How do I Process an Order with Google Checkout?

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You don't need to learn anything new or do anything special to process an order through the Google Shopping Cart; the interface is transparent to you.

This means that you need to process all your orders through TIAS! Every change or update that you make will be reflected in parallel changes in Google. We have tried to ensure that if you end up transacting through Google without going through TIAS, that this will work correctly, but we cannot guarantee that would be the case. When in doubt, please ask

When you go to process your orders, you'll see them on your store and process them like any other order. Google will send you risk information about the transaction and collect the money into the bank account you put on file with them when signing up for Google Checkout.  Throughout the process, TIAS (invisibly) 'talks' to Google and Google to TIAS.  As things change on either system, your TIAS order will be automatically  and when the payment is received, TIAS will change the payment status so that you know it is ready to ship.  Using your normal business processes, you'll ship the order.  Throughout the process, the order on your TIAS store and the order on Google are maintained so that they are 'in synch'

  1. When an order is first placed, you'll see it in the new orders section of your Order Processing program.  At this point, unless you want to cancel the order, you need to do nothing.  To cancel the order, select it and click 'Cancel Order' as you normally would.  The order will be cancelled on TIAS and Google at the same time.


  2. You cannot increase the price of a Google order, but you can decrease it by refunding money to the customer.  To do so, click on the order number to put it into edit mode.  If it is a Google order, you'll see a place in the middle of the page where you can enter a refund:

    To enter a refund, you can add a description, an amount and click the 'issue refund' button.  Then, click 'save change to order' to return to order processing.

  3. You will not be able to charge the order until Google has cleared it. Specifically, Google performs a risk assessment of the order's credit and we will send you an email with the findings.  you'll be able to see if the CVS matches, if it has AVS and how long the buyer has had the account.   And you can see whether it is eligible for Google risk protection.  It will read something like this:

    This is to inform you of the order risk information on order 13420285. You have not yet been paid. Do not ship until the order is in the 'payment received' status!

    Your Order Number: 13420285
    Google Order Number: 144134149397304
    AVS Match: Y
    CVN Match: Match
    CC Number: ****-****-****-1459
    IP Address:
    Buyer Account Age:22
    Eligible for Risk Protection: true

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  4. Google will attempt to pre-clear the payment.  When this has been done and Google has determined that the order is chargeable, it will move the payment to the 'Orders to be Charged' section (in the unhappy event that the card is not good, it will go to Payment Declined).  You will receive an email notification as well.  If you agree that you have the item and you are ready to collect money for it, select the order and click the "Charge Google Orders" button.  The system will charge the shipment on both TIAS and Google:

  5. As soon as the charge has cleared, the order will move into the 'Orders to be Shipped' status.  You will receive an email noting that this is the case. At this point, all you need to do is to pick, pack and ship the package.  When you've wrapped it and have the carrier track-and-trace number, select the order, click 'Record Shipment' and proceed as normal.  The order will be marked shipped on both your site and on Google and notification sent to the customer.  

  6. As with any shipped order, TIAS will automatically move it from the live area to archive and adjust your inventory appropriately.

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