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H 25in. x W 15in.  H 12in. x W 48in.  H 68in. x W 74in. x D 2 1/2in.  H 45in. x W 45in. D 1in.








H 54in. x W 18in.  H 15in. x W 33in.  H 10in. x W 28in.  H 15in. x W 26in.








H 10in. x W 24in.  H 33in. x W 33in. x D 1 1/2in.  H 15in. x W 28in.  H 14in. x W 20in.



ROAD SIGN $150.00





H 16in. x D 14in.  

Civil War patriotic imprint with illustration of General Winfield Scott, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Union Armies at the commencement of the Civil War. Published by Magee, 316 Chestnut St., Phila. Light staining. 5 1/2 x 3.

***See our Patriotic Imprints section to read more information about this item.    

By Charles S. Harris. Rapidan Press, Mechanicsville, Virginia, 1989. Designed and produced by Michael J. O'Donnell. Large, 9 x 11 1/2, hardcover format with dust jacket, 261 pages, illustrated, maps, and index. Like new condition.

"Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, 1861-1865" is several books combined into one. It is an artifact book filled with 1,000 photographs of rare and diverse relics excavated from battlefields  It is also a history book that follows the chronology of the war in the west from Fort Donelson to Franklin, Tenn. And it is a battlefield exploration guide complete with maps and information about remote sites that reverberated with drum rolls and cannon fire 125 years ago.  H      W

BARN LIGHT $350.00


Lieutenant General Winfield Scott $8.00


Civil War Relics of the Western Campaign $75.00


Deco oversized flush mount light fixture $6500.00

Civil War patriotic imprint with ornate vignette of General Lyon with American flags, shield and the motto, The War For The Union. Light staining. 5 1/2 x 3.

WBTS Trivia: General Nathaniel Lyon was killed in action at the battle of Wilson's Creek, Mo., August 10, 1861.

***See our Patriotic Imprints section to read more information about this item.   

Civil War patriotic imprint with ornate vignette of General George B. McClellan, American flags and shield with motto, The War For The Union at upper right. Light staining. 5 1/2 x 3.

***See our Patriotic Imprints section to read more information about this item.    H 96in. x W 216in. x D 10in.





General Nathaniel Lyon $10.00


General George B. McClellan $10.00





H 10in. x W 10in. x D 12in.  H 54in. x D 20in.  H 11in. x W 10in. x D 22in.  Weíll let our photo speak to the general condition and eye appeal of this Civil War   period CDV by Washington Street, Boston, photography, frame and album dealer Joseph Ward.  The general history of the subject will be of special interest to the Abraham Lincoln enthusiast though.  Titled <B>President Lincolnís First Home in Illinois</B>,this cabin was built on the banks of the Sangamn River in Macon County, Illinois by Lincoln cousins the Hanks brothers John and Dennis who appear here in the front of the cabin.  In time the cabin became the property of Hanks brothers who promoted their connection to the old Lincoln place and their famous cousin by selling fragments of the place as souvenirs.  Copies of this view were offered for sale at the <B>1865 Great Sanitary Fair </B> in Chicago.  The once popular remembrance of the fallen President, these <I>Hanks</I> photos once graced many a family CDV album. <B>Buy with confidence! </B><I>  We are pleased to offer a <B><U>no questions asked</U> three day inspection with return as purchased on direct sales!</B> <I>Just send us a courtesy  e-mail to let us know your item will be returned per these provisions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly.</I>  Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques!







period cdv - Pres. LINCOLN'S 1st HOME I $95.00

Once upon a time before the modern day advent of plastics and other alloys, bone was the staple from which any number of decorative or utilitarian <I>smalls</I> were cut, shaved and filed to shape, frequently as a gift to a loved one or friend.  Rings, pendants and assorted carved objects of the imagination called <I>whimseys</I> were often an object of the attention of a country craftsman squinting in the lantern light while winter winds howled at the night door.  Sewing implements as are offered here offered many an eveningís pastime to the maker and a durable token of affection to the recipient.  More difficult to find now there was a time not so long ago when these little decorative <I>whimseys</I> and utilitarian tokens were commonly found in attic stored antique sewing baskets, keepsake thread  or candy boxes.  Saved away among  relics of the family attic, their stories, as unique as their shape and origin, long since lost in time.  This little grouping of four antique sewing tools (illustrated here with a quarter for size comparison) will offer an attractive example of such long ago crafted implements and will display well in any antique sewing implement grouping or Civil War winter camp or personal item collection.    Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !

