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  • Price: $9.99
    Woman's Day - May 22, 1984
    Woman's day - May 22, 1984-190 complete pages. A free flower print - Rose pillow and quilt to make from stencils. A dozen fresh, new chicken abnd beef recipes. Are you a mess from stress?
  • Price: $35.98
    Woman's Home Companion Magazine - Dec. 1949
    Woman's Home Companion magazine - Dec. 1949=168 complete paesa. Ad for Movie: Prince of Foxes with TYRONE POWER, ORSON WELLES - WANDA HENDRIX -full page ad formovie: Holiday Affair with ROBERT MITCHUM, JAnet leigh, wendell corey - full page ade for movie The Heiress with OL;IVIA DE HAVILLAND-MONTGOMERY CLIFT - RALPH RICHARDSON - Severalpages of models with different attire. See our presentation package
  • Price: $33.88
    Woman's Home Companion Magazine- May 1950
    Woman's Home companion magazine- May 1950 =168 comploete pages. Lux ad: BING CROSBY, COLEEN GRAY appearing in movie: Riding High. Great stories, ads, and Professional Models modeling various outfits.
  • Price: $34.89
    Woman's Home Companion Magazine - August 1950
    Woman's Home Companion magazine - August 1950-136 cojmplete pages - Lucky Strike ad: JANET BLAIR ==Ivory soa ad: COLEEN MACNEILL,cover girl --Lux soap ad: VIRGINIA MAYO -BURT LANCASTER-- Avon ad: MAUAREERN O'SULLIVAN ==StarKist tuna ad: MAUREEN O'HARA --2 page spread of a party given by Radio staqrs; FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY.
  • Price: $34.88
    Woman's Home Companion Magazine - April L950
    Woman's Home Companion Magazine - April l950 =172 comple pages. Cover photo Model JUNE ROSS - Ivory soap ad - Model ALICE WALLACE -Lucky Strike ad - RAY BOLGER , -Lux soap AD - ROSALIND RUSSELL - RAY MILLAND.--Back cover ad: KIRK DOUGLAS for Chesterfield.
  • Price: $35.77
    Mccall's Magaziune - January 1947
    McCall's magaziune - January 1947 -`144 complete page. Ipana ad Model PHOEBE DUNN - Movie ad: Song of the South - Walt Disney - RUTH WARRICK- BOBBY DRISCOLL - UNCLE REMUS - 2 ads for Movie; THE Best Years of our lives with TERESA WRIGHT - DANA ANDREWS - MYRNA LOY - FREDRIC MARCH - Ad for movi: Smash Up with SUSAN HAYWARD,LEE BOWMAN, MARSHA HUNT AND EDDIE ALBERT. There are many clothes items from Ms Calls`
  • Price: $35.66
    Mccalls Magazine - March 1947
    McCalls magazine - March 1947 - 176 complete pages. Great stories and ads - DURWOOD KIRBY, famed radio announcer in radio program - Yvonne DiCarlo in ad - Models pictured - see our presentation package.
  • Price: $32.89
    Mccall's Needlework & Crafts - Spring/summer 1960
    McCall's needlework & craFTS - SPRING/SUMMER 1960 - 124 complete pages in good shgape. 83 bazaaar items - decorator settins. Knitting-crochet-sewing-quick point - rugs - workshop items - dried flowers - jewelry - see many pages of PROFESSIONAL MODELS displaying different items in our presentation package.
  • Price: $35.88
    Cosmopolitan Magazine - February 1940
    Cosmopolitan magazine - February 1940-166 comnplete pages. Hearst'sInternational combined with Cosmopolitan. Loaded with stories, stories like yOU ARENOT THE TYPE BY EDNA FERBER. Ad for the movie BALALAIKA with NELSON EDDY - ILONA MASSEY -FRANK MORGAN-CHARLES RUGGLES =wOODBURY soap ad with DIANA BARRYMORE - Lux toilet soap ad with PRISCILLA LANE.
  • Price: $5.99
    Woman's Day June 1, 2008
    Woman's day June 1, 2008-128 complete pages (Address cut off of cover). Things you can get for free - 50 favorite tips on money, organizing,. cleaning and more. Dinner in 30 minutes or less. 26 ways to cut 3,000 calories.
  • Price: $8.99
    Menu Guide - Metro Detroit - 2006
    Menu Guide - Metro Detroit - 2006 -Over 200 complete pages. Metro Detroit's diverse and daring restaurants - Sprited service - Metro Detroit's finest bartender and nine great cocktail recipes.
