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Hard cover Children's book, 'Raggedy Ann's Candy Heart Wisdom: Words of Love and Friendship', from the works of Johnny Gruelle, printed in 1999, Simon and Schuster, Inc., 44 pages. The book contains pleasant thoughts and inspirations with original illustrations from Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann writings with an afterword by Mr. Kim Gruelle. The book is new and has all pages. If lower priced media mail or first class mail shipping is desired, please note that in the comments section of the order form, and the total will be adjusted. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  Hardcover gift/art book, by Ho Phi Le, 'Dolls for Sentimental Reasons', is 64 pages long. This book contains color photos of antique dolls that illustrate inspirational and love messages with vivid nature and antique doll photos and art. The book was published in 1999, by Hobby House Press. Its ISBN No. is 0-87588-516-0. This book is new and mint. Expand listing to view both photographs.   

Raggedy Ann's Candy Heart Wisdom, Hard C $12.50


Ho Phi Lee Dolls for Sentimental Reasons $16.50


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