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  • Price: $35.00
    1936 Vintage Coca-cola Magazine Ad Only From Colliers
    Great LARGE Coca-Cola Advertisement PAGE ONLY taken from Collier's Magazine, January 11, 1936. Guaranteed from that age. Great VIVID coloring as shown. Has two women on an afternoon of shopping for clothes, one lady in beige wool coat, the other dressed in a beautiful brown mink coat ~ drinking a refreshing Coca-Cola Drink. *A good idea...A pause for energy-giving refreshment, When you're shopping, you get something you don't bargain for. You get tired...and thirsty. That's why the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola is so tempting. This wholesome, energy-giving drink is ready around the corner from anywhere...for 5 cents. (Then in the right corner: REFRESHMENT TIME ON THE AIR, Ray Noble and His Orchestra ~ The kind of music youthful people go for. Columbia Network Every Wednesday Night 9:30 Eastern Time.) EXCELLENT condition, slight soiling. Measures 13-1/2 W x 10-1/2 H. Thanks for visiting DOGWOOD TRAIL ANTIQUES
  • Price: $19.99
    Rolling Stone Magazine - October 14, 1999
    Rolling stone magazine- October 14, 1999 144 complete pages. Nine Inch nails -Trent Reznor reborn - On the road with Bill Bradley - Fall album preview Beck, Fiona apple rage, Jay-Z - Sorority girls secrets.
  • Price: $24.99
    Rolling Stone Magazine June 10, 1999
    Rolling Stone Magazine - June 10, 1999 144 complete pages. Ricky Martin, Life & death at Columbine High school. The secret life ofMike Myers(cover)..Full page ad for milk with Mike Myers with milk on upper lip. A Real classic
  • Price: $28.00
    Reginald P. Ward-elegant Victorian Lady Sewing-magz.cover
    Here is a lithograph print from our many newly acquired paper collectibles. Is from a magazine cover, trimmed around at the top, and alittle at the bottom. If you love to collect items with a sewing or knitting theme, this is a great example. Lovely elegant Victorian lady, with her upswept hair, tight red boutice, lovely red ruffled long gown. Is sitting in front of her mirrored dresser. Sewing a lovely linen runner, embroidery it appears. Classic items from the era of the time, embroidered foot stool, dangling crystal glass from the chandelair light, quilted sewing box, flowers in vase. Signed in lower right corner: REGINALD P. WARD. Great VIVID and VIBRANT coloring as shown. Great condition, no stains, tiny tear on left edge. A little waviness in the paper, once framed, should not be an issue. Lithograph is of a thicker paper stock. (Back has advertisement for P and G Naphtha soap. Measures 8-1/4 W x 10-1/2 H. Ready for you to frame or present this as a special gift to someone. Don't MISS OUT ~~ especially if you love to collect works from this artist! Thanks for visiting DOGWOOD TRAIL ANTIQUES
  • Price: $14.99
    Wilton Yearbook 1979 Cake Decorating
    Softcover book measures 8-1/4 x 11 contains 198 pages full of cake decorating ideas and products. Celebration cakes for every happy day of the year! Dozens of easy-to-decorate cakes and a new expanded Learning to Decorate section! Very good condition-cover is tight and only one page has a small tear. Thanks for looking!