  • Price: $38.77
    Life Magazine - June 7, 1943 Captain Foss, Jsmc
    Life Magazine - June 7, 1943 CAPTAIN FOSS, JSMC-104 COMPLETE PAGe. Great story and pictures of JOE FOSS, No. 1 ace who had shsot down 26 Jap planes. - Fodds ravage Midwsest farms (great story and pictures) Picture of Winston Churchill and FDR with staffs. Coast guard cutter sinks U-Boat - Haile Selassie's housekeeper -Officer candidate school.
  • Price: $38.66
    Mccalls Magazine - April 1963 - Prince Rainier-princess
    McCalls Magazine - April 1963 - PRINCE RAINIER-PRINCESS GRACE-204 COMPLETE P pages. Cover and great story and picturs of Prince Rainier's own story of Grace and his family. Jack Benny as the best loved funnyman with great picture. MODELS pictured throughout. See our presentation package.Betsy McCall doll:Betsy visits Greenfield village. Doll and dresses.
  • Price: $32.99
    Mccall's Magazine- Feb. 1965 Betsy Mc Call Doll
    McCall's magazine- Feb. 1965 BETSY MC CALL DOLL =m 204 COMPLETE PAGES BUT back cover missing and outer magazine ribbing frayed. Magazine itself fine. The coming of age of Joan Kennedy - Something better than the pill. Capt. Kangaroo one page story. Betsy McCall doll and dress - Betsy McCall's big surprise. INGER STEVENS in Clairol ad. Nice MODEL photos. See our presentation package.
  • Price: $15.00
    1946 Holiday Magazine, Special Carousel/carnival Issue
    Volume 1, #2, April 1946 Holiday Magazine, special carousel/carnival issue. Minimal tear on spine, otherwise in near mint condition. S&H is an additional $5.00 within the continental U.S. International shipping is also available.
  • Price: $23.50
    Mccall's Magazine - April 1950- Rosalind Russell
    McCall's magazine - April 1950- -158 complete pages- Note: Many, many of the pages are loose from binder but magazine is all there) Price reduced because of this. ROSALIND RUSSELL IN LUX AD WITH ray Milland - SONJA HEINE ad. Many Models pictured in ads.
  • Price: $34.88
    Mccalls - February 1950 - Ethel Barrymore
    McCalls - February 1950 - ETHEL BARRYMORE -BARBARA HALE9(PerryMason's girl Friday) in Chesterfield ad - Several pages of pictures and great story of ETHEL BARRYMORE - VALLI, beautiful movie star in Jergens ad - JOAN FONTAINE in Lux soap ad - LORETTA YOUNG in Lux ad - Many great ads Models. See our presentation package.
  • Price: $35.88
    Mccalls Magazine- March 1950-joan Caulfield
    McCalls magazine- March 1950-JOAN CAULFIOELD lUX SOAP ad - 156 complete pages. The Radiant ETHEL BARRYMORE - BETTY GRABLE in lux soap ad. - LORETTA YOUNG in Avon cosmetics ad - MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN in Jergens lotion ad - Great stories and fabulous ads -MODELS displayed.
  • Price: $36.88
    Life Magazine - October 26, 1942 Joan Leslie
    Life magazine - October 26, 1942 JOAN LESLIE -144 complete pages. Joan Leslie on cover and story and more pictures inside. VERONICA LAKE in Calox ad - Solom,on Islands battle - CLAUDETTE COLBERT in Chesterfield cigarettes ad. -Tghe Way to Murmansk - Tank destroyers in action - Frank Sinkwich the great football hero - The Roosevelt party - The white house gang pictured - Laced corsetsin as elastic & zippers go out. `
  • Price: $39.99
    Life Magazine- Decembwer 6, 1943
    Life magazine- Decembwer 6, 1943-132 complete pages. Story & pictures: Heart of Asis, first photographic mission to Sinkiang - full page picture of Irving Berlin & Noerl Coward - Picture & story of a Carrier battle - Remote controlturrets - Germany, Enigma of the peace - Victor records: Artie Shaw, Lena Horne, Vaughn Monroe, Spike Jones and more pictured. - Tito's partisans - LINDA DARNELL in a Pearls ad - Ear Muffs pictured on cover and in magazine shown by MODELS. See examples in our presentation package.
