What is Google Checkout?

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Google Checkout FAQ

How does Google Checkout relate to Google Shopping? Are they the same?
No, they are not. 

Google Shopping is Google's marketplace of products Google Checkout is a shopping cart that is integrated with your website.    You can see stores that use Google Checkout here You can be on Google Shopping without using Google Checkout


What is Google Shopping ("Google Base" / "Froogle")?
"Google Shopping" is the most recent name for Google Base.  And Google Base ('Base') was a renaming of "Froogle".  Google Shopping is Google's marketplace of product and is intended to help consumers find the items they want to buy; you can see it here

What does it take to get my online store onto Google Shopping?
Your store must accept electronic payments of some sort. Visa and Mastercard are two such payment methods. Google Checkout is another acceptable payment method. PayPal is not.

Does taking credit cards through PayPal count as an "electronic payment method" for Google Shopping?

I do want to take credit cards as an electronic payment method, but I don't want to use the TIAS credit processor.
You do NOT have to; we have an option where you can simply collect the credit card information and process it through your own machine. We have historically charged a fee for setting this up, but for at least the duration of the holiday, we are going to waive our fee.  If you don't want a TIAS merchant account, but do want to accept cards, contact  and find out about this option.

Do I have to have automated Tax Calculation and Automated Shipping turned on to be in Google Shopping?

Can I be on Google Shopping without using Google Checkout?

How do I get my items on Google Shopping?
It's automatic. If your payment methods qualify, we will automatically feed your information every evening to Google Shopping.


What is Google Checkout?
It is a way to accept payment through Google. Much like PayPal, Google handles the customer interface and collects the money for you. Google charges a fee (see below) that is about the same as any other credit processor. 

How does it work?
You'll need to set up your account on Google and then contact so they can check your setup and activate the feature. 

What do I have to pay TIAS for this?
Nothing; it will help you make money and if you make money, we do too!

How does this change what my buyers see?
When your store has Google shopping activated, your shoppers will see two options for checkout:

If they click 'Google Checkout', they will use the Google cart, rather than our standard one.  They will, however, receive all normal documentation and communication from you.  If you'd like to see this in action, feel free to try our test store.

How do I process orders accepted through Google Checkout?  Do I need to learn to use their tools?
You don't need to learn anything new; the interface is transparent to you.

When you go to process your orders, you'll see them on your store and process them like any other order. Google will send you risk information about the transaction and collect the money into the bank account you put on file with them when signing up for Google Checkout.  Throughout the process, TIAS (invisibly) 'talks' to Google and Google to TIAS.  As things change on either system, your TIAS order will be automatically updated and when the payment is received, TIAS will change the payment status so that you know it is ready to ship.  Using your normal business processes, you'll ship the order.  Throughout the process, the order on your TIAS store and the order on Google are maintained so that they are 'in synch'. For the a complete descritpion of how to process an order through Google Checkout, click here

Is having Google Checkout mandatory for TIAS Merchants?

Why use Google Checkout?
Doing so will almost certainly increase your sales because your items will be listed higher on the Google search engine

  • Using it appears to get your site ranked much higher on Google than if you do not use it; 
  • Your store will appear in additional searches and additional locations on Google;
  • And if you do not want to accept credit cards, it is a way to get onto Google Shopping.

Isn't this 'Pay for Placement'?
No, you are paying Google for a service -- and, conversely, for the fee you pay, they are helping you with the credit verification and risk management.  And they are getting assurances about your store and your products that enable them to have a higher level of trust in your listings.  This is reflected in your placement.

What does it take to use the Google Checkout (the Google Shopping Cart) on my online store and get my store into the Google Checkout listings?
You'll need to sign up for it and agree to pay their fees.

Do I have to have automated Tax Calculation and Automated Shipping turned on to use Google Checkout?
Yes, Google does require this.

