Making Changes to an Existing Item

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  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, you can click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

    If you are adding a lot of very similar items to your inventory, you will want to note that this feature can be used to create a new inventory item by copying information from an existing item to a new item number.  This handy feature can save a great deal of time and repetitive data entry! Pictures are not copied -- you'll need to upload your new image as part of creating the item!

  2. To update an item in your inventory, go to your inventory maintenance menu (click "Maintain Inventory" on your menu).  You'll see a menu that looks like this (note:  the exact colors may vary, depending on your mall group's current graphic set):

    A.  If you know the item number or item title (item name)

    Enter the item number or the item title in the appropriate box and click the 'Find' button located next to it (in most browsers, you won't have to click the button; your search term will be automatically submitted for you.)

    B. If you don't know the item number or title

    1. Select the category where the item is;
    2. All the items in the category -- with pictures -- will be displayed.  If you have a large number of items, they may have to be displayed in two or more pages.
    3. When you find the item you want to edit, click the 'Update' button
  3. You will now see the page with the information for this item displayed.  You can simply type over anything you want to change.  Don't like the picture of the item?  You can put in a new image for the item by simply browsing it off your desktop!

    If you want to create a new item from an existing item, simply enter the new item number in the input field labeled 'Item #'.  You will need to click the 'Copy to New Item' button when you are finished with this page if you want a new item created.

  4. When your information is complete, you need to click one of the two buttons at the bottom of the page.
  1. If you click 'Apply Changes', the changes you made will be applied to your existing item
  2. If you click 'Copy To New Item', an entirely new item will be created from your existing one. 
  1. After making ANY changes or additions to your inventory AT ANY TIME, you need to update your pages.  The change will be immediately effective in your inventory, but your main page is not updated automatically.  To update your pages click the 'Update Pages' button located on the top left of the menu.

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