  • Price: $34.88
    Life Magazine - Dec.2, 1946 - Ingrid Bergman
    Life Magazine - Dec.2, 1946 -136 complete pages. Cover: INGRID BERGMAN in Joan of Lorraine - John L. Lewis starts his biggest battle - The Death of OPA - Columbia ad with Xavier Cugat - Gene Krupa - Frankie Carlie and more - Ingrid Bergman on broadway - ad with BARBARA HALE -BILL WIALLIAMS - bILLY rOSE PICKS BEAUTIFUL GIRLS FOR NEW SHOWN. a REPORT ON jAPAN -
  • Price: $9.99
    1901 Christian Herald Magazine #24, President Mckinley Assassination & Funeral
    This 1901 issue of Christian Herald Magazine (#24), copyright 1901 by Louis Klopsch & published by Bible House, focuses on the assassination & funeral of President McKinley (includes many b&w photos of the funeral procession). Condition: The cover has tears along the top edge and creasing along the spine. The pages are in Very Good condition. S&H is an additional $4.00 within the continental U.S. International shipping is also available.
  • Price: $34.88
    Life Magazine - October 25, 1948 Jane Wyman
    Life Magazine - October 25, 1948-160 complete pages. Cover: University of California -Movie ad and story:JOHNNY BELINDA with JANE WYMAN & LEW AYRESmAUREEN o'hARA IN AD FOR ge -mOVIE AD: sorry wrong number with BARBARA STANWYCK - BURT LANCASTER . Navy holds peacetime maneuvers - EISENHOWER installed as president of Columbia University - Grandma Moses has a birthday - Big story, pages and pictures of University of California - Christina and the King of the Zulus
  • Price: $33.88
    Life Magazine - August 2, 1948 -rosalind Russell
    Life Magazine - August 2, 1948- 104 completepages - Cover and story;MEL PATTON,Olympic sprinter - The Andes:great story and pictures in color. Story and picture of LIZZIE BORDEN - Story of Report on Kinsey. D.W. Griffith, pioneer of movies, dies. ROSALIND RUSSELL in the movie:The Velvet Touch with Leo Genn, Claire Trevor and Sydney Greenstreet.
  • Price: $35.88
    Life Magazine - Dec. 6, 1948 - Montgomery Clift
    Life Magazine - Dec. 6, 1948 - MONTGOMERY CLIFT - 180 complete pages in a larger than normal magazine. MONTGOMERY CLIFT on cover - Ads have ROBERT MONTGOMERY & PAT O'BRIEN in a Friskies ad. MILTON BERLE is featured in a 2 page story with many pictures. Great magazine for ads and articles such as European Zoos.
  • Price: $39.88
    Life Magazine - Nov. 29, 1948 - Model - Cary Grant
    Life magazine - Nov. 29, 1948 - Model - CARY GRANT-136 COMPLETE PAGES Movie: Every gir,l should be married with CARY GRANT, FRANCHOT TONE, DIANA LYNN - The Red shadow lengthens over China - Queen Elizabeth gives birth to heir and son --The Snakes Pit move with OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND - Restaurant fashions shown by MODELS.
  • Price: $39.99
    Life Magazine - May 31, 1948
    Life Magazine - May 31, 1948-108 complete pages. Movie ad: Homecoming with CLARK GABLE - LANA TURNER - ISRAEL is born in travail and hope,nice historical story and pictures - FATHER FLANAGAN of Boys Town is buried - SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S baby shown - The Strange case of Seduction in Moscow - Reds parade on May day - FREDRICK MARCH IN tHE little Foxes - The Atlantic fleet pictured - WILLIAM ZORAGH, sculpturer - KYLE MACDONALD of TV fame -
  • Price: $39.88
    Life Magazine- Dec. 13, 1943 Alexis Smith
    Life magazine- Dec. 13, 1943 -132 compl;ete pages. Cover: Citizen of Sinkiang - WWII: Fight for Tarawa, great story and loaded with pictures - Axis newsreels, Hitler & Mussolini -Rationing during WWI & price control -ALEXIS SMITH(Ballerina ) -Sinkiang, land at the back of nowhere. - Movie: Madam Curie GREER GARSON
  • Price: $39.99
    Life Magazine - April 19, 1943 -= Janet Blair-esther Wi
    Life Magazine - April 19, 1943 -= JANET BLAIR-100 COMPLETEPAGEs - Cover: Soldier's farewell l- JANET BLAIR in Cannon Hosier ad - Spain shows the Fascist post war world - MODEL in fashion show for Waves - Madiame Chiang in Hollywood - Flyingh Nurses aid U. S. African campaign - GLADYS ROCKMORE DAVIS(Painter =MARY MARTIN in Cola ad - ESTHER WILLIAMS STORY AND PICTURES - General TooeySpaatz = great pictures - see our [presentation package.
