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    Reader's Digest - March 1981
    Reader's Digest - March 1981-241 complete pages. How the IRS helps the mob - The riddles of Saturn
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    Reader's Digest - July 1981
    Reader's Digest - July 1981-208 compleet pages. Front and back covers shown inour presentation package.
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    Reader's Digest - July 1982
    Reader's Digest - July 1982-209 complete pages. Congress's dirty little secret - Copies of front and back covers shown.
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    Reader's Digest - August 1982
    Reader's digest - August 1982-209 complete pages. Pictures of front & BACK COVER shown. Are we headed for another grat depression?
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    Reader's Digest - July 1987
    Reader's Digest - July 1987- 220 compelte paqges. Against all Hope(book secvtion) - Gatherineof legends
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    Reader's Digest - May 1986
    Reader's Digest - May 1986 =270 complete pages. Galina, one woman's triumph in book section
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    Reader's Digest - September 1980
    Reader's Digest - September 1980-236complete pages. The Marines who beat the odds - Foul play in college sports.
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    Reader's Digest - September 1981
    Reader's Digest - september 1981-236 complete pages. Lucy: the beginnings of Humankind - Blood onthe mountainside
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    Readers Digest - October 1980
    Readers Digest - October 1980-278 complete pages. The fadts about Vitamin C - Gas Warfare in Laos - whenshould you retire?
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    Reader's Digest - August 1980
    Reader's digest - August 1980-220 complete pages. I'm a walking time bom. James Michenener NoveL: Keepers of the covenent
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    Reader's Digest - May 1980
    Reader's digest - May 1980-264 complete pages. Front and back covers picturs. Anatomy of a frightening cult - The case of the missing rembrandt
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    Grit Newspaper/magazine- July 2, 1972
    Grit newspaper/magazine- July 2, 1972- 44 complete pages - Still in original folder - Postal service aims to speed deliveries -East coast begins massive cleanup - How do you stop daring hijackers?
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    Grit Newspaper/magazine - April 9, 1972
    Grit Newspaper/magazine - April 9, 1972= 44 complete pages. Panel plans hearings on rising food costs. Revenue sharing plan in works - Nixon set for parley in Canada. (Still in original folder)
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    Grit Newspaper/magazine - June 6, 1971
    Grit newspaper/magazine - June 6, 1971-44 complete pages. Welare reform plan awaits house actionb. Congress faCES strike measure. Bachelor days attract women to small town. Ex-Astranaut Frank Borman - David and Julie Eisenhower pictured.
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    Grit America's Family Publication - April 26, 1987
    Grit america's family publication - April 26, 1987- 32 complete pages. Cover: Harry Anderson: he's Night Court's Judge Harry Stopne - Over 50 tke aches, pains seriously - South Dakota man babysits herd of Bison - Paul Harey writes column inthe paPER
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    Grit - America's Family Publication - April 19, 1987
    Grit - America's family publication - April 19, 1987-28 complete pages. Cover: Picture Gene Hackman, kiids discover v alues in small town atmosphere - Why taxpayers shoud watch the backdoor - Can yuou rmember vintage gas pumps? Was Longfrellow a terrible historian?
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    Grit News[paper - April 12, 1987
    Grit news[paper - April 12, 1987-28 complete pages. Cover: Picture of LINDA EVANS - Sufferers of lung ills can do many things- Making Catastrophic health caRE AFFORDABLE -
  • Price: $5.66
    Grit -= America's Family Publication =- October 26,
    Grit -= America's family publication =- October 26, 1986-=32 complete pages. Special Christmas issue - Students stage spell a thon to finance 50 foot mural - Cover: Kathryn Harrold: relaxes off set by shooting the rapids -= How homework restrictions affect livelihgoods of many americans
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    Grit - America's Famnily Publication =- February 22, 1
    Grit - America's famnily publication =- February 22, 1987-36 complete page. Cover: Brian Fellows,hockey player - Human jukebox belts out tunes on San Francisco' fishermans wharf - Try souper buffet for last minute casual entertaining.
