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Q:  How do I know who is on my list?

You can view the contents of any list by clicking the 'View/Change' button next to that list.   This will display all names on your list (and also give you the chance to change the list by deleting some entries if you wish)

If there are more subscribers on your list than can be briefly displayed, you'll see a list of the letters of the alphabet; select the sublist that you want to view. If there are too many on the sublist to be displayed (a happy situation!), you'll see secondary sublists until the program reaches a point where no more than about 100 addresses are displayed.

Each list consists of the email address and name (if known) of the subscriber and whether the subscriber is active or not. If an email has been sent to the subscriber and been bounced by their ISP, their email address is flagged inactive until the subscriber themselves goes to their account and reactivates the address. The only thing that you can do to a mailing list is to remove subscribers from it. (They do this through 'my account' or 'track orders'; they can reactivate their address on the 'subscriptions' option or change it completely if they wish.)You do this by checking the box next to the subscriber's information and then clicking the 'Change' button at the bottom of the list.

Note:  If the list is made of other lists (perhaps by merging your opt-in list and lists of your prior customers), it is called a 'child' list.  You can tell what the 'parents' are for any list by clicking the 'Status' button next to the list.  Regardless of where the names originated, all names that your mailing will go to are shown to you when you click the 'View/Change' button.

Q:  I did a mailing. How do I know if it worked?

On your mailing list manager page, there is a link (in the upper left) that is titled 'Mailing Status'. Click this link to review the status of every letter that you've sent in the past 30 days.

Q:  What does the mailing list manager do with duplicate addresses?  Can it tell me if an email address already exists one or more lists?

A:  The software will do the appropriate thing when it finds duplicate addresses and it does it automatically without requiring action on your part. 

Here's what happens:  If you are adding the address to a list and it is already on the list, it won't be added (you would not want to send two emails to the same person, right?) If you have different lists, some people may be on one and some on another. And it is possible for the same person to be on both. If you combine those two lists into a single list, duplicates are eliminated during the combination (again, you don't want to bug people with duplicate emails.

If you want to know whether a particular person exists on more than one list:, you can key all or part of their email address into the box on the main page next to the button labeled 'Find Email' and press that button.   You will see a list that has all the places where that email address appears and you will be able to select the address and delete it from any list that you want to.

Q:  How to I add new addresses to my list?

A:  Click the entry at the bottom of your store page that is titled 'Join Our Mailing List' and enter the address you want.  It will automatically go into your opt-in list.

Q.  The title of the default mailing list for my store is 'My Business Name Opt-in Mailing list'  That's not very catchy.  How can I change the title?

A. Click the button titled 'View/Change' next to the mailing list you want to re-title.  You'll see a display that has all the members of the list and at the bottom, the name of the list and the check box showing whether its public or private.  To change the name, just put a new name in the box and press the button labeled 'Make Changes'. 

Q:  I don't like the name of my mailing list.  Its "/stores/business/opt-in-mailing-list"  No one is going to sign up for something like that.

You are referring to the internal file name of the list that the computer uses to find it.  The TITLE of your mailing list (not its internal name) is what shows on myTIAS when people ask to subscribe.

The internal name will be something like "/stores/nmiracle/my-cool-list", but the title can be anything you like. The default title for the store opt-in list is '[store business name] Opt-in Mailing list'. This is truthful but not very catchy.

You want the names of your publicly available lists to be attractive to people.

If you have a public list and you want to see how its being presented right now, go to and click the option for 'view/change subscriptions' to see if you like the way that your list is appearing to the general public.

Then go to the mailing list manager, and use the "View/Change" option to change the title of a list if you do not like it

Q: I want to create mailing list for special purposes with names that will attract people to sign up (like 'linens').  Is this possible and, if so how do I do this?

A. You can create as many lists for your store as you wish.  To create a list, simply specify the name 'linens' or whatever in the mailing list name box and click 'create'.  This causes an empty list to be created and takes you to the page where data can be loaded.  On this page, there's a box labeled 'title'. where you can enter a customer-friendly title and click the box that makes the list public. Since you don't want to load any data, presumably, so at that point,  just click 'return' and the list will be created as an empty list with the title of 'Linen' or whatever.

Note that your list will be displayed in the 'subscriptions' section with exactly the title that they've entered, so if you want to make it clear what store it belongs to, you may want to title the list something like 'My Business Name Linens Mailing List' or something snappy like that.

Q:  I got a message that looks like this -- what does it mean? 

> Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
>Date: 5/22/01 5:55:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>From: (Mail Delivery System)
>Reply-to: (Verio Postmaster)
>This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
>A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
>recipients. The following address(es) failed:
> retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

A.  It means the person at the indicated address is no longer recognized by their postmaster and the mail cannot be delivered to them.  There is no standard format for an email rejection.  We recognize probably the most common hundred or so and automatically delete addresses that have bounce messages that we recognize.  Unfortunately people are always inventing new bounce messages and this is a good example of something that is  not in a recognized format. 

You should delete the customer's email address because it will never work.  If the customer is on your mailing list because they placed an order with you, you can find their physical mail address by using the lookup for customer name in your orders file (this is at the top of the main page for the orders/billing/financial menu) and drop them a post card asking for their new address.

Q:  I tried to load all my orders into a mailing list and got almost NO entries.  Why?

A: Orders are included if the records meet the selection criteria. One of these is the 'add me to your mailing list' flag that customers can use on the order for to ask to be added to the mailing list.  This flag was only added to the database during the last quarter of the year 2000, so if you have been in business longer, your earlier orders don't have it set.  Then, when you run the extract with the flag on that excludes customers who do not have the opt-in indicator set, you won't get any customers.  If you are sure this is true for your store, set the preference to ignore the opt-in flag when you convert orders to a mailing list.

Q. How do I know if a mailing is finished and how many mails were sent?

A: You will receive an email at the end of your mailing that looks like this:

Mailing list: [list name]
Total sent: [number of mails sent]
Elapsed time: 2 seconds

From: [mailing list name]
To: [your tias address]

This gives you the counts of the number of mails sent.

Q. I want to have a link in my mail.  How do I do this?

To code the hyperlinks into the mail. in your email, be sure to put 'http' before the address like this:

If you want to be POSITIVE, explicitly code the URL:

<a href="">

This latter form is often necessary for AOL users to be able to use the address.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how I use my list?

The mailing list facility is part of your online store software. We offer the feature to help you promote your store. You must not use the feature in a manner that violates the terms of service for your site or the terms of use for the site as a whole

Q:  How do I know if my mailing was sent?

A: Click on the top menu entry that's titled 'Mailing Status'. It will tell you if the mailing was sent, how many people it was sent to and it will give you a link so you can review the contents.


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