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  • Price: $20.00
    Vintage Dutch Girl Planter
    Vintage Dutch Girl planter. Very cute, small planter. She colorful and cute and is 5.25 tall. No chips or cracks; just some faint bluish color along hat rim; it is under the glaze, see pic#7. Have not checked the books yet but my guess would be American Bisque. 3/14thcs
  • Price: $66.00
    Vintage Animal Planters
    Vintage animal planters. = only $22/each! All 3 for one price! Or, you can purchase individually, but it's cheaper in the grouping. All have the grey and burgundy colors in common. First is the cute American Bisque donkey planter; no chips or cracks. It is 5 tall x 6 long. Next is the cat planter which is likely Am. Bisque or Royal Copley. No chips or cracks; it is 5.25 tall x 6.5 long. Last is the bunny planter, also likely Am. Bisque. No chips or cracks; it is 5.25 tall x 6.5 long. Plants not included. Neat vintage planters for your collection! 3/14vs
  • Price: $66.00
    Vintage Bear Pottery Planters
    Vintage bear pottery planters. = only $22/each! Two are American Bisque; one is Royal Copley. All three for one price, or you can buy individually, but cheaper by the group! First is the dark bear on a log planter by Am. Bisque. He is 6 tall x 6 long with no chips or cracks. Next is the white bear with log planter by Am. Bisque. No chips or cracks; and same size. Last is the RC planter; no chips or cracks. He is 8.25 tall. The planters are not included. Cute vintage pottery for your collection! 3/14vs
  • Price: $60.00
    American Bisque Animal Planters
    Vintage American Bisque novelty animal planters. = only $20/each! Two are Am. Bisque; the frog looks like Am. Bisque but I cannot locate him in my book but he is listed on another site at Am. Bisque. You get all three for one price, or you can purchase them separately. Plants not included. You save more by purchasing the group instead of individually. First is the cute banjo frog. No chips or cracks; glaze pop over one eye and is 5 inches tall. Next is the double head dog planter and is shown in the book. Nice condition; just a tiny rought spot along bottom rim and some crazing. It is 5.5 tall x 6 long. Last is the bird planter, also shown in the book. It is 4 tall x 6 long, no chips or cracks. All have yellow and green as the common colors. Cuties for your novelty or Am. Bisque collection! 3/14vs
  • Price: $36.00
    American Bisque Parakeet Planter
    Vintage American Bisque parakeet planter. Very nice, solid pottery planter. It is 5.5 tall with incised mark: USA on back. No chips or cracks and shown in the book. A real cutie for your collection! 2/14scs
  • Price: $55.00
    Vintage Mickey Mouse Planter
    Vintage Mickey Mouse planter. Colorful and cute planter for your Disneyana collection! These were made by Am. Bisque, distributed by the Leeds company and licensed by Walt Disney Productions from 1944-54. This one has incised mark: Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Prod. on backside rim. It had some dirt on the interior when purchased; most of it has been removed. It has a couple of teensy chigger bites on the back rim edge of planter, see photo #7; and a couple dark underglaze dots on the top of the head. If you put it up on a shelf or put a faux plant it in, you'll never see the rim dots. It stands 5.5 tall x 5.5 long. Very cute and hard to find item! Listed for $65 at another site; why pay more? 1/14est
  • Price: $25.00
    Vintage Swan Lustre Planter
    Vintage swan planter. White lustre finish with gold trim and dry runners. Tiny incised number: #881 near back bottom tip of wing. No chips or cracks. It is likely vintage American Bisque, Cameron Clay Products or Brush McCoy. This cutie is 4.75 tall x 5.25 long. I have this swan in the blue and gold color also. Start a swan collection! 1/14scs
  • Price: $48.00
    American Bisque Pig Pitchers Assortment
    Vintage pig pitchers and shakers. The cute piggy pitchers were made by American Bisque I believe; will check the books later. The largest is 8 tall x 8 long with shamrock? pattern. It has some bits of missing old paint mainly on pig's lower lip. You can touch that up with same color paint; no chips or cracks. The little piggy is 5 tall x 5 long. It has a polka dot pattern and has a tight 1/4 inch hairline on top rim on one side, otherwise, good condition. The shakers are likely Shawnee. They are 3.5 tall and have cork stoppers. The one with red neck scarf has a long, tight hairline on backside and a bit of clay waste on top of head; and they both have some missing coldpaint. Just a colorful assortment of vintage American pottery to display! Price is firm. 12/13
