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  • Price: $60.00
    Vintage Miniature Stoneware Jugs
    Three vintage miniature stoneware jugs. The smaller, caramel colored jug is likely antique; very dark, worn smooth bottom, and not marked. It might be a salesman's sample. Good condition, has crazing, and is only 3.75 tall. Other jug is likely from the 1940's; has incised USA mark on bottom, bottom rim is also worn and smooth. 4.5 tall and in good condition. Last one has nice cork stopper; some crazing; incised USA mark, worn/aged bottom, stands 5 tall. These miniatures are great if you have limited space, but love vintage stoneware! I display them on an antique child's kitchen hutch and I also have a cute child size crock stand for sale! variestcs
  • Price: $65.00
    Robinson Ransbottom Bean Pot
    This bean pot was produced by the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. Roseville Ohio in the early 1900's. It has the blue crown mark and is approx. the 3 quart size. It does have 2 light hairline cracks. Please view images as I have tried to show them. These are minor and will not effect the display of this vintage bean pot. Dark brown and off white glaze.
  • Price: $65.00
    3 Gal. Western Stoneware Crock
    This 3 gallon Western stoneware crock is decorated with the Maple Leaf on one side and cobalt blue leaves on the opposite side. This marking is unique and adds to the charm of this crock. It does have a couple of hairline cracks on the inside. View images please. These will not detract from display of this attractive stoneware crock.
  • Price: $36.00
    Louisville Geese Relish Tray
    'Gaggle of Geese' rectangular three-part relish, in gray with white geese and blue trim. Very minor wear.
  • Price: $75.00
    Brown Glazed Stoneware Jug
    A brown glazed handled stoneware jug that stands 10 in. tall and is 6.25 in. diameter. It has a 2 in. opening. No cork. In good, displayable condition. A bit of nostalgia for your country decorated home.
  • Price: $34.95
    Brown Vintage Stoneware Vase
    This vintage brown stoneware vase is unmarked, so maker is unknown. Stands 7.5 in. tall and measures 4.5 in. diameter at the shoulder. In very good, undamaged condition. This one is heavy enough not to worry about your display tipping.
  • Price: $85.00
    Large Antique Saltglaze Jug
    Antique saltglaze jug. Nice size antique saltglaze jug with the large globular spots, called, 'tobacco spits' on it, [yuk!]. It is 12 tall x 6.25 wide; no chips or cracks, some glaze pops, and top rim edge is a bit irregular, but this area has glaze over it, so this is just how it was made. (I just saw a similar one for sale for $250 on another website!) A great looking antique jug for your collection! Pics 6-7 from from the 3/12 issue of Country Sampler mag. egau10.05CC-V
  • Price: $52.00
    Stoneware Crock.
    A vintage stoneware crock - large open-necked pot, tan and cream glaze. Measures 31cm high (12 inches) and 20cm base diameter (8 inches). No maker's name. Small spider c rack to baseline (see photo). A nice decorative crock
  • Price: $45.00
    Heavy Salt Glazed Crock.
    A vintage crock, salt-glazed stoneware. Has self handles either side, and attractive brown mottled glaze. Very heavy. Measures 34cm high by 39cm wide handle to handle (13.1/4 inches by 15.1/4 inches). No lid. Has a shallow slice out of one rim edge internally. 20th century.
  • Price: $10.00
    Louisville Geese Casserole Lid
    'Gaggle of Geese' lid for 1 qt. round casserole (or possibly the butter tub), gray with blue border design.
  • Price: $16.50
    Louisville Stoneware Dog Bowl
    Small dog bowl, with hand-painted pooch portrait (looks like a cocker spaniel) and yellow trim.
  • Price: $44.00
    Vintage Stoneware Insulators
    Two vintage stoneware insulators. Heavy duty insulators. Don't ask me how they were used, I just know they are called insulators. I use similar ones as hurricane lamps at my summer outdoor parties because they are so heavy, they won't all over, and fit a candle in them quite nicely! Both are marked under the glaze: one is marked with an R in a circle, (could be an old Roseville Pottery mark, as most of the old American companies made these types of things too); other is marked: PINCO 63. Each are a bit different in terms of size and glaze color, but are still nice to use together. You can even use them indoors on a table if you have any of the brown dishes put out by McCoy, RRP, Watt, Hull, etc., or as indoor hurricanes too! Also look good just sitting next to other vintage stoneware items.