  • Price: $19.99
    Playboy December 1972
    The Gala Christmas Issue of Playboy December 1972. Articles include: Nutty New Humor by Woody Allen, New Works by Bernanr Malamud, Ray Bradbury, Movie Set Stars of 1972.... Some wear on the cover and a small tear on the left bottom and binder, but otherwise in good shape. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $25.99
    Playboy August 1963
    Wonderful 60s stlye cover with the red convertable with a red heat model wearing a red dress. Articles include: Shel Silverstein Visits a Nudist Camp, Bernard Malamud, J. Paul getty, Herbert Gold... If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $17.95
    Playboy August 1968
    August 1968 issue of Playboy magazine. In excellent shape. Articles include: An Interview With Yale's Antidraft Chaplain Wliiam Sloane Coffin, Eight Pages of Detroit Dream Cars, Carroll Baker in Her Stamiest Movie Sequence Yet.... If you don't find what you are looking for contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $19.95
    Playboy November 1964
    This November 1964 issue of Playboy has The Girsl of Germany . Does have some wear: cover has been folded, some tears, and price tag was torn off taking some of the cover. If you do not find what you are looking for contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $20.99
    Playboy November 1967
    A issue of the magazine, Playboy from November 1967. It is in excellent shape, except for right bottom corner that has been folded on the cover. Articles include: Sex and Psychedelics, an Exclusive Interview With Michelangelo Antonioni, A History of Stg Films, Woody Allen.... If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $18.95
    Playboy November 1968
    November 1968 issue of Playboy. In excellent shape, no rips or tears. Articles include: Instant Electorate by Robert Sherrill, Madison Avenue in an Undress Parade, a wild Interview With Don Rickles.... If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $12.99
    Playboy Novermber 1969
    Playboy issue of November 1969. Articles are: Does Congress Serve the People?, Drew Pearson and US Rep. Richard Bolling Probe its Motives and Mahinations, An Interview With Jesse Jackson... Some wear on the cover with a price written in marker, but otherwise is great shap. If you don't find what you are looking for contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $15.00
    Playboy October 1962
    The October 1962 Playboy magazine. Issues include: Playboy's Fall & Winter Fashion Forecast by Rober L. Green, Harvey Kurtzman, Your 1963 Playboy Jazz Poll Ballot.... This issue has wear on the cover and the centerfold comes out. Binding is worn. In good shape. If you don't find what you are looking for contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $15.00
    Playboy September 1965
    September 1965 issue of Playboy in terrific shape. Articles include: An Irreverent Interview with Peter O'Tolle, Our Annual Pigskin Preview, The Legendary Sex Stars of Twenties... Black on the cover has some wear, but everything still in terrific shape, no rips or tears.
  • Price: $9.99
    Playboy September 1968
    September 1968 in great condition. Articles include: Pigskin preview, Ten Pages of the Girls of Funny girl, And Interview With Stanley Kubrick.... Some wear on the binder with a tear on the bottom but otherwise in great shape. If you did not find what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $6.00
    Playboy May 1965
    May 1965 issue of Playboy. Articles include: James Bod Adventure, The Man With the Colden Gun, US Jean Paul Satre, Roald Dahl.... Does have a lot of wear on the cover, and some tear on the binder. In good shape. If you have not found what you are looking for, contact me, I have many more magazines.
  • Price: $22.00
    Playboy January 1997
    This is the Holiday Issue of Playboy for 1997. What better person to have on the cover than Marilyn Monroe. Has the famous nude pictures of Marilyn. In excellent condition, no rips or tears. If you do not find the magazine you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $5.00
    Playboy October 1968
    Playboy October 1968 with articles such as: how to Measure Your SQ, An Explosive Interview with Consumer Crusader Ralph Nader, Singer Barbara McNair in a Nude Scene From Her First Film.... Some wear on the left side as if was rubbing against something, also some tears on the top left and on binder, otherwise in good shape.
  • Price: $24.95
    Playboy Setember 1998 And June 1997
    What a deal, two magazines for the price of one. September 1998 issue has Melrose Mom Lisa Rinna, Proud, Pregnant and Beautiful, NFL Forecoast, Fashion, Cars, and a Great Workout... June 1997 issue has Victoria's Secret, She's Playmate of the Year, The Timothy McVeigh Sotry.... In excellent condition still in the original plastic. If you don't see a magazine you are looking for, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $20.00
    Playboy March 1999 And Playboy October 01
    Two for one price. Still in the original package with the price on it. March 1999 has the Girls of Kiss, Lauryn Hill Beastie Boys Musci Poll Winner, Interview with Horny Drew Carey.... October issue has The West Wing Interview, College Girls Nude, College Sprots Music Fashion Gear.... In excellent condition. If you don't see the magazine you want, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $20.00
    Playboy November 1960
    November 1960 issure of playboy The ads and styles are enoyable enough to browse the magazine. This magazine includes articles: Playboy on the Town in Acapulco, Dope Addiction and the Jazz Musician, Girls fro the Slime God, Edgar Allan Poe as Viewed by Gahan Wilson, Hollywood Nostalbia by Ben Hecht... Does have a price tag and $5.00, plus Stricly Adult Reading written on the front cover otherwise in good shape. Has been in plastic for years. If you don't see the magazine you want, contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $12.95
    Playboy April 1970
    Playboy in prime condition, has been covered with plastic for all these years. April 1970 issue includes: The Girls of Israel, Campus Manhunts, Playboy's Miss England, Fashion Forcast... If you don't see the magazine you war looking for contact me, I have many more.
