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  • Price: $395.00
    Antique Doctor's Bag With Medical Instruments
    This is an antique doctor's bag from around the turn of the century. The gentleman that it belonged to was a doctor in the Smithville, TX, area. He practiced medicine for over 30 years. It is made from leather and has brass / copper locks. There are several instruments and medical equipment in the bag. I thought that it was best to leave everything in the bag, so that the person who buys the bag gets a chance to explore its contents. Believe me, it is fascinating getting a glimpse of how medicine was practiced at that time in history. It is in fair condition. It is not torn or broken. The latches work, and I have the key to the lock. It is old, so it is not in anywhere near perfect condition. I am attaching pictures, so if you have questions, please e-mail. I will not be taking offers on this item at this time. I will take only the full asking price. If it does not sell, then I might entertain offers later. Thanks. Lurleen
  • Price: $100.00
    Lot Of Vintage Medicine
    Antique lot of medicines, all pre WWII includes: Agaricin Croton Oil Hyoscyamine Ooniine hydrobromate Adrenaline Chloride Acontine Potassium Iodide paper Methyl Orange Paper Will only sell to an appropriate business or institution. Individuals must provide evidence that you are in fact in a business that has a reason to buy this stuff.
  • Price: $100.00
    Vintage Topical Aneshetic Beta Eucain
    (Euoain Hydrochlorate B) USA Patent No. 657880 Dated Sept 11th 1930 Manufacturing Chemist Berlin Germany Sole Agents and Licensees for the United States and Canada Schering & Glatz New York Full
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Quack Medical Sex Toy Thermalaid Electro Prostate Treatment Device
    Early Adult Quackery at its best by Electro Thermal Company Steubenville Ohio, dated September 17th 1918. Business End only, no electronics, nor box included. Bottoms up! Bucks County's Best Antiques TearDrop Memories NorthFork Pet Antiques New Hope PA 18938
  • Price: $500.00
    Welch Allyn Audioscope 3 Screening Audiometer
    New, Versatile Instrument For Screening Hearing Loss Combines 20, 25 And 40 Db Hl Levels In One Unit. Tones Are Presented In Random Intervals So Patients Can Not Second Guess Their Hearing Screen. This Varied Timing Means Improved Results. Built-In 1000 Hz Pretone, Presented At 20 Db Hl Above The Screening Level, Allows Patients To Practice Listening Before They'Re Actually Screened. After Pretone, Patient Is Given The Easiest Tones For Enhanced Reliability Of Responses. 110-130V.
  • Price: $100.00
    Baumanometer Wall Unit 33 With Basket
    New W.A. Baum Company Wall Unit 33 Sphygmomanometer with basket is perfectly suited for the hospital or clinic environment.
  • Price: $200.00
    Early 20th Century Electrical Science Device
    Early 20th Century Electrical Science Device. Possibly a museum magnetism demonstration piece.
  • Price: $26.00
    Vintage Glass Test Tubes And Rack
    Holds seven and have one more total of 8 glass test tubes, seven corks, red wood holder 9 long
  • Price: $0.01
    Vintage Coal, Petroleum, Exhibit
    A great vintage museum display titled, Coal/Petroleum. It has 18 different specimens representing the variations. Peat, Lignite(now repaird), Bituminous, Coke, Cannel Coal, Anthracite, Oil Shale, Crude Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Lubricating Oil, Petrolatum, Paraffine Wax (comically melted) Fuel Oil, Medicinal Oil, natural Asphalt, Graphite, The Philadelphia Museums
  • Price: $35.00
    Taylor Desktop Barometer With Temperature And Humidity Gauges
    This vintage table or desk top barometer with temperature and humidity gauges was made in the USA by Taylor Instrument Company of Asheville North Carolina and is marked as such on the back. Encased in a goldtone plastic frame, the unit measures 7 inches wide by 4-1/4 high. The shiny brass dials are mounted on a woodgrain panel with with dial needles. The temperature gauge works well and accurately. It's harder to judge the accuracy of the other gauges as I don't have a reliable barometer to test them against but their readings do not conflict with current weather conditions. The case needs a minor cleaning. No chips, cracks, or damage.
  • Price: $125.00
    Victorian Parlor Gas Light Lighter
    Antique 19th century gas light lighter
  • Price: $29.99
    Antique Undertaker Tools Blood Clot Canula Ream
    Great Depression era funeral embalmers blood clot Mortician reams, price each we have several. Perfect Goth Cocktail Party Swizzle Stick!
  • Price: $399.99
    Antique Victorian Dentist Drill Treadle
    Antique Dental Drill iron treadle, possibly made by Weiss Medical? Price each, we have 2.
  • Price: $300.00
    Vintage Bausch & Lomb Research Microscope
    Excellent only slightly used condition, college level, flat field, research microscope. Comes with transformer, is internally lit, has 10x wide field eye pieces, 4 position turret with heavy duty chrome objectives as, 4x, 10x, 40x, &100x oil, condenser, and filter. These spent most of their life in storage.
