Adding An Order Manually

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Occasions may arise where it is necessary to manually add an order to your shop. If your shop is a MakeAShop or a commission based shop, all orders generated through your shop, constitute a sale, and a commission is due on these sales. Even if you are not required to pay commission, this is a handy way to get all your orders in a single place for purposes of tax or revenue reporting. Be sure, in this case, to specify that these orders are not subject to commission payments (that's the last field you'll enter on the form)! 

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. Click on the link for "Orders and Billing"

  3. Now click on the link titled 'Add/Copy an Order'.

  4. You will see a blank order form. If the customer has ordered from you before, you can copy the personal information from the old order to this one by entering the original order number and clicking the link
    Note this function copies the customer's information, including the credit card information from the old order (while keeping it secure). Item information from prior orders is not copied.

    To find the prior orders for a customer, use the link on the Orders and Billing menu that is titled 'Customer History'.

  5. Fill in all of the requested billing and shipping information on the form if it was not retrieved from another order.

  6. For each item on the order, you'll need to enter the title, price and quantity.

    • If the sale is an item that is not in your inventory, you may assign an item number at this time simply by typing the information. When you finish the order, the item will be added to your inventory with the quantity, title, description and price as you've specified them here. Note that this item will NOT be in one of your standard categories and it will not have a picture. If the sale falls through for some reason, you'll need to use inventory management to find the item, add a picture, any additional information (like costs or a more complete description) and move it to the appropriate category.

    • If the item already exists in your inventory, simply leave the "Get Item Details from Inventory" box checked, enter the item number and click the button labeled . The system will find the item, will create a dropdown for you that allows you to select the number of the item, and will fill in the item number, price and description. You may change these fields. It will also automatically turn off the 'Get Item Details from Inventory' check box because you do not want to re-retreive the information and wipe out any changes that you may have made to the item. When the order is completed, the inventory quantity will be decremented as usual.

    • Do you have more than 5 items to add? Most orders have less than five items so we just show 5 blanks, but there are some orders that have more (lucky you!). When your first five items are retrieved/added, you'll find that five more blank spaces are added for you to add more items.

  7. If you have automated shipping and/or tax calculation for your store, you will find that those boxes are checked and that those amounts will be added automatically for you when the order is processed. You can turn this feature off to manually add any amount that you want by 'un-checking' the boxes.' If you do, be sure to remember to add in any shipping, handling etc, selling price. If you don't have these options active in your store, you won't see the check boxes.

  8. If the sale is an eBay or Yahoo! auction, you can retrieve all the information from your auction if you know the auction number. Simply enter the auction id in the box and click the button labeled .

  9. If this is an order that you are recording that was NOT a product of your TIAS store and you normally pay commission, be sure to set the Transaction Type to 'phsyical store' so that you don't get charged commission on the order.

  10. When you have filled in all of the information, simply click on the button.

  11. If you created a new item in the process of entering the order, the system will show you a warning message to make sure that you really do want to add the item to your inventory. If you entered the order against items that are already in your store, you will not see this warning.

  12. The order will be added to the system. Note: An Order Acknowledgement email will automatically be sent to you and your customer.

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