  • Price: $16.77
    Fortune Magazine -= November 1973
    Fortune Magazine - November 1973 224 complete pages. Life on the regional stock exchanges - Watergate as a Case Study in Management. Does a computer set your salary? what to do about I.B.M.'s Monopoly
  • Price: $16.99
    Fortune Magazine - July 1973
    Fortune Magazine- July 1973 - 192 complete pages. Fortune's directory of the largest non-industrial companies. Wall Street's two tier miseries - Whgere the oil companies find the going grat.
  • Price: $39.99
    Marie Claire Bis Magazine -(Yasmin Lebon) - 86-87
    Marie Claire Bis magazine -Picture Yasmin LeBon - fALL/WINTER 1986-1987 - 290 Complete pages. FASHION FROM PARIS FALL WINTER, ENGLISH TEXT -Peggy Roche, Adeline Andre, Marie-Pierre Tattarachi - Premiere ligne - portraits de femmes - Quotidien - Capriccio
  • Price: $19.99
    Fortune Magazine - December 1972
    Fortune Magazine- December 1972 190 complete pages. FRethinking the tax system - how an auto dealer makes a living - Cover: change comes to Matsushita - How the Brazilians manage their boom - The Pentagon enters its Era of Austerity
  • Price: $19.77
    The New Yorker Magazine - August 25, 1956
    The New Yorker Magazine - August 25, 1956 - 96 complete pages. Cover by Peter Arno - The Arkin girls l- The Talk of the town - Frank Sinatra at the Parmount - Loaded with great cartoons. Letter from Rome - Loaded with beautiful ads.
  • Price: $10.99
    Woman's Day Magazine- March 8, 1977
    Woman's Day magazine- March 8, 1977 complete magazine - 40 ways to beaqt midwinter blues - Beverly Sills tells her own story - salads that taste of spring - a house full of energy savers - High blood pressure
  • Price: $10.22
    Woman's Day Magazine - February 1976
    Woman's Day magazine- February 1976 Complete magazine. Best Granny squares ever + special prizewinners to knit & crochet - Orchids, easy care houseplants. Great granny shawl or aqfghan to make(cover) instructions in issue.
  • Price: $10.99
    Woman's Day Magazine- May 1975
    Woman's Day Magazine- May 1975 complete magazine - new to make... sweaters and dresses for spring - toys, pillows & pictures - furniture fix ups - money facts - jumbo guide to food that freeze or can successfully
  • Price: $11.22
    Woman's Day Magazine - June 1975
    Woman's Day Magazine - June 1975 146 complete pages. A portfolio of easy stitches, all delectable: trims for hats, blouses, pillows - 20 great meals for days when you've no time to cook. 75 ways to decorate on budget
  • Price: $11.44
    Woman's Day Magazine - August 1974
    Woman's Day magazine- August 1974 170 complete pages. 50 under $50: choice pieces to buy or make for your home - Practical ways to lick depression - (cover: super easy Granny Beret & dog coat to make from our collection.