  • Price: $6.00
    Taylor Harvest Lid
    'Harvest' lid for individual casserole, with tan pear finial and green trim.
  • Price: $38.50
    Louisville Stoneware Flying Duck Egg Plate
    'Flying Duck' egg plate, in gray with blue and brown hand-painted design.
  • Price: $18.00
    Stoneware Brown Batter Bowl Marked Bybee Ky 18
    Stoneware brown batter bowl marked Bybee Ky 18. It measures 7.5 inches in diameter. There are no cracks and no chips, it is in excellent condition. 9s39 L732x3.
  • Price: $9.00
    Louisville Stoneware Country Fare Individual Casserole
    'Country Fare' individual covered casserole with stick handle, aqua interior with brown exterior.
  • Price: $40.00
    Antique Albany Slip Jug
    Antique stoneware jug. Good sized unusual one handled jug. Good condition for its age which I estimate to be late 19th, early 20thC. It stands 10 tall x 8 wide across bottom rim. Probably had a stoneware or cork lid at some point in its history since it has an interior lip on it. It has no cracks and no major chips; just some glaze misses and nicks around top rim, and interior lip rim. Insignificant flaws according to the books on antique stoneware. A cool old jug to add to your collection! Makes a great vase too!
  • Price: $65.00
    Antique Stoneware Jug
    Antique stoneware jug. c.late 18th, early 20th C. A great old stoneware jug, (identical to the larger one I have for sale). It is 8 tall x 5.75 wide across bottom rim. No chips or cracks, just some all-over faint crazing. An identical jug is shown on pg. 15 of the book on Colorado Pottery by C. Carlton, 1994 edition.Pic 8 is from the 3/12 issue of Country Sampler mag.
  • Price: $100.00
    Large Stoneware Jug
    Very large antique stoneware jug. c:late 18th, early 20th C. No chips or cracks, just some crazing, and stands 12 tall x 9 wide across bottom rim. A great old piece of stoneware for your collection! (An identical jug is shown on pg. 15 of the book on Colorado Pottery by C. Carlton, 1994 edition). These look great on the front porch especially in the Fall season! Shipping to continental usa desintions only due to size & wt. Pic #5 from Country Sampler mag, 3/12 issue.
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Butter Crock
    Vintage stoneware butter crock, (and/or cheese). Likely UHL Pottery. No chips or cracks. It is a nice older piece; has all over faint crazing, and the bottom rim edge is quite worn and smooth. It is almost 4 tall x 6 wide. The only company I know of that made the blue & tan color like this is UHL Pottery Co., (see pg. 113 of the 2001 UHL Pottery ID & Value Guide by A.M. Feldmeyer). I use these shorter crocks to hold smaller kitchen gadgets, and to put my African violets in! These vessels are so strong they can even go outdoors in the summertime here in MI!
  • Price: $20.00
    Wm. P. Hartley Stoneware Grease Jar
    Small Wm. P. Hartley's Warranted Stoneware Drip Crock. This circa 1900 stone ware crock was used to hold many things especially grease drippings. This vintage pot measures 4 tall and has a 3 opening on top. This piece is stamped on the bottom Not Genuine Unless Bearing Wm. P Hartley's Label. It is in good condition with normal wear and a slight chip on the edge of the top rim
  • Price: $65.00
    Antique Fruit Jar Large
    Large antique stoneware preserves crock. Lid intact! Whew hoo, hardly ever find these with the lids still on them! It has a wire clamp that holds the lid in place, which is quite rusted by the way. This crock has on small chip near bottom, nothing really significant considering most of these old crocks do have chips and cracks. It is 11.5 tall x 6.25 wide across bottom rim. Awesome stoneware for your collection! The Monmouth/Western Stoneware book shows identical types of preserves-jam crocks like this. McCoy, RRP, UHL and Zanesville also made a lot of these crocks way back when.