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    Grit -ameica's Family Publication - November 9, 1986
    Grit -ameica's family publication - November 9, 1986-36 compelte pages. Cover: Larry Harmon: ringer for silent film star Stan Laurel - Magazine: 104th year - Norman rockwell's little girl and her doll-
  • Price: $5.29
    Grit America's Family Publication - October 5, 1986
    Grit America's family publication - October 5, 1986-326 complte pagesw. Cover: Vincent Price as the merchant of vewni cwe - New Mexico woman pullsher own weight onthe tracks - Former Texas cookout King barbecues for presidents
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    Grit Newspaper - August 8, 1971
    Grit Newspaper - August 8, 1971-44 complete pages. Four of Nixon goals stymied in congresws - Will Mayor Lindsay of New York run for President? Apollo may reveal lunar origina storyt.
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    Grit Newspaper - May 30, 1971
    Grit newspaper - MAY 30, 1971- 44 COMPLETE PAGES. u. s. WILL maintain strong Europe force. Blazer brigade gets reaction to Amtrak -= Nation salutes its wartime dead. New postage rates topic at hearing.
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    Grit Newspaper - April 23, 1972
    Grit Newspaper - April 23, 1972- 44 complete pages. USIA chief asks budget bid be Ok'd - Communist cities hit by bombers in Vietnam - Moon lab to probe for new information -[ Mr. Rogers of TV fame for children's programs.
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    Grit Newspaper - April 16, 1972
    Grit Newspaper - April 16, 1972 - 44 pages. Spacemen, Mattingly, duke & Young, to explore Lunar Mountain area. Nixon anti bussing plan facing stiff opposition - Nine die in nursing home fire.
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    Grit Newspaper - January 23, 1972
    Grit Newspaper - January 23, 1972=44 complete paes. Henry Kissinger pictured who was Nixon's embroiled adviser. Fat Pensions gobble taxes. Surveillance devicare aid crime fight.
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    Grit Newspaper - January 9, 1972
    Grit Newspaper - January 9, 1972- 44 complete pages. TEnse world seeks p[eace. Senator Muskie pictured gearing up for his campaign - Aged Janitor leaves large sum to church. Miners wage hikes hurting coal iundustry.
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    Grit Newspaper - January 30, 1972
    Grit Newspaper - January 30, 1972 - 44 complete pages. Presiden tial hopefuls Woo Nations' voters. Plan to end draft seen in jeopardy. Illinois town will be home of Superman - Picture of students giving Pres. Nixon a present.
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    Grit Newspaper =- June 27, 1971
    Grit Newspaper =- June 27, 1971-44 complete pages. Legislation would assist rurar areas - Caaulauqua a Tradition. Se cret stuydy reveals U., S. War deception. New Limousine picuired for the President
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    Grit Newspaper - February 27, 1972
    Grit newspaper - February 27, 1972- 44 complete pages. Aid program for elderly under fire =- China visit may produce key benefits - Nixon will move agaINST bussing. Town fish fry reduces taqxes
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    Grit Newspaper -= March 26, 1972
    Grit Newspaper -= March 26, 1972- 44 complete pages. Army faces morale, recruiting problems. - Major rail strike looms as union Pushes demands =- Airline security tAKES NEW SLANT.
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    Grit Newspaper Magazine -= May 7, 1972
    Grit Newspaper magazine -= MaY 7, 1972- 48 complete pages. War still raging on: troop cuts continue -Apollo mission called success. Aid sought for victims of crime.
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    Grit Newspaper =- March 12, 1972
    Grit newspaper =- March 12, 1972-48 complete pages. Pub lic demands end to crippling strikes - Labor unions will consider new proposals. Peach prospectsw brighter per Nixon. H.H.H. sees close contest with Muskie
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    Grit Newspaper - Jabnuary 16, 1972
    Grit newspaper - Jabnuary 16, 1972--44 complete pages. Congress will tackle domestic legislation - President will staY IN pOLITICAL CENTER - nEW pOSTal service still has problems.
  • Price: $7.88
    Grit Newspaper - April 25, 1971
    Grit Newspaper - April 25, 1971-44 complete pages./ Big umbrella of InsuraNCE COVERS MANY =- Doughty leader of FBI (J. Edgar Hoover) irsks some congressmen . Big sur highway offers scenic drive.
