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Merchant news from TIAS for April 5, 2005
Merchant news from TIAS for April 5, 2005
In this issue ...

1. Our 10 year anniversary is this month
2. Your TIAS press release
3. Sending "Real" press releases (A must read)
4. Google news

Our 10 year anniversary is this month

TEN YEARS! who would have guessed we would have lasted this long :-)
We are still here, because of people like you.

On behalf of Sue, Nancy, Mike and Phil, we want to thank you for making
TIAS such a remarkable place on the Web.

If you are interested in having a sale or some other special event on your
site, we'll be promoting these in the newsletter for the entire month of April,
to coincide with our anniversary celebration. Be sure to post a press release
on TIAS, so that people will know what you are up to and we can drive
traffic to your store.

One group of TIAS merchants has organized a special event. You can
follow their efforts online at:

If you would like to organize a group of dealers into an event, post your
idea to http://www.auctionbytes.com/forum/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=17

We'll be happy to work with any group to promote events for TIAS

Your TIAS press release
When you post a free press release to the TIAS home page, it may take
up to 24 hours for it to be reviewed and possibly edited as well. These
are all viewed by a person, this is not an automated process.

Press releases drive search engines from the TIAS home page to your
online store. They also drive traffic. Use this system. It is free and it

More info can be found on your TIAS members page at:

Sending "Real" press releases (A must read)
I've expanded this since the last time I posted on this topic. Try
to post a press release to each of the sites indicated, you will see a real
benefit in traffic to your Web site, if you do this on a regular basis.

This is not like the TIAS home page press release system, what we are
talking about here are real press releases that are picked up by Google
News, MSN News, Yahoo News and many other venues as well. They
also have the potential to be picked up by TV and newspapers.

Your press release needs to be about a real newsworthy event. Some
examples you may want to consider, include:

1. A rare or unusual item that you recently sold
2. A rare or unusual item that you recently acquired for sale
3. Interesting or unique information that you have in regard
to customer activity on your site. This could be sales trends
or some other information that only you have access to
4. An unusual special event that is taking place at your online
store, such as a donation of a portion of your sales to charity.

Here are 8 places to post your press releases for free. You can
post the same release to each one, which will increase the rank
for the release when someone searches for that topic.


Take a look at some of the press releases for TIAS at

Google news
There was an interesting article on the latest rumblings at
Google. This does affect how your site is listed on Google
take a look at:

Comments, Questions? contact support@tias.com for answers.

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