  • Price: $24.00
    Vintage Swan Planter
    Vintage double headed swan planter. Very cute. Has dry runners. My guess is American Bisque or Brush McCoy. It is 5 tall x 5 long. No chips or cracks. On one side of head is a black mark that does not come off above the swan's eye see pic #2. This is a heavy, well made swan. You can buy individually or in a grouping of 3 swans listed separately see pics 4-5. 12/13
  • Price: $39.00
    Vintage Swan Planters
    Three vintage swan planters. = $13 each. All have the color yellow in common. The lst one is an American Bisque swan; 4.5 tall x 5 ling, no chips or cracks. Next swan is 5.25 tall x 5 long and is not marked. It looks like something Am. Bisque would have made. No chips or cracks but has a dark spot above the eye on one side. This swan has 2 heads. Last is a swan marked USA and is 4 tall x 6.25 long. My guess is Brush McCoy; dry white clay bottom rim. No chips or cracks; some cold paint missing on the swans beak. These are also listed individually; but cheaper to buy in the grouping. 12/13
  • Price: $28.50
    American Bisque Bear On Log Planter
    Vintage American Bisque 'bear on a log planter'. Shown in the book. Very cute and colorful; no chips or cracks. He is 6 tall x 6 long; doesn't like it was ever used as a planter. He has a little triangular piece of felt on his bottom. Heavy and well-made vintage American pottery! 11/13scsr
  • Price: $24.00
    American Bisque Donkey Planter
    Vintage American Bisque donkey and cart planter. A real cutie for your novelty collection! This one has no chips or cracks; just some dirt residue on the interior. It is 5 tall x 6 long and is shown in the book. These small novelty planters are nice if you don't have a lot of space but you like vintage American pottery! 10/13smc
  • Price: $22.00
    Swan Planter Vintage Apco
    Vintage swan planter. Made by American Pottery Co., a company associated with American Bisque. This is shown in the Am. Bisque book. It is 4.5 tall; flat dry bottom. No chips or cracks. Very cute! These smaller style novelty planters are great if you don't have a ton of space but love vintage American pottery! You can also purchase this item in a group of 3 swans separately if you collect swans, see pics 7-8. 9/13scs
  • Price: $36.00
    Disney Thumper Shakers Vintage
    Vintage Walt Disney Productions Thumper shakers. Shown in the American Bisque book in the Disney section. These are 3.75 tall; good vintge condition; minimal cold paint loss. They are missing the cork stoppers. Great cross-collectible: Vintage Disney, American Bisque, and Vintage Shakers. I have a grouping of 3 Disney shakers for sale separately if you want to save some money! See pic #4. 4/13estcs
  • Price: $22.50
    American Bisque Horse Planter
    Very cute vintage American Bisque novelty horse planter. No chips or cracks. Pinkish color with brown mane and tail. Dry wedged bottom and is shown in the book. 4/12scs
  • Price: $24.00
    American Bisque Bear Shakers
    These are very cute vintage American Bisque bear shakers. Shown in the book. They are 4.5 tall and have cork stoppers. Some of cold paint is missing; you can touch them up if you like. 1/12rsestcs
  • Price: $38.50
    American Bisque Pig Pitcher
    Very cute vintage American Bisque pottery pitcher. Big piggy with red bow. No chips or cracks; some circular glaze pops that have glaze over them, and some missing cold paint on bottom lip. It stands 8.5 tall x 9.5 long and matches the pig bank for sale separately. 9/11scs
  • Price: $29.99
    Vintage American Bisque Pottery Clown Planter 1950
    Vintage Pottery Clown Planter from the 1950's. This cute clown is nicely detailed and brightly painted with a red and black face paint, trimmed in turquoise with a yellow drum. It is unmarked as to who made, probably an American Bisque piece but could also have been made by McCoy or Shawnee. It is 6 1/4 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches long, 3 1/4 inches across at the widest part. It is in excellent condition, no chips and no stains, appears to have never been used. A perfect addition to your collection.