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    The Daily Delta, New Orleans, March 22, 1862
    Eyewitness accounts of the Monitor & Merrimac! 4 pages. The Monitor and the Merrimac and the defeat of the Cumberland, eyewirness accounts of the famous naval encounter between ironclads at Hampton Roads, Va. News of action at Island No. 10 on the Tennessee River. The Confederate States Zouaves, numerous Confederate military ads, and much, much more. Couple of very small edge tears. Very fine issue with rare Southern account of the Monitor & Merrimac! Footnote : Confederate newspapers from New Orleans are quite rare. The Crescent City was seized by Admiral Farragut on April 25, 1862, with the formal surrender occuring on April 29th. Shortly afterwards General Benjamin F. Butler occupied the city, and it remained in Federal hands for the remainder of the war. Confederate issues therefore are limited to a brief 16 month period, from the secession of Louisiana in January 1861, to the capture of New Orleans in late April 1862.
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    Grit Newspaper - May 23, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - May 23, 1971=44 complete pages. Oil to bring Alaska boom - Economy makes slow gains, council says. John Connally, a Democrat in a Republican admistration- arm of law reaches out to homeless.
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    Grit Newspaper - August 15, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - August 15, 1971- 44 complete pages. Nation plans new attacks on Illnesses - Term Apollo 15 Miasion best yet for scientists(pictured) - Colorful CIA Chief top administrator Richard M. Helms pictured
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    Grit Magazine - September 12, 1971
    GRIT MAGAZINE - September 12, 1971 = 48 complete pages. Federal money helps NaTION's communities - Post freeze plans formulated. NATALIE WOOD with daughter on cover- Sparky Anderson story - Jim Plunkett imkpresses NFL vets. Hank Aaron zeroes in on Babe Ruth's record. George Meany to help with wage price freeze.
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    Grit Newspaper - November 7, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - November 7, 1971-44 complete pagesw. Cover: Ralph Nader, crusader - Law NADER'S MAIN WEAPON. u.s. support of UN hits new low in China action. Child hostage finally freed in California. Trash may make good fertilizer.
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    Grit Newspaper - November 21, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - November 21, 1971=44 complete pages. Food-Drug programs may be reorganized. Wilbur D. Mills, Senator from ARkansas may seek Presidency. School prayer will be issue in elections.
  • Price: $9.22
    Grit Newspaper - December 12, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - December 12, 1971 44 complete pages. Congress challenges Government secrecy. Cover Picture of John Waytne - Peace goal of Nixon's China trip - Communists ignore U. S.plea on Viet Prisoners - UCLA basketball team rated No,. 1
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    Grit Magazine - March 19, 1972
    GRIT MAGAZINE - March 19, 1972= 44 complete pages. Carel Yastrzemski famous baseball player - Nixon plan might ease tax burden- High court to decide on Secrecy. Morman Tabernacle unusual edifice. Economic picture getting brighter.
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    Grit Newspaper - October 17, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - October 17, 1971= 44 complete pages./ George McGovernof South Dakota is a possibility for nomination for President. Prison reform seen Major need in U.S. - Dorothy Malone, movie starlet, is married.
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    Grit Newspaper -= November 28, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER -= November 28, 1971= 44 complete pages. Cover has picture of Bess Myerson, Miss America of 1945 - Cancer bills now debated. Disney characters now touring U.. - Dick Tracy's auto stolen - Kareen Jabbar shown in basketball game.,
  • Price: $9.33
    Grit Newspaper - December 19, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - December 19, 1971= 44 complete pages. Red Chinese now looking beyond wall -Bolnanza seen for taxpayers in new system. High school students from Cincinnati meet Pres. Nixon = Jets Joe Namath back in action -Aircraft carrier Shangri la goes into mothballs.
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    Grit Newspaper - December 19, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - December 19, 1971- 44 complete pages. Trips abroad boost Nixon -schools in economic crush:Face crisis - Jackie Kennedy gets court order agAINST photographer =- Elizabeth Taylor wore $3,000,000 worth of jewelry. Cornbelt farmers caught in squeeze.
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    Grit Newspaper - June 13, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - June 13, 1971=44 complete pages. Reagon available for G.O.P.s nod. Killer cancer under attack - Bob Hope & his wife given honorary degrress by St. Bonaventure University.
