OK - Now how do I get paid?

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You've got a sale and you need to arrange payment.  There are four different ways you can accept payment. Please click on the method that applies to you:

A. Checks and Money Orders
B. PayPal
C. Credit cards using your own merchant account
D. Credit cards using The Credit Card Processing System

Note that if you sold something through auction that the buyer may not immediately recognize your email address -- be sure to clearly mention the item that you sold as well as who you are. As a general note, its a very good idea to do all order correspondence through the order page -- this will build you an on-line order file of all communication you've had with the customer and it will be displayed every time you view the customer order:


Note the comment in the example above.  You can have as many comments as you want.

A. Checks and Money Orders

This is the easy one!
  1. Be sure your customer knows WHO to make the check or money order payable to (they may just have an email address).  If you think there is any doubt in this, go to your orders/billing menu, select the correct order (use the selector at the top of the page), select the order and send a comment to the customer.
  2. At the same time, you may also want to remind the customer that items paid for with personal checks will be held until the check clears. Give them a time frame!
  3. If you are a U.S. dealer, and the order is international be sure to specify an "international money order, payable by a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars."  Why "U.S. dollars"?  International currency rates can fluctuate quite a lot.  If you to accept a draft in (say) zlotys, riyals or drachmai, you don't know if the draft will be worth the same when you receive in a  week as it was when you agreed on the terms of payment.  If you have further questions about what kind of financial instruments your bank will accept for payment, ask them for help.

B. PayPal

If you accept PayPal, it is wise to add your email address to your PayPal account.

At the time your customer placed the order they were already notified of PayPal's URL to complete the order.

  1. Go to the members page and click on the link for open orders on your 'dashboard'. Find the order, click on the order number on the left side. This puts you into the program where you can edit the order.  As needed, add shipping, insurance or other information;
  2. And in the comments area, be sure to add your PayPal login and to remind the customer of the URL for PayPal.  In a text message, tell them about the total charge including shipping, insurance,  taxes and any other charges they need to be aware of (this will be transmitted on the top part of your message, but its a good idea to spell it out.
  3. And, if they do not know how to use PayPal, you may also need to explain the procedure to them.  One dealer says to their buyers: "To pay with PayPal, please send payment to (PayPal log-in) and include your order number in the message. If you would like me to send you a payment request through PayPal, please let me know. "
  4. Click the option to save the changes to the order and to send a copy to the customer.  This gives you a permanent record of the conversation and the customer gets an email that shows both the amended charges and your comments.  You can proceed from there to collect your money and ship the product.

Most people who use PayPal understand what to do when they read this. If they are new to PayPal and don't understand what to do, they usually email back and you can send them a payment request using the Request Money feature in PayPal.

Sophisticated PayPal buyers don't need this and may find it annoying to receive a Money Request. There's no way to alter the amount in a Money Request (such as adding or deleting money for insurance, delivery confirmation etc.). So its probably best to leave it to the buyer if at all possible in case they have changes.

One thing you should be aware of, is that if you use the Postini e-mail screening service, some emails about financial issues may trigger the filters that screen get-rich-quick schemes.   If you are using email screening and doing any financial business at all via email, you need to check the quarantine area daily.

Please note that offers PayPal as a service to our dealers, but we are not connected to PayPal in any way. If you experience any difficulties with PayPal, you will need to contact them directly to resolve any disputes.

C. Credit cards using your own merchant account

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.
  2. If you have not already printed the documentation for this order, click on the "Orders and Billing" menu option..
  3. Have your printer ready. 
  4. Now click the "Print Orders/Get CC Info" link.  You will see several choices for print; in general, you'll want the option 'Print New Orders.  This will print the office file copy and also the customer invoice.

NOTE: Once you have accessed this page, you can reprint it as much as you like, but you won't see the credit card information again.   To keep your customer's private information private, all credit information will be removed from the system to backup files.  (you can message customer service and they may be able to reset it for you).

  1. Now just manually process the sale using your equipment.

D. Credit cards using the Credit card processing system

If you are using automatic credit processing, you don't generally need to retrieve the credit card number -- its automatically passed to the credit processor.

If, for some reason, you do need the credit card number (like to talk to a bank about a dubious card), you can get it once -- and once only -- when you print the documents.   To print the documents for any given order, in the order display:

click the check box next to the word 'print' (on the far right side) of every order you want to print on the display and then click the print button at the bottom.

If its been printed once, it won't print again (you'll see "****" where the credit card number is  If you need help, customer service will probably be able to reset the number for you for a second print.  You will need to email and tell them the order number that you need reset.

This topic is too lengthy for discussion here and is thoroughly addressed in the manual for the credit card processing system that's available in the orders/billing section of your members page.


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