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Shown on page 86 of the 1999 book titled Art Deco Chrome, this marked Revere Chatham (No. 142)  Water Pitcher stands 9 inches high x 4 inches in diameter. It was most likely designed by the talented William Archibald Welden who designed the Claridge Ice bucket which carries the same motif chased into the chrome on the front. This stunnning Revere pitcher is signed with the stanard Revere Rome mark on the bottom. It is in excellent condition. A great shape, a great company, a great Deco piece. Add it to your Art Deco collection today.  This Royal Haeger #2001 red/black 9' wild ashtray has a very 1960s rec room or den feel to it. Finished in a bold matte red glaze, this 5 rest ashtray would look great next to a retro vase from the Mid Century.  In great condition   

Revere Deco Chatham chrome Water pitcher $150.00


Royal Haeger #2001 red / black 9 $15.00


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