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    Grit Newspaper - February 6, 1972
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - February 6, 1972-44 complete pages. U. S. pushes Peace plan- Senator henry Jackson of Washington seeks bloc vote. Soldiers in San Mateo, california get big welcome home.. Nine die in nursing home fire in Cincinnati suburb-
  • Price: $9.22
    Grit Newspaper - February 6, 1972
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - February 6, 1972- 44 complete pages. Independents pose threat to Republicans and Democrates - Labor Leader George Mean resigned from the Pay Board in Washington- Henry Ford puts corporate muscle to work for nation.
  • Price: $9.33
    Grit Newspaper - March 5, 1972
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - March 5, 1972-44 commplete pages - Prince Charles shown on cover./ Communities set up mental health units. America, Russia sign peach pact. Jack Nicklaus iun U.S. open.
  • Price: $9.33
    Grit Newspaper - March 5, 1972
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - March 5, 1972=44 complete pages. John Mitchell to head Nixon campaign -= Low income housing moving into suburbs - President Nixon shown shaking hands with Mao Ts-tung - Gen. Omar Bradley in the news -
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    Grit Magazine - November 14, 1971
    GRIT MAGAZINE - November 14, 1971-44 complete pages - Legislatures redraw congressional lines - States Tax hjikes sert record - Foreign aid likely on selective basis -
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    Grit Newspaper - October 31, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - October 31, 1971= 44 complete paqges. Ntion faces P.O.W. ISSUE - SENATE STUDYING tax cutting package =Pres. Nixon nominates Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist to supreme court -\
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    Grit Magazine - October 24, 1971
    GRIT MAGAZINE - October 24, 1971- 44 complete paqes, Four sisters wed at same time. Newest nuclear sub is launched, the Batfish - Nixon's Moscow trip meant to improve peace prospects. Emmett Kelly still making people laugh
  • Price: $9.77
    Grit Newspaper -october 3, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER -October 3, 1971=44 complete pages. Iran celebrates 2,500th anniversary - Taiwan in jeopardy as China vote nears. George Bush, U. S. Ambassador to the United NationsCopngress will vote soon on schoolprayer measure.
  • Price: $9.77
    Grit Newspaper -october 3, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER -October 3, 1971-48 complete pages. Chief Justice Warren starts 3rd year as chief of supreme court - High court agenda full - terrorists bombs exploding often - Britain experls 90 Russians ; crackdown on spies foreseen.
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    Grit Newspaper - August 1 1971
    GRIT newspaper - August 1 1971- 44 complete pages. Pres. Thieu unopposed in South Vietnam =- Lawrence Welk to lead Rose Bowl paradee - Justice Black to quit his post - Peter Lawford to marry. Rams Deacon Jones to sing on stage after home games
  • Price: $9.55
    Grit Newspaper - August 1 1971
    GRIT newspaper - August 1 1971= 44 complete pages. Senator Edmund Muskie gears for Presidential bid -Researchers seek vaccine for malaria=Cardinal O'Boyle resigns in Washington D.C. -China's Chou to profit by Nixon visit = Brooks Robinson still tops as baseball player.
  • Price: $9.77
    Grit Newspaper - July 18, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - July 18, 1971- 44complete pags. FBI's new building focuses crime fight- Billy Graham stands tall amide trouble. Picture of America'smost Victorian mansion- Test barrier shown to control oil spills.Story of a husband and wife who had oprated a Coloraqdo mine 36 years.
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    Grit Newspaper - May 9, 1971
    GRIT NEWSPAPER - May 9, 1971=44 complete paes. Congress will tackle health services plan. H. Ross Perot shares wealth with others. = Attacks on U.S. planes increase in N. Vietnam -= Rod Laver and Jim Bunning in sports seftion.
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    Grit Newspaper - ;march 14, 1971
    GRIT newspaper - ;March 14, 1971= 44 complete pages. Hopes of U.S. tied to drive of Vietnamese -U-Russia seek accord on arms raqce - REcord taqx hikes sought - Apollo 14 ASTronauts honored bhy Pres. Nixon - Chicago's Mayor Daley certain to get him fifth term -Rubny Keeler returns to broadway -Blondie cartoons - Story on Mrs. Nixon -
  • Price: $9.99
    Grit Newspaper - February 28, 1971
    GRIT newspaper - February 28, 1971= 44 complete pages. Americas great family newspaper - Williamsport, Pa. Nixon asks citizen to help enironment = Helicopters bear big load in War - Articles on Burt Lancaster, Greto Garbo. Soviets bolster sub force =- Blondie comics - Food section - Sports section with story on Jean Beliveau
  • Price: $4.50
    Splinter's Last Chance - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Splinter's Last Chance - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - A Storybook Adventure Cover illustration by Chuck Murphy. Adapted from a story by David Weiss and Patti Howeth. Based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters and comic books created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Random House, 1991. ISBN 0-679-81970-3. Soft stapled cover, 7-1/2 x 10-7/8 inches, 32 pages. Book has a bend at the lower left corner. Clean and firmly bound. Under 1 lb.