I don't want to use Automated Shipping!
Sorry, but we are not allowed to put the Google Checkout button on your site if you do not.   Really, this is to your benefit! We have found that stores that have automated shipping calculation typically have about 30% higher revenue than those that do not -- customers LIKE knowing what their order is going to cost!   So ultimately, turning the feature on will increase your revenue on your store as well as enabling you to use the Google Shopping Cart.

I don't want to have to weigh every item!
TIAS supports many shipping options, some of which do not require weight calculation.  All the TIAS methods work on Google Shopping.  Many dealers use some version of fixed-price calculation or combine it with the vendors (UPS, USPS) method; some use fixed-price and some have other solutions   Visit the dealer's forum and see how your colleagues are handling this.

The way I currently have my sites set up, automated shipping is calculated for domestic orders. I have it set up, though, where international orders will not see their shipping charges automatically. I email them with shipping options once I receive the order. Will I still be able to use Google Checkout with this set up? If not, will taking off the international options all together be the best remedy?
You can use Google Checkout, but we won't be putting your international locations as possible destinations in the shopping cart because Google does not support 'quote after order' as a shipping calculation method. There is no need to take the international options off your site because this is a business model that is allowed on TIAS (not really recommended any more, but allowed) and we can manage the situation for you.

Occasionally, the shipping calculator gets a little carried away with shipping costs on multiple item domestic orders. If I see where I can save the customer on shipping costs, I adjust the shipping to the lower rate and let the customer know before charging their credit card. Will this still be possible with the Google Checkout?
You can, indeed, adjust prices on Google. But one of the things you can't adjust (as far as we can see) is the shipping. The Google shipping calculator is fully automated.  If you have dimensions on your items, we are calculating the estimated volume of the shipment and passing it to Google.  You may want to try some test shipments and see how much this is an issue.

I use Google Checkout in another store; can I use the same account for my TIAS store?
It depends on the level of integration of the other store. If they are not using the level 2 (advanced) integrated API, the answer is 'probably'; if they are, then the answer is 'no' because Google only allows one callback address per Google Checkout account (this is used for transferring order status information for the advanced integrated API). The solution in this case is very simple -- set up a second account and put TIAS on that. You won't be spending much time on Google because the TIAS implementation is integrated and you'll be working it through your normal store shipping processes.

If you think your other stores are not using the advanced API, please contact to discuss your specific case.

I do not use Google Checkout, but I have a gmail account.  Can I use this for Google Checkout?
Yes.  See instructions in the tutorial on how to do this.

Google is being unreasonable and coercive!   I want to use Google Checkout but I don't want to be forced to collect sales taxes.  How do I get an exception?
This is like going to play at someone's house.  If you won't follow their rules, you don't get to use their toys.


Will my store appear on the Google search engine if I use neither Google Shopping nor Google Checkout.
Yes, but our observation is that it won't be ranked as well as if you are on Google Shopping, much less on Google Checkout!  Google understands that people who are searching for a particular item are very likely doing so because they want to buy it and will rate listings that have better and more clear purchasing information highest.  A listing that has been audited through Google Shopping will rank higher than on that has not.  And one that uses Google Checkout (which allows them to verify the merchant) will rank even higher than one that is in Google Shopping alone. So, it appears that, in the interest of promoting an excellent shopping experience for the customer, Google presents items from verified merchants ahead of those that are not verified.

If I don't use Google Shopping or Google Checkout, does this hurt other merchants on TIAS?
No.  We have also found some cases where the content of a merchant's listing caused problems; we either correct the issue during upload (like fixing your capitalization) or we simply don't feed your item. You'll get a report periodically of those items that we did not feed. 

What do I have to pay TIAS for this extra feature?
It's free. 

Happy Holiday Shopping!

P.S.  We've been asked about account verification through Google (this is where you register your bank account so they can deposit your money and they respond by making a small deposit in your account.  You have to look for the deposit and enter the verified amount to prove that your account number was entered correctly.)   The process takes a couple of days and people have had a hard time finding the place to enter the deposit amount after it is received.  The location, for your reference, is

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