  • Price: $43.88
    Life Magazine - October 18, 1943 Judy Garland-mickey Ro
    Life Magazine - October 18, 1943-132 complete pages. THE ALLIES CAPTURE RUINED NAPLES - Battle of Chiunzi pass - Paramushiro(bombing of Japaneze base) - OLIVIA DEHAVILLAND )7 PICTURES OF Her in Movie: Princess O'Rourke - Duchess of Windsor in Chesterfield ad - MICKEY ROONEY-JUDY GARLAND in movie Girl Crazy with TOMMY DORSEY orchestra - MARIE WILSON - aLSO LOADED WITH pictures of WWII airplanes and ads of the period.
  • Price: $42.98
    Life Magazine - April6, 1942 - Joan Bennett-janet Blair
    Life Magazine - April6, 1942-88 complete p[ages. Coast Japs areinterned in mOUNTAIN CAMP (This was questioned then and persisted to this day) Food pours into France but German snatch it - JOAN BENNETT inChesterfield ad - JANET BLAIR, ACTRESS PICTURED 3 TIMES IN BATHING SUiT - Quite a story about the Bombers of WWII - Pictures of Joan Bennett and Janaet Blair in our preesentation package.
  • Price: $5.99
    April 2008 - Country Living
    April 2008 - Country Living-168 complete pages. Get ready for spring-18 easy ways. Sew it up, 15 fun ideas for flea market treasures - Rese, recycle, refresh
  • Price: $5.99
    Woman's Day - May 6, 2008
    Woman's day - May 6, 2008- 194 complete pqages. Get energized, 25 feel great tips - recipe makeovers - Look beautiful at any age.
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Living - March 2008
    Country Living - March 2008- 156 comp[lete pages (Name tag cut off). Easy decorating with paint, feabric, slipcovers, everyday accessories. 17 designing women.
  • Price: $12.88
    Victoria's Secrety - 2008
    Victoria's secrety - 2008-180 complete pages all in color. Free vs cotton panty- $10 off. New! verysexy low cut push up. This is the typical Victoria's secret catalog filled with the most beautiful girls in the world.
  • Price: $27.88
    Mccall's Magazine - - August 1958
    McCALL'S MAGAZINE - - August 1958-`124 complete pages. Front cover in poor condition but the magazine itself is fine and very readible. CYD CHARISSE picture in ad. Lots of stories like The Most Heroic Doctor. Diet and pregnancy - 142 ways to be popular. BETSY MC CALL doll and dresses all complete IN THIS MAGAZINE. Great showing of models with new clothese. See our presentationpackage for many, many ;ictures.
  • Price: $26.99
    Woman's Home Companion - April 1953
    Woman's home companion - April 1953 -148 complete pages. How to dress to your hat - Which perfume for you? Safe and sure diet by Dr. Herbert Pollack. A great first novel Now and Then by Gertrude Schweitzer. Many great stories and lots of ads with professsional models. See the many pictures in our presentation package.
  • Price: $23.88
    Woman's Home Companion - December 1951
    Woman's Home companion - December 1951-148 complete pages. (Cover has tears and folds ut the magazine itself is very readible. Price reduced. My private life by Lana Turner. Grat stories and ads. Models pictures throughout.
  • Price: $29.99
    Woman's Home Companion _ November 1955
    Woman's Home companion _ November 1955-`124 complete pages. The epoch approach to child development - The fabulous Clair Boothe Luce beginning her biography. The mystsery of Brabndo - why dolls love the guy. Great stories.
  • Price: $33.49
    Woman's Home Companion - March 1941
    Woman's home companion - March 1941-114 complete pages. Panama threat by Brenda Conrad - New spring fashions - Nice picture of Emilie, one of Dionne quintupulets - full page ad of movie Virginia with Madeleine Carroll and Fred MacMurray -0 Great ads of the period. Clothese modeled
  • Price: $14.99
    1929 Hygeia Magazine, American Medical Association, Peter Rabbit, Ida Spaeth
    This March, 1929 issue of HYGEIA Magazine, published by the American Medical Association, focuses on marriage, health and headaches. The magazine is loaded with full-page vintage health-related advertisements. Also featured is an illustrated children's story titled Peter Rabbit Builds A Fire by Ida Spaeth. Condition: The cover has some staining and tears along the spine. The pages are in Very Good condition. S&H is an additional $4.00 within the continental U.S. International shipping is also available.