  • Price: $45.00
    The New York Herald, May 3, 1863
    Front page battle map! THE RAID IN WEST VIRGINIA Front page map of the Scene of the Recent Raid on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Front page headlines: IMPORTANT FROM HOOKER'S ARMY. The Rappahannock Crossed in the Face of the Enemy. Very Interesting Details of the Operation. The Labors of Pontoon Bridge Building. Shelling the North Side by the Enemy's Batteries. Additional Names of Killed and Wounded. List of Prisoners Captured by Hooker's Army. IMPORTANT FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. Gen. Mulligan Defeated Near Fairmont. The Retreat of Mulligan with His Artillery. The Bridge at Cheat River and Fairmont Destroyed. The Rebels at Morgantown. Their Object in Making This Raid. Other headlines and articles include: General Hooker's Advance; A Good Beginning With Every Promise of a Glorious Campaign. News From Louisiana; The Onward March of General Banks' Army. The Occupation of Opelousas and Washington. Capitulation of a Rebel Fort at Butte a la Rose. Capture of Prisoners, Arms and Ammunition. Petticoat Politics; Second Appearance of Miss Anna E. Dickinson. Another Jam at the Cooper Institute. War Declared Against the Conservatives. William H. Seward a Traitor to His First Principles and a Traitor to the Country. The Presidential Plottings for 1864. Traitorous Leakage in the State Department. The Fox of the White House. The Three Methods of Peace. More Concessions to Slavery, and much more. Light age toning and edge wear. 8 pages. Very fine issue with Chancellorsville campaign content.
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    Tokay - Lodi Union High School 1922
    Tokay - Lodi Union High School 1922 Newspaper Lodi, California, November 3, 1922. Names include: Beckman; Elliott; Goldman; Emde; Michels; Paton; Towne; Snyde; Montgomery; Folendorf; Grussendorf; K. Porterfield; Vera Kesler; Ora Hammer; Lynn Boynton; Harold Angier; Raymond Bancroft; Norman Hudson; Walter Pickering; Bob Pickering; Stanley Jones; Elton Driver; Harold Angier; Marie Simms; Jack Lyons; Stanley Burson; Norma Burke; Mildred Tartar; Mr. Fitts; Bessie Closson; James Stumph; Floyd Clouse; Lydia Quesenberry; Francis Bowman; Frances Russell; Dorothy Thompson; Homer Van Gelder; Monroe Becker; Anita Runnels; John J. Fink. There are articles about sports, other events, and many jokes. Also some store ads, Henderson Bros., Keller & Robinson, Lodi Shoe Store, Lyons' Cloak and Suit House, John J. Fink, Robinson-Lyon & Irey, The Enterprise, and Beckman's. Only last names are given for football team members. Four pages, each page is 10-5/8 inches wide by 17-1/4 inches tall. There is wear and some tears along the folds, but it is still readable. First Class shipping.
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    Harper's Weekly, January 28, 1865
    Front page illustrations of General Henry W. Slocum, Postmaster General William Dennison and the monitor, Dictator. Other illustrations: Union sailors relaxing between decks. New Year's day in Savannah, Ga., General Sherman's reception. Christmas Day in Savannah, General Sherman's Christmas dinner. Bombardment of the fortifications on Federal Point during the embarkation of General Butler's Army. Landing of General Butler's Army. The Late Edward Everett. The Howlett House Battery. Paris fashions for 1865. The new water works at Chicago, Ill., and more. Very fine.
  • Price: $20.00
    Harper's Weekly, December 16, 1865
    Front page illustration of The Bible and the Monk. Other illustrations: The Catacombs of Paris. A Visit to the Gallery of Bones. Shipwreck of the Schooner Enigma. The British Pirate Ship Shenandoah in the Mersey River, Liverpool. The Grand Drive Through Central Park, N.Y. (full double page centerfold). General J.W. Lamothe. Elizabeth Street, Brownsville, Texas. Captain Waddy Arresting Gonzales. Jose Gonzales in Chains. Francisco Genez Y Salvador Alias Pellicer, and more. Light edge wear.
