Making Changes to a Shopping Cart or to an Order

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This section explains how make adjustments to your orders including adding shipping,  customer name and address changes, and how to adjust the price if you have negotiated a lower price than you had listed. A shopping cart is simply an order that is in the 'inProcess' status. You can also make changes to in-process shopping carts, but you should do so with some caution because the customer may not have added their payment information. In general, if the cart is not yet finished, it is best for the customer to simply click 'View My Cart' and then change what they wish.

  1. Go to your Members Pages (  If your members page is not currently displayed, click this link Members Pages to open it in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between your maintenance page and this tutorial.

  2. Click on the link for "Orders and Billing". At top of the page, you'll see a selector where you can enter an order number:

Click the selector for 'order #', enter the order number in the input box and click 'Display'. Order numbers are not always memorable and if the customer calls you on the phone and does not know their order number, all is not lost! You can also use the invoice number that appears on your customer documents if you are printing invoices, the customer's name, email or even their zip code.

  1. You'll see a display that shows the order in a concise format.

In the block under the heading 'Transaction Date / #" you'll see the date and time of the order, the order number (and a link to the order maintenance program -- just click to make changes like adding shipping or to email the customer), the current status of the order ( 'shipped' for any shipped order), the source of the order ('website' in this example) and below it, the line item number and the status of the item (the first item has been marked 'sold and hide' in this example).  Click on the order number to go to the order maintenance page.

  1. You will see a detailed display of the order.  You can make changes to the information about the order and adjust for shipping handling in the appropriate section:

    Content Appearance

    3.1 Addresses:  This section contains all the address information for the order.  If the order started at an auction, you'll see the number of the auction. 

    Note the links to the address validation routines -- if there is ANY doubt that the address is correct, its a good idea to check the address with the US postal service.

    3.2  Payment: This section shows the payment data.  Note that the credit card number is NOT displayed.  To get the credit card information, click the link to print order documentation. 

    Note that for security reasons credit information will print only ONCE!  if you need it reprinted, please contact customer support.

    3.3  Shipment: This section shows the requested shipment method and gives you a place to enter the shipper tracking data.  Note:  if the order is not yet charged, you'll be able to enter the shipping charge in the payment data section above.

    3.4  Demographics: This section shows how the customer says they got to your website and what their stated preference is for being contacted.   If you use a separate filing system, you may enter that data here in the 'personal reference number field'

    3.5  Item detail  If you've just have changes to the top part of the order and don't need to look further, you can click here, apply them and be done.  Note that you can click the box to send a copy to the customer.  If you want to send the customer a longer note, enter the data further down the page and use the update button there. 

    You can also delete the order here .

    If you want to change an item (for instance, by changing the price), add a new item or delete one, you can do it in this section.  If the order has been paid for or shipped, you will NOT be able to add items to it and those buttons won't appear.

    To change an item, simply click on the button next to the item you want to change. You'll see an editing page where you can modify the item description, the quantity or the price. Make your changes, note why you are doing so and click the button to update the item. Your change will be made immediately.

    If you want to add an item, click the button to add an item to the order. You will see a new display that looks like the one to the right.  For each item on the order, you'll need to enter the title, price and quantity.

    • If the sale is an item that is not in your inventory, you may assign an item number at this time simply by typing the information. When you finish the order, the item will be added to your inventory with the quantity, title, description and price as you've specified them here. Note that this item will NOT be in one of your standard categories and it will not have a picture. If the sale falls through for some reason, you'll need to use inventory management to find the item, add a picture, any additional information (like costs or a more complete description) and move it to the appropriate category.

      If the item already exists in your inventory, simply leave the "Get Item Details from Inventory" box checked, enter the item number and click the button labeled . The system will find the item, will create a dropdown for you that allows you to select the number of the item, and will fill in the item number, price and description. You may change these fields. It will also automatically turn off the 'Get Item Details from Inventory' check box because you do not want to re-retreive the information and wipe out any changes that you may have made to the item. When the order is completed, the inventory quantity will be decremented as usual.

      You'll see Your change will be made immediately.

    Optional page to add an item to an order
    (displayed on request)

    3.6  Add comments:  This is a very handy feature -- you can write anything you want about the order and it becomes part of the order history.  You can keep these notes private or email them to your customer.   If you want, you can cut and paste the comments that the customer makes to you into this space and get a complete record of the conversation about this order.

    3.7  Comments history: This section simply shows you the comments that have been applied to this order. 

    3.8  Action history  This section shows you every change that's been made to the order, when it was made, the status of the order at the time that the change was made and what the change was.

  2. Make any change you need to make in the appropriate section -- to change the customer address, use section 3.1 above, to change the item data, see section 3.5.  When the changes are complete and correct, use the input box in 3.6 to add comments to the order, choose whether you want the customer to get a copy and then click one of the buttons titled:   And you will be set!

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