How do I know What Categories Are Available? Which Should I Use?

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You MUST choose the most appropriate System Category that matches the items your new Category will contain. 

You can have categories in your store that don't have the same name as a system category, but you'll need to pick a system-wide category for it to 'map' to.  The system categories have been carefully defined to match up with the auctions and search engines. System categories are used by external search engines, by the showcase and by the search engine to find products.  So it's very important to choose the MOST ACCURATE SYSTEM CATEGORY for your item. Many dealers have questioned why an item doesn't show up in a search they thought it should be listed in, the answer is almost always that it was listed in the wrong system category.  

The good news is that this is not an irrevocable decision -- you can always change the system category that your store category is mapped to.

When you are in doubt as to where something should go, it is often a good idea to use the search engine on the TIAS main page and see where other people have put similar items. When you view your search results, you can tell which system category the item is in. For instance, if you have a refrigerator container and you'd like to know how other dealers have listed similar items, searching for 'refrigerator containers', you may find that there is a federal glass container listed thusly:

System Category: Glass-Depression Glass-Federal Glass:
Item Title: Federal Glass refrigerator container, lid
Item DescriptionThe lid has corn, tomatoes, celery and carrots on them.

You can also review the system categories that are available to you.  To do so, go to Category Maintenance and select the option 'Display Categories'.  This handy report will allow you to view, print or download the list of categories that is currently in your store or the list of the current system categories.  You can also use this function to search for a system category by name.

If you cannot find an appropriate system category or if you want to get a new system category added, please send a request to Please give the category name, the major category /subcategory you'd like to have it added to and explain why you believe this should be added

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