  • Price: $20.00
    Harper's Weekly, December 2, 1865
    Front page illustration of the Burning of Reverend Dr. Tyng's Church, corner of 16th St. and Rutherford Place, New York City. Other illustrations: Funeral of Lord Palmerston; the Procession to the Grave in the Interior of Westminister Abbey. Portrait of Reverend George W. Gordon, Ringleader in the Jamaica Riots. Portrait of the Late Honorable Preston King. Boats Dredging the Hudson River, N.Y. for the Body of Preston King. Grand Parade of the Metropolitan Police in New York City. The Inquiring Stranger in the South; Caption reads: Well now that the war is over, what are you people going to do for a living? The Ex-Slaves at left reply, Why master, we's gwine to draw rations. The Ex-Confederate Soldiers at right reply, I reckon we'll run for office of some sort, Congress, Legislature, Constable, or anything! Portraits of Francis Solano Lopez, President of Paraguay, General Bartolome Mitre, President of the Argentine Republic, Chevalier J.M. Azambuja, The New Minister From Brazil and H.E. Domingo F. Sarmiento, Minister of the Argentine Republic. Dance Ball Given to the Patients of the Insane Asylum, Blackwell's Island, N.Y., and more. Light edge wear. Very fine.
  • Price: $100.00
    Richmond Whig And Public Advertiser, November 21, 1862
    Richmond, Va. 4 pages. Stories include: The End Not Yet. The New Georgia Senator. General Randolph. News From Fredericksburg. The Exchange of Prisoners at City Point. Atrocities of the Enemy. Governor Brown and the Georgia Militia. The Last Effort to Save the Union. Operations in Tennessee. Arrest of Two of General McClellan's Staff Officers. Depredations of Sigel's Troops. Message of Governor Vance of North Carolina. Currency and Financial news. The Late Senator William B. Preston. Lieutenant Colonel Doyles Fight with the Enemy. News from the North. Constitutionality of the Conscript Law; Decision of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Stuart's Cavalry on Another Scout. Depredations of the Enemy on the Georgia Coast. Designs of the Enemy in Mississippi. Abolition in Northern Texas. The Burning of the Steamer Rusk. Proclamation by Governor Letcher of Virginia. Advertisements for sale of land and negroes, ads for runaway slaves, 500 negroes wanted by the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Co., military substitute wanted, military general orders, and much more news. Some small fold splits have been repaired with archival tape. Overall in very fine condition.
  • Price: $50.00
    Harper's Weekly, October 18, 1862
    Front cover illustration of Major General Franz Sigel on horseback. Other illustrations: General Buell's Army entering Louisville, Ky. Prizes of our fleet consisting of British vessels captured while trying to run the blockade. View of Shelbyville, Tenn., the only Union town of Tennessee. The veterans of the Army of the Mississippi on their way up the Ohio River onboard ship. Williamsport, Md. and the ford across the Potomac River. Numerous scenes on the battlefield of Antietam made from Mathew Brady photographs including dead soldiers. The assassination of General William Nelson by General Jefferson C. Davis. Views in Hagerstown, Md., and a Slavery vignette with the following caption: Who are the Nigger Worshipers? Rebel Planter: Yes, my Son, you must go to the War. I can't spare Pomp; he cost me twelve hundred dollars, and he might get shot. Besides, you know you couldn't stoop to work like a field hand! There are 5 very tiny holes at the left edge of the paper where this issue was once string bound in a volume. Light age toning and wear.
  • Price: $9.95
    Lost In Space - March Of Comics No. 320
    Lost in Space - March of Comics No. 320 Space Family Robinson in a comic book produced for Robin Hood Shoes for Boys and Girls. Called Primitive Peril, the story is about a planet with primitive people being attacked by a dinosaur. Western Publishing Co, Inc., 1968. Soft cover, 5-1/8 inhes wide by 6-7/8 inches tall, 16 pages. Very good condition. First Class shipping. Shipping information will be found at the bottom of the home page. For International shipping, please ask for cost quote.