  • Price: $20.00
    Green Stoneware Wine Bottle
    Aqua Blue Green Stone ware Wine Bottle. This aqua green colored earthen ware bottle measures 11” tall and is marked with 0.7 L - SEN. Although it does not have a label we believe that this bottle is from “Liebfraumilch - 1969 - Shipped by: St. Markus-Kellerei, Traben-Trarbach - Imported by: Wine Imports of America Ltd., Hawthorne, NJ”. Crockery jug is in mint condition
  • Price: $20.00
    Pink Stoneware Wine Bottle
    Pink Stone ware Wine Bottle. This pink colored earthen ware bottle measures 11” tall and is marked with 0.7 L - SEN. Although it does not have a label we believe that this bottle is from “Liebfraumilch - 1969 - Shipped by: St. Markus-Kellerei, Traben-Trarbach - Imported by: Wine Imports of America Ltd., Hawthorne, NJ”. Crockery jug is in mint condition
  • Price: $22.00
    German Rhine Wine Stoneware Bottle
    Germany Rhine Wine Cream Stoneware Bottle. This cream colored stone ware or earthenware bottle measures 11” tall and has an original paper label stating “Liebfraumilch - 1969 - Shipped by: St. Markus-Kellerei, Traben-Trarbach - Imported by: Wine Imports of America Ltd., Hawthorne, NJ. It also has a mark “0.7 L - AW”. Crockery jug is in mint condition.
  • Price: $15.00
    York County Court House Cream And Brown Stoneware Crock
    Cream and Brown Stoneware Jug Crock. This small cream and brown stone ware jug depicts this country's very first capital building. It reflects the York County Court House in York PA, which was our first capital from 1777 to 1776. There is an embossment on the bottom “Made in the USA” that is very subtle to read. This pretty crock measures 5-1/2” tall and is in mint condition
  • Price: $69.99
    9 Pcs Luau Flwoers Hand-painted Stoneware
    Luau Flowers Exclusive hand-painted stoneware pieces feature tropical flowers in bright, vivid colors. Hand-painted to dazzle in any décor! A. Plate 8 1/4 L x 8 1/4 W. B. Platter 13 3/8 L x 9 W. C. Segmented Dish 5-piece set of 4 corner dishes that encircle a center bowl. Perfect for chips, dips, or candy. 11 L x 11 W. D. Candleholder with Candle 4 1/4 diam. ALL ITEMS NEW IN ORIGINAL BOXES.
  • Price: $225.00
    51-pc Country Harvest Dinnerware - New
    51-PC Sweet Country Harvest Includes: A. Decorative Mold - Ceramic. Includes hanger and ribbon. For decorative use only. 2 H x 6 1/2 diam. One in Blueberry, Pear, Peach or Strawberry. B. Pedestal Mugs Stoneware. Each holds 9 fl. oz. 5 H x 3 1/4 diam. Set of 4. C. Trio Set - Multipurpose Butter Tub 5 H x 5 diam. Napkin Holder 4 H x 5 W. Salt H x 2 1/4 diam. D. Candleholder with Candle Pillar candle and ceramic pedestal candleholder, 5 1/2 H. Unscented candle burns for 60 hours. Lead-free wick. 4 H x 3 diam. E. Pitcher Stoneware. Holds 42 fl. oz. 7 H. F. Glasses Glass. Each holds 13 fl. oz. Set of 4. Four 3-Piece Set Stoneware. Includes dinner plate (10 1/2 diam.), salad/dessert plate (7 3/4 diam.) and bowl (8 3/4 diam.). SWEET COUNTRY HARVEST Flatware Set of 20 Exclusive flatware bears the Sweet Country Harvest motif. Twenty-piece set accommodates table place setting for four. Includes four of each: salad fork, dinner fork, teaspoon, tablespoon and knife. Metal and plastic. ALL ITEMS NEW - FACTORY SEALED.