  • Price: $11.66
    Woman's Day Magazine - July 1971
    Woman's Day - July 1971 150 complete pages. Piggybank boutique:a50 easy tomake fashions instructions in the issue - Easy ways to cook the house - wear everywhere hat to crochet for $2.50, directionsincluded(cover)
  • Price: $15.99
    Woman's Day Magazine - December 1967
    Woman's Day - December 1967 96 complete pages. Special: Lady Bird Johnson's First Years of marriage. - 30 fabulous x-mas decorations to make - Gifts men like - low cost one dish dinners - Candy cook book
  • Price: $12.99
    The New Yorker Magazine - June 6, 1977
    The NewYorker magazine - June 6, 1977 140 complete pages Magazine loaded with great articles, current events, cartoons and ads galore.
  • Price: $12.99
    The New Yorker Magazine - April 18, 1977
    The New Yorker Magazine- April 18, 1977 160 complete pages. Chris Evert pictured in ad. Peugeot ad - Goings on about town - Loaded with great articles, cartoons and ads.
  • Price: $14.95
    Life Magazine, October 27, 1967
    Life Magazine, October 27, 1967 Cover shows a soldier. Title is Inside the Cone of Fire at Con Thien. Feature article is about the Vietnam War. Article about Tap Pryor, biologist. Article about Janis Ian. The computer and how it works. Article on O. J. Simpson as a college halfback. Governors conference aboard ship, including Ronald Reagan, Romney, RockefellerConnally, Volpe, Chafee, Samuelson, Maddox. Article on the drug Speed. National Guard. Mary Wells on advertising. Raincoat fashions. Harvey Friedman, a 19-year-old teacher at Stanford. Full page color ads include, Smirnoff,; Chesterfield; Delco; GM (2 page) and Buick; Calvert; Time-Life books; Budweiser (2 page); KitchenAid; Berry Travel; Alka-Seltzer; Mennen; Dodge; Bounty from Campbell; Chrysler; Guardsmen cigars; Chevrolet (2 page); Colgate; Kool cigarettes; Pontiac; Canada Dry Wink; Polaroid; Brasilia from Georgia-Pacific; Andersen Windowals; Total Electric heat; Great American soup; Quaker State; Sprite; Old Crow; Arrow; Hammond Organ; Heublein Cocktails; Admiral refrigerator; and Winston cigarettes. Time Incorporated, 1967. Magazine, 10-1/2 by 13-3/4 inches, 114 pages. Some wear to outer edge of cover. Address label scar. Very good. Under 2 lbs. Shipping information will be found at the bottom of the home page. May be shipped Priority (3 - 4 days) (magazine). For International shipping, please ask for cost quote.
  • Price: $45.00
    1935-magazcover Only-sports Afield-norman Sauders
    Here is an illustration created by the famous illustrator of Pulp Art Works ~ NORMAN BLAINE SAUNDERS, 1907-1989. He was so well known and popular in his time. Produced hundreds and hundreds of covers of all kinds. Pulp covers, Paperbacks, Comic Covers, Men's Magazines, Trading Cards. Tooo many publications to mention, (were impressed with how many), some examples as follows: Early Works: Cpt. Bill's Whiz Bang, Literary Digest, Mechanical Package, Technocrats, Hot to Build 20 Boats, Sport Afield, Modern Mechanix, Elks Journal Monthy. Pulps: All Detective, Dynamic Adventurer, Spicy Mystery, Saucy Dtores, Public Enemy, Saucy Movie Tales, Mystery Tales, Crime Busters, Two Gun Western, Western Story, etc..... That just only scratches the surface... We have obtained a MAGAZINE COVER ONLY - of the JUNE 1935 SPORTS AFIELD and TRAILS OF THE NORTHWOODS. America's Oldest Monthly Outdoor Magazine-Established 1887. Great depiction of an Native American Indian carrying a canoe, majestic mountains in the distance, in foreground, a Portage Trailer being pulled by a sedan. Here is a (quote) regarding this cover: Sports Afield, June 1935 cover by Normand Saunders This article for SPORTS AFIELD appeared on page 51 of the June 1935 issue, with a cover painting by Normand Saunders. (Norm often added the distinguishing florish of this extra d to this signature around this time.) The editor, Walter J. Wilwerding, who was Norm's former art teacher at the Federal School of Illustration, felt the