  • Price: $7.99
    Doll World - August 1991
    Doll World - August 1991-80 complete pages = Why collectors choose China heads for their fiorst antiques - Considering restoration? Learn how to make the right decision- Mechanical dolls.
  • Price: $7.88
    Doll World Magazine - April 1984
    Doll world magazine - April 1984-80 complete pages. Indian dolls - April a doll to make - Victorian dolls- Girl inthE GARDEN. cOLLECTIBLE DOLL CARDS - pAPER DOLL CONTEST WINNERS - cARRIAGE TO MAKE
  • Price: $14.66
    Doll Reader Magazine- January J1990
    Doll Reader magazine- January j1990 =337 complete pages. Gone with the wind collectibles - 51 project pages to make - Christmas dolls/Santas - Create a French doll.
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazien - August/september 1984
    Doll REader magazien - August/September 1984- 236 compelte pages. Hair styles in bisque wooden dolls- Louisa-A girl of Philadelphia - Schoenhut doll patents - Doll values quarterly update - Blue book update- Barbie beginnings.
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazine- April 1984
    Doll REader magazine- April 1984 - 216 complete pages.Madame Alexander interview - China Dolls - toy fair 1984 - A t ribute to America's first ladies - Advertising dolls - Dolls reported in the Queen - The incomparable Fashion doll.
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazine- February/march 1984
    Doll Reader magazine- February/March 1984 -208 complete pages. Collecting, preserving and displaying Parian Dolls - Kewpie ,Des & copyrigh by Rose O'Neil -Compo corner - doll reproductions in Europe
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazine- November 1983
    Doll Reader magazine- November 1983-214 complete pages. S.F. B.J. Dolls0- Kestner rarities - A schlopsnies for the Steiff firm - Cloth dolls - Dolls values quarterly - Blue book update - Carol Nordell, doll artist.
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazine - February/march 1983
    Doll Reader magazine - February/March 1983 - 192 complete pages. Composition Celebityt dolls - An unraveling yarn of the Schoenhut Bye-Lo - The song of Lenei - Avigail Brahms - The McKineley dolls.
  • Price: $14.88
    Doll Reader Magazine- December 1982/january 1983
    Doll Reader magazine- December 1982/January 1983 -192 complete pages. Dolls of Christmas past - Mystery dolls - The French body beautiful - Christmas 53 years ago. South African Dollsl: Flora's famous dolls. - Barbie dolls. `
  • Price: $16.88
    Doll Reader - June/july 1984
    Doll REader - June/July 1984 -208 complete pages. Cover commemorates Shirley Temple's 50th Anniversary wax dolls. This magazine is loaded with pictures, supplies, stories - everything you want to know about dolls.
  • Price: $15.88
    Doll Reader - November 1982
    Doll reader - November 1982 -192 complete pages. Collector guide to dolls - The boys in Ginnys family by Laureen walker -Back cover shows the reproductionof antique dolls. Loaded with dolls, stories, supplies, etc.
  • Price: $8.95
    Martha Stewart Living Magazine- April 2008
    Martha Stewart Living magazine- April 2008 -192 complete pages. S[pring at last, celebrating the new season 0Spring awakening - A homein the country - A fleeting abundance - exemplary eggs - The desk set.
  • Price: $7.85
    Natural Health Magazine- December?january 2006
    Natural Health magazine- December?January 2006 -120 complete pages. 20 expert ideas: winter wellnexx guide - Boost lyour metabolism - Mediterranean beauty secrets - the season's best fruit desserts -
  • Price: $9.99
    Traditional Home Magazine =- May 2008
    Traditional home magazine =- May 2008-220 complete pages. Best of everything - surround yourself with first class style - Decoratin challenged: practical tips from 10 top designers - Special kitchen section - Spin the color wheel.
  • Price: $12.88
    Spa Worldwide Guide 2008 - May 2008
    SPA worldwide guide 2008 - May 2008 -264 huge edition pages. ANNUAL ISSUE Paradise found, Tantalizing treatmentsin Mexico, South Africa, Hawaii, Ireland, Arizona, Thbailand and more. Cover photograph by Justin Lewis/Getty Images. Loaded with places in color , description. A real classic magazine.