  • Price: $12.00
    Stoneware Pumpkin Face Mug
    Stoneware pumpkin face mug. It is marked Hermitage Pottery, Stoneware, Pumpkin Mug. There are no cracks and no chips, it is in excellent condition. L539x6.
  • Price: $26.50
    Vintage Usa Stoneware Jug
    Nice small vintage USA stoneware jug. Has an incised USA mark on bottom. No chips or cracks and stands 6.25 tall x 3.5 wide. Perfect size to display with your other vintage stoneware items! Scroll thru to see this cutie!
  • Price: $26.50
    Vintage Stoneware Usa Jug
    Small vintage USA Stoneware Jug. Molasses? jug with incised USA mark on the bottom. Probably made in the 1930-40's as this is when they really starting using the USA mark. It has no chips or cracks and is 6 high x 4 wide on bottom rim. A nice piece to display with other vintage stoneware and saltglaze crocks, and its small size allows you to display it without taking up too much space! (The cork top is not the original cork top; I cut one down to size, since most of these old crocks and jugs do not have their original lids/stoppers anymore).
  • Price: $45.00
    Antique Preserves Crock
    Antique preserves crock. (minus the lid). c:1920's and earlier. OLD preserves/jam crock with albany slip. This would have had a stoneware lid at one time, but most of these old crocks are not found with their original lids any more. This one has vivid orange poppy decals, (which are under the glaze). No chips or cracks, just some worn areas on rim, and one 1/2 pea size glaze pop. The glaze over the decals has worn thin and some areas have started to come off, (probably from washing it through the years). It is 4.5 wide across top rim x 8 high. The bottom rim is very well-worn and smooth. It makes a very attractive vintage vase, or just to display with your other antique stoneware items! (An almost identical crock can be seen on the book cover of the book titled: Kitchen Antiques 1790-1940 by K. McNerny; although that one does not have any decals on it). You can also see similar crocks in the book on Monmouth, Colorado, and Zanesville Stoneware.
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Stoneware Cuspidor
    Vintage stoneware cuspidor. Heavy duty, brown glazed cuspidor. Good condition. It goes well with other stoneware items, (scroll thru to see), and this cuspidor measures 7.5 wide x 4.5 high. These also make great planters! Or, put on your wetbar as an accessory item! 7.03flcs
  • Price: $34.99
    Country Harvest Pitcher And Glasses Set
    Sweet Country Harvest Collection Pitcher Stoneware pitcher holds 42 fl. oz. 7 inches high. Set of four 13-oz glasses. MADE IN U.S.A. MINT IN ORIGINAL BOXES. Hand-painted detail
  • Price: $40.00
    Large Stone Acid Pitcher
    Large vintage 'stone acid pitcher'. Heavy duty OLD stoneware pitcher. This is likely an old McCoy or RRP Roseville, as both companies produced a lot of stoneware like this. It looks identical to the one in the RRP book, however, this one is not marked. See pg. 80 of the RRP book. Most early stoneware was not marked; the USA mark primarily started being used in the 1930's-40's, and thereafter, companies began using their logos. In any event this pitcher is in very good condition for its age which is early 20th C; look at that old bottom!. It is 10 high x 6.5 wide at top rim. A great piece of stoneware to add to your collection!
  • Price: $17.00
    8 Mountain Wood Dinner Stoneware Plates
    8 Mountain Wood dinner stoneware plates. They are in the dries flower pattern and measure 10 ¾ inches in diameter. These are circa 1980s, made in Japan, micro and oven proof. L391x5.
  • Price: $155.00
    Stoneware Bottle
    This stoneware bottle is 14 in. tall. The base measures 4.5 in. diameter. It has a rough finish with a colorful swirl design. Maker is unknown. Possibly Red Wing? Any information you may have would be welcome.