  • Price: $24.00
    Vintage Cat Planter
    Very cute playful pottery cat planter. Looks like something American Bisque or Royal Copley would have made but it is not marked so not sure which company made it; just know it is not Japan. Heavy, well-made, no chips or cracks. It is 5.25 tall x 6.5 long. Very nice vintage planter for your collection! 8/11smc
  • Price: $125.00
    American Bisque Owl Cookie Jar
    Vintage American Bisque Collegiate Owl cookie jar. Very cute vintage cookie jar! Raised USA mark on backside edge. No chips or cracks; just some crazing mainly visible on top of his hat along with some black and blue dots that are under the glaze. It is 11.25 tall. Just adorable! This jar will fit in with other brown or aqua blue cookie jars; there is some aqua coloring around the eyes. You know you'd pay around $250+ at a live auction for this jar. 2/11dix#3491
  • Price: $160.00
    American Bisque Cat Cookie Jar
    Collector quality American Bisque Fluffy Cat cookie jar. Very colorful cookie jar; stands almost 12 inches tall and has no chips or cracks. Not marked and the book states this cookie jar was not marked but it does have the distinctive Am. Bisque wedged bottom. A great cross-collectible: vintage Am. pottery and cookie jar! At a recent auction, damaged cookie jars were selling for over $350! Why pay more? 4/10nw#3022
  • Price: $22.00
    American Bisque Bird Planter
    Vintage American Bisque bird planter. Shown in the book with the gold; this one is deep burgandy with yellow quite hefty; wedged bottom. It stands 4 tall x 6 long. Cute with some trailing ivy in it on a windowsill! A great nursing home gift, (older people seem to love anything with birds). 9/09brn#
  • Price: $22.00
    American Bisque Dog Planter
    Vintage American Bisque dog planter. Shown on pg. 223 of the Am. Bis. book; wedged bottom on planter. Two doggie heads. Nice vintage condition; just a tiny rough spot along bottom rim edge and some crazing. It is 5.5 tall x 6 long. 7/09flcs
  • Price: $30.00
    American Bisque Chick Pitcher
    Vintage American Bisque chick pitcher. Collector quality and cute as can be! I think it looks more like an owl, but the book calls it a 'chick pitcher'. It could also be used as a planter. It is in good condition; has gold trim; wedged bottom, no chips or cracks, and is 6.25 tall. csest12/08
  • Price: $65.00
    American Bisque Pig Bank
    Vintage American Bisque pig bank. Very cute; big red bow and flower pattern. The pattern is shown towards back of book. It is 9.25 long x 5.5 tall. Has crazing and about 10% paint loss on cold painted areas. There is a 1 inch line near the slot; it is a firing crack line; edges of it are smooth, so it is not a hairline. This happens when clay is fired; sometimes it cracks a bit and is a factory flaw. Hull Pottery made the identical pig & pattern but for the green leaves, (the leaves are more plentiful on the Hull piggie). Saw one of these at a recent antique show on sale for $165! 10/08estaucs
  • Price: $10.00
    Vintage Figural Planter Small Swan American Bisque
    Featured for your enjoyment is a lovely little figural planter from American Bisque. This little swan is done in pastel blue and pink. Thin black lines highlight his eyes. He is marked USA near the tail. Stands 3 1/4 tall by 5 1/4 long.
  • Price: $12.99
    American Bisque Planter Bear Peeking From Stump
    Featured for your enjoyment is this adorable old planter from American Bisque. It is a comical lazy bear peeking out from around a stump. He seems quite relaxed there! He is in excellent condition. Stands 3 tall by 7 1/4 tall.
