Fun and Games with Your Browser!

You, too,  can have multiple windows at one time!  Drag and drop!  And use bookmarks to return to places you love!

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Below you will find a few helpful hints about your browser.

Dragging and Dropping - What's THAT?

Windows provides a graphical interface where functions (such as launching a browser) are represented by icons (such as the "N" that represents Netscape, the "O" that represents Opera or the "E" that represents Microsoft's Internet Explorer.)   You can use your mouse to perform operations on these icons that your computer will translate into actions with the objects that the icon represent.

For instance, if you double-click on the icon on your desktop that represents your browser, your operating system will open a window and launch the browser program for you.

Dragging and dropping is a slightly more complex mouse 'behavior' where you can move an icon and as a result of the move, your computer will perform an action.

In the Windows environment you have all used drag-and-drop operations, but maybe without realizing it. For example , if you click an icon on your desktop, hold the left mouse button down and then move the cursor around the screen the icon will follow. This is known as dragging. When you release the mouse button this is known as dropping.  The practical application of this is that you can, for instance, rearrange your desktop by simply clicking on any icon you want to move, holding the left mouse button down, dragging the item (by moving the mouse) and releasing the left mouse button to drop the icon where you want it to end up.

How do I open two (or more) browser windows?

Don't want to wait while pages update?

Did you know you can open a NEW browser window and do other things while pages update? You can! To open a second browser window, simply click on the icon that represents the browser on your desktop. 

Note that if you have a windows operating system, you can click on the icon, hold down your left mouse key and 'drag' a copy of the icon to your systray (this is the area at the bottom of your screen that stays visible all the time).  You can launch a copy of any application by simply clicking the systray icon.

At the very bottom of the screen, you see a button for each active task.  You can bring up these windows by clicking on the button that represents the window.  If you don't know what the button is, simply put your mouse over it and wait a few sections.  A message will pop up that tells you what is running in that window.

Creating a bookmark

One easy way to find things you like is to bookmark them.    On some browsers (MSIE), this is called your 'favorites' list.   To add something to your bookmarks or favorites, simple go to the page you like.    Click the 'Bookmarks' or 'Favorites' button that appears in the top toolbar of your browser.  You'll see a list of your current favorites plus a button that says 'add'.  Simply click the 'Add' button and your current location will be added to the list.

To use your list, click on 'Bookmarks' or 'Favorites', position your cursor to the name of the location you'd like to visit, and click.  The page you selected will be loaded into your browser.

Want to create an icon on your desktop for your store?  Or an icon for your members page?

If you would like to have an icon on your desktop for your members page or your store, next time you are in the location that you like, simply click on the address, hold down your left mouse button and drag it to your desktop.  You'll get an icon that represents the place that you were and you can, in future, just click on it to go there. 

You can change the title of the icon by positioning to the title, clicking your right mouse button and selecting 'rename' from the menu that appears.

And, of course, you can drag the icon to the systray and have it there permanently if you like!

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