  • Price: $499.99
    Victorian French Douche Gynecology Medical 1855 C
    Early birth control device from France. Imagine life during Belle Époque, Oscar Wilde sipping a glass of Green Fairy Absinthe at the Cafe du Rat Mort then down to your favorite Parisian Brothel circa 1855 - 1870.
  • Price: $79.99
    Giant Trocar Like Ventilated Aspirator
    Mortuary, Embalmer, Funeral Directors stainless steel aspirator sans point.
  • Price: $99.99
    Omg Big Autopsy, M.e. Dissesction Knife 18" Long
    Huge vintage stainless steel one piece Langbein mortuary sugical dissector knife with neat home made oilskin like sheath. Yes size matters.
  • Price: $225.00
    Huge Vintage Embalmer Make Up Drawer. Full
    Large Mid century funeral director mortician embalming make up thick rickety wood drawer, filled with Undertaking goodies! Eye caps, early alcohol lamp sutures, curved needles, old creepy green and brown bottles, well used old lipstick, shaving suppiles, razor and Klenzo badger hair brush, plus a bit of make up cosmotology related ephemera. Great Halloween haunt, Undertaker or cosmotologist display piece. Continental US shipping about $30.
  • Price: $199.99
    Vintage Dissected Human Jaw Teaching Prop
    Scientific medical teaching Dental cast jawbone model. Exposed cut away and brightly colored Dentist jaw
  • Price: $399.99
    Giant Art Deco Interactive Pop-up Like Medical Anatomy Aid
    Rare BodyScope of New York rotating inter active Volvelle pop up like medical anatomical teaching fold out card cover, a moveable medical where's Waldo? Art Moderne era Great Depression Medicine Dr. student Physician training or teaching aid.
  • Price: $349.00
    Fancy Opera Glasses
    Fancy Opera glasses with handle, Made from Mother of Pearl, Brass and gold tone finish ornate handle, In excellent for age condition, No noticeable damage some light roughness on the handle from the use.
  • Price: $74.99
    Opera Glasses Lumina Pygmy
    Vintage Opera or Sports Glasses or Binoculars, Made from black what it appears to be leather and shiny chrome, Signed Lumina 2 1/2 x - Pygmy.
  • Price: $49.99
    Opera / Sports Glasses Folding By Belgravia
    Vintage Opera Glasses, or perfect for any kind of sports, I use a pair for Hockey games, Pocket size folding style, It comes in shiny chrome and black what it looks like leather, Measuring about 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 and 3/4 inches thick.
  • Price: $799.99
    Blow Smoke Up Yer... Antique Tobacco Bug Sprayer Crop Duster
    Beyond Mad Max, Steam Punk like antique wooden bug sprayer, crop duster. Incredible chain driven sprocket system still bellows with force. Seriously uber built insect killer from a time when killing flies with a hammer was stylish. A rural Virginia farm find, large agricultural tool is appropriately modeled by New Hope Pa. artisan Glassblower and shop keeper Meshell Kimbel of God Save The Qweens.
  • Price: $69.99
    Antique Graduated Beaker Lab Medical
    Early thick glass laboratory Graduated Beaker. Deep acid etched graduations and text.
  • Price: $69.99
    Antique Glass Female Urinal
    Old glass urinal bottle
  • Price: $39.99
  • Price: $125.00
    Antique Dental Tooth Key Dentist 1927
    Rather harsh heavy early medical Dentist tool extraction key for teeth by S.S. White Dental Mfg. Co. Pa. Extracting Elevator. Price each, we have 5 availible. YANK & YIKES!
  • Price: $399.99
    Midget Vibrator Antique Quack Personal Medical
    Antique Edwardian Vibrator. No mere self propelled pleasure product sex toy,it's human powered. An early 20th century device in original black card box plus photo graphic brochure.
  • Price: $180.00
    French Lemaire Fabt Paris - Opera Glasses
    LOVELY ANTIQUE - HANDY SIZE - OPERA GLASSES, MADE and SIGNED BY LEMAIRE FABT - PARIS,THESE ARE PRACTICAL, I TAKE THEM TO THEATER AND MOSTLY TO HOCKEY AND OTHER SPORTS GAMES - Excellent condition, ready to use, Measuring 2 3/4 , 3 3/4 wide, US Buyer to pay 9.00 for shipping plus insurance.THANKS.
  • Price: $600.00
    Old Turner Embalming Machine
    Vinatge Turner Company Embalming machine. PE model sans hose with incorrect culinary aluminum cover. VERY HEAVY! Untested may work or not. Would make a wonderful Goth punch bowl fishtank. From the now dead Zofcin Funeral Parlor Shickshinny Luzerne County Pa. Undertakers from the Victorian era. Turner Company of Rapid City IO. made audio, microphones and public address stystems.