cover needed to be accompanied by a clarifying statement about the impractical method of storing the camping equipment depicted in the painting. ---------------------------------------------OUR JUNE COVER By the Editor WALTER J. WILWERDING NORMAND SAUNDERS, who painted the cover of this issue and whose observations on Indians appeared in our May, 1934, number, is a young artist who is, in our opinion, going places. Much of his life has been spent on Indian reservations and, on a basis of that experience, he has painted many a strong cover for SPORTS AFIELD. As a student of Indian life he is entitled to considerable respect, more respect than he himself concedes to modern outdoor methods. In splendid fashion he catches the spirit of the Indian, but when he reproduces current sporting routine he becomes sketchy - symbolic rather than accurate. The idea, the symbolism, of his painting for our June front cover, is well handled but he, like other artists within our experience, receives with derision our comments on certain technical features of this cover. If an outboard motor and other equipment of a 1935 portage served to strengthen the contrast, they have served their purpose - regardless of the sloppy method of carrying the motor, regardless of the use of the right (wrong) running-board for tackle which belongs in the trailer, regardless of other trivial details. All right, Norm - pardon us for mentioning these inconsequential uses of artistic license. It is still an attractive cover and a strong study in contrast. (Unquote). Condition: Bright, vivid, great coloring. Has wear, fold in center, slight soiling, condition as shown in pictures. Still a great vintage cover to frame. Thank you for visiting DOGWOOD TRAIL ANTIQUES.
  • Price: $5.77
    How Why When? - Child Approved
    How why when? magazine - child approved. for boys and girls 7 to 12 - Over a thousand questions and answer that will interest all children = 64 complete pages.
  • Price: $6.77
    Woman's Day - Occtober 18, 1977
    Wokman's Day - October 18, 1977 - complete magazine. Exclusives from 2 great bst sellers. 100 ways to say I Lofve you. Cookbook of hearty casseroles - Baking bread - A kitchen planning pro - Bonus: 10 transfers-this big mum plus Hallowean motifs
  • Price: $16.77
    Good Housekeeping - Best Diets And Beauty - 1971 Editio
    Good Housekeeping, Best diets and beauty - 1971 edition. 104 complete pages. 4 great diet plans to help you take off pounds - 125 delicious low calorie recipes - special: 8 page calorie guide - 31 dazzling haridos
  • Price: $18.77
    Figure Beauty - Spring 1965
    New Ideas for Figure = Spring 1965 72 complete pages. Firm and shape your bosom in 6 minutes a day -How to add inches with isometrics - What is the ideal bosom? - Plastic surgery to reshape the breast
  • Price: $59.94
    Literary Digest Magazines: 13 From 1920's & 1930's
    4/10/1937, 2/8/1936, 4/18/1936, 10/1/1932, 3/16/1929 COVER DETACHED,09/8/1920'S? COVER DETATCHED, 10/10/1936, 06/14/1924, 06,02/1934, 09/09/1933, 10/12/1935, 04/04/1926 BACK COVER DETACHED, 02/16/1935. FAIR TO VERY GOOD CONDITION.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, December 1961
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, November 1961
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, June 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, May 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, April 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, Feb. 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains, March 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $4.00
    Trains January 1960
    This edition is in excellent condition. See pics for Table of Contents.
  • Price: $6.99
    Arizona Highways - August 1995
    Arizona Highways - August 1995 57 complete pages. Getaway alpine fishing - Yuma's Old Plant Road - The many moods of Flagstaff's sunset crater - Tandem Skydiving - Cover: Geronimo, renegade to showman, the prison years.