  • Price: $9.88
    Spa Magazine - December 2007
    SPA magazine - December 2007 - 128 complete pages. Readers choice awards: your favorite spas revealed. Staying healthy, how to avoid holiday burnout = Cover photo southern stock/ Getty images. - 36 top spas to release stress, nurture yourself, and find bliss. winter retreats, 5 destination spa getaways.
  • Price: $9.99
    Spa Magazine Ad October 2007
    SPA magazine ad October 2007 - 160 complete pages. cover photograph by Justin Pumfrey/getty images -How a spa vacation can change your life. 15 top facils - spa at home, the art of the bath - Reduce stress - Anti aging special issue - time tested spa strategies for looking and feeling fabulous.
  • Price: $9.99
    Spa Magazine - April 2007
    SPa magazine - April 2007 -144 complete pages. The ultimate romantic Spa getaway. 10 retreats from spring, couples, yoga, golf hiking. Detox & rejuvenate. lPlus all natural treatments. Feel good, go green./
  • Price: $8.99
    Spa Magazine - February 2008
    Spa magazine - FebruaRY 2008 -112 COMPLETE PAGES. tHE SPA DETOX, WHAT TO EXPECT, GHOW IT CAN HELP, P LUS AT HOME tips - 15 romantic treatments from mud baths for two to body painting and more. Relix in bliss. Healthy living, travel & renewal.
  • Price: $10.77
    Contemporary Doll Magazine - October 1993
    Contemporary doll magazine - October 1993 -114 complete pages of a beautiful smooth paged magazine. Cover story: Sonja Bryer's Portraits to remember - Free Inside: collectible paper doll and pull out doll poster- Thji is a classic doll magazine for people intersted in dolls. A real gem. 2.0
  • Price: $9.99
    Contem,porary Doll Magazine - March 1993
    Contem,porary Doll magazine - March 1993 -122 complete pages. Cover story: Anna Avigail Brahms-Truly a romantic. Free insided: Collectible paper dolland pullout doll poster - Page after page of full page pictures of various beautiful dolls in color.
  • Price: $9.99
    Contemporary Doll Magazine - January 1994
    Contemporary Doll Magazine - January 1994 -108 complete pages. Cover story: Blythe and Snodgrass, a Partnership in the Fairy Realm - Colonial American doll and clothes-Madame Alexander doll club convention. Gallery Grand opening
  • Price: $7.99
    Southern Living Magazine-may 2008
    Southern living magazine-May 2008 -196 complete pages. Fresh and easy ideas - Hav a grill it you way party. Cherry tomatoes by the handful. Tghe best interstate exits - The three sides of (chef( Emeril.
  • Price: $7.99
    Southern Living January 2008
    Southern living January 2008 - 160 complete pages. 8 healthy living resolutions for 2008. Quick & tasty banana pudding. Borrow an interior designers favorite tips and ideas. 5 great ferns that thrive indoors.
  • Price: $6.99
    Yoga Plus Magazine April 2008
    Yoga plus magazine April 2008- 96 complete pages. Joyful living. 10 ways to feel happy every day - Majora Carter on Greening the Ghetto plus advice for Al Gore - Fird more free time , 5 easy steps. QAsana for your sore shoulders. Dharma Mittra on medication.
  • Price: $6.99
    Yoga Magazine - -june 1008
    Yoga magazine - -June 1008 -160 complete pages. Breathe easy, 9 poses for stuffy sinuses - Practicehappiness, as a path to lasting peace. Do you need to detox? - Heart opening backbends - How to truly care for the earth and more.
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Living - April 2008
    Country Living - April 2008 - complete magazine. Reuse/recycle/refresh - Creative ideas to fit your home and life. Sew it u!, 15 fun ideas for flea market treasures. Get reacy for spring, 18 easy ways.
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Living Magazine - May 2008
    Country living magazine - May 2008 - complete magazine(in grat shape except for name & address taken off bottom of cover) . New look inside - more of what you love. Pretty & cozy rooms to live in. Chair makeover $53 or less. No fuss cake decorating. Make your lilacs last.
  • Price: $5.99
    Country Home - March 2008
    Country Home - March 2008 -120 complete pages. (last few pages were water soaked but rest of the magazine is fine. Special bed & batgh issue. So simple Easter brunchy - Paint it pretty - $49 dresser makeover - 8 best reblooming cottage roses.
