categories that looks like this:

    Find the category you want to change in the list on the right side of the screen and click on the button to the right of it's name.

  3. You are now looking at the current information about the category.  This page looks like this:

  4. Id: This is the internal name of the category and you can not alter it, once you've chosen it.  This really does not matter because it is not visible to anyone except you.

  5. Title: The title that the customer sees appears here.  To change the category title simply re-type the information.

  6. Type: Category types are used to group categories together on the main page of your site (see example above).   Items without a category type are grouped together and appear first on your main store page.  You can change or remove "type" by retyping or deleting the information in the Type field.

  7. Icon: You can add a category icon if you like, or change an existing icon. This is a little picture that will appear at the top of each category page.  Or you can check the box to remove current icon without uploading a new image.

  8. System Category:   You can have categories in your store that don't have the same name as a system category, but you'll need to pick a system-wide category for it to 'map' to.  The system categories have been carefully defined to match up with the auctions and search engines. System categories are used by external search engines, by the showcase and by the search engine to find products.  So it's very important to choose the MOST ACCURATE SYSTEM CATEGORY for your item. Many dealers have questioned why an item doesn't show up in a search they thought it should be listed in, the answer is almost always that it was listed in the wrong system category.  

    The good news is that this is not an irrevocable decision -- you can always change the system category that your store category is mapped to.  Simply highlight the category on the list that you want.

  9. Long Description: (Optional): This is the paragraph that appears on the top of the category page: You can enter as much text as you wish here, but its not a good idea to make this extremely long.  You want your customers to start seeing inventory as quickly as possible when they get to your category pages.

  10. Meta Info:  This information is optional and does not apply to the "Make a Shop" sites. It is controlled by a preference that is set by the support department; until the preference is set on, you will not see this input field.

    The meta tags are used by external search engines to find your page.  Your meta tags are generated automatically from your items and categories.  We've put a lot of work into making sure these are accurate and work well on Google.  If you are absolutely convinced you can do a better job at this than our engineer who specializes in the field, you can ask support to turn on the preference that will allow you to write your own meta tags.  Frankly, we don't recommend doing this.

  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Make Changes"  button

  12. The final step: After making ANY changes or additions to your categories, you need to update your store pages by clicking on the button located at the top left of your page.  Until you do so, your changes won't be visible.

Note that the category will not display on your main page until there are some items in it.  We've found that it makes shoppers very angry if you invite to look at a category and there's nothing there.  So after adding the category, please proceed to add items and all will be well!

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