  • Price: $77.40
    Vintage Stoneware Pot
    Vintage stoneware pot. It measures 7 ¾ inches in diameter by 5 inches high and marked with a star on the bottom, possibly Star Pottery; Possil Park, Glasgow, Scotland 1880-1907. It is brown with deer antlers surrounding the pot. It is in excellent condition (near perfect) with no cracks and no chips. It does have an embossed star on the bottom and I got the Star Pottery; Possil Park, Glasgow, Scotland 1880-1907 information from a Vintage Pottery collector and identification book. It is heavy construction with some pottery underglaze and glaze defects which was common back in older productions and it also has some slight age crackling but not severe due to the thick glazing. Such characteristics would not be found in reproductions so I am sure of its age. L407x8. 9s139.
  • Price: $95.00
    Antique Sherwood Brothers Jug
    Antique Sherwood Brothers Pottery stoneware jug. c.1879-1940's. Good sized jug with small oval incised stamp mark: Sherwood Bros. It measures about 12 high x 6.5 wide at bottom, bristol glaze with albany slip. It is in good condition but for one 2 inch tight hairline that comes up from the bottom rim on one side. It also has one chip off bottom rim, but this does not affect how it stands or looks, since you cannot see it when the jug is upright. Chips & hairlines are common to this old stoneware and are not considered to devalue the price unless they are significant. This company was only in business from 1879 to the 1940's. Pic #8 from the 3/12 issue of Country Sampler mag.
  • Price: $47.50
    Covered Turtle Dish
    This pottery/ceramic covered turtle dish is in excellent condition.Unmarked, so I can't tell you the maker. Pretty pink and blue floral decoration on white background. Measures 6 1/4 in. long. Approx. 3 1/4 in. tall. Use to store a special treasure or just display and enjoy.
  • Price: $75.00
    Sherwood Brothers Jug Antique
    Nice antique Sherwood Brothers stoneware jug. This company was only in business from 1879 to the 1940's. This jug has the same mark as the book shows, an incised oval with the words: Sherwood Bros. Pottery Co., New Britain, PA. Good vintage condition for its age, just some faint crazing and one small pinpop hole hear the bottom of the jug. The line that appears on the bottom of the jug in the picture is not a crack, it is a raised line in the pottery itself.
  • Price: $15.00
    Stone Ware Boston Bean Pot
    Stone Ware Boston Bean pot. Crown with A 2 in center marked on the front, U.S.A. marked on bottom, 7 inches high, about 1 ½ Quart, handle, lid had a manufactured pottery lump on the lid, glazed inside and outside, very good condition. L248x6. (s3)
  • Price: $16.00
    Louisville Stoneware Country Fare Cup And Saucer
    'Country Fare' cup and saucer, in brown with aqua interior glaze. Minor utensil marks inside cup, otherwise in very good condition.
  • Price: $14.99
    Sweet Country Harvest Pedestal Mugs
    SWEET COUNTRY HARVEST PEDESTAL STONEWARE MUGS. Set of 4 pedestal mugs features fruit and flower design. Stoneware. Each holds 9 fl. oz. 6 inches H x 3 1/4 inches diameter. MINT - ORIGINAL BOXES.
  • Price: $95.00
    P & J Arnold's 32 Oz. Master Ink Bottle 1862
    P writing fluid did not mould (or mold) was widely imported into the United States by the middle of the 19th century and was a threat to the domestic ink market. Embossed on the bottom side of the bottle is Vitreous Stone Bottles - J. Bourne (see picture). Bottle measures 9 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches across the bottom and is in FAIR Condition with some nicks and a crack on the top that was well repaired and does not affect the beauty of the bottle. Item also has a chip on the bottom of the bottle which you should be able to see from the picture. These bottles are hard to find and a must for the serious collector.
  • Price: $4.99
    9 Hole Stoneware And Cobalt Flower Frog
    9 Hole Stoneware and Cobalt Flower Frog. Frog is beige in color with a Cobalt Painted Tulip and leaves. Frog measures 4 ¾ inches tall and is in GREAT Condition. It appears to have had some type of handle on the top, but it is broken off; no other chips or marks. A different and pretty flower frog to add to you collection!