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Home - February 2008
    Country Home - February 2008-104 complete pages. Fresh looks! new ways to use color, collec tions, and classic quilts - /features: Quilt country - Store it with style = tools cooks love - pacific overtures and more
  • Price: $6.99
    Country Home - May 2008
    Country home - May 2008 -132 complete pages. Kitchens with style, storage & soul - Articles: For the love of a garden - What's new is old again - surprising salads - Style for a song and pretty as a picture.
  • Price: $6.49
    Better Homes & Gardens May 2008
    Better Homes & Gardens May 2008 - complete magazine - still in original mailing cellophane folder. Taste of summer - delicilusly simple casseroles & desserts- 10 fast 2ways to perk up a room. Foolproof flowerpot combos - Best ever small bath.
  • Price: $8.99
    Doll World Magazine - April 1993
    Doll world magazine - April 1993 -80 complete pages. You could have a Barbie fortunein your closet. Black & brown dolls,then & now - Parian dolls -Kewpiesta! 80 years of elfin fun - Designer bears.
  • Price: $9.99
    Doll Crafter - January 1994
    Doll crafter - January 1994 -156 complete pages. Showcase of stars featuring Bea Roderick - Cover picture: Ivy by Kay McKee - Doll body armaturs: Link or wiere? Megan lee byu udy Argo - Doll Accessories by Elaine Hotka - Antique dolls - Doll costuming
  • Price: $29.88
    Ladies Home Journel - October 1967 Twiggy
    Ladies Home Journel - October 1967 -186 complete pages. Cover photo of TWIGGY by Francisco Scavullo - Leslie Uggams, HughHefner, Sonny & Cher, Peanuts, Baby Jane Holzer - Johnny Carson: The trouble with $1 1/2 Milliokn a year. David Brinkley - Grat pictures of models shown in our presentation package.
  • Price: $26.77
    Ladies Home Journal - September 1966
    Ladies Home Journal - September 1966 -Civer photograph by Claude Virgin -150 complete pages. Nancy Sinatra talks about life with father. Amy Vanderbilt: The etiquette of divorce. Medical report: wERE YOu bordn to be overweight: Dr. Bettelheim =- See model pictures in presentation package.
  • Price: $25.88
    Ladies Home Journal - August 1967 -svetlana Stalin
    Ladies Home Journal - August 1967 -116 complete pages. SVETLANA STALIN picture on cover by Thomas Caffrey - The real Svertlana Stalin story- The plat against Judy Garland by Judy Garland. OOPS: Art Linkletter's funny no book.
  • Price: $24.88
    Ladies Home Journal December 1967
    Ladies Home Journal December 1967 - 108 comoplete pages. What our young people are really saying lby SENATOR ROBERT KENNEDY - COL. CHARLES LKNDBERGH, story with picturs. The adjustable diet cookbook. Makeup secrets from famous models.
  • Price: $23.88
    Ladies Home Journal December 1967
    Ladies Home Journal December 1967 - 128 complete pages. Gifts of love: Avery special christmas issue - A celebration of angels article and pictures. Great ads and stories.
  • Price: $26.99
    Ladies Home Journal August 1966 Barbra Streisand
    Ladies Home Journal August 1966 -122 complete pages. Cover: BARBRA STREISAND & ELLIOTT GOULD - gREAT STORY WITH fabulous picturs of Barbra in color. She talks about her million dollar baby & models her $190 maternity wardrobe. Luci Johnson & Pat Nugent talk about life withoiut father. See some great shots of Barbra in our presentation package.
  • Price: $23.88
    Mademoiselle - July 1973
    Mademoiselle - July 1973 - 172complete pages. How to sort out your life - loving or losing your hangups, guilts, fantasies - The hangup as status symbol - sexual fantasies, pornography and women. Quilt, how to love it. 34 pagesof brand new fall clothese to buy, sew and knit.
  • Price: $13.88
    New Woman Magazine - September/october 1973
    New Woman Magazine - September/October 1973 -96 complete pages. Cover picture is Michelle Urry photographed by Dwight Hooker - Other models pictdured. 4 famous women tell how they unwind. Miracle cures with Garlic - Women at the top. Women in their 30s - Why women go winky wonky over homosexual men. See many picture in our preesentation package.
  • Price: $19.99
    Cosmopolitan Magazine-june 1974 Rene Russo
  • Price: $16.49
    Playboy Magazine-january 1976-daina House
    This Vintage Playboy Magazine from January 1976 is in very good condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. The Playmate of the Month is Daina House (cover) photographed by Ken Marcus. This vintage 1976 Playboy Magazine features an Interview with Elton John, Photography By Richard Fegley, Playboy's History Of Assassination, Woman, Coach, It Helps Me Relax, America Is Going Broke, Stamp Out Sex .
