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In this section:

  1. What is a featured item?
  2. What does a featured item do?
  3. How do featured items work?
  4. How do I feature an item?
  5. How do I know if my featured items are working?
  6. How do I remove a featured item?
What is a featured item? If you're new to the system, you may be asking yourself  'What are those little pictures that some people have on their home page?'  and 'How do I get pictures of my items on the mall main page'.  These are called 'Featured Items'. Featuring an item makes it more visible to visitors to your site and to the mall by causing it to be specially displayed.

You can feature items, a process which causes images of the item, its title and (in some cases), its price to be displayed in a high-traffic location.  You can feature as many items as you like without cost on your own site and they will look like this:

If you would prefer to have your featured items appear horizontally, use the site customization option (on the Site Maintenance Menu) to specify this.

For a small fee, you can have your merchandise displayed on the site main page or on the store directory pages:

What does a featured item do?

If a visitor clicks on the image of the featured item, they are immediately shown the full page view for the item (the 'picture page') that appears on your site.  If they like what they see, they can then place the item in their virtual shopping cart and buy it.

How do featured items work?

Featured items are selected for a certain number of displays. Each display is counted and when the number of requested displays is exhausted (or if the item is sold), the display is terminated. If you have more than one of an item, the display is not terminated until the available item count reaches 0 or the number of requested displays is reached, whichever comes first.

If there are more featured items to be displayed in a given location at a given time than can be displayed, they are displayed randomly until the display count is exhausted or the item is sold, whichever comes first.

What is best to feature?

As you work with featured items, you'll find that certain types of merchandise attract more attention and are better candidates for featuring.   Since the images of the product are fairly small, its also very important to make sure that enough detail shows to attract a potential buyer's attention. 

How to feature an item:

  1. Go to your Members Page.  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. Now click on the link to "Maintain Inventory"

  3. If you know the item number, type it at the prompt on your menu that looks like this and click the 'Find' button:

    Enter item number

    If you don't remember the exact item number, but you know the name of the item, enter the name in the input box below that's titled 'Enter item name' and click the 'Find' button:

    Enter item name

    If you don't know the exact number or name, you can also view all items in a particular category by using the drop-down selector at the top of the page.

  4. In any case, you'll see the item display:


  5. Click the   button.  You will see a page that shows the item and that allows you to select where it will be featured:


  1. Select the location you wish, and in the box titled 'select Impressions' pick how many times you want the item to be displayed (what is an 'impression'?  It is a single display of the featured item.  Each time the featured item is displayed to a potential customer, this counted as one of the impressions.) 

  2. You will be allowed to preview the item and approve it.  If the item is being displayed on your site, it will become active as soon as you approve it.  If it appears on your mall main page, your mall manager will review and approve it for you.  Until it is approved, it won't be visible.

How do I know if my featured items are working?

You can tell the status of your featured items by using the option for the featured item report on your inventory menu.  This shows you the status of all your featured items.

What if I want to stop a featured item? Do they stop by themselves?

When you feature an item, you'll select the number of times you want it to be displayed (these are called 'impressions'). Normally, the item will display until all that you have of the item are sold or until the number of requested displays is exhausted, which ever comes first.

Change your mind?  Want to remove a featured item?  On the featured items report (available from both the reports and the inventory menu, there is a link where you can 'un-feature' an item.  If you need to delete a featured item, that is the option you should use to do so.

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