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Merchant news from TIAS for April 10, 2005
Merchant news from TIAS for April 10, 2005
In this issue ...

1. Press Releases on the TIAS Home Page
2. New Hardware Being installed at TIAS
3. New Thumbnails on Home page are staying
4. Driving Customers to your business

Press Releases on the TIAS Home Page
These can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your Web site. However it is important that you only submit legitimate press releases.

A legitimate press release is to announce new inventory listings, sales or special offers. Press releases are really short articles and need to be written in grammatical English that will be understood by the potential buyers. Press releases that are just a list of 'stuff' don't attract as much attention as those that have some content.

PLEASE! only post press releases that reflect what is actually happening in your store. Customers get really upset when they click on a press release about a sale or new inventory and can't
find anything in the store that pertains to the press release.

We will be checking to see if what you are saying in your release is actually happening on your Web site. If you post a release for a sale and we check your site and find there is no sale going on, we will reject the release. In extreme cases if you abuse this privilege, you can lose it permanently.

The TIAS press release system is a great marketing tool -- particularly now with the new images -- and everyone should be using it, just don't be tempted to abuse it.

New Hardware Being installed at TIAS
Saturday evening, we implemented hardware load-balancing to improve system performance and reliability. There will be a visible effect on the statistics for your site.

In the former setup, a customer could have a separate cookie issued by each of the systems. Thus, it was possible to have overstated user counts (we actually count the number of unique cookies). With the new configuration, the customer will have only one cookie, so the counts will be considerably more accurate. Note that if the customer is using software that erases cookies, that will cause an inflation as the cookie has to be re-issued.

Your statistics showing the addresses from which traffic originates will, at least temporarily, be completely iinaccurate,since all traffic will appear to be coming from the address of the new load balancer. We anticipate having this changed within about a week.

However, a pleasant side effect is that you will only have to log in once (not once per machine) and we anticipate that after tuning, the overall configuration will be quite a bit faster.

New Thumbnails on Home page are staying
Images in Press Releases Our measurements of the performance of the images in the press releases and for the larger thumbnails have both been positive and the features will remain as a permanent ones.

Driving customers to your business
This is an easy tip that has been proven to work by many TIAS merchants and it costs you nothing to try.

Write a 200 word article/press release about something interesting that pertains to antiques and collectibles. Two ideas that might work for you:

1. Write about a topic that you specialize in, giving consumer tips on what to watch out for and how not to get ripped off

2. The story about how you acquired some new and interesting antique or collectible that you are selling and why it is unique.

When you have completed your press release, submit it to:

http://www.news-antique.com and also

Submit the same release to all of them. The return will be HUNDREDS of visitors to your Web site. Follow the instructions on each of these sites. Enjoy!

Comments, Questions? contact support@tias.com for answers.

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