  • Price: $65.00
    Daily Missouri Democrat, St. Louis, August 25, 1864
    4 pages, Headlines and stories include: THE LATEST NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. Warm Engagement with the Rebels. Reinforcing Memphis. The Rebel Ram Tennessee. Affairs before Petersburg. Chicago Democratic Convention. Situation before Atlanta Satisfactoy. More Details on the Attack on Memphis. FROM THE POTOMAC. The Military Situation on the Border. The Enemy Disappeared from the Front. Petersburg Within Our Grasp. FROM MEMPHIS. Memphis Attacked by Forrest. He is Compelled to Retreat. Casualties on Both Sides. FROM NASHVILLE, TENN. Rebel Raid. A Wagon Train Captured. NATIONAL TICKET. For President, Abraham Lincoln of Illinois; For Vice-President, Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. Missouri State Radical Ticket. The Condition of the South. Rebel Attack on Memphis. Severe Fighting in the Streets. Advertisement; Cavalry Horses will be Purchased in open Market. Recruits For Regular Army For the Mounted Service. Much more war news. Fine issue with 1864 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Election notice.
  • Price: $14.95
    Sutter County Farmer, Yuba City, Ca 1923
    Sutter County Farmer, Yuba City, Sutter County, California, Friday, April 20, 1923 This agricultural newspaper has 6 pages, about 15 inches wide x 22 inches long. The front page has articles on how many trees were planted in the county in 1923, on additional paving for Yuba City, Raisin Growers must sustain organization. Three tracts purchased for subdividing, and Yuba City on through line of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Many other small notices, including a wedding entertainment, an arrest for reckless driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, an automobile collision, and other subjects. Page 2 has more of the same, as well as ads for a Wedgewood gas range, a bank, funeral home, welding, title co. Victor and columbia records, and a chiropractor. Page three has legal notices. Page 4 has a large ad for a fabric store, S. G. King, Inc., Marysville, P.G & E., Kodak, and many want ads. Page 5 has local news, ads for a theater with Vaudville, a bank, a drug store, and department store, etc. Page 6 has more local news, ads for a shoe repair shop, dehidrator, International Harvester store, Hupmobile automobile, and laundry with a funny rhyme and a three digit telephone number. There is wear at the center where two folds cross, a 2-1/2 inch tear at the top fold of the outside sheet, wear to edges of one sheet. Paper has browned. A great look at small town living in the '20s. Priority shipping under 1 lb. Shipping information will be found at the bottom of the home page.
  • Price: $35.00
    Harper's Weekly, October 29, 1864
    Front page illustration of Union Generals' Merritt, Kautz and Wilson on horseback. Other illustrations: Pennsylvania soldiers voting at headquarters, Army of the James. Rebel prisoners and deserters at the guard house, Army of the James. Portrait of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney. The battle of Darbytown Road. The ship Secession in the breakers. The Metacomet blowing up the Rebel Ram Nashville. View of Mobile and the Federal fleet in the bay. Rebel refugees onboard the U.S. Sanitary Commission boat at City Point, Va. Paris fashions for October 1864, and more. Very fine.
  • Price: $35.00
    Harper's Weekly, October 14, 1865
    Front page illustrations of President Andrew Johnson Pardoning Rebels at the White House, and Andrew Johnson's Tailor Shop in Greenville, Tenn. Other illustrations: Guerrilla Fighting in Mexico; Death of Pueblita, One of the Liberal Chiefs at Uruopan. Portrait of Poet Alfred Tennyson. Gathering Corn. Central Park, New York; Music on the Lake. Portraits of Bishop Quintard of Tennessee, and the Late Captain Charles H. Marshall. The Belzoro Gold Mine in Goochland County, Va. The Richmond, Fredericlsburg and Potomac Railroad Train Starting From Richmond, Va. The James River and Kanawha Canal, Richmond, Va., and more. Very fine.
  • Price: $14.95
    1945 Washington Post Newspaper Board
    1945 Washington Post newspaper board, front page impressed cardboard copy, 'Welcome, General Eisenhower' headline, waterstained at bottom as shown.
