Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

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Below you will find a collection of little tips and tricks that may improve your experience
How do I get to and control my store?

Everything you need to control the inner workings of your online store is found in your Members Pages. Click here to read more about the features and function of this page.

The URL of your members page is:     It is a good idea to bookmark the page in your browser as you will use it often.  To find out more about bookmarking or how to create an icon on your desktop for your store, click here! 

Can't find your members page?  If you lose your bookmark or you're on another computer, you can always get to your members page from the TIAS main page.  Simply select 'SELL' as an option and then 'Go to my store'.


How do I change things on my site?

The left side of the members page is the menu.  This contains expandable links to access different areas of your account. The right side is your workspace. When you access your members page, you'll be asked for your login and password.  Your login was sent to you via e-mail when you opened your account if you are a MakeAShop dealer. Or provided to you if you have a custom shop or a mall.  Your login name is the same as you email.  So if you have a store named /stores/mystore, you can login as 'mystore' or ''.


What is this documentation and how do I find it again?

This is the system tutorial and you can get to it from your menu.  Its conveniently listed close to the top so it is easy to find!

What are those little question mark thingies?

If you are on any page and don't know what to do, use the handy little ...displaying orders. icons next to each field.  These appear throughout the system and provide DETAILED help about the feature or field that they appear next to.


Drop Down Menu Shortcut:  Know what you want? Find it Fast!

You know those long drop down menus ?

Did you know.............

You can type the first letter in the box!
This can be very helpful on a very long menu (like the categories in your inventory)
Here's how!
Below is the Status Box from your inventory. It offers the following choices: For Sale, New, Sale, Cool, Reduced Price, Hide, Deleted, On Hold and Show, On Hold and Hide, Sold and Show, Sold and Hide, Out Of Stock.

Lets say we want to change it to Out of Stock , Simply Click in the box, start typing O and watch what happens!
Then you can use your up & down arrows to find what you are looking for, or scroll.


How do I open two (or more) browser windows?

Don't want to wait while pages update?

Did you know you can open a NEW browser window and do other things while pages update? You can! To open a second browser window, simply click on the icon that represents the browser on your desktop. For more about using your browser (like drag and drop, how to create an icon or how to bookmark), click here.


See a picture on-line you want to grab?

Save that photo to your hard drive!

Click on a photo that is not a link, drag your mouse to the address bar of your browser, Picture will open in a new window, where you can now click File, then save, and save it to your hard drive!

Another way to 'get' an image is to put its address into a document.  Each picture on the Internet has its own address; this is called a Universal Record Locator (URL).  You've seen these before -- they look something like this:

If you use a PC and you want to find the URL for an image so you can include it in a document, simply position  your cursor over the image and click the right mouse button. You'll see a dropdown menu on which one of the entries is 'properties'. Click this link.

You will then see the Universal Record Locator (URL) of the image.

In Explorer, you can highlight this information and cut and paste it wherever you like; in Netscape, you'll have to read it and type when you want it.

Note:  You must NOT use copyrighted material that belongs to others in your online store.  Be careful about what you borrow and what you do with it.

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