  • Price: $75.00
    Stoneware Crock
    8139 Large stoneware crock 9.5 inches diameter and 5 7/8 inches high.
  • Price: $45.00
    Stenciled Stoneware Crock
    Tall stoneware crock with crown stencil on front. 8 inch diameter and 7.75 inches high.
  • Price: $95.00
    Stoneware Bedwarmer
    8088 Stoneware bedwarmer stamped Dorchester Pottery Works Boston Mass. 11 inches long and 5 inches high.
  • Price: $95.00
    Large Brown Glaze Jug
    Large brown glazed stoneware jug with forefinger handle. 12-inch high and 9.5-inch diameter center area. 8.5-inch diameter base.
  • Price: $65.00
    Brown Glaze Jug
    Brown classic shape jug with forefinger handle.8.75 inches tall and 6-inch diameter largest area. Lip for cork is 1 5/8 inch diameter.
  • Price: $45.00
    Salt Glaze Stoneware Jug
    8080 Quart salt glaze stoneware jug. 9 5/8 inch high and 3.5-inch diameter base. ¾ inch cork hole with 1 7/8 inch lip.
  • Price: $45.00
    Stoneware Jug
    8077 Salt glaze stoneware quart jug with Federal Law Prohibits the Sale or reuse of this bottle R4. 8 5/8ths inch high and about 5.5 inch diameter. Note spout lip. Not sure if this was a liquor bottle or what. Love the proud right cornered handle.
  • Price: $175.00
    Stoneware Advertising Poison Jug
    8069 Great turn century 1900's Grasselli Spray Products poison jug. Note the 5 lb and the poison embossed in stoneware and the great black stenciling on the front name. Jug is 6.5 inches high and 6 inch diameter.
  • Price: $30.00
    Sheffield Stoneware 2 Qt. Covered Casserole
    Sheffield Stoneware 2 Qt. Covered casserole. Oven proof, white speckled stoneware with strawberry design on both sides, marked Sheffield Stoneware, perfect condition. L138x1. (s6)
  • Price: $6.00
    Stoneware Shortbread Mold
    Stoneware Shortbread Mold. Pattern is 3 flowers in a pot, 4 ½ inches diameter, marked with sticker Museum Of American Folk Art, perfect. L133x2. (s1) PDP2002
  • Price: $44.00
    Yellow Ware Stone Mixing Bowl
    Yellow Ware stone mixing bowl. 10 ¾ inch stoneware bowl with 2 chips on base, no marks. L96x9. (5)
  • Price: $15.00
    1 ½ Quart Stoneware Bowl
    A 9 inch - 1 ½ Quart Stoneware Bowl with swirled earth tone colors - perfect condition - marked with an M or W in a circle. L29-18. PDP2004.
  • Price: $25.00
    Pair Of White Stoneware Plates
    Excellent condition. White stoneware plates, 10 1/2 diameter. Marked with manufacturer mark, but I could not make it out. I have my idea but would not want to misrepresent. See photo for marks as shown.
  • Price: $40.00
    Large Stoneware Bowl
    Very old, large stoneware bowl. Unmarked, but great old bowl. Slightly stained inside as most stoneware dishes are proned.
  • Price: $20.00
    Sugar & Creamer
    White stoneware sugar and creamer set. Excellent condition. Unmarked, but very nice set.
  • Price: $525.00
    Yellowware Cow Creamer With Bennington Glaze
    Yellowware cow creamer with a bennington glaze. These creamers were made at many potteries in the northeast with the Bennington Pottery being only one of them. Do not believe that this one came from the Bennington Pottery. Condition is excellent with the only flaw being that the horns had been broken and have been reglued. Cover and teats are intact. Measures 6 tall including the horns and about 7 long. Cover to creamer is also intact and can be see in one of the photos. Very nice early piece.
  • Price: $195.00
    Salt Glaze Bottle
    Wonderful Salt glaze hot water bottle. Marked Dorchester Pottery Works/Boston, Ma. 10.5 inches High. 6.25 inches Wide. 5 3/4 inches Deep. Visit http://akeslingerantiques.com for other great items.
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