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  A truly astonishing feat of the imagination, supported by a dazzling display of wit and wordplay (The Sunday Times), Dreamhouse deftly turns Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland inside out and upside down with the story of a young girl whose perfect engagement party runs hilariously awry. A highly original debut.--The London Times.  


  From the Publisher: 

  Celia Small has spent years planning her engagement party, from the food she'll serve to the dress she'll wear. When she finally met her fiance, it was less a romantic event than a satisfying check mark next to the last item on a long list of tasks. Now Celia's big night has arrived, and nothing can stop her from fulfilling a lifetime's worth of dreams. Nothing, that is, except her hated housemates, each planning a party for this same evening. Suddenly careening between future in-laws, radical feminists, and an Alice in Wonderland costume party, Celia veers off the path to married bliss, and along a path of suspicious raspberry tarts that lead her into very strange places.  



  Protagonist Celia Small arranges the perfect engagement party to introduce her family to her new in-laws. But there's a catch. Two of her mad, bad and dangerously undomesticated roommates are also holding events in the house on the very same night. Thus prim and proper Celia and her in-laws must compete with a fancy-dress Alice in Wonderland party, hosted by the dour, drunken Cath, who laces her jam tarts with drugs and whose guests are so sloshed they pass out in the halls. Elsewhere, Phoebe stages a surprise party for her sister, Hebe, a famous maker of militant feminist B movies like 'Wet Wendy.' Tripping from party to party, Celia loses both her fiance and her identity. (N Y Times Book Rev) 

Format: Hardcover   

ISBN: 0-312-14086-X   

January 1996   

328 pages   


Condition: Very Good/Excellent.  Book with dustjacket.  

1st American Edition, 1996.   

Dreamhouse 1st Amer. Ed $9.50


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