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About Mailing Lists

Your customer list is one of your major assets!  Customers who have purchased from you before are much more likely to be good sales prospects than unqualified leads.

The e-mail manager allows you to create e-mail lists from your prior orders, to edit your e-mail lists and to send mail to those on the list.  It offers a broad range of state-of-the-art  features and bears about the same resemblance to a standard mailing list system that a Ferarri bears to your old pair of Nikes.

What do you get?  Click here to read the full documentation for this product, or read on for the 35,000 foot view!

You can create as many lists as you like, basing your selection on other lists, on all prior orders between certain dates and/or on  prior orders within zip code ranges and/or on prior orders for items within certain product categories.

Use these lists to notify interested customers of sales or combine the power of direct e-mail advertising with the popular coupon/offers feature to drive demand for your store with limited time offers or other purchasing incentives.

Worried about the overhead of maintaining a mailing list?  The rich feature set of the Mailing List manager makes maintenance  a breeze.  Features include:

Public and private mailing lists:   Create special-purpose or working lists that are not visible to your subscribers.  Combine and edit your lists to create new ones.

Multiple lists:  maintain as many lists as you want; create lists dynamically from your closed orders or from your prior mailing list. 

Simple Mailer interface:  Mail to your lists as often as you like (and as good taste and judgment will allow!)

Complete visibility to your lists:  you can view and maintain the contents of all your lists online, real-time -- no time-consuming email entry and paper shuffling through Major Domo!

Site 'Opt-in' link:  Your customers will automatically see the 'join our mailing list' link on all the menus at the bottom of your pages.  When they register, these customers are added to a special list so you know who they are.

Unsubscription Link:  All emails created and sent by the Mailing List system include an unsubscribe link that allows your customers who do NOT wish to be notified to painlessly remove themselves.  NO action is required on your part.

Automated "clean up" of bad addresses:  All bounced emails are automatically evaluated and those addresses automatically removed from your list.

Real-time notification of mailing progress:  as your mailing is sent, you are automatically notified of its progress


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