  • Price: $100.00
    The Sentinel, Richmond, Va., October 5, 1863
    2 pages. News includes: A Proclamation by the Governor of Virginia. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight. Arrest of Disloyal Persons at Baltimore. French Neutrality. News From Missionary Ridge, Gordonsville, and the Southwest. Reported Removal of Gen. Schenk. The Situation From Morris Island. Gen. Longstreet and His Troops. The General Assembly of Virginia, and much more. Very fine Confederate newspaper.
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: 1991 Usa Today January 18-19-20 Israel Hit
    NEWSPAPER: 1991 USA TODAY January 18-19-20 ISRAEL HIT COMPLETE 4 Section Issue Lots of great advertising, see more in the synopsis and photos
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: 1983 Usa Today February 23 Complete 4 Sectio
    NEWSPAPER: 1983 USA TODAY February 23 COMPLETE 4 Section Issue Lots of great advertising, see more in the synopsis and photos
  • Price: $15.00
    6 New York Timed Mid Week Pictorials, 1917
    6 New York Timed Mid Week Pictorials, 1917. All copies are from 1917 and they include May 17, June 7, June 14, August 2, May 3, and May 10. L294x2. (s6)
  • Price: $6.00
    Elizabeth Weds Railway Aborigines 1947 News
    Christian Science Monitor Magazine Section, October 25, 1947 Wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Philip Montbatten The magazine section of the Christian Science Monitor, October, 1947 has a feature article of Princess Elizabeth of England and Philip Montbatten marriage, including a color picture on the front. Other articles include one on Liberal Thinkers Adolph A. Berle, Jr. and Dr. J. Frederic Dewherst, an article on James - Jimmie - Stewart, with a picture from the movie Magic Town. A three page article tells about free museums for children built by John Ripley Forbes. Why Walls Crack is about Harvard's Seismology Station, and seismographs. Music of the Gum Leaves is about the music of the Australian Aborigines. It includes a picture of someone playing a didjeridoo. There is an article on the English Village. A tour of 150 camera fans of the Railway Club of California on the Santa Fe Train to the Grand Canyon. Ads include a color ad on the back page for the Musiphonic Radio by General Electric. Heinz tomato soup, Blums candies, Norge washing machine, with wringer, Wurlitzer Organ, are the full page ads. Newsprint paper, 10-1/2 x 13-1/4 inches, 24 pages. No staples. Paper has darkened, and there are some small tears along the edges. Buyer to pay shipping and handling. Under 1 lb. Shipping information will be found at the bottom of the home page. For International shipping, please ask for cost quote.
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: 1983 Usa Today April 19 Complete 4 Section
    NEWSPAPER: 1983 USA TODAY April 19 COMPLETE 4 Section Issue Lots of great advertising, Bombing at US embassy, Builders keep Wall Street on its record roll, Benoit sets record at Boston and much much more. Unread copy
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: 1983 Usa Today April 18 Complete 4 Sect
    NEWSPAPER: 1983 USA TODAY April 18 COMPLETE 4 Section Issue Lots of great advertising, Full preview of Boston Marathon, Frank Sinatra, USA Top designers and more.
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: War Us Bombs Iraq Detroit Free Press 1991
    Newspaper: WAR US BOMBS IRAQ Detroit Free Press 1991 January 17 COMPLETE A-E All sections with 2 part Section A, great articles and advertising
  • Price: $19.99
    Newspaper: War Detroit News 1991 January 17 Complete A
    Newspaper: WAR Detroit News 1991 January 17 COMPLETE A-G All sections, great articles and advertising Lots of great advertising, see more in the synopsis and photos ~ There are 5sections, all in excellent unread condition. Our friend had them stored in bags for years, many with multiple editions of the same date.
  • Price: $9.99
    Newspaper: Extra 1983 Usa Today January 19-20 U.s. Bom
    NEWSPAPER: EXTRA 1983 USA TODAY January 19-20 U.S. Bombing Rise This is section A of this issue. 14 pages, Special Edition
  • Price: $25.00
    Daily News, New York, Dated Wednesday, May 9, 1945 Majo
    Daily News, New York, Dated Wednesday, May 9, 1945, with the headline Victory Half Won: Truman and a picture of Major Gen. Wilhelm Oxenius, Col. Gen. Gustaf Jodl and Genral Admiral Hans G. von Friedeburg signing the terms of complete German surrender at SHAEF headquaters at Reims, France. Complete newspaper, not a reprint, in excellent condition for it's age.
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