  • Price: $750.00
    Mint Reichert-jung Biostar 1820 Microscope
    Reichert-Jung BioStar 1820 Inverted Biological Microscope, almost new condition. Objectives:(1)Plan Achro 4/.12, (1)Achromat 10/.25, (1)3006 6.5/.2, (2) 10x WF Eyepieces Features: 5-Position Nosepiece, Y-Axis Controls, Built-in Illuminator Power: 120V, 60 Hz, 0.25A Includes (1) Multiple-Tally Denominator #10692-2
  • Price: $250.00
    2 Early Guide Lights, Automotive ?
    Not sure of the terminology,shark nose? 2 very OLD bullet shaped lights with housings, rough condition but neat for auto restoration, bar or resturant installation
  • Price: $499.99
    Dr Scott's Electric Flesh Brush Quack Medicine
    Victorian quack medicine Dr Scott's Electric Flesh Brush in original cardboard box. Thermoplastic base similar to Daguerreotype Union Case.
  • Price: $99.00
    Black And Chrome Opera Glasses - Deco Style
  • Price: $2999.99
    Antique Art Deco Medical Dental Medicine Cabinet Hamilton
    Fabulous Early Art Deco Medical Doctor Dentist and Laboratory pop up medicine cabinet by Hamilton Manufacturing Company. Moderne era 1930's Mahogany wood construction with thick BLACK glass top, original Hamilton paper draw mats, amber brown, clear and cobalt blue glass stopper Apothecary drug bottles, eye chart, milk glass divided tray insert and much more.
  • Price: $50.00
    Vintage Advertising Thermometer Laho's
    Laho's Hardware tall.
  • Price: $499.99
    Antique Undertaker Embalming Funeral Set
    HUGE, Rare Victorian Undertaking Embalmers gravity feed glass funnel set. Morticians heavy iron stand, a post mortem collectors rarity.
  • Price: $295.00
    Vintage Brass Weights In Wooden Holder
    7 brass weights from 1 kilogram to 20 grams. 6 smaller weights are missing. All in a wood holder. Brass needs polishing.
  • Price: $25.00
    Vintage Red Key Advertising Thermometer
    8 3/4 long translucent red plastic key thermometer advertising in gold Hackel Homes. Very good.
  • Price: $125.00
    Silk Cased Glass Battery Jar
    Antique electric battery jar in zinc lined fitted case. Early current accessory for mobile electricity. 19th century pinched lip glass in red silk container. Fine condition.
  • Price: $1499.99
    Antique Medical Tool Cased Ivory
    Victorian medical tools brass and Ivory with felt lined wooden case. It is not listed by Elizabeth Bennion in Antique Medical Instruments book. Surgical irrigation, Stomach pump, Veterinary drench, Opthalmic wash, non gravity Embalming mortuary pump, even a Victorian Bong, all been suggested. Yet it remained for the Director of The Surgery Museum Of London U.K. to kindly identify this as an Enema tube. A rare pump Lavage instrument.
  • Price: $149.99
    Cat Gut Antique Surgical Thread Dispenser
    Cat gut thread and original glass dispenser. Housed as found, in bandage secured Braun's Glass, this strange surgery necessity is quite oddly shaped. Bathed in an alcohol glycerin like solution, it remains quite the medical oddity. Perfect for that Macabre Seamstress or Crazy Cat lady.
  • Price: $149.99
    Antique Blood Sample Kit Pa. Dept. Health
    Rare Kimble Glass company Pennsylvania Department Of Health Harrisburg Hospital blood test kits. Pre War these likely date to 1920's. In original tubes, these each contain, a hand blown glass sample ampoule, test registration card, razor for cutting rubber hose for blood cultures. In great condition, one sans cap they are unused and so very rare! For the appreciative home Dracula, old Vlad never had it so good. Perfect his and her, Sanguinary Symphony. Kimble glass started in 1901 merged with Kontes Glass in 1941 and later became part of Gerresheimer Glas. Price each we have 2.
  • Price: $95.00
    Vintage Art Deco Painted Advertising Thermometer
    Very nice 9 1/4 x 3 1/4 Deco painting on glass of a house by waterfall and mountains. Bottom says: Fountain Inn Tables for Ladies. Very good condition.
  • Price: $39.99
    Love A Nurse? Red Cross
    An angel in all but power is she! Un ange mais une force! Early British made divided back postcard.Bold image nursing medical.
  • Price: $299.99
    Antique Gout Chair Rocker Medical
    Purchased from the Shaffer Beer Brewery family estate on Long island New York this amazing little old rocking gout chair is still sturdy and strong. One small easily remedied stain, yet the fabric is still crisp and bright. Iron sled runner like rocker blades are equally in good condition. Great old medical furniture.
  • Price: $125.00
    Vintage Child's Chemcraft Chemistry Set # 2
    Early 1900's, the little wooden containers have chemicals in them, 5 test tubes have chemicals also. There are some papers in folders. It has the chemistry experiment book, all in a very nice wooden box. I don't think you will find a much finer set.
  • Price: $25.00
    Vintage Windmill Thermometer
    1977, Miller Studio inc., plaster, some very small chips.
  • Price: $25.00
    Vintage Green Wood Thermometer
    8 tall, mercury up, metal guard.
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