 Height:	20 in. (50.80 cm)

Width:	38 in. (96.52 cm)

Depth:	25.5 in. (64.77 cm)

Country of Origin:	USA


Condition: Original

Year:	19th C.

Lovely Rosewood American Renaissance Revival Inlaid Parlour /Coffee table    This table is executed in rosewood. walnut and mixed woods with floral and musical motif.  Berkey and Gay was one of foremost cabinetmakers of the 19th century and known for their superior quality and craftsmanship.  

 Height:	43 in. (109.22 cm)

Width:	228 in. (579.12 cm)

Depth:	50.5 in. (128.27 cm)

Country of Origin:	USA

Style:	Art Nouveau

Condition:	Original

Year:	c. 1920

Truly Monumental in Scale and Style, a Custom Made, one-of-a-kind Architect or Artists Cabinet, with 5 sections. Executed meticulously in Exotic veneers, walnut and Birdís eye maple.  Each side sections has 16 drawers with bronze hardware, maple interior, and gorgeous veneer on drawer fronts.  The center section has 20 drawers, and the top is walnut with inset birdís eye maple veneers.  The sides have raised burl veneer decorative panels.  This is THE piece to design your room or store around, it is a lovely combination of understated elegance and function. 


<b>Requests evidence in favor of or against him!</b>

7 1/2 x 9 3/4, in ink, on imprinted letter sheet.

Head Quarters, Middle Military Dept.

Office, Chief Quartermaster,

Baltimore, Sept. 25th, 1865

Bvt. Maj. Genl. A. Flagg, A.Q.M.

Harpers Ferry, Va.


You will please make an investigation, and ascertain as to the loyalty of Joshua Pusey, who lives somewhere in Loudon County, Va. He has certificate of Provost Marshal, but it is not enough. Furnish all evidence in his favor, or against, that you can readily procure.

Very Respectfully,

Your Obt. Servant,

G.W. Bradley

Colonel, Chief Q.M.

Light age toning and wear. There are four very small punch holes at the top of the document which do not affect any of the content. Very interesting document regarding the loyalty of this possible ex-Confederate soldier or Virginia farmer or merchant. Soldiers and citizens living in states that had been in rebellion with the Federal government were required to swear and sign loyalty oaths to the United States. Apparently this fellow had a certificate from a Provost Marshal, but Colonel Bradley wants more proof of his loyalty to the United States and so he orders an officer at Harpers Ferry to start an investigation into the matter. 

George W. Bradley, who signed this document, enlisted as a captain, on November 26, 1862, and was commissioned into the U.S. Volunteers Quartermaster's Department. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel, on September 17, 1864. He was discharged for promotion, November 4, 1864, and was commissioned colonel, U.S. Army Quartermaster's Department. He was assigned as depot quartermaster at City Point, Va., and among other duties he had charge of water transportation on the James River.

hand carved antique BONE SEWING IMPLEMEN $65.00


American Rosewood Renaissance Revival In $4500.00


Architect / Art Cabinet, 19íLong, Custom $20000.00


Yankee Colonel Questions the Loyalty of $45.00

H 10in. x W 9in. x D 12in.  H 24in. x D 12in.  H 40in. x D 10in.  H 28in. x D 16in.








H 10in. x W 5in. x D 7in.  H 11in. x W 21in. x D 9in.  H 44in. x D 12in.  H 34in. x D 14in.








<b>1861 Document Signed, 8th Indiana Infantry</b>

(1828-67) Born in Frederick County, Maryland, he moved to Richmond, Indiana when he was 8 years old. During the Mexican War, he served as a private in the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, seeing action in the battles of Contreras, Churubusco, Chapultepec, and in the capture of Mexico City. After the war, he returned to Indiana to study law, and was admitted to the bar in 1851. He served as the district attorney of Wayne County, 1852-54, and was judge of the court of common pleas, from 1856-58. When President Lincoln's call for 75,000 volunteers went out, Benton was the first man in his county to answer the call. He was unanimously elected captain of the 8th Indiana Infantry, a 90 days regiment, and colonel of the 8th, on September 5th, when the regiment was reenlisted for 3 years service, or the duration of the war. He served in the 1861 western Virginia campaign, at Elkhorn Tavern, Port Gibson, Jackson, where he was wounded, Champions Hill, Big Black River, Vicksburg, and Mobile. He was commissioned brigadier general, April 28, 1862, and brevet major general, March 26, 1865. After the war he resumed his law practice, and he died on March 14, 1867, in New Orleans. He was working at the time as an agent for the government and fell victim to the yellow fever epidemic that struck the Crescent city.

