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Advertising at

We want to build a long term advertising relationship with you, so TIAS offers affordable and very effective advertising services.

  • With over 260,000 subscribers, TIAS publishes the largest email newsletter for collectors in the world. The Collectors Newsletter offers the greatest reach for your advertising dollar. The newsletter is published twice each week. You can reach these readers for as little as $1 per 1000 readers. Advertiser must purchase the entire subscriber list at time of ad publication in newsletter. For details, contact us at 1-888-OLD-STUF or email
  • Banner advertising on and for as little as $3 per 1000 banners (CPM) or $0.30 per a click (CPC). Minimum purchase is $210. For details, contact us at 1-888-OLD-STUFF or email
  • TIAS home page text ad in left column $0.30 per click. Minimum buy of $210. For details, contact us at 1-888-OLD-STUFF or email
  • If you are a TIAS dealer, you can advertise your product on the TIAS main page or on the category and search pages by using the option in your Inventory Maintenance moduel to feature items. Items that are featured on the main page are priced at $1/thousand impressions; ones on the store directory listings page are $2/thousand impressions. Advertising on your own pages is free!
  • In 2002, TIAS began offering a online classified ads called the TIAS Exchange. The popularity of the system exceeded our expectations. The Exchange is a great way to advertise a few items to the TIAS readership if you don't want to set up a complete store.
  • Pay as little as $0.05 per customer at, the official antique and collectible directory of Curioscape is the oldest and largest directory of antique and collectible sites on the Web, serving about 80,000 users a month. For more information click here. offers very affordable and targeted advertising packages. Our customers are comfortable purchasing merchandise online and are interested in antiques, collectibles and related services. Services that would benefit from advertising on TIAS.COM include, but are not limited to:

  • Auction Houses (both online and offline)
  • Antique & Collectible Shows
  • Antique & Collectible Merchants & Suppliers
  • Shipping & Freight Companies
  • Online payment services
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Antique Shops (Both online and offline)

TIAS Demographics and Traffic information

  • Average hits per day 4,500,000 +
  • Average unique users per day 175,000 +
  • Male to Female ratio: 60% female
  • Percent of TIAS shoppers that purchase online: 59%
  • Age Groups: 32% over 50, 62% under 50
  • Most popular fixed price Antique Mall: TIAS by 4 to 1 margin

The above information was recently collected from over 1.7 MILLION registered users on the TIAS system.

We are here to answer them. Call 1-888-653-7883 or email  We look forward to serving you.


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