How Will I know If I Have a Sale?

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Normally you will receive an e-mail notifying you of a sale. But (as you know) e-mail is not always reliable, so it's a good idea to check your members pages daily. Here's how!

  1. Daily, you should go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. If you have open order, on your dashboard, you'll see a message that tells you how many orders and that gives you a link you can click to go and process them.  Click that link.

  3. You will see a list that shows you all your open orders and gives you the opportunity to confirm, charge or ship your order:

To read about how to process your order, click here.   To read more about each linked option, continue on this page. 

Order Maintenance

If you click on the order number, you'll see the individual order management page.  This is composed of eight separate sections, each of which is described below:

3.1 Addresses:  This section contains all the address information for the order.  If the order started at an auction, you'll see the number of the auction. 

Note the links to the address validation routines -- if there is ANY doubt that the address is correct, its a good idea to check the address with the US postal service.

3.2  Payment: This section shows the payment data.  Note that the credit card number is NOT displayed.  To get the credit card information, click the link to print order documentation. 

Note that for security reasons credit information will print only ONCE!  if you need it reprinted, please contact customer support.

3.3  Shipment: This section shows the requested shipment method and gives you a place to enter the shipper tracking data.  Note:  if the order is not yet charged, you'll be able to enter the shipping charge in the payment data section above.

3.4  Demographics: This section shows how the customer says they got to your website and what their stated preference is for being contacted.   If you use a separate filing system, you may enter that data here in the 'personal reference number field'

3.5  Item detail  If you've made changes to the order, you can click here and apply them.

You can click the box to send a copy to the customer.  If you want to send the customer a longer note, enter the data further down the page and use the update button there. 

You can also delete the order here .

If you want to change an item, add one or delete one, you can do it in this section.  If the order has been paid for or shipped, you will NOT be able to add items to it and those buttons won't appear.

3.6  Add comments:  This is a very handy feature -- you can write anything you want about the order and it becomes part of the order history.  You can keep these notes private or email them to your customer.   If you want, you can cut and paste the comments that the customer makes to you into this space and get a complete record of the conversation about this order.

3.7  Comments history: This section simply shows you the comments that have been applied to this order. 

3.8  Action history  This section shows you every change that's been made to the order, when it was made, the status of the order at the time that the change was made and what the change was.


Customer History

If you click the customer's name, you'll get the customer history overview. The customer history overview lets you see activity for the customer and to make notes about the customer or the order process that are not specifically linked to a single order:

This display allows you to update the information for the customer.  To view detail on any order, simply click on the order number.

If this customer resides in the US, you can check their address with the US Post Office and obtain the full corrected version (including the zip+4 code). Simply click the button labeled 'USPS' and a new small window will open with this information displayed (providing, of course, that the Post Office has it!). You can then correct the information and use the "Update" button to apply the corrected information to the account.

Occasionally, the customer's address is so badly misspelled that the USPS cannot find it. In this case, you may want to use the Mapquest lookup. Mapquest also works on non-US addresses. Click the Mapquest button and you MAY be able to get a corrected street address.

If you would like to enter an order for this customer, make sure that the address information is correct, updating the contact information as needed. Then click the 'Enter Order' button. You'll go immediately to the order entry page where you can enter the balance of the order information.

Order History

All changes to each order on your website are documented in your order log file.   To see the history on any order, you can look at the order itself (the log data is displayed at the bottom of each order), or you can click on the 'transaction history' link.  If you do, you'll see a display something like this:

This shows you each change that's happened to the order and who made the change.  In large organizations that use individual log-ins for each person, this will show the individual's name.

Credit Processing History

If this was a credit card order, you'll see the link 'cc process review'.  Clicking on this brings you to the credit process review screen:

This screen lets you review all the credit processing transactions for your order.  If you need to update the customer's credit card information, you can click the 'Enter CC' link and do so.  If there is any un-charged balance on the order, it will also show on this page.   You can check the box and click the 'retry' button to attempt to reprocess this order.

Note:  When a customer places an order, two e-mail's are generated by the system, one to you (the seller) and the other to the customer. Here's what it looks like:

Order Number: 189001 (the order number)

From: (Your Shop information)
Your Shop Name
Your shop address
Your City, Your State Your Zip
Your Country

Phone: your phone #

Ship to: (Shipping Information - be sure to note shipping country for calculating shipping charges)
Shipping Name
Shipping Address
Shipping City, State & Zip
Shipping Country

Bill to: (Billing Information - be sure never to ship until payment is received, and always beware of orders from outside the US)
Billing Name
Billing Address
Billing City, State & Zip
Billing Country

Billing Work Phone: (123)456-7890

E-mail: Buyers e-mail address

Payment method: check (customer's payment method)
Comments: Customer's comments
Order Source: How did the customer find your item

Your purchases - ( information on the item)
Qty Item Number Price Extended Price (extended price will reflect the total order if more than one item is ordered)
1 a511 $ 45.00 $ 45.00
Blue Willow Divided Plates (your item Title)
(Your Item description) This collection contains 5 Blue Willow Divided Plates. The plates are in fair condition. There is some wear. The plates are very heavy earthenware. Marked Made In Japan.

Please note that all prices are in U.S. currency. Shipping and handling are not included in the price of the item(s).

This is a copy of the order you placed with Your Store Name. If you have any questions about this order, please contact us.

Please print this document and keep a copy until your transaction is completed.

Thank you for your order! 

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