<u>War Date Document Signed</u>: 10 3/4 x 8 1/2, imprinted form, with vignette of spread winged eagle and shield, filled out in ink.

This is a discharge certificate for Private Jeremiah A. Shepard, of Co. B, 8th Indiana Infantry, who enrolled on the 23rd day of April, 1861, to serve three months. He is being discharged by reason of expiration of his term of service. It further states that he was born in Franklin Co., Indiana, is twenty years old, 5 feet, nine inches high, with fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair. The discharge was issued at Indianapolis, on August 6, 1861, and it is signed, Wm. P. Benton. The document shows age toning and wear with fold splits being repaired with old tape on the reverse. 

Jeremiah A. Shepard, had further service in the 19th Indiana Infantry, 1861-62.  H 10in. x D 3in. x D 14in.  H 12in. x W 9in. x D 10in.

 H 40in. x D 14in.

Autograph General William P. Benton $125.00






H 40in. x D 14in. $0.00

H 8in. x W 7in. x D 12in.  H 36in. x D 16in  H 28in. x D 10in.  H 9in. x W 10in. x D 15in.





H 28in. x D 10in. $750.00



H 23in. x D 9in.  H 7in. x D 15in.


Quantity available  

<b>U.S. Congressman from New York</b>

(1813-98) A lawyer, he was a devout Democrat and upheld the Southern point of view on most issues. He served as a U.S. Congressman from New York from 1857-61, firmly supporting states rights. A delegate to the Democratic convention of 1860, he believed the North was responsible for Southern discontent. Despite these feelings, when secession became a reality, he supported the Union, and recruited the 65th New York Infantry, and served as their first colonel. He was promoted to brigadier general of U.S. Volunteers on June 11, 1862. In the interim he commanded his regiment at Seven Pines during the Peninsular campaign, and served with General John Newton's division of the 6th Corps at Fredericksburg. Resigning from the army due to ill health, he was soon elected attorney general of New York. The following year he was nominated for vice president, running with John C. Fremont, but the ticket was withdrawn before the election, and Cochrane actively supported Abraham Lincoln for reelection.

<u>Signature With Place</u>: 4 1/4 x 1 1/2, in ink, J[o]hn. Cochrane, New York C[i]ty. Light age toning.   

<b>Created the Atlantic Telegraph Company and laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean

Desirable 1863 letter written to James T. Ames, head of the famous Ames Mfg. Co., regarding the Williams bullet!</b>

(1819-92) Born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he was a famous American businessman and financier who created the Atlantic Telegraph Company and laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean in 1858.

7 1/2 x 9 3/4, in ink, Civil War date letter signed. Written to James T. Ames, head of the famous Ames Mfg. Co. regarding the Williams bullet!

<b><u>New York, Jany. 6, 1863</b></u>

My dear Sir,

Your letter of 2nd ultimo was received by me just as I was leaving London for home. 

The interest in the Williams Bullet which I offered to you, and which you declined, was purchased by other parties, but when I see them will ascertain whether they will sell any portion.

It will give me pleasure to se you when in New York.

I remain,

Very truly your friend,

Cyrus W. Field

[to] James T. Ames, Esq.

Chicopee, Mass.

Light age toning and wear. Very minor paper loss at lower left corner of the letter which does not affect any of the content.

Very interesting war date letter from Cyrus W. Field to James T. Ames regarding the Williams bullet which was used during the Civil War.

James T. Ames (1810-83) was the head of the Ames Manufacturing Company from 1847-1874. Their historic sword and armament factory was located at 5-7 Springfield Street, Chicopee, Mass. 

* Comes with a complete issue of Harper's Weekly (16 pages) dated August 21, 1858, with a beautiful front page illustration of Cyrus W. Field. There are also some other illustrations and related stories regarding Mr. Field in this newspaper.

** Also comes with a newspaper clipping from the Chester Times, Chester, Pa., dated Wednesday, July 13, 1892, announcing the death of Cyrus W. Field. The article also includes an illustration of Mr. Field.

