How do I accept Offers for my store

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The system has several options for dealing with customer offers.   You do not have to accept offers, but if you wish to do so, you can.  The options for controlling offers are in your Site Maintenance options and are in the section titled "Offer / Question / Contact Page"

If you are willing to allow customers to make offers for items on your site, click the box labeled 'Show 'Make Offer' button.  This will cause a button labeled 'Make Offer' to be shown next to each item when it is displayed in your store.

  • If you have not set up your site for automated conversion of offers to orders, any offer will appear in your customer questions; you can then contact the customer and make arrangements on the price.

  • If you have set up your site for automated conversion of offers to orders, you can set your site up so that an offer within a specified percentage amount of your asking price will be automatically accepted.  Or you can handle offers manually.  

Both options are explained below.

Automated Offer Processing
If you want to use automated conversion, use the 'Standard Offer Discount Pct'  to define a tolerance within which offers will automatically be accepted on your store and converted to orders (subject to the normal rules of order acceptance).   You enter a percentage (perhaps '10'%) in this field.   If the value is entered, the system will automatically accept offers within this percentage of an item's price.

You can tailor the standard policy and have special policies or exemptions for individual items 

The standard offer tolerance can be overridden on any individual item by setting the 'Dealer / Offer Minimum Price' to be whatever the minimum is that you'll accept for an item.  You can selectively set the price for any given item to be different from the standard tolerance  using the 'Dealer / Offer Price' field in item maintenance. The 'Dealer / Offer Price' field becomes available for data entry if you enter a discount percentage here.'

 If you are using this feature, items for which no offer is acceptable should simply have the offer minimum price set to be the same as the selling price. If you do this, then the "Make an Offer" button will not appear on these items.

Non-Automated Offer Processing
If you don't have automated offer processing turned on, you have two options when the customer makes an offer:

  • You can use the inventory maintenance functions to change the price on the item and then contact the customer to tell them that it is available at the lower price.  If you do this, it is a good idea to put your original price in the 'full/retail price' field and your new price in the 'customer price' field.  To be able to use the full/retail price field, you may need to add it to the fields for your store by using the options on the 'Item Page' of your Site maintenance options.  When you put a price in the 'full price' field, the fact that the item has been discounted will be visible to your customer as a percentage off number.  The problem with this method is that the change is visible to ALL customers.
  • You can also create a coupon that is specific to that particular item and email the coupon to the customer for them to use on their order.  To do this, in the 'Maintain Inventory' section, click the 'coupon' button next to the item you want to discount.  You'll see the standard coupon maintenance page.  You'll need to give the coupon a number, title and define what it is for (dollars off, a particular percentage, etc.)  You'll probably want to make sure the coupon is NO reusable and that the option to display it on your inventory page is off. 

In either case, you'll need to email your customer to tell them how to get their discount (by adding the discounted item to their cart OR by adding the item at full price to the cart and then adding the coupon to their cart)

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