  • Price: $7.99
    Redbook Magazine- April 2008
    Redbook magazine- April 2008 - complete magazine still in origina mailing sack). Mariska Hargitay on cover shares her campaign of hope for children. Dresses for every shape - Love your body. Weight loss triumph:I lost 18 pounds in 30 days.
  • Price: $7.99
    Redbook - March 2008
    Redbook - March 2008 -212 complete pages. - Magzine like new. Uma Thurman on the painful truths of divorce. Love your body - Design your dream job - fresh ideas - 105 instant updatezs for home, beauty fashion and more.
  • Price: $11.49
    Tv Week-june 28-july 4, 1981-mason Adams
    This Vintage TV Week from June 28-July 4, 1981 is in excellent condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Mason Adams: Lou Grant's Hard-Hitting, Sensitive Boss . The back cover has an ad for Cabinetpak Kitchens .
  • Price: $9.00
    Tv Week-august 24-30, 1980-lauren Tewes
    This Vintage TV Week from August 24-30, 1980 is in very good condition with slight wear, slight creases in the lower x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Lauren Tewes: She Keeps Passengers Amused On The Love Boat . The back cover has an ad for Plywood Minnesota .
  • Price: $11.79
    Tv Week-may 25-31, 1980-mark Harmon
    This Vintage TV Week from May 25-31, 1980 is in excellent condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features The Dream Merchants: Behind The Glitter Of Hollywood In The '20's (Mark Harmon) . The back cover has an ad for Cabinetpak Kitchens .
  • Price: $10.79
    Tv Week-may 24-30, 1981-patrick Duffy
    This Vintage TV Week from May 24-30, 1981 is in very good condition with slight wear, slight tear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Patrick Duffy . The back cover has an ad for Cabinetpak Kitchens .
  • Price: $11.79
    Tv Week-february 28-march 6, 1982-david Letterman
    This Vintage TV Week from February 28-March 6, 1982 is in excellent condition with slight wear, slight curling x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features David Letterman . The back cover has an ad for Wieboldt's .
  • Price: $10.79
    Tv Week-march 14-20, 1982-dinah Shore
    This Vintage TV Week from March 14-20, 1982 is in excellent condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Dinah Shore In The Alltime American Songbook . The back cover has an ad for Cabinetpak Kitchens .
  • Price: $11.79
    Tv Week-march 1-7, 1981-barbara Mandrell & Sisters
    This Vintage TV Week from March 1-7, 1981 is in excellent condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features The Mandrell Sisters: Louise and Irene join Barbara for a Musical Comedy Hour . The back cover has an ad for Plywood Minnesota .
  • Price: $9.00
    Tv Week-february 17-23, 1980-karl Malden
    This Vintage TV Week from February 17-23, 1980 is in very good condition with slight wear, slight creasing in the upper right hand corner x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features New Hit For Karl Malden . The back cover has an ad for Plywood Minnesota .
  • Price: $12.49
    Tv Week-april 26-may 2, 1981-tom Wopat/john Schneider
    This Vintage TV Week from April 26-May 2, 1981 is in very good condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Tom Wopat . The back cover has an ad for Wieboldt's .
  • Price: $9.00
    Tv Week-july 23-29, 1978-gavin Macleod
    This Vintage TV Week from July 23-29, 1978 is in good condition with slight wear, slight tear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Gavin MacLeod . The back cover has an ad for Montgomery Ward .
  • Price: $12.00
    Tv Week-september 16-22, 1978-battlestar Galactica
    This September 16-22, 1978 Vintage TV Guide (Chicago Edition: Vol.26, No.37 x 7 1/4 . This TV Guide's front cover features Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict . Also the back cover has an ad for More Cigarettes .
  • Price: $16.49
    Tv Week-june 1-7, 1975-sammy And Company
    This Vintage TV Week from June 1-7, 1975 is in very good condition with slight wear, slight writing on front cover x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features Sammy And Company . The back cover has an ad for Adventureland .
  • Price: $14.39
    Tv Week-may 18-24, 1975-1975 Emmy Awards
    This Vintage TV Week from May 18-24, 1975 is in excellent condition with slight wear x 10 3/4 and is suitable for framing. This TV Week's front cover features All In The Family, Mash, Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore, Cher . The back cover has an ad for Plywood Minnesota .

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