Vintage filigree pendant light $350.00


Flush mount ceiling light circa 1930 $350.00


Autograph, General John Cochrane


Autograph, Cyrus W. Field $495.00

H 42in.. x W 14in. x W 6in



PRICE FOR EACH ITEM  H 34in. x D 25in

VERY COOL AND OLD  H 17in. x W 14in. x D 22in.








H 64in. x D 8in.

CIRCA 1920

PRICE PER PAIR  H 38in. x D 14in

others of similar ilk also available as custom lights  

Bust view of General McClellan in uniform on the obverse with his name, Geo. B. McClellan above, and the year 1863 below. Army & Navy within wreath design with crossed sabers and anchor on the reverse. The token retains much of its original luster. Rare to find this nice.  

(1805-1871) Graduated in the West Point class of 1825. He participated in the Black Hawk, Florida and Mexican Wars and was twice brevetted for gallantry. In November 1860, he was ordered to Charleston Harbor to command the three United States forts there; Castle Pickney, Fort Moultrie, and Fort Sumter, in the face of South Carolina's imminent secession. Anderson refused a formal demand for his surrender and in the early morning hours of April 12, 1861, Fort Sumter was bombarded, and the Civil War began. His small garrison withstood 36 hours under fire before being compelled to surrender. Anderson became a national hero for his gallant actions. He personally raised the U.S. flag over Fort Sumter on April 14, 1865, exactly four years after he had hauled it down.

Wet plate, albumen carte de visite photograph, mounted to 2 3/8 x 4 card. Standing view in uniform, wearing overcoat, and holding bummer's kepi at his waist. Backmark: E. Anthony, New York, made from a photographic negative from Brady's National Portrait Gallery. Sharp image. Desirable pose.



vintage industrial pendant $450.00


1863 Civil War Patriotic Token, General $150.00


CDV General Robert Anderson $125.00

A classic all original pair just as they were carried in the period and just as they have remained together for the decades since they were laid away in domed leather trunk storage, the new owner may wish to polish the original silvered brass frames and spruce up the surface of the old iron case but we are offering this wonderful pair of 18th century tinted spectacles and case just as they came out of attic storage, age patina untouched, as found and except for a gentle swipe with a damp cotton cloth would leave all as is.  A rare opportunity for the collector / historian who appreciates the preservation of pure 18th century personal items, this set will serve as a wonderful accent laid in with Revolutionary War era relics, on a period book or desk top. (Illustrated here with a quarter for size comparison.) <B>Buy with confidence! </B><I>  We are pleased to offer a <B><U>no questions asked</U> three day inspection with return as purchased on direct sales!</B> <I>Just send us a courtesy  e-mail to let us know your item will be returned per these provisions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly.</I>  Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !   A wonderful period political / patriotic item, this attractive old single horse harness rosette sports the image of Abraham Lincoln sealed under heavy glass.  Illustrated here with a quarter for size comparison this offering displays good evidence of age and period use yet remains in eye appealing condition.  A scarce item for the Lincoln collector, this piece will fit well in any Civil War, Political or Americana grouping.  As with <U>all direct sales</U>, we are pleased to offer a <B><U>no questions asked</U> three day inspection with refund of the purchase price upon return as purchased!</B>  Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !  

<CENTER><FONT COLOR=#800000>If you have an interest in neat Civil War period things or Maine in the time, you may enjoy our museum site at:</FONT COLOR=#800000></CENTER>



Brass token with vignette of Liberty encircled by stars with the year 1849 on the obverse. The reverse has vignette of a miner panning for gold with his tools visible, a tree in the background, and California at the top and the year 1849 at the bottom. 7/8 inches in diameter. Very fine. Desirable California gold rush related token.  

Brass store token with an excellent vignette of a building and Boy's Clothing, Shirts, Fine Trunks, Umbrellas, &c. on one side, and Robt. Pitkin, Clothing And Furnishing Goods, 15 Camp St., New Orleans on the opposite side. Uncirculated with some luster. Circa 1850-1860. Scarce Antebellum New Orleans merchant token.

18th century TINTED SPECTACLES in their $245.00


period Abraham Lincoln Ė HARNESS ROSETTE $195.00


1849 California Gold Rush Token $75.00


Merchant Token, Robert Pitkin, New Orlea

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