  • Price: $5.99
    Arizona Highways - July 1995
    Arizona Highways - July 1995 57 complete pages of beautiful pictures[ The secret fish bait hiding in your fridge - The Strychnine massacre at Bloody Tanks - Arizona's west coast, water sports and casinos
  • Price: $6.98
    Life Magazine - July 1995
    Life Magazine- July 1995 88 complete pages. How can we keep our children safe? Magazine devoted to that issue
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine- Jan/feb. 1995
    Reminisce magazine- Jan/ Feb. 1995 71 beautiful and complete pages.Willie was a pip - underground movies - Mail memories - high flying hostess - sanctum sounds - Hot stuff - Stop Da music - Harkin back to Larkin8
  • Price: $8.98
    Reminisce Magazine- July/ August 1994
    Reminisce magazine- July/August 1994 71 beautiful and complete pages. An actress saved her life - Go west, young ladies - The pleasures of a porch - Savor summer's flavor!lsome pop with pop - world's record hoopla
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - Marchapril 1994
    Reminisce magazine- March/April 1994 71 complete pages of beautiful pictures, stories, etc. Our Jolly Trolley trips - A flight with Cousin Phil - Big Band bash - Avian apartment builder - Make memorable meals.
  • Price: $8.98
    Reminisce Magazine - July/august 1993
    Reminisce Magazine- July/August 1993 67 complete and beautiful pages. an old fashioned fourth - Blast from the past - Stickball stories - Colorful music - Trolley talk -Oldies bu goodies - Frozen favorite
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Extra - February 1993
    Reminisce magazine Extra - February 1993 =Lincoln's letter - Strong medicine - Dancing for dollars - Washday in Winter (67 complete and beautiful pages of pictures, etc.) Motoring memories - Whistle stop
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - Jan/ Feb. 1993
    Reminisce Magazine - January/February 1993 - 67 complete and beautiful pages of colors, etc. Winter scenes galore - Marble Mania - Snowbound - Life in the CCC - My first car - Judge is Mom first - Sledding on the slopes
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - Nov/dec, 1992
    Reminisce Magazine- November/December 1992 67 complete pages of beautiful colored pages and article. A long way to Tipperary - Cardboard Air Force - Mansions by mail - Somgbird of the south
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - July/august 1992
    Reminisce Magazine - July/August 1992 67 smooth and complete pages. Heavier paper. Fishing with Grandpa - Berrytasty - Pictures from the past - My first car - The Ridge runner - Heavenly treat - the soft drink soft sell. wireless wonders
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - May/june 1992
    Reminisce Magazine - May/June 1992 67 smoth and complete pages filled with old time stories and beautiful picures - Miracle of music - A wild mile run - Pleasures of a porch. Basketful of greetings. Built for speed
  • Price: $8.99
    Reminisce Magazine - March/april 1992
    Reminisce Magazine - March/ April 1992 67 smooth paper complete pages loaded with beautiful colored pictures. A victorian revival - A hem for a hen - one room school days - Its circus day. Birdhouse buildings - Real Big wheel
  • Price: $6.99
    Reminisce Magazine - 1991
    Reminisce magazine - Premier issue 1991 66 beautiful colored pages with lots of pictures. Welcome to an entirely different type of magazine ( NO ADS) that bring back the good times by taking you on a walk down memory lane
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Woman Magazine - 1993
    Country Woman magazine - Collector's edition - 1993 - 67 complete pages. Welcome to the magazine that over 2 million women love -
  • Price: $7.99
    Popular Science Magazine - November 1988
    Popular Science Magazine- November 1988 150 complete pages. cover: Mach 5 spy plane, the air force is building the world's fastest aircraft. Home electronics for 1989 - Sharpies, everythibng machines plane and much more
  • Price: $7.66
    Popular Science Magazine - September 1988
    Popular Science magazine- Sept. 1988 128 complete pages(cover wrinkled). Big special section : how to build a sunspace - Cover: Missile killers
  • Price: $8.45
    Popular Science Magazine - July 1988
    Popular Science Magazine- July 1988 116 complete pages. Stealth! finally, its official: The B2 bomber exists. It wil fly this fall - luxury cards for less - Wireless speakers, no strings attached
  • Price: $8.45
    Popular Science Magazine- June 1988
    Popular science magazine- June 1988 130 complete pages. 5 elegant problem solving decks - spirited 2 seater fun cars - New for home viewing: 3-D tapes, videodiscs, broadcasts, video games, computer graphics and more.
