Getting Listed on Google
(Why is my competitors product 'ahead' of mine?)

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This is a brief discussion of how Google works and how your product gets listed on it.

Basically, Google has three mechanisms for "discovering" inventory.

  1. Direct Feed:  If your product qualifies, we will upload it to Google Shopping on your behalf.  For this to happen, you must:

    1. be located in the US

    2. accept credit card payments or checks;

    3. not have product that is forbidden to be on Google Shopping (firearms, human organs, faux merchandise, etc.)

    4. collect sales tax

    5. if the item is a book published after 1970, it must have an ISBN

    If you qualify for this feed, 100% of your qualified product is fed every day.
  2. Sitemap:  On a nightly basis, we send the information about the entire site to Google. The only items that are sent in this feed are the ones that have been added to the site or changed since the last feed.

  3. Spidering: Google also routinely sends its robot ("GoogleBot") to retrieve content from all the TIAS malls.  Particularly if you have recently listed an item in the "News" section of the mall, your entire store is likely to get visited and indexed by Google. We do not control this process and Google changes it frequently and typically does not disclose exactly how they are currently doing the spidering; for more information, you may want to search on Google.

Thus, even if your store does not qualify to be fed to Google, you'll find that your merchandise is being retrieved by one or both of the other two methods.

Google provides information to people who search based on the relevance of the listing to the term that is being searched.   For more information about how this works,  read



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