How do I change my password?  I forgot my password -- what now?

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Need to change your password?  Your password is encrypted in a way that it CANNOT be decoded -- not by support or by anyone else, barring a very determined hacker and a supercomputer. So if you've lost or forgotten it, you'll need to reset it. 

If you can still log on (in short, if your computer remembers your password, but you need it for another machine)

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. Select the Site Maintenance menu and then select menu entry titled 'Your Site Password'.  You'll see the following page:

    Things to note when changing your password:
    • Your store handles financial information for your customers. It is your obligation to protect their data; you need to secure your access with a password that would not be evident to a hacker.
    • Your password needs to be at least six characters long and must contain at least six different characters. More is better because it will be harder to 'crack'!
    • If you have previously had a password on our system, your new one must differ significantly from your old one.
    • Common sense should tell you not to use your name, user id, initials or a single English word as a password on this (or any) computer system. Its a good idea to use more than one word and special characters (like a dash) or numbers so that your password is difficult for someone else to guess.
  3. When your changes are complete and correct, click the button that says 'Change Passwd' and your change will be made.  This change is immediately effective.  The first time that you log on to each machine (there are many in the cluster), you'll need to provide your new password.  Your password change is ALSO immediately effective for the the FAST (an XML-based protocol) and FTP interfaces, if you are one of the sites that use the advanced or batch interfaces..

If you cannot log on:

  1. Go to the main TIAS page ( and select the option 'Track orders' (no kidding).  This will take you to
  2. Enter your TIAS email address (
  3. Click the check box  that says "If you have forgotten your password, or did not select a password when placing an order, click here and we will email you a new one. (You must have JavaScript enabled for this link to work.)
  4. The system will assign a new password and send it to the address that you specified.

If nothing else works to get your password:

  1. Try to log on three times.  When this fails, you will get a page where you can contact customer support.  Complete this information and click the button that reads 'Help!'  This will send your information and the password you are trying to support.  Please note that this may take up to 48 hours (one business day) to get an answer, so the other alternatives are a better choice.


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