  • Price: $8.44
    Popular Science Magazine - May 1988
    Popular Science magazine- May 1988 136 complete pages. Vacation travel - 300 science and technology centers you can visit k- New generation Turbos: How ceramics variable vanes, and new designs are curing turbocharger ills.
  • Price: $8.50
    Popular Science Magazine - April 1988
    Popular Science magazine - April 1988 136 complete pages. Big 20 page home section: three elegant add on, clever new entries, plus high tech home products. Cover: Super conductivity
  • Price: $8.55
    Popular Science Magazine - March 1988
    Popular Science magazine- March 1988 128 complete pages. Video phones -here now and under $400 - use regular phone lines at regular rates. Does 4 wheel steering drive circles around two wheel steering?
  • Price: $8.58
    Popular Science Magazine- October 1987
    Popular Science Magazine- October 1987 152 complete pages. Van test: stretched Voyager vs. Astro and Aerostar - Hot news in home heating . Stealthy robot planes - is there life after leaded gas?
  • Price: $8.68
    Popular Science Magazine - September 1987
    Popular Science Magazine- September 1987 - 146 complete pages. Continuously variable transmissions - Video Magic: digital VCRs - Build our Ultimate work bench - Improve your home with 30 page section
  • Price: $8.75
    Popular Science Magazine - August 1987
    Popular Science Magazine- August 1987 - 106 complete pages. Honda vs. Mazda-4 wheel steering showdown - Coiver: object is a bug- a tiny microphone that can be hidden almost anywhere.
  • Price: $8.76
    Popular Science Magazine - June 1987
    Popular Science Magazine- June 1987 136 complete pages. Frozen tools - Striking metallurgical phenomenon: steel choilled to - 320o F wears better, stays sharp longer. Pick of the pickups - supercollider - Loudspeakers designed for digital sound
  • Price: $8.77
    Popular Science Magazine - May 1987
    Popular Science Magazine- May 1987 134 complete pae. Minicar invasion - Solving impossible problems with supercomputers - What? you don't own a band saw? The What's new magazine
  • Price: $8.77
    Popular Science Magazine - February 1987
    Popular Science magazine- February 1987 150 complete pages. 88pound pedal plane - MIT engineering pushes technology to the limit - We test GM's comeback cars: Beretta dn Bonneville- Compute everywhere with PCsto go
  • Price: $12.99
    Rod & Custom Magazine - August 1972
    Rod & Custom Magazine- August 1972 74 complete pages in extra fine magazine - First N.S.R.A. regional - early iron profile: 39 Pontiac - Project car reports - restyling-41 Chevy, Ford, Plymouth. Wilson Farrell's Flexie Flyer
  • Price: $12.99
    Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Magazine - March 1979
    Super stock & Drag illustrated magazine - March 1979 -82 pages complete in great conditioned magazine. Cam timing technique - One of the most hair raising crash scenes ever filmed
  • Price: $8.77
    Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Magazine - April 1973
    Super Stock & drag illustrated magazine- April 1973 - 82 complete pages in great shape magazine - You, your car & smog - Richard Petty builds revolutionary pro stock - Tech reports - Chevrolet doomed? 3 second pro stocks - funny car color
  • Price: $8.77
    Super Stock & Drag Illustrated - May 1973
    Super stock & drag illustrated - May 1973 -82 complete pages in a great conditioned magazine. Vega Variations - Funny car freak out - MoPar's Movers - Safety breakthrough - Charlie Proites Pabst Charger
  • Price: $12.77
    Rod & Custom Magazine - September 1972
    Rod & Custom Magazine- September 1972 74 complete pages. 3rdannual Yellowstone run - How to Template tips for flame cutting - Build a low dollar engine stand - Dodge steering for street rods - club poker run-'40's LTD, style (Magazine in great shape)
  • Price: $5.00
    January 1965 Boys Life Magazine
    January 1965 Boys Life Magazine. Contains (varies with each issue) many advertisements with movie and TV stars, athletes and other famous people with ads advertising in food, cars, furniture, appliances, and more. Overall condition of the magazine is good. 05Books033

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