  • Price: $9.50
    American Bisque Wishing Well Planter
    Featured for your enjoyment is a great old planter from American Bisque. This is shaped like a rock wishing well. It has a glaze smudge on one side, this is shown. Stands 5 3/8 tall by 6 1/2 wide.
  • Price: $15.00
    American Bisque Figural Planet Oriental Couple
    Featured for your enjoyment is a wonderful vintage planter from American Bisque. This has a couple on either side of a large flower basket. Done in a pink it is in near mint condition. Stands 4 3/4 tall by 7 3/4 long and 3 1/4 wide. Aren't they just the cutest couple?
  • Price: $24.00
    American Bisque Bear Planter
    Collector quality vintage American Bisque bear planter. Incised USA mark on backside near bottom. Shown on pg. 26 of the book on Am. Bisque by M.J. Giacamini, 1994 edit. (book prices way outdated). This bear has a dry wedged bottom characteristic of American Bisque items, and his cold paint is intact. No chips or cracks, and he stands about 6 tall x 6 wide. A great novelty for your collection!
  • Price: $45.00
    American Bisque Head Vase
    Vintage American Bisque glamor girl head vase. She has incised USA mark on bottom and 24k gold. She is shown on pg. 41 of the book on Am. Bisque by M.J. Giacomini, 1994 edit. She is quite heavy and solid, has no chips or cracks; the gold is just a bit worn near her nose, one cheek, and near bottom. Looks like Betty Grable doesn't she? Hard to find the gold vase; the cold painted ones are more common.
  • Price: $20.00
    Vintage American Bisque Chef Shakers
    For sale is a pair of vintage American Bisque chef shakers. Heavy vintage chef shakers. Both have incised USA marks on backside and stand 5 high x 3 wide. These are shown on pg. 129 of the book on Am. Bisque, by Mary Giacomini; the 1994 bv was $25-30. One cork stopper is missing; other is inside shaker which you can remove with tweezers. Barely any cold paint left as you can see, but no chips or cracks.
  • Price: $7.95
    Snowbunny Flowering Shrub Or Tree By Dept 56
    These trees are very pretty. This is the pink one. Trimmed into a ball, planted in a lovely container. Perfect gift for a Snowbunny display or for additions to a larger train set.
  • Price: $14.95
    Snowbunny, Matching Set Of Purple And Green Trees
    Snowbunny, Trees. Matching set of two Lovely, Purple and Green trees. Very pretty, though not sure what kind of flowers these are. Trimmed into a ball, planted in lovely containers. Quantity = 2 trees.
  • Price: $34.95
    Snowbunny Lighted Display, My Woodland Wagon Dept. 56
    Snowbunnies, My woodland Wagon, - Lighted 2 piece display by Department 56! Intended to compliment the popular Snow Baby series, this was the first Dept. 56 Snowbunny Lighted gift. Still mint in Box though discontinued 11 years ago. Was $44.95 Large wagon is 6 1/2 inches tall by 6 1/2 long. The smaller, Egg wagon is 3.5 inches tall by 3 inches long. #5626247 Department 56 Snow Bunny. Perfect condition! Perfect for Easter Holidays, Christmas or any special day.
  • Price: $12.95
    Snowbunny, I'll Color The Easter Egg, Department 56
    Snowbunnies, I'll color The Easter Egg. Still mint in Box though discontinued many years ago by Department 56. He's all ready for the spring snow storm and is protecting the Easter eggs. How cute is this? Still in his original box in new condition. #26212. Dept. 56 and Turtle Creek.
  • Price: $9.95
    Snowbunny, I've Got A Surprise Figurine, Department 56
    Snowbunnies, I've Got A Surprise. Mint and still new in original Box though discontinued years ago! #26000. Wonderful present for anyone who collects Department 56 items any time of